The Jews and Art, by Mr Nizin Lopez.


“You shall not make for yourself a carved image – any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;…” (Exodus 20:4)

The truth is that the majority of the people out there do not appreciate art. In fact, they don’t have to. Art is not a necessity plus it is not for everyone. As far as the Jewish world goes, they have no appreciation for art whatsoever. There are of course some of them who might purchase a painting or two but they do not understand the concept of art.

What you see here is one of my paintings. I believe this Artwork displays absolute creativity unleashed.


(acrylic on canvas done by Mr Nizin Lopez in 2011)

Art is about feelings, emotions, flavors, vibrations, about life…The Greco-Roman world gave us personalities like Salvador Dali, Michael Angelo, Tolouse Lautrec, Da Vinci, Jose Bedia, H.R.Giger, Goya, Honore Daumier, Albrecht Durer, Fernando Botero, Gustav Dore, Wilfredo Lam, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Tomas Sanchez, Piet Mondrian, Sandro Botticelli, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Paul Gaugin, El Greco, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Giorgio De Chirico,…etc. The list is endless.


(Judith and Holofernes by the majestic Spanish artist “Francisco de Goya” [1746-1828])

Who is for example the greatest Jewish painter ever? What candidate do the “CHOSEN PEOPLE” have when it comes to painters? Oh! Let me guess…Marc Chagall, right? Who is this Marc Chagall if compared with somebody like da Vinci? Answer: Not even da Vinci’s shadow. The funny thing is that gentiles appreciate him (Mr Chagall) more than the majority of the Jews. If you are reading this & you are Jewish you might say something like: “Well, Frida Kahlo,..she had some Jewish blood”. Her father was supposedly Jewish but some say he was actually an ethnic German, meaning a German gentile.


(here’s one of Chagall’s paintings, it is entitled “Bouquet and Red Circus”. This is probably one of his “BEST SHOTS”, it is very simplistic and it is more than obvious that Mr Chagall is not very good with anatomy. This ladies and gentlemen is the “ARTIST” par excellence of the Jewish people,…apparently he doesn’t even know how to draw or paint a real rose!)

What about music? Let’s talk about Classical music even though I’m a Rocker. What Jew can come near Ludwig Van Beethoven? Any Jewish pioneer that can compare himself with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Maybe there’s one out there that is more important than Johann Sebastian Bach? I’m not even going to mention Richard Wagner because I know that they despise him. Any Jews out there that can come close to musicians like Iron Maiden? Any Jew out there that can come close to the supremacy of Michael Jackson? Any Jew out there that can come near the creativity of the Greek Yanni?

Let’s go ahead & explore different dimensions of creativity & intelligence. Shall we? Who discovered electricity? A Jew? Answer: No. The folk who discovered electricity was a Yugoslavian named Nikola Tesla (an absolute genius). Who came up with the idea of the plane? An Ashkenazi Rabbi from Poland maybe? The airplane was created by the Wright brothers & they were both American gentiles. Who created the telephone? One of the Ashkenazi Jews in the White House? No! It was discovered by a Scottish gentile named Alexander Graham Bell. Who came up with the idea of the computer? Rashi maybe? No! Different pioneers gave birth to the lap top you have in your desk; they are the following: Alan Turing (British), Konrad Zuse (German), & Charles Babbage (British). Who created the automobile? The chief Rabbi of Israel? It was created by a German named Karl Friedrich Benz. Who came up with the refrigerartor? A German named Carl Von Linde. Who came up with the TV? Answer: an American gentile named Philo Farnsworth. Who gave us photography? Answer: a French fellow named Joseph Niepce (& to a certain extent a British guy named Thomas Wedgwood). Who came up with the first film ever? Answer: An English guy named Eadweard Muybridge.

So you see my dear friends, the Jews (meaning the folks in charge of the Jewish world) portray themselves as an ultra-intelligent entity worthy of privileges but, what have they “CREATED” really? Well,…let’s see here…they have given us the dark legacy of the Holocaust, they have given us the censorship of organizations like the ADL, & they have given us a threat to world peace named “Israel” (unfortunately this is true). Yes, I know that Jews are very talented sorcerers when it comes to Hollywood but as I already showed you, they did not create the TV, they did not create photography, & they did not make the first movie.

Still, there is a certain Rabbi out there named “Saadya Grama” who claims that gentiles are inferior-worthless animals in human form. Well, what the hell has this religious leader created? Did he create electricity? Did he create the planes? Did he create the fridge? Did he create the TV? Did he create the telephone? Did he create the automobile? Did he give us photography? If he hates gentiles so much why is he not in Israel waiting for his beloved messiah? When the Rabbis were still sinking their eyes in the pages of the Gemarah a genius from the land of Pavarotti was already envisioning flying devices like the helicopter: Leonardo Da Vinci. So you see my dear reader, the truth is obvious.

The fact of the matter is that in terms of collective consciousness the Jews are not a creative people. Yes of course, there are always exceptions to the rules but they are mainly merchants & ritualists, nothing more. The cream of the Jewish world for example are the Ashkenazi Jews (at least that is the way it is made to look like) & the apex of Ashkenazi Jewry is who? They are all into politics one way or another. The typical merchant is Madoff, what does he have to do with art? Nothing at all. Rabbi Levy Ishak Rosenbaum was involved in trafficking human organs, what does he have to do with art? Nothing at all. Ben Bernake is, as we all know, the Federal Reserve guy. What does he have to do with art? Answer: absolutely nothing.

Yes, I already know what you are thinking: “What about all those Jewish actors & actresses?” To make the story short, there is an obvious reason why Jews want to be in charge of the film industry. Right? Whoever controls the media controls the psyche of the nation which means that the real reason why they are in Hollywood is “politics” (not art!). But, let us not get carried away. The Jews don’t have to be artists. I guess the most talented Jews ever when it comes to art are Kafka & Alejandro Jodorowsky. Mr Jodorowsky is in my opinion an absolute genius, the only Jew who is truly worthy of the Olympus. Then again, I perceive him as a South American, not as a Jew. Most Jews don’t even know who he is anyways….(because he is a Truth-seeker).


(Mr Alejandro Jodorowsky “the Great”, a true genius. Most Jews don’t know who he is, they don’t care about Jodorowsky’s creativity)


(in 2008 a highly talented Israeli Jew named Ari Folman gave the world one of the best animation films ever: “Waltz with Bashir”. This animated war documentary written & directed by Mr Folman is an absolute masterpiece, a unique expression of art worthy of praise. Sadly, most Jews ignore that this majestic documentary exists. Why? Because for the most part they don’t care about art)

As far as my personal case goes, if you are familiar with my little story you will know that two of my great-grandparents were Sephardic Jews born in the land of Herodotus & Dio Cassius (Turkey). In 2002 I re-connected with the Jewish world after doing genealogical research (a mistake).

teudat yehudit finished

(this document probes that I am the son of a Jewish woman. In other words: It probes that I am halachically born Jewish)


(this document certifies my that my circumcision was done by an Orhtodox Rabbi [they never did it to me in Cuba when I was a kid])


(this document probes that two of my great-grandparents are buried in a Jewish cemetary. They are the parents of my mother’s mother)

I lived in Jerusalem for 8 months as a religious Jew & overall I spent approximately 8 years of my life with the Jews. It didn’t work out for many different reasons & no, I’m not blaming them for everything. During my “Jewish years” I realized that the Jews are alien to the idea of art, at least most of the ones I interacted with.

The Moroccan Jewish community of Venezuela for example was a little more humane; they would actually purchase artwork but of course it would have to be something “narrow-minded” like the portrait of some famous bearded Rabbi or something. In their heads the artwork of fellows like Mondrian is just worthless. They don’t understand such thing.

They are concerned with making money (which is understandable), with looking prestigious, & with an ascent in the ladder of politics. They talk about the Holocaust, the talk about the menace of Islam, they talk about Rabbi such & such, about Ann Frank, but that’s it. Their mind is restrained. How can they think about art & about creativity when their leaders tell them that gentiles were created for the purpose of serving Jews? Can there be any Art in this narrow-minded, & arrogant attitude? They are a people living in a dark cloud. Is it by accident that throughout history many powers have tried to exterminate them? Why has this happened? Can it be possible that after all these years they are the only ones who are right and the rest of the world is wrong?

The following piece that you see here is entitled “Mizbeach”. It was done in Jerusalem sometime in 2003 when I attended an Orthodox Ashkenazi yeshiva.

Altar of sacrifice.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

I remember that I went to a place in the Old City called “The Temple Institute”. Since this is a place located in “JERUSALEM” & it is called “THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE”, I had high expectations. I’m not talking about money, what I am saying is that I expected the guys in charge of this place to be somewhat “moved” by this painting.

I remember that I got there, I showed it to some Orthodox Rabbi…he was not moved at all (no emotions). He looked at it but it was as if he was looking at some poster advertising Mc Donalds or something… I couldn’t understand that! How could he be an Orthodox Rabbi living in the Old City, in the Temple Institute and feel nothing for an original depicting the Mizbeah?

My painting had been carefully done in terms of Halacha. I had consulted with different Rabbis in terms of the measurements of the Altar… I searched books for references…the painting had been done “in a Zionist yeshiva”, in Jerusalem…I ended up giving this painting away as a gift to a Sephardic Rabbi in New York. I went to his house several times; I remember that the last time I went, he still had not streched it (it was still rolled in the tube). I guess that either he did not care much or maybe he did not have time to go to a framing place over there in New York. Right?

This piece that you see here was donated to an Orthodox Sephardic synagogue in Atlanta/Georgia. I remember that sometime in 2002 there was some kind of festival type of thing going on in the synagogue where everyone was selling stuff… I remember that I had the painting there on an easel but nobody gave a damn. I mean, it wasn’t about money; it was about appreciation for art. It was a painting exalting Jewish values yet, it was invisible to them. How could this be?

the tree

(acrylic on canvas done by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The following drawing that you see was donated to some Jewish institution out there, I can’t even remember which one,…it’s been a while. I know they got it in the mail because I sent it as “certified mail”. They never sent me a letter saying “thank you”,..nothing…not even a God-damned f*cking letter saying: “Hey Nizin, thanks!” I couldn’t believe it. Sad but true.


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The same thing happened with this drawing. I sent it to some Sephardic Rabbi in Fla but he never replied. When I spoke to him over the phone he said: “Thanks for the poster”. Well…at least he called it “a motherf*cking poster”…right? I know that I am not worthy of comparing myself to Gustav Dore or to Albrecht Durer but, can you imagine that Mr Dore would send you an original by mail & then you would call his piece “a poster”?


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

This painting that you see here was sent to an Orthodox Ashkenazi Rabbi in Great Neck/New York. Not even a an e-mail saying thank you, nothing at all (I didn’t charge him a motherf*cking dime).


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez. The picture that I used as a reference was sort of distorted)

This painting that you see here is of the famous Rebbe of the Chabad folks. I went to see a certain Chabad Rabbi in Hollywood in order to show it to him. I left it with his secretary and when I called again she said he was not interested…I don’t even want to remember this,….I told her to keep it & I hung up the phone.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

This black & white painting that you see here was sent to an Ashkenazi Rabbi in Brooklyn named G. Gopin (I didn’t charge him a God-damned penny). He was related to a Chabad Rabbi that I knew in Miami/Fla. The guy didn’t even send me a motherf*cking e-mail to say thank you. How could this be?

the Rebbe

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez. Another portrait of the Rebbe)

There was a certain Rabbi who offered me to exhibit in an important exhibition in Miami/Fla yet, he did so not because he appreciated my artwork or because he believed in creativity; he did so because he wanted “TO USE MY ARTWORK” in order to glorify a Chabadnik family that had been killed in India.
I got nothing against those unfortunate souls that underwent such horrors but I will not allow anyone to suck the prana of my Artwork for the sake of a political agenda (I’m not f*cking stupid obviously).

Mandela stuff0001

This super-simple drawing that you see here, this “ART” worthy of being exhibited in a Cultural Center? Are these drawings worthy of media attention? Oh but they were done by a famous politician!…That changes the whole game. There are hundreds if not thousands of ultra-talented painters out there that are ignored and unrecognized,…yet the world doesn’t have a problem exploiting the terminology “ART” when it comes to politics. This is pretty much the same thing that Chabad Rabbi tried to do with me, he wanted to use my creativity for a narrow-minded Chabad agenda. I refused! Check out the Sun Sentinel, Sunday, February 1st, 2015.

I’m not saying that I am “SUCH A GREAT ARTIST” that deserves special treatment but why should I allow others to use me for political purposes? This Floridian Rabbi knew some gallery owners but never got me in touch with them. All of the sudden he got interested in Art the minute the Chabadniks got killed in India! In their eyes is all about politics, never creativity.

This is a mural that I did for some place that opened up in S.W Miami/Fla. I must admit that the Mexican guy in charge there was a cool character & I have nothing bad to say about him. He actually said “thank you”.



(mural done by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Most of the Artwork that you see here was sold to Sephardic Moroccan Jews in Caracas (some pieces were given as a gift). I guess these Jews were a little more interested in art (a symbol of sensitivity) because they were magnetized with the “cool” Hispanic vibe of the Venezuelans (plus they are Sephardim). If you have been in Venezuela you’ll know that Venezuelans are very cool & generous.

Baba Sali

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Baba Sali.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Moroccan Jew.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Moroccan Jew.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Ashkenazi Jew.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Rab Ovadia.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The Rebbe

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Still, they would only buy something that would depict a Rabbi or something like that. They would never pay a dime for something that was un-Jewish. For example, stuff like this means absolutely nothing to them:


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez. Most Jews are not interested in this kind of Artwork. I only met one Jewish lady in Fla that appreciated this type of transcendental imagery)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Maybe if you give them some of these paintings for free they’ll take them but for the most part, they have nothing to do with real creativity (they could never understand a genius like Jodorowsky).

I also met a Jewish lawyer who purchased a very creative painting of mine but like I said, this is an exception to the rules. Whether we admit it or not, the fact of the matter is that Jews have pretty much nothing to do with creativity. For the most part they care about one thing: Money. That is the motherf*cking truth. In terms of a collective consciousness the Jews remind me of the Spartans. The separatist Lacedaemonians only cared about military supremacy, nothing more.

After all those years I gave up on the Jewish people in every single way. Sometimes it is just better to let go. I guess I had to interact with them for a few years because of some type of karmic thing or something…

Thank you for your time.


(Mr Nizin Lopez in the Old City [back in the days when he actually gave a shit about the Jewish people])

N in Jeru0001

(Mr Nizin Lopez in Jerusalem, 2002)


(Mr Nizin Lopez by the tomb of Theodor Herzl)


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