The “Serpents of the light” album cover project. By Mr Nizin Lopez.


Sometime in 1995 I had the pleasure of seeing Decicide performing live in Fort Lauderdale. I had done a certain painting, an acrylic on canvas that I took to the show. I felt like I needed to show it to them, it was as if something was guiding me. I went to the show with the guys from Hibernus Mortis & I met every single member of Deicide. I showed Glen the painting & he really liked it.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The concert kicked ass of course. A few months later I got a call from Glen, he told me that they wanted to use the painting for the new album cover. I was extremelly happy. I had already done the “Angel of disease” t-shirt for Morbid Angel so technically this would be my second “Death-Metal accomplishment” (in reality this album cover was my first real accomplishment in the Death Metal scene).


(Nizin meets Glen in Fort Lauderdale during the “Once upon the cross” tour)

This other painting right here was also used in the album as well:


(acrylic on canvas done by Nizin Lopez in Hialeah/Miami Fla)

There is a funny story behind this one. This work of art was done somewhere in Miami Lakes/Fla. If I am not mistaken I originally made it for a band from Fort Lauderdale called Acrimonium. A friend of mine named “Danny Fuentes” introduced me to them back then when he used to do the underground zine called “The Horror Show”. I met the guys from Acrimonium but somehow they ended up not using the painting.

I don’t remember when this happened but one time I was walking in West 12 ave (in Hialeah) carrying the painting & somebody threw me an egg. Since the painting was facing the street the egg landed on the surface of the canvas. When I got home I tried to clean it up but I noticed that the egg had left a shiny mark all over the painting (especially in the part of the skull). So, I had to “re-do” most of it because of some ignorant clown. Either way, this did not stop me. I worked on it and as you know, it ended up with Deicide!

This Deicide album ended up being called “Serpents of the light”. What most people don’t know is that “Serpents of the light” was the title I gave my painting. Glen liked that title so the album ended up being called “Serpents of the light”. I was more than ok with it. I also did the painting that appears on the album ‘”When Satan lives”. The magazine Metal Maniacs called the Serpents album cover the 3rd best album cover of the year.

The second time I saw Deicide was on a Halloween, they played with Acheron in the Button South (Fort Lauderdale). I saw them again in Tampa, I can’t remember what year it was. I am eternally grateful to Mr Glen Benton for giving me an opportunity.

Mr Nizin Lopez has also done album covers for the following bands:


(the “Poser Holocaust” album cover for Thrash or Die [Nizin also designed the “Thrash or Die” logo])


(acrylic on canvas done in Hialeah, Miami/Fla)


(the “Bukkake Baptism” album cover for Caligula)


(symbol for Caligula)


(logo for Caligula)

The Morbid Angel

(the “Formulas fatal to the flesh” album cover [Morbid Angel])


(band logo for Hibernus Mortis)

Mr Nizin Lopez has also designed the logo of “Dark Solace”.


Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez would like to thank the following in no particular order:

Deicide (thank you Mr Glen Benton for the opportunity you gave me), Morbid Angel (thank you guys for the opportunity you gave me; very special thanks to Trey [my brother], David, Pete mi hermano, Eric, Steve, & Dieter [Trey, thank you my brother & thanks to Angela for everything]). Genitorturers (thank you Gen & thank you Mr David Vincent for the opportunity you gave me), Mercyful Fate (they need no introduction), King Diamond (the One & only), ManOwaR (the lungs of leather), Death (it was an honor for me to give that painting to Chuck’s mom), Obituary, Ozzy, Cannibal Corpse, Metal Church, Entombed, Bulldozer, Abysmal, Seven Kingdoms, Dismember, Sanctuary, Sodom, Europe, Destruction, Dokken, Angeles del Infierno, Kreator, Scorpions, Dimmu Borgir, Savatage, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Tierra Santa, Whitesnake, Protector, Gamma Ray, Exodus, Anacrusis, Pantera, Slayer, Suffocation, Henry Rollins, Dream Evil, Overkill, Cyst, Hallow’s Eve, Autopsy, Lost Horizon, Astarte, Guns N Roses, Immolation, Heavenly, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Alice Cooper, Caligula, Insatanity, Astral Doors, Coroner, Mr Glenn Danzig, Carcass, Tim Owens, Naglfar, Celtic Frost, Nocturnus, Mayhem, Zyklon, Unleashed, Sadus, Napalm Death, Morgoth, Helloween, Annihilator, Megadeth, Hellwitch, Skid Row, Funeral Nation, Metallica, Sepultura, Demilich, Cryptopsy, Hibernus Mortis, Artillery, Bathory, Marduk, Billy Idol, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Motley Crue, Angelcorpse, Baron Rojo, Dio, Type O Negative, Sinister, Vader, Deranged, Candlemass, Heathen, Nasty Savage, Koroidia, Tormentor, Fight, Yngwie Malsmsteen, Iron Maiden, Terror Organ, Abhomine, Rhapsody, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Old Funeral, Thrash or Die, Wasp, Diabolic, Nevermore, Dissection, Crimson Glory, Trent Reznor, Layne Staley, Ramstein, Dead can Dance,..basically I would like to thank all those artists that throughout the years have given me what they have given me. Nizin would also like to thank Drawing Blood Magazine, Mi World (my dear Occult shop in Hialeah), the two Cuban Art Institutes I attended, Fernando Alessandri of Noni Exhibition Center, Viernes Culturales in Calle Ocho, Mr Gustav Dore, Mr H.R Giger, Mr Dan Seagrave, Mr William Blake, Mr Salvador Dali, Mr Vincent Van Gogh, Mr Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mr Michael Whelan, Coast to Coast Am, the Hialeah John F. Kennedy Library, & the Miami Public Library System. Thanks to all those who were there for me at some point in one way or another.

Thank you for your time.


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