Eleggua (by Mr Nizin Lopez).



This article is designed for individuals who have a serious interests in spirituality, this is not meant for entertaintment. Keep in mind that I am not interested in impressing anyone.


It is not easy for me to speak about my experience with Santeria. The forces behind Santeria are real, more than real. Santeria is above all a religion of energy fields.

Right before I started working in a Tattoo shop owned by a certain toxic Russian man (in late 2011), I underwent some heavy Santeria rituals in Cuba. These rituals involved blood. I am convinced, absolutely convinced that these rituals that I underwent allowed dark forces to affect me in some “undesired way” even though the Obba (a medium like the ones mentioned in Leviticus 19:31) meant to bless me.

These spiritual forces are real and they do affect us in ways that sometimes we “DO NOT EXPECT”. Once certain doors are open it is hard to close them (very hard).


(this is a picture of the house where the blood rituals took place. Notice that strange ball of light in front of the apartment)


(I don’t even need to explain what I believe that is)

I believe this type of phenomenon can even open portals to past lives, meaning that some of that “past-energy” may drip into our current reality.

It is even more perplexing that before all this I was frequenting a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in Miami/Fla (I began going there around 2008). The Rabbis of Chabad usually travel to Queens/New York to consult with the spirit of their deceased Rebbe (Menachem Schneerson). Even though technically Chabad & Judaism in general have apparently nothing to do with Santeria, there is some underlying connection. Chabad definitely consults with the dead in the same way that Saul inquired of the medium of En Dor (Samuel I 28:8).


(painting of Rebbe Menachem Schneerson. Acrylic on canvas, done in Hialeah/Fla)

So, is it a coincidence that I ended up going to Chabad & that right afterwards I underwent Santeria rituals in Cuba? The way I see it, my experience with Chabad, my experience with Santeria, & my exposure to the Tattoo world are one & the same thing: components of my Eleggua energy field.

I guess it was all in my path. Incredibly enough, this Israeli Ashkenazi Rabbi that I met with was born on the same day, same month, & on the same year I was born. Was this all by chance? Keep in mind that Chabad Lubavitch is a force of very special charcteristics. Yes, they are Jews but their energy field is different (they are symbolically speaking like the “Erev Rab” that accompanied Israel out of Egypt).

Based on the Afro-Cuban Yoruba pantheon my assigned deity is supossed to be Eleggua. Eleggua’s number is 21. Eleggua is a blood drinking deity like the Tammuz/Dumuzi of the Middle East (somewhat similar to the stone god of the non-heterosexual Elagabalus of Syria). Eleggua is supossed to be the one who opens one’s path, he is described as the lord of the crossroads.

He is symbolized with a child, this is a way of saying that he likes to play games. Eleggua also enjoys of course blood sacrifices, he is considered a warrior.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez, detail)

In reality, Eleggua, who is also known as “Eshu”, is an obscure entity.


As I mentioned before, Eleggua’s number is 21 even though the number 3 is also associated with him. It is interesting that the number 21 has somehow appeared throughout my life, here are some examples:

• In 2012 I worked as a Tattoo artist in a shop owned by a Russian (this guy’s energy field ended up being really toxic to me).

ri 7

(Tattoo done by me while I worked in this shop)

Incredibly enough, the door number of this shop was 201 which is pretty much 21. Plus, the Russian guy was born on a 21st as well (August 21st 1973). Keep in mind that I worked in this shop in 2012. 2012 = 12 = 21. My last day in his tattoo shop was on May 1st of 2012. I had received my Eleggua in Cuba on May 1st of 2011. Coincidence or sinchronicity? Definitely strange.

• A certain individual who grew up with me died a very grotesque death on June 14th of 2001. June 14th is equivalent to the month of Tammuz in the Hebrew calendar. 2001 = 21. Eleggua’s birthday is celebrated on June 13th. My favorite Black Metal artist (King Diamond) was born on June 14th of 1956 (June 14th 2001 being a date of calamity for that individual who grew up with me in Cuba) & I graduated from High School one day after June 14th. All this stuff seems to be spiritually related to June 13th, Eleggua’s birthday.

• The greatest concert that I ever attended took place in a club of Fort Lauderdale/Fla on October “21st” of 1993. This was a “Mercyful Fate” concert and the lead singer of this band is King Diamond. The first album cover I ever did was for “Deicide” (Serpents of the light album), incredibly enough the album was released on “Oct 21st 1997”.

• The summarization of my social security number equals 12. Is 12 not 21 in reverse?

• I was born on December 20th of 1975; the year of my birthday in the Gregorian calendar is equivalent to 5736 in the Hebrew calendar. If these numbers are added the result is 21. 5736 = 5 + 7 + 3 + 6 = 21 (21 is Eleggua’s number).

• I happen to have my Cuban birth certificate in my possession. The top right of my birth certificate says: 01-21-1.

eleggua for the stuff

I’m not sure why those numbers are there or what they mean but there is a 21. This certificate was released on December “21” of 1994, December is the twelve month which is 21 in reverse.

• Both of my maternal grandparents passed away on a 21st though on different months & on different years.

• I arrived in the United States on January 7th of 1993. 17 + 1993 = 2010. 2010 = 21.

• Sometime in 2013 I moved into an apartment complex located in South Miami. My apartment number was 207 but my mailbox said incredibly enough “12” (12 = 21 = Eleggua).


(as of 2013 this is my mailbox. 12 = 21. 12 + 207 = 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 7 = 12. 12 = 21: Eleggua no matter what)


(my 2014 parking number: 2397 = 2 + 3 = 5. 5 + 9 = 14. 14 + 7 = 21. 2397 = 21 = Eleggua!!)

In 2011, after I had undergone the bloody Santeria rituals in Cuba, I was visited by some kind of dark presence (this experience took place while I was asleep of course). I remember that I was lying on my bed facing the roof. Though I was asleep, I was fully conscious of my surroundings in the room as if I was fully awake. It felt very lucid.

At the beginning I had trouble moving, my body felt kind of stiff. As I was struggling to get up I moved my head a little and felt a strong presence in the room. I also felt that someone or “something” sat on the mattress right next to me. I could not see the figure but I could feel its weight on the mattress, it was a very strong presence. It felt very real, as real as being fully awake in the physical plane.

I managed to stand on top of the mattress. I looked at the corner of the room and I saw these weird “ash” looking things, they were like bubbles of water and smoke at the same time (keep in mind that I was asleep).


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez, detail)

Then there was laughter, lots of laughter as if many people in the room were laughing. There was also a loud party sound & then I woke up.



The presence or presences that I felt in the room were definitely obscure. To be brutally honest, I kind of felt like it was not necessarily a human presence.



I don’t know if this was just my imagination but this reminds me of a passage in the book of Job:

“Fear came upon me, & trembling, which made all my bones shake. Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my body stood up. It stood still, but I could not discern its appearance.”

(Job 4: 14-16)

I had another experience with this strange presence. The second time I experienced this was on June 13th of 2012, it was probably 4:00 am or something. As I have already mentioned, June 13th is considered the birth day of Eleggua (the colors of Eleggua are red & black).

It happened exactly like the last time, I was asleep yet I was very, very conscious of my surroundings in the room. The dark-magical presence came again and sat next to me. I could feel its vibe, a very intense vibe. It was right there next to me & I could even see a transparent figure sitting on the mattress. I could feel it’s weight on the mattress.

I also remember something like a breath sound as if someone was trying to utter words. Eventually everything stopped and I woke up. I had been visited by this dark presence a second time.I believe that by undergoing those blood rituals in Cuba I evoked some kind of energy in the spiritual realm. Something definitely happened for sure.

It was strange or better said, unusual that during this time I had a dream with my paternal grandfather. In my dream he came to see me & he hugged me. This was strange, it almost seemed as if my experiences with Santeria had opened sometype of portal to another dimension or something…

When I was first initiated into the path of Eleggua, I received a black and red necklace that was annointed in blood plus, I received a “black stone” that I was supossed to keep with me at all times (a stone like the one Rhea gave Chronos so that he wouldn’t eat Zeus).


(I received this consecrated stone & the consecrated necklace on May 1st 2011 in Cuba)

Sometime in 2012 after I had left the South Beach Tattoo shop, I somehow sensed that there was something “dangerous” with this whole “Eleggua thing”. I’m not sure why I felt that way but, I decided to get rid of both the rock & the necklace. To be honest, I kind of felt as if I was carrying something from a past life or something, I don’t even know how to explain it…I threw it in the sea because “salt” is said to purify.

I know that what I am going to say here now will sound funny to some, they may even call me “crazy”, that’s ok. Sometime in 2013 some African-American man, a neighbor, he came to my house and gave me a “black & red” bike as a gift. He said he was moving and that he didn’t have a truck to be moving stuff around so I accepted it (I gave him $30.00 for it).

I never rode the bike because “the brakes did not work” too good. I just had it in my apartment, somehow I felt like I shouldn’t ride that bike (I don’t know why I felt this). One day I was laying on the bed and I looked at the bike. All of the sudden something hit me:

• the bike was black and red like the Eleggua necklace that I had been given.

• the bike came to my very door, I didn’t have to make any effort in order to obtain it.

• the bike’s brakes didn’t work too good. As of today I interpret that as “not a very cool thing”.


(this is how the famous red/black bike ended up)

In other words:

I got rid of the necklace & I got rid of the rock but somehow it came back to me! On the night of September 16th of 2013 I lighted some candles in my apartment. I did a little “good luck ritual” in which I used five white candles, one red candle, and one black candle. The white candles were on the right and the black candle was on the left (the red candle was between the white ones and the black one).

On the morning of September 17th the red candle blew up by itself.


I was laying on the bed and I heard the sound of glass cracking. I looked at the candles and I saw the red one broken. There was no logical reason that could explain this. I perceived that as some type of spiritual message. The splash of molten red on the floor that resembled a stain of blood…

It is interesting that on 06/06/2013 I had finished an acrylic on canvas that depicted red molten candles that looked like blood stains on the floor.

laberynth detail 22

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez, detail)

6 + 6 = 12 = 21 in reverse = Eleggua. 2013 = 2 + 0 + 1 = 21 (Eleggua). 3 = also a number of Eleggua. Am I just imagining things or there is really some type of unusual sinchronicity here?

It is interesting that this deity, meaning Eleggua, is not a passive god meaning that he is a warrior. Black & red have always been my favorite colors (even though “Black” is not necessarily a color) plus I always identified with warrior symbols. Some of my paintings depict this kind of themes:


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez, done in Hialeah/Fla. Notice that the colors black & red prevail)

“They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons, and shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood.”

(Psalms 106:37-38)

As far as my endeavors in the Tattoo world (which is an aspect of my Eleggua experience of course), if one really looks at it from a pure spiritual perspective; Tattooing is a dangerous energy field related to sexual energy & blood (the same type of energy involved in ritualistic sacrifices). When one works as a Tattoo artist he comes into “DIRECT CONTACT” with people. “For the most part” these are the type of individuals that show up:

• Strippers, prostitutes, bisexuals, lesbians, homosexuals, transgenders…etc. In order to tattoo these kind of people you have to come into “DIRECT CONTACT” with them. When you do that you are ABSORBING all their psychic energy plus all their endless traumas. If you are a straight man & you tattoo for example a “non-straight” male in a sexually related area it is awful for you from a spiritual perspective (you desecrate your energy field with unnatural energy).

Nataly with umbrella

(a tattoo done on an attractive Caucasian woman [a decent woman]. Tattooing involves: some degree of pain & blood. Sometimes tattooing has indirect sexual connotations [if it is a woman of course]. In other words: pain, blood, & sex (depending on the situation)

Caballito de mar (Tattoo).

Caballito de mar (Tattoo).

(tattoo done on an attractive French woman)

• Drug addicts or alcoholics. These are individuals that most of the time suffer from profound emotional and psychological traumas. Their psyche which is full of punctures because of the substance abuse, is an open portal for beings of impurity. Many of these people are mentally ill so you as a Tattoo artist are acting like a sponge absorbing all that gloomy energy.

• Delincuents or thugs. These are folks who have been in jail. When you tattoo them you come in direct physical contact with them and therefore with their very psyche. You are to a certain degree absorbing their demons. Some of these guys are thiefs, some are sexual perverts, some are murderers, some are drug dealers, some are consumers, some are involved in some kind of fraud,….etc. You as a Tattoo artist are swallowing all those demons.

Note: there are “normal-decent people” that get tattoos as well but what I’m trying to convey here is that the overall vibe of the Tattoo world is gloomy.

So, the years that I spent in the Tattoo world were an “emanation” of the energy that came to me through Chabad. I have no doubt at all when it comes to this.

Some of us possess an antenna capable of receiving frequencies that others just cannot sense (like Sarchie’s radar in “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” [2014]). Some of us are aware of this and work hard throughout life in order to enhance these abilities to the max. So yes, throughout my existence I have had several experiences of inter-dimensional flavors.


I see things clearly as far as this incredible experience goes. The chronological table of events goes as follows:

• a person that was related to me passed away in 2001 (I believe his wandering spirit has been around me ever since).

• in 2002 I discover that I am born Jewish & I join the Jewish world. I move to Israel in 2003.

• in 2008, after having explored the Jewish world; I joined Chabad Lubavitch. During this time I was renting a studio owned by a man of a very filthy energy field plus my Jewish employers at the time were of that same repulsive energy field.

• after having some friction with this Chabad Rabbi I left Judaism for good. I visited Cuba twice in 2011 & I underwent heavy blood rituals.

• I got completely immersed in the Tattoo world. This particular environment of dangerous aroma enhanced the forces that came to me during the rituals I underwent in Cuba (Tattooing is symbolically speaking “blood & sex”).

• to make the story short, ever since I went to Chabad my life went completely downhill. I believe that the rituals I underwent in Cuba were the turning point for everything.

Basically, what we have here is “A HOLY WAR” between unclean forces of my past life & between the path of my current incarnation. Either way I will prevail, my will “WILL BE DONE” no matter what the price is.

Though I have no evidence to support this theory, I believe that in my past life I may have been involved in some horrible things somewhere in the Mediterranean. Maybe I was a priestly figure like the priests of Carthage,…


…maybe I was a Roman soldier when Jerusalem fell in 70 A.D…..I know that this all sounds very wild but there must be a reason why these spiritual forces are haunting me now in my current incarnation.

Caligula album cover.

Caligula album cover.

(I believe this album cover has something to do with the vibes of my past incarnation in the Greco-Roman world of the Mediterranean. Maybe yes, maybe no…)

In the end it is all about learning from our experiences in this world that we perceive through our five limited senses. Life is a lesson.

Check out these books:

When ghosts speak (understanding the world of earthbound spirits). By Mary Ann Winkowski.

Death & its mysteries (a penetrating psychological examination of the ultimate fate that all men face). By Ignace Lepp.

Reincarnation (an East-West Anthology compiled & edited by Joseph Head & S.L.Cranston).

Evidence of the afterlife (the science of near-death experience). Jeffrey Long with Paul Perry.

Death (the final stage of growth), by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Lessons from the light (what we can learn from the near-death experience), by Kenneth Ring, P.h.D and Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino.


(Mr Nizin Lopez in Cuba, 2014)

Thank you all for your time.



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