Please understand that this article deals with the ‘BIBLICAL’ David. Remember that the Bible is “SYMBOLICALLY SPEAKING” a computer program that contains encoded truths that are not necessarily available to everyone. The ‘David’ of the sacred scriptures is ‘A SYMBOL’.


“You have also given me the necks of my enemies, so that I destroyed those who hated me.”

(the words of king David, II Samuel 22:41)

Many things have been said about the aggressive monarch known as David. A mighty man of valor, a warrior-king, a deeply religious man, a shepherd, a musician, a high priest of righteousness, and “angel of God”,…who was David really?


(majestic sculpture of king David by the Italian genius Michelangelo, early 1500’s)

David came from humble origins even though he was the son of an “Ephratite” of Bethlehem Judah, he was a shepherd that was apparently unappreciated by his family. Like Jephthah the Gileadite he became king by his own hand, he ruled over Judah and over Israel. He killed thousands and thousands of people, in fact,…everything seems to indicate that he was blood-thirsty (as ugly as that sounds) like Vlad the impaler.


(here we see Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of legions and gladiator. Like Maximus, David had good intentions…yet they were both blood spillers! The 2000 film “Gladiator” was directed by Ridley Scott)

Was David a mass murderer addicted to crimson rivers? The son of Jesse was certainly the product of a very hostile environment. Since he was a youth he had been exposed to racial, religious, and territorial wars. This is probably why beheading Goliath of Gath was not a big deal for him. I Samuel 17:36 says that he had killed bears and lions like the “bestiarii” in Rome. David was a man of his times, he did what he had to do for the sake of survival.


(gladiators fighting against wild beasts. Terme Museum, Italy)

There is only one problem with this, and that is that the majority of the Rabbis and the Pastors out there have a hard time admitting that David was a sadistic killer. It is politically incorrect for them to admit to such truth. Oh but he was what he was! He was a blood-spiller like the reddish Esav who lived by the sword! If we analyze his trajectory we will see that David did things that in our modern times would be considered ‘ABHORRENT’. It is easy to hear a Biblical passage in a church sitting in a comfortable chair feeling the cool AC,… yet it is a complete different story to actually visualize what is contained in passages like I Samuel 27:9 (that is if the Pastor ever brings passages like that to the attention of the congregation).


After David honored Saul’s house by killing the giant of Gath “Sinuhe style”, the king of Israel wanted to give him his daughter Michal as a wife. This of course required a payment, Saul demanded 100 Phillishti foreskins. Basically, if David the “admoni” wanted to have intimacy with a princess of Benjamin he would have to kill 100 Phillishtim. Instead of bringing Saul 100 foreskins David brought 200. That means that 200 men lost their lives for the sake of David. Who were these men? Answer: men more than capable of engaging in combat like the folks from Hamas. So, David fulfilled his promise and gave Saul what he demanded. Michal was given to the son of Jesse.

Once again, it is easy to read this in the Bible. From a psychological perspective when you read this, no matter if you are a Jew or a gentile, it sounds like an interesting story, the story of a valiant man who simply did what he had to do in order to obtain his bride. Try to visualize for a second 200 corpses full of stab wounds. Imagine also that these 200 unlucky folks had been castrated (one would assume that David emasculated those 200 Phillishtim). Wouldn’t that be an unpleasant sight? Imagine Saul’s attendant counting those slimy-bloody foreskins,…wouldn’t that be a disgusting sight? What about the wives of those 200 men? What about the sons and daughters of those 200 Phillishtim? Keep in mind that I am not in any way demonizing David, David was a warrior and he did what he had to do. The enemies of Israel would have done the same thing to him if they would have been in a similar position. Yet, our “politically correct Pastors” don’t see the gruesomeness of this incident. They only seem to see beautiful things.

On November, 2008 something horrible took place in Mumbai/India: a religious Jewish couple, an Orthodox Rabbi and his wife, were tortured and murdered by Muslim extremists. They were sexually mutilated.

Holtzberg tragedy0002

Try to imagine the pain they went through, their excruciating suffering, their agony, their desperate cries,…it is impossible to understand the horrors that these unfortunate Jews experienced.

Imagine that 200 soldiers of the IDF would be captured by the guys from Hezbollah. Imagine that they would be stabbed, bled dry, and castrated. Wouldn’t that be a beyond grotesque and depressing sight? Such thing would be condemned by the whole Western world. Yet, nobody seems to notice the “FORESKIN INCIDENT” in the 1st book of Samuel. Once again, people only see what they want to see.


David ended up having some problems with the king of Israel, he had to flee for his life and abandon his recently acquired wife. He couldn’t find any rest in Judah or in Israel so he defected to Achish, the king of Gath. Oh how tricky life is! David had killed many Phillishtim in military conflicts and now his very enemies were his only hope for survival! Achish welcomed him and his 300 men, he welcomed him as if he was his own son (he even gave him land).


(what you see here is a scene of the 2004 film “Troy” [directed by Wolfgang Petersen]. Some people think that Achish of Gath is actually Anchises, king of Troy. Anchises was the father of Aeneas, progenitor of the Roman people. If this information is accurate, that would mean that David was exposed to the culture of Greco-Roman people in Gath)

During his stay with Achish (1 full year and some months) David fought against several peoples of the land: Geshurites, Girzites, Amalekites,…etc. This is what we find in I Samuel 27:9:
“Whenever David attacked the land, HE LEFT NEITHER MAN NOR WOMAN ALIVE, but took away the sheep, the oxen, the donkeys, the camels, and the apparel, and returned and came to Achish.”

David made no distinction at all. He killed men capable of engaging in combat, old men, young men, and probably children as well. The passage clearly stated that he left none breathing….I’m sure David and his men took the attractive females for themselves but the passage clearly says that he annihilated everyone. We shouldn’t be surprised,…Joshua 6:21 states that in the times of Joshua Ben Nun the Israelites exterminated the Caananites making no distinction at all, they killed people of all genders and of all ages. No mercy at all. II Kings 15:16 says that Menahem, the king of Israel, …he ripped open the pregnant women in Tiphsah. So, when I Samuel 27:9 says that “HE LEFT NEITHER MAN NOR WOMAN ALIVE” it means exactly that: he butchered people of all genders and of all ages. Absolute horrors! How many times in his life did David do things like this? Many times, as we already know he fought many, many wars and in those days there were no organizations talking about “HUMAN RIGHTS”.

Afghani women0001

(unspeakable abuses against women are nothing new in the Muslim world. This article of the Sun Sentinel deals with a woman who was brutally murdered by a gang of ignorant beasts. Then again, didn’t David strike females with his blood stained sword? Check the Sun Sentinel, Wednesday, March 25, 2015.5A)

In our churches David’s violence is sort of justified, sometimes even praised! Evangelists usually say that David was simply fighting “the enemies of the Lord”. How about the atrocities that the masked devils of Islamic State have committed since 2014? The ”ISIS guys” have pretty much done the same thing that the Israelites did back in the days. They have killed all kinds of people: they have killed old men, old women, men capable of engaging in combat, young men, young women, children,…they have crucified people, they have beheaded people, they have sold women in slave markets,…

ISIS devils0001

(on February 2015 the “ISIS guys” beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians on the shores of North Africa. Are they offering a sacrifice to the forces of nature? It looks that way)

Well, didn’t David behave like the folks of “Islamic State” in some occasions? The answer is of course “YES”. Once again, reading things from the Bible is one thing, and seeing deranged Muslim extremists beheading people on national TV is a complete different story. The Orthodox Rabbis will never admit that David was a terrorist and the evangelists will never admit that David was a merciless mass murderer.


I’m pretty sure the bloody Hungarian Countess Erzsebet Bathory would have gotten along with David, they would have probably made a great couple. As politically incorrect as it sounds,… David seems to have loved human suffering, at least subconsciously.

II Samuel 4:12 speaks about how the son of Jesse punished two captains of Saul who killed a Benjamite named Ishbosheth (a son of Saul). The guys were certainly worthy of death, (they were more than worthy of capital punishment) but David went an extra mile to make sure that they would suffer as much as possible. David ordered his young men to cut off their hands and feet (like they do in Saudi Arabia). He then hanged them by a pool in Hebron (by the pool: this might remind us of the 2000 Tyrians that Alexander III crucified by the shores of Phoenicia in 332).

It is easy to read this but it is a complete different story to see two guys in front of you screaming in agony as their hands and feet are being cut off. Try to imagine for a second the hands and the feet lying on the ground,…imagine the dogs later on eating those hands and feet ….imagine how grotesque the corpses must have looked as they hanged on some type of wooden structure. Imagine women and children passing by looking at the morbid theater…

Joshua 10:26 says that Israel hanged five Caananite kings until the evening, that means that David hanged those two guys either on a tree or on some type of wooden piece. Isn’t that what the Romans did to the inhabitants of Judea in the times of Titus Vespasianus? Didn’t Titus dismember Jews and hanged them in wooden crosses until they bled to death? The Rabbis certainly find that to be gruesome but nobody seems to notice David’s inquisitional endeavors.

How many times did David dismember and crucify people? How many times did he cut off hands and feet like Ashurnasirpal II? Did he cut off the hands and feet of women as well? We don’t know but everything is possible when it comes to Mr “Admoni”.


As we all know, David is descended from a virtuous Moabitess named “RUTH” (Moab is in modern Jordan). When Saul was busy trying to kill David, David found refuge in Moab. The king of Moab protected his father and his mother from the hand of Saul (check I Samuel 22:3-4). At some point David saved the inhabitants of Keilah (Israelites) from the Phillishtim. His fellow Israelites betrayed him. Yet, the king of Moab, a non-Israelite, …he embraced David and gave him protection (I Maccabees 5:25 speaks about Nabateans, that is “Jordanians” who showed kindness to Judas Maccabeus).


(on the left: the Stele of Mesha the Dibonite, king of Moab. This majestic piece was discovered in Jordan by a German named “Frederick Augustus Klein” [in 1868]. On the right: an inner city locality in Berlin called “Moabit”. It is a strange coincidence that the name RUTH sounds like ROTH which means red in German. Wasn’t David born “REDDISH”?)

Somehow David ended up attacking the people of Chemosh. Under what circumstances? We don’t know for sure. This is what II Samuel 8:2 says:

“Then he defeated Moab, forcing them down to the ground, he measured them off with a line. With two lines he measured off those to be put to death, and with one full line those to be kept alive. So the Moabites became David’s servants, and brought tribute.”

When on one reads “FORCING THEM DOWN TO THE GROUND” it doesn’t sound like a big deal. Yet, when one looks at Holocaust photographs depicting Jews scrubbing the streets of Vienna (on their knees) everything changes.


(isn’t this what David did to the Moabites?)

How many Moabites did he kill? We don’t know. II Samuel 8:5 states that David exterminated 72,000 Syrians so,…do you own math. What does the 2nd book of Samuel mean by saying that “he measured them off with lines”? We don’t know for sure but, it certainly rings a bell when it comes to Joseph Mengele, the famous angel of death. Dr Mengele decided who would go to the labor camps and who would perish in the death camps. II Samuel 8:2 states that David separated those who would live and those destined for the sword. Did David cut off the hands and feet of many Moabites? We don’t know. Did he hang them dismembered on trees? Did he force the daughters of Chemosh to shave their heads? We don’t know. David was a lunatic, that’s for sure. Anything was possible when it came to the son of Jesse.


“I hate them with A PERFECT HATRED; I count them as my enemies.”

(the words of king David, Psalm 139:22)

Chapter 12 of the 2nd book of Samuel sates that David also conquered the blood-thirsty people of Ammon (Ammon is also located in modern Jordan). The Ammonites were not innocent lambs of the Lord, their military leaders were devils. I Samuel 11: 2 says that they wanted to blind the Israelites (in the times of Saul),…probably with red-hot irons. Amos 1:13 says that the warriors of Ammon ripped pregnant women open,…absolute evil! So yes, they certainly deserved to be blasted by a blood-thirsty freak like David.

II Samuel 12:31 speaks about how the son of Jesse gave them a taste of their own medicine:

“And he brought out the people who were in it, and put them to work with saws and iron picks and iron axes, and made them cross over to the brick works. So he did to all the cities of the people of Ammon.”

Doesn’t this passage have a “barbwire feel”? It sounds like David tortured the hell out of them in concentration camps. Why would David give his conquered enemies sharp metallic tools that could be used in a rebellion? Did David torture them with saws, iron picks, and axes? David must have blasted the hell out of the Ammonites. If he cut off the hands and feet of two Israelites (Baanah & Rechab), imagine what he did to the seed of Milcom…

concentration camp0002

(what you see here is a scene from the Holocaust. This is more or less what David did to the people of Ammon.)


(here we see Alexander the great wearing the horns of the Libyan sky god Ammon/Zeus. II Samuel 12:30 states that David wore the crown of Milcom, the national god of Ammon. This crown weighted a talent of gold and it contained precious stones. Could it be possible that the crown that David wore on his head looked like this one?)

In those days the cities of Ammon must have looked like Bosnia in the 90’s. The Serbians tortured and butchered many Bosnians. The Yugoslavian conflict of the 90’s may give us an idea of the kinds of things David did in Canaan.


II Samuel 11:2 says that David secretly watched a beautiful woman who was bathing. Her name was Bathsheba, she was the wife of an upright man named Uriah (Bathsheba must have been gorgeous like Helen of Sparta). Since David lusted after her, he made an arrangement so that Uriah the Hittite would be killed in battle. Uriah was killed by the Ammonites.

Believe it or not this tale found an echo in Washington D.C. In 2014 a modern-Orthodox Rabbi named Barry Freundel was arrested for voyeurism, he secretly videotaped religious Jewish women that purified themselves in a mikvah. (orthodox Jewish women immerse themselves in water during menstruation and also after childbirth).

evil man0001

(Rabbi Barry Freundel, ex-Rab of Kesher Israel Congregation in Washington D.C.)

This Rabbi,…doesn’t he have an “admoni” spark?


In his lifetime David offered seven Israelites of the house of Saul as a collective human sacrifice. At one point King Saul committed an atrocity against a branch of Israel, he almost exterminated the priestly Gibeonites (they protected David when he was fleeing from Saul). I Samuel 22:18-19 says clearly that Saul spared no one in Nob, not even women or children.

The black cloud created by Saul didn’t just go away, it rested over Israel. We must not be surprised to see that there was a severe famine in the land as a result of this. David decided to correct Saul’s wrong by slaying seven Benjamites. He offered two of the sons of Rizpah, the daughter of Aiah, and he offered seven of the sons of Michal, the daughter of Saul. Once he killed them he exposed them to the elements (a spectacle).

Spartacus blood0001

(what we see here is a scene of the Spartacus TV series [directed by Steven DeKnight]. The glorious Thracian warrior known as Spartacus prevails in the arena over a giant named Theokoles. Rome had not seen a drop of rain in those days,…the minute Spartacus slayed Theokoles everything changed)

Spartacus rain0001

(in order for the rain to fall blood had to be spilled,…in order to stop the famine David had to sacrifice seven Benjamites. Blood seems to be the nectar of the gods!)

Let us not forget that from a spiritual perspective David was responsible for the blood of the Gibeonites, Saul butchered them because a Gibeonite named Elimelech assisted David when he was fleeing from Saul. David’s vibrational field was nefarious no matter what, there must be a logical reason why the Bible says he was born “REDDISH”.


Was king David a terrorist? Yes, he had no choice but to behave like one; he was surrounded by adversaries. Was king David a murderer? Yes, he had no choice but to LIVE BY THE SWORD. Was David a sadist? David was a man of his times. Can we link the Biblical David to a historical figure? A talented Egyptian archaeologist named Ahmed Osman believes that the closest thing to David was Pharaoh Thutmoses III, the Napoleon of ancient Egypt. Some researches believe that the wise scribes behind the Sacred Scriptures encrypted ‘Alexander III of Macedon’ both as King David and as Nabuchadnezzar (as crazy as it sounds!). Who is right?

  1. Michael wilson said:

    I have came upon a 1971 wrist watch of t.e . He also belonged to rizpah temple and this watch has the date of 1971. Just curious if this was yours. I live in sebree it. I collect watches and I bought this one and I’m interested in the story behind it. Thank you mr. Gardner

    • I’m not interested in a watch, especially if it has a tracking device,….

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