The elitists that opposed Jesus, by Mr Nizin Lopez.


Jesus facenizin with jesus painting

By Mr Nizin Lopez.
Before you read this:
You don’t necessarily have to agree with me. I have the right to express my point of view & I don’t have to ask for anybody’s permission. So, if by any chance in the world you want to go ahead and label me as an “anti-this” or an “anti-that”, that’s ok. That is no surprise. Remember:

I never claimed to be a Bible expert. I am not a Rabbi & I am not a Pastor. I am an Occultist, a Truth-seeker. The majority of Christians in the world believe that the mega-buck Jews who suppress our freedoms of speech are innocent. Millions & millions of dollars end up in Jewish bank accounts every year on behalf of these good Samaritans. This happens even though the guys in charge of the Jewish world considered them “goyim”, meaning human cattle.

There is a certain Rabbi out there named “Saadya Grama”; he believes that Jews are a genetically superior specie & he believes that gentiles are a lesser form of existence. This Jewish supremacist wrote a book entitled “On the exalted nature of Israel & understanding its exile”. Then again, most of the gentile “Pentateuch-lovers” support Ashkenazism because they believe that Jews are tzadikim (“the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light” Luke 16:8).

Most Christians are good hearted but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily bright. In fact, many of them are not broad-minded.

As far as the Jews go, there are of course good Jews in the same way that there are good Puerto-Ricans & good-Japanese people. It would be absurd to state that all Jews are anti-Freedom of Speech agents or that all Jews are supremacist bankers.

Yet, the guys in charge of the Jewish world, meaning for example the most influential Orthodox Ashkenazi Rabbis & the Jewish politicians who orchestrate Middle East events, they might not be as kosher as you think. All one really has to do is go to a website like CHABAD-MAFIA.COM in order to see the kind of things that go on behind the curtains. Yes I know that all the nations of this world have black stains on their white sheets yet, some people believe that the folks who run Judaism are innocent saints. There are even some out there who believe that these predators should be allowed to plunder & plunder without any restraint because of the dark cloud that shook Europe not so long ago.

If we look in the Christian scriptures we can see that Jesus didn’t really make many positive references as far as the Jewish elite went (even though he was “technically” a Jew).

As a matter of fact, he criticized these Jewish Lawyers heavily. The ones who orchestrated his demise were the Rabbis that were connected with the Roman authorities. Basically, they operated as an anti defamation league aligned with the Law enforcement agencies of the time.

 Jesus was blessed by the Magi of Iran, in his childhood he was protected by Egypt of Hagar, he was famous in Samaria, he was appreciated in Syria, in Jordan, in Idumea, & in Lebanon (Matthew 12:21 says: “in his Name gentiles will trust). The ones who hated Jesus 100% were the anti-freedom of speech Talmudists of his time. These corrupt Lawyers despised him because they did not want to be exposed. John 11:47 says that they feared being eclipsed by his political activism. John 11:48 also says that they were worried about losing their elevated social status.

These teachers of the Law were simply anti-freedom of Speech terrorists who knew no boundaries.

We have seen Madoff stealing not millions but billions, we have seen Orthodox Ashkenazi Rabbis like Levy Ishak Rosenbaum trading human organs in the black market, we have seen Jonathan Pollard betraying America for the well being of a foreign power, & we see how Ashkenazi Israel has literally become a threat to world peace. Should the whole world blow up in a mushroom cloud because of the Middle East? Yet, we continue smiling. God forbid that you make any comments that offend Jewish institutions like the ADL!
“Now this I say brethren, that flesh & blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does corruption inherit incorruption” (I Corinthians 15:50).
·         On John 5:42 Jesus says the following about the Jewish elite: “But I know you, that you do not have the love of God in you”.
·         On Matthew 3:7 John the Baptist calls the Jews reptilians.
·         On Matthew 6:2 Jesus calls the Jewish religious elite hypocrites that long for the admiration of the public. On Matthew 15:7 Jesus calls them hypocrites once again.
·         On Matthew 23:23 Jesus calls them hypocrites that lack justice & mercy.
·         On Matthew 23:25 Jesus refers to them as hypocritical scribes of a clean public image though they are rotten with extortion & indulgence in the inside.
·         On Matthew 12:34 Jesus calls them a generation of vipers plus he refers to them as evil. On Luke 11:29 he calls them an evil generation.
·         On Matthew 12:39 Jesus calls the Jews an adulterous generation that will be given no sign except the sign of Jonah.
·         On Matthew 15:14 Jesus says that these Jewish religious leaders are blind leading the blind.
·         On Matthew 23:4 Jesus says that the Talmudic Jews like to see people doing back-breaking work yet they themselves don’t do any manual labor. On Luke 11:45 Jesus refers to these Jews as Lawyers.
·         Matthew 23:6-7 Jesus says that these Jews love elevated social status plus they love to be respected by the crowds.
·         On Matthew 23:14 Jesus says that the influential Jews are hypocrites that devour the houses of widows, basically predators that sank their teeth on the disadvantaged ones.
·         Matthew 23:16 says that these ruling Jews projected themselves not in the Temple but in the gold contained in the Temple.
·         On Matthew 23:19 Jesus calls these Talmudic Jews fools & blind.
·         On Matthew 23:27 Jesus says that they look beautiful in the outside yet they are full of filth deep inside.
·         Philippians 3:2 says the following about the Jews: “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation.”
·         Matthew 23:28 says that they look righteous in the outside yet they are full of hypocrisy & lawlessness.
·         Mark 1:22 states that the scribes possessed no real religious authority.
·         Acts 13:6 mentions a Jewish sorcerer known as Bar-Jesus that served the proconsul Sergius Paulus. In Acts 13:10 Paul defines this Jew as “full of deceit & fraud, a son of the devil, an enemy of righteousness, & as a perverter of straight ways” (this could be symbolic of our Ashke-Jewish influenced media).
·         Titus 1:14 states that we must not to give heed to Jewish fables or to commandments of men who turn from the truth.
·         Revelation 2:9 says the following about the Jews: “& I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”.
·         On Matthew 6:5 Jesus implies that their religious fervor is nothing but a public display. Luke 13:15 implies that material possessions (a donkey) is really more important to them than the Shabbat. Luke 16:14 states that they loved money.  Timothy 6:10 says that the love of money is the root of all evil.
…”They will lay their hands on you & persecute you, deliver you up to the synagogues & prisons, you will be brought before kings & rulers for my name’s sake” (Luke 21:12).
·         Matthew 23:34 states that the Jewish elitists will kill & crucify prophets, wise men, & scribes. It also says that some will be persecuted from city to city. This is basically the demonization of any informed individual who dares to expose the dark side of the Pharisee Gestapo. The mention of “from city to city” implies their connection with the authorities & their obvious political influence.
·         Mark 14:53 says that Jesus was taken to the high priest & that with him were assembled all the chief priests, the elders, & the scribes. Mark 14:55 says that they sought testimony against him to kill him but found none.
·         John 7:32 says that when the Pharisees heard the crowd murmuring they sent officers to take Jesus.
·         Acts 18:12 says that the Jews brought Paul to judgment in Achaia.
·         Mark 14:56 states that many bore false testimony against Jesus but their testimony did not agree. Mark 14:57 says that some bore false witness yet they failed.
·         Acts 17:13 says that the Jews of Thessalonica stirred up crowds against Paul.
·         Luke 6:7 says that the Jewish religious elite watched Jesus closely hoping to accuse him of something.
·         Acts 14:2 says that the Jews of Iconium stirred up the gentiles against Paul & Barnabas.
·         Luke 11:54 says that the Jews were lying in wait trying to catch Jesus in some way.
·         Acts 5:17-18 says that the Jewish religious authorities laid hand on the apostles & put them in a common prison.
·         Luke 20:20 says that the Jews watched him closely; they sent spies who pretended to be righteous in order to catch him in some flaw. They wanted to deliver him to the governor.
·         Luke 23:2 says that the Jewish leaders were accusing Jesus of subverting the nation, forbidding the payment of taxes to Caesar, & of professing himself a king. Basically, they were presenting him as a terrorist who was trying to overthrow the Roman government.
·                     Matthew 12:24 says that the Jews accused Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub, the god of Ekron. On John 8:48 they call him a demon possessed Samaritan & on John 10:20 they refer to him as “mad”. This is equivalent to putting a pro-freedom of speech activist in a psychiatric institution under false accusations.
·                     Acts 23:2 says that the high priest Ananias commanded those who stood by Paul to strike him “in the mouth”.
·                     Acts 4 says that priests, the captain of the Temple, & Saduccees came upon Peter & John because they were disturbed by their words. They were brought before the rulers of the people & before the elders of Israel. Acts 4:17 states that they threatened them severely in order to silence them. Acts 4:21 even speaks of further threats.
·                     Acts 5:28 speaks about how the high priest tried to silence the apostles.
·                     Acts 5:40 says that the Jews beat the apostles in order to silence them.
·                     John 9:34 speaks about how a certain Jew was cast out because he dared to say positive things about Jesus. When the Rabbis interviewed his parents they (the parents) were afraid to speak. They told the Rabbis to ask their son because he was of age. They didn’t say anything because they feared that the Jewish religious authorities would kick them out of the synagogue.
“The prince asks for gifts, the judge seeks a bribe, & the great man utters his evil desire; so they scheme together” (Micah 7:3).
·         Acts 26:24 says that when Paul was brought before Agrippa, Festus tried to portray him as a mentally unstable man. The “shabbos goi” Festus said that Paul was out of his mind plus he stated that Paul’s great learning had driven him insane. This is equivalent to Law Enforcement agents at the service of anti-Freedom of Speech Jewish organizations.
·         Acts 25 says that the Jewish authorities spoke to Porcius Festus (governor of Caesarea) in order to transfer him to Jerusalem. They were requesting this in order to murder Paul under false accusations. Acts 25:9 clearly states that Festus wanted to do the Jews a favor so he asked Paul if he wanted to be transferred to Jerusalem hoping that he would say yes.
·         Matthew 22:16-17 says that the Jews & the Herodians of Masonic aroma tried to trick Jesus asking him if it was ok to pay taxes to Caesar (equivalent to getting one in trouble with the IRS).
·         Acts 13:50 says that the Jews stirred up devout & prominent women & chief men of the city. Paul & Barnabas were persecuted & eventually expelled. This is equivalent to the modern Jewish influence in the world of politics.
·         Acts 14:5 says that there was a violent attempt by both gentiles & Jews, with the rulers, to abuse & stone them. They fled to Lycaonia.
·         Acts 24 mentions a Roman governor of Caesarea named Felix, he was married to a Jewish woman. Felix kept Paul in prison for two years plus he left him in that condition when Festus took office. He did all this to favor the Jews.
·         Acts 12:4 says that the Idumean Herod threw Peter in prison in order to please the Jews.
“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it”.
(John 8:44)
·                     Matthew 23:31 defines the Jewish Talmudic elite as descendants of murderers.
·                     Matthew 23:35 says that all the righteous blood shed on earth is on the Jewish elite.
·                     Matthew 23:36 refers to this Jewish elite as a blood stained generation with bad karma.
·                     Luke 20:19 says that the Jewish rulers sought to lay hands on Jesus but they couldn’t because they feared the people.
·                     Acts 23:12 says that approximately 40 Jews took part in a blood oath where they swore to each other not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul.
·                     John 8:59 says that the Jews tried to stone Jesus.
·                     Acts 9:23 says that the Jews plotted to kill Saul.
·                     Matthew 26:3-4 says that the chief priests, the scribes, & the elders assembled in the palace of the high priest Caiaphas. They plotted to take Jesus by trickery in order to kill him.
·                     Acts 12:2-3 says that the Jews were pleased at the death of James, brother of John.
·                     Luke 22:2 says that the Jews were trying to figure out a way to kill him but they feared the people.
·                     Acts 21:27 says that in Jerusalem the Jews of Asia stirred up the crowds against Paul & laid hands on him. The beat him seeking to kill him. He ended up badly wounded.
·                     Luke 4:29 says that the Jews tried to throw Jesus down a cliff after he spoke positively of gentiles in a synagogue.
·                     Mark 3:6 states that the Jewish authorities plotted with the Herodians in order to destroy Jesus. This sounds like the modern Jewish institutions that have friends in high places.
·                     Matthew 21:46 says that the Jews sought to lay hands on Jesus but they were scared of the crowd.
·                     Acts 5:33 says that the Jews plotted to kill Peter & the apostles.
·                     John 5:16 says that the Jews harassed Jesus & that they tried to kill him because he had healed someone during the Shabbat.
·                     John 5:18 says that the Jews tried really hard to kill Jesus because on top that he had healed someone on Shabbat, he stated that God was his Father making himself equal with God.
·                     Acts 6:12 says that the elders & the scribes delivered Steven to the council. Acts 6:13 states that some made false testimony against him & Acts 7:58 says that the Jews killed him by stoning.
·                     John 11:50 says that Caiaphas the high priest suggested that it was good that one man should die for the people. On John 11:51 he openly prophesied that Jesus would die for the Israelite nation. John 11:53 states that from that day on they did everything in their power in order to murder him.
·                     Acts 14:19 says that the Jews of Antioch & Iconium persuaded the multitudes. They stoned Paul & dragged him out of the city thinking he was dead.
·                     John 12:10 says that the chief priest tried to kill Lazarus as well because he was a testimony to Jesus’ miracles. John 9:34 says that they had destroyed the life of a certain Jew spoke favorably of Jesus. Even the family of this Jew were feared the power of these Rabbis.
·                     Mark 14:65 says that the Jews spat on Jesus, that they blindfolded him, & that they beat him. They mocked him.
·                     On John 19:12 the Jewish religious elite said the following: “if you let this man go, you are not Caesar’s friend. Whoever makes himself a king speaks against Caesar”.
·                     John 19:31 says that in the eyes of the Enlilite-Talmudic elite it was not enough that Jesus had undergone excruciating suffering. They also wanted the Roman soldiers to break the legs of his corpse. Matthew 28 says that they paid lots of money to the Roman soldiers so that they would state that the disciples had stolen Jesus’ body. They even said that they would appease the governor in case this would become known.
·         Genesis 27:35 states that Jacob is a deceiver. He deceived both his father & his brother. He stole Esav’s blessing (Jacob became Israel).
·         On Exodus 33:3 YHVH states that he will not ascend with Israel in the Canaan conquest. He fears he will exterminate them because they are a stiff necked people. The terminology “stiff necked” literally means “arrogant people”.
·         In Ezekiel 2:6 YHVH describes his chosen ones as “briers, thorns, & scorpions”.
·         Zechariah 8:13 says that that Judah & Israel have been “a curse” among the nations.
·         Amos 2:6 says that Israel sells the righteous for silver & the poor for a pair of sandals. Genesis 37 says that Joseph was betrayed by his Israelite brothers. They sold him to the Arabs for 20 shekels of silver. It is known that the hidden powers allowed the destruction of Ashkenazi Jewry during W.W II for the sake of a very complicated political agenda. Yet, Genesis 14:21 says that the gentile king of Sodom cared about his people, not about money. Jonah 1:13 says that the gentiles of Tarshish did everything they could to save the live of Jonah even though Jonah was a Jew.
·         Chronicles II 25:11 says that King Amaziah killed 10,000 gentiles of Seir in the Valley of Salt. Chronicles II 25:12 continues saying that the people of Judah took captive 10,000 alive, brought them to the top of the rock, and cast them down so that they were all dashed in pieces.
·         Micah 3:1 implies that the heads of Jacob & the rulers of Israel are vessels of injustice. Micah 3:2 says that they hate good & love evil. It literally says that they strip the skin of the Israelites & that strip the flesh from their bones. Micah 3:3 says that they eat the human flesh, flay their skin, break their bones, & chop them in pieces like meat for the cauldrom. Lamentations 4:10 states that during harsh times the women of Israel killed their own children, cooked them, & ate them. The same is reinstated in Lamentations 2:20 & in Lamentations 4:3. In other words, Jews have practiced cannibalism. They did this in the times of Titus & they ate the flesh of Greeks & Romans in the times of Trajan (this is probably why Halacha forbids the eating of pork).
·         Judges 21:10-12 speaks about something of Mengelish flavor: “Go and strike the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead with the edge of the sword,…and this is the thing that you shall do: you shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman who has known a man intimately. So they found among the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead 400 virgins who had not known a man intimately; and they brought them to the camp at Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan.” Basically, this means: Exterminate any woman who might be impregnated by a gentile. Keep the virgins for yourself since it is the only way to know for sure that you will not be raising the seed of the gentiles.
·         In Samuel I 15:3 Saul is commanded to exterminate the nation of Amalek. The prophet Shmuel tells him to kill men, women, infant, & nursing child. Keep in mind that this extermination campaign not only includes children, it includes even the babies. What is then the difference between Israel & the Pelasgians who mudered Greek women & children?
·         Deuterenomy 2:34 speaks about how Israel conquered the country of Sihon. They killed the men, the women, & “the children” as well. Deuterenomy 3:6 says that they repeated the same Bathorish strategy in the territory of Og.
·         Kings II 15:16 says that Menahem, a king of Israel who ruled for 10 years in Samaria, he split open the pregnant women of Tiphsah.
·         Samuel I 27:9 states that David would not spare men “or women” while he was under the protection of Achish.
There are many more examples all over the Tanach. This all means that the Ashkenazi Jews who rule most of our world today have the same cannibalistic lust mentioned in Judges 19:25. They are a very violent people even though they possess a clean public image (thanks to their friends in high places of course). Behind their prosperity & their positive social countenance lies a pathological monster. Yes, it is true that all nations have stains on their white sheets but, the cannibalistic lust of the guys in charge of the Jewish world is beyond anything imaginable. Is it by accident that the Jews have been despised almost everywhere they have been? Is it by accident that they have been kicked out of so many nations? They were conquered in the times of Assyria, they were blasted in the times of Nabuchadnezzar, they underwent several genocides in the times of the Romans, & they experienced another Holocaust not so long ago. Why do they have a black cloud over their heads if they are so innocent? Could it be that all the nations of the world are wrong & they are the “ONLY ONES” who are right?
The legacy known as the New Testament states that Jesus’ priority was Israel yet if we read the scriptures we see that many non-Jews appreciated him more than the Jews. The New Testament does not see all gentiles in a positive light. Obviously the Gadarenes, the guys of the Praetorium, & the ones who decapitated John were not too great. Yet, in the book of Jonah we see that the mighty Assyrian Super-Power humbled itself & Ezekiel 3:5-6 implies that gentiles are more noble & humble than Israelites. Even though Jesus was technically a Jew his spark was a gentile spark, this is clearly stated in Luke 2:30-32. His center was in the Galilee that is today inhabited by Druzes, not in Judea (the West Bank) or in Jerusalem. Let us see some examples that show Jesus’ connection to the gentiles:
·                     Jesus is initially blessed by the Magi of the land of Zoroaster: Iran.
·                     Jesus’ life was preserved thanks to the land of Ramsses II: Egypt. This is stated in Matthew 2:14. 
·                     Matthew 4:26 says that Jesus was famous in Syria, he healed many of them.In Luke 4:27 Jesus makes a positive reference to a Syrian leper called Naaman.
·                     On Matthew 8:10 a Roman centurion is described as more faithful than an Israelite. John 19:33 says that the Romans did not wish to break Jesus’ legs after he died.
·                     Matthew 15:21 states that Jesus traveled to Tyre & Sidon which is in modern Lebanon. On Matthew 11:21-22 Jesus implies that Tyre & Sidon are more noble than Chorazin & Bethsaida (two locations in Galilee).On Luke 4:26 he makes a positive reference to a Sidonian widow of Zarephath.
·                     Mark 7:26 speaks of a certain Syro-Phoenician woman who is described as a Greek. This woman is also described as a Caananite in Matthew 15:22, she was extremelly humble & grateful (Matthew 10:4 says that one of the apostles was called “Simon the Caananite). She certainly appreciated the miracle that Jesus performed on her daughter. She was from the region of Tyre & Sidon.
·                     John 19:20 says that the Greeks looked for Jesus.
·                     On Matthew 11:23-24 Jesus implies that Sodom is more noble than Capernaum (a location in Galilee).
·                     Mark 3:8 says that Idumenas, Jordanians, Tyrians, & Sidonians came to him. Mark 5:20 states that Jesus was in Decapolis; most of these 10 cities were located in Jordan (some were in Syria & in Israel).
·                     The Scriptures make positive references of the people of Sebastes. In Luke 10:33 a Samaritan is described as more humane than Israelites. Luke 17 says that out of 10 lepers healed by Jesus only one came back to show gratitude (Luke 17:16 states that it was a Samaritan). John 4:39 says that the Samaritans received Jesus. In John 8:48 the Rabbis even refer to Jesus as a Samaritan.
“The stars of heaven will fall, & the powers in the heavens will be shaken” (Mark 13:25).
·         Genesis 27:40 speaks about the day when Esav, firstborn of Isaac, will liberate himself from Jacob’s power: “By your sword you shall live, & you shall serve your brother; & it shall come to pass, when you become restless, that you shall break his yoke from your neck.”
·         Revelation 3:9 says: “Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie-indeed I will make them come & worship before your feet, & to know that I have loved you.”
·         Zechariah 14:2 states that Jerusalem will be captured. It illustrates horrors like the ones seen in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. When the Jews demanded Jesus’ death they said to Pilate: “his blood be on us & on our children” (Matthew 27:25).
·         On Matthew 15:13 Jesus implies that the Jewish elitists are a plant that was not planted by God, a plant that will be uprooted.
·         Matthew 3:10 says in a symbolic language that the Jews will be thrown into fire. Numbers 24:22 states that Kain shall be burned.
·         Matthew 12:41 says that risen Nineveh will judge & condemn this generation because they repented at the sign of Jonah (the Assyrians are the ancestors of Deutschland). It is interesting that on John 19:15 the Jewish-Talmudic elite stated “We have no king but Caesar” & then during W.W II they were delivered into the mouth of the resurrected Roman Empire. This was the price for their re-establishment in the blood-drinking soil of Canaan.
·         Matthew 12:42 says that the risen Queen of the South which is symbolic of the Arab/Muslim world, will judge & condemn this generation because she came from far in order to listen to Solomon’s wisdom. In Jeremiah 2:27 the Jews say that a tree is their father & that a stone is their mother. Jeremiah 3:9 says that the Jews committed adultery with trees & stones. The scriptures of Ishmael state that the day will come when Jacob will hide behind stones & trees yet, those stones & those trees will denounce him. Hagar will remember how Sarah condemned her & her offspring to a sure death. Hagar is going to make the Third Reich look like Disney World (this will definitely be somber and bitter). After all, Hebrews 9:22 states that “according to the Law almost all things are purified with blood, & without shedding of blood there is no remission”. Unfortunately this seems to be what the future holds, it is the outcome of the decisions made by the puppet-masters who see themselves as gods.
Are there good Jews out there? Yes there are of course, not all the Jews are blind supremacists like Rabbi Saadya Grama. Most of the Sephardim are good at heart & there are good Ashkenazim as well. All the nations of the world have flaws and all the nations of the world have committed horrible crimes at one point or another. There are “mafias” in all the powers: drug cartels, human trafficking, human organs black market, prostitution, gambling …all kinds of corruption. No one is clean. If we would be clean we would not be incarnated in ephemeral human bodies. Yet, the truth is undeniable & I believe that we all know what that truth is.
Please, don’t forget to go to CHABAD-MAFIA.COM. This is a very informative and interesting site created by Jews. Remember: you have the right to know the truth.
Thank you for your time.

N in Jeru0001

(Mr Nizin Lopez in Jerusalem, 2002)


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