Transcendence, the ultimate goal. By Mr Nizin Lopez.





(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Before you read this: Your eyes are about to feast on a sincere approach to the human subconscious. The focus here is not the “therion” within the complex human machine, the focus is transcendence, meaning illumination. I understand that some people might not be able to handle the words contained in these paragraphs. I want to clarify that I have no intention whatsoever of insulting anyone yet transparency is necessary in order to obtain Truth.


My name is Nizin Lopez, I am a 36 year old Cuban-American artist who thirsts for knowledge and longs for illumination. I pursued my artistic endeavors in Cuba, I studied in two Art Institutes that pretty much became the backbone of my career.

In the early 90’s I crossed the Ocean in a boat and reached America after very harsh circumstances. In America, the land of opportunities, I have done the best I can in order to triumph and to reach self-realization. Here I have been through very positive experiences and through not so positive experiences as well.


Now that I look back, I feel like Cuba was the purifying agent that I needed in order to get to the next level of my evolutionary process: America, the invigorated reincarnation of the Roman Empire.

This is one of my favorite drawings.

This is one of my favorite drawings.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The American experience definitely opened my eyes to what the world is really like. Only in an industrialized-capitalist society like America could one see human nature for what it really is: a “climb to the top” marathon.

I consider this a very special painting.

I consider this a very special painting.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Now, as far as my personal experience goes, I have realized that society as a whole does not praise or respect art or creativity. Society (no matter in what country and no matter under what “ism”) embraces and rewards those who climb to the top and show animalistic signals of strength, society respects and honors “POWER”. In a capitalist society like America this is more obvious for example than in a place like Cuba, the contrast is more dramatic and therefore easier to see.

I happened to become a painter. The fact of the matter is that I am (even though I’m not supposed to say this about myself) a talented individual yet, my artistic skills have gotten me nowhere in economic and social terms. The ones who succeed in life are those who chose careers based on necessities, not luxuries. Art is not something that people need. People for example don’t need to hang an elaborate painting on their wall and they don’t need Photoshop either. They need for example to see a doctor when they are sick, they need to pay their rent or mortgage, they need to get a lawyer when they have to, they need to masticate food, they need to drive a car in order to get to work,… etc. These are things that they have to have, they don’t have a choice.

Mujer. Acrylic on canvas. Done in Hialeah,Miami/Fla around 2007.

Mujer. Acrylic on canvas. Done in Hialeah,Miami/Fla around 2007.

(this is one of my paintings [acrylic on canvas]. You are probably saying: “very talented”. Yet, what has it given me materially speaking?)

I came to realize that even though I am an individual that possesses great humane qualities, in the eyes of society an artist like myself is considered worthless. I want to clarify, just in case the reader has any doubts, that I’m not trying to demonize capitalism. I support capitalism. Whatever happened to me in terms of social status was because of the career I chose, I and only I am responsible for that (in the end it all comes down to “KARMA”).

I have been reading since a very early age, meaning that I have been attending libraries for a long time. Yet, what good is it for me to know the work of Herodotus or the work of Tacitus in social terms? What good is it for me to know the Tanach, the Talmud, and the Zohar in social terms? What good is it for me to know the history of the Sumerians and of the Assyrians? Where does this get me in practical terms?

As far as my painting skills, I could probably be compared to Salvador Dali or Gustav Dore but, what good is this for me in the kind of world we’re living in?


So, who then has inherited the fat of the earth? The dreamer called Jacob or the sharp sword of the reddish Esav? There are different types of carnivores in the thick forests of our urban jungles and there are different levels of rapacity as well.



(detail of an acrylic on canvas done by Mr Nizin Lopez in Atlanta/Ga [2002])

There is for example the folk who happens to be a landlord, he owns a building that he rents to tenants and that is how he makes his money. Somehow he managed to own a building in a piece of land that belongs to someone as well. He will always have waves of people gravitating towards him because they surely need a roof over their head. He of course is friends with lawyers that assist him for example evicting undesirables. They know the math, they know that if the tenants need to rent an apartment it is because they most likely cannot afford to purchase an apartment or a house.

Therefore, the tenant is probably not going to be able to hire a reliable lawyer that can neutralize the landlord’s power. If the tenant needs something fixed in the apartment they probably have to be nice to the landlord because in the end, no matter how one wants to look at it, the landlord is in an advantaged position. Society respects guys like a Lanlord. Why? Because people need what he offers, owning a building or owning land is a signal of strength, it is an alpha male signal.

A lawyer on the other hand is not only respected and appreciated but even feared. Yes feared! Lawyers have the capability of generating large amounts of money and no one messes with them because people are scared of their skills and of their connections in this world. Lawyers are “positive image carnivores” like the Patrick Bateman of “American psycho”.

A doctor on the other hand is not necessarily a carnivore like the lawyer. The doctor sits in an office, interacts with patients, and gets pretty much the same thing the lawyer gets: a large paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with making money but then again, isn’t Medicare fraud America’s “get rich fast” scheme?


(Miami Herald. Sunday, Nov 3rd 2013)

It pays to be a lawyer and it pays to be in the medical field as well (obviously). Being either one of the two means that you will be respected and that you will be able to devour as much as you please in the garden of Eden called earth. Both the doctor and the lawyer can get a property in a nice neighborhood, get an attractive woman, and ensure the future of the children. The magic is then passed from generation to generation (it is a nice rewarding game!). In other words, people respect them because they see in them the same signal they saw in the landlord, they see a signal of strength, they see in them the alpha male spark, they see in them a masculine thing called “MONEY” (I’m not saying that a lawyer and a doctor don’t deserve to enjoy benefits after all those years of study in the university).

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(money talks & bullshit walks,…right?)

The doctor studied medicine because he wanted to assist mankind or because he knew that with that money he could get any Kim Kardashian? A fellow who for example “LAUNDERS” drug money through the ownership of a tattoo shop is rewarded by society as well.


(drug & prostitution money under the name of “TATTOOING”)

He has enough money to get an expensive apartment in Miami Beach, he has a nice car, he has plenty of money to spend in clubs, he has all kinds of attractive females available, plus he has all kinds of influential friends in high places. Somehow individuals like this are undisturbed by the powers that be, they get away with everything somehow. As long as they pay their taxes, right? People don’t care about his habits or about the destination of the product he deals with, he has the “Midas touch” thing…that’s the end of the story! This is another type of rapacious creature that is rewarded by society, the difference between a lawyer and this type is that the lawyer is a carnivore in disguise and this one is more of “a revealed kind”. So, once again, the “Edgar Degas” type of guy is accursed while the “laundry service” folk is a rewarded hero.

These are the kind of fellows that society seems to respect and appreciate, the ones that somehow managed to get on the top by depicting signals of animalistic strength. They are the ones who basically inherit the earth and they are celebrated for their behavior.

lion eating person

(the cruelty of nature purely manifested: a lion devouring a man. Kalak, Nimrud)

Yet the values that are praised openly in public by governmental and religious institutions are not those values. Benevolence, righteousness, kindness, mercy, justice, etc….when it comes to perpetuation of the specie none of those values seem to be very useful. It looks like nice guys definitely finish last!!

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(this is where “nice people” seem to end up = in the toilet)

One of the cruelest manifestations of this took place for example in Hallandale Beach-Fla in July of 2012. A heroic lifeguard was dismissed from his job because he saved the life of a drowning individual outside of his jurisdiction. The company states that he left them open to liability since he technically abandoned the assigned area that he was supposed to guard. So, the reward of a good Samaritan is to lose his source of income. It is true that the guard was getting “paid” to patrol a certain area but, what was he supposed to do, watch a person drown and do nothing because it was an out of zone rescue? The company who fired him (& re-hired him) is sending a clear message:

corporate interests are more important than an animated hologram. In other words, we as competitive organisms have arranged a system that works for our benefit. We must do what is natural to us, to feed on tissue. We must ensure the availability of such tissue, anything that threatens this availability must be vanished regardless of public opinion.

Like I stated before, as far as my personal experience goes it seems like I chose the wrong career. I chose a creative path that offered me personal satisfaction but had no powerful carnivorous traits that would earn me the respect of the urban jungle. Who cares about art? Who respects art? Some fellows like Salvador Dali and Picasso got a little lucky but the majority of artists have finished in misery (some have ended up in psychiatric institutions or homeless).


As of 2012 at 36 years of age, I have understood clearly that creativity has given me almost nothing in terms of social status & profit. To the contrary, it has earned me in some cases, insults. Some people actually think I am insane because of my so called philosophies.

Yet the politicians, the lawyers, the bankers, the doctors, the landlords, the psychiatrists, the business men, the drug-lords, all those folks,… they are the good fellows. The fact of the matter is that we humans are terrified of doing a real introspection.


There is a difference between the word “humane” and between the word ‘human’. Humane stands for altruism, meaning “going out of your way for others” yet ‘human’ is something very complicated, it is a complex and sophisticated machine. The “human” is a very interesting experiment, he or she appears to be civilized working in an air conditioned office. He smiles and says “Thank you, have a nice day” but, behind this positive image lies a creature that is ingrained with ravenous instincts: an animal, a biological machine triggered to conquer and to devour.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The human wants to expand, he wants to usurp, he wants to masticate, he wants to perpetuate his specie, meaning that he wants to duplicate and leave a mark on this gladiator arena called earth. He wants to be noticed, he wants to dominate.

Tubal Cain

On May of 2012 for example, something took place in Miami-Fla that left the world shocked. A man in his 30’s assaulted a homeless fellow in his 60’s. The naked aggressor left the man unconscious and then started eating his face leaving him blind. The psychotic predator was eventually shot dead by a police officer. What happened here pretty much was that the perpetrator of this horror allowed the beast in him to take over; therefore, his savage instincts were completely revealed without any inhibitions whatsoever. This story basically proves that the civilized human of our modern days is capable of atrocities that can only be compared to the days of the Old Testament. Why is this? Deep in the inner caves of the human psyche lies a barbarian that was openly revealed back in the times of Herodotus, Tacitus, & Caesar (in Book VII.77 of “The Gallic Wars” Caesar says that at some point Gauls had to eat the flesh of those who were either too old or too young to fight).

Nizin 5 senses0002

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Since these realities are too harsh to bear, the human vibrates in a dormant state but he is still what he is. Today he wears a suit, he drinks coffee from Starbucks, he goes to work, he goes home to his beloved family, and tries to put his sons and daughters through college so that his seed doesn’t end up at the bottom levels of the pyramid.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Times change but the cosmic principles of nature remain the same despite what our honorable ruling institutions may say.

Let’s look at the word “Canaan” for example. Canaan is the Biblical name of the land that emperor Hadrian called Syria Palaestina. The name Canaan has a root in the word “canna” or “canni” which refers to cannibalism, meaning the despicable act of preying on human flesh. Actually the word “cannibal” is composed of “Canni’ and “Bal” which sounds just like “Baal” the famous deity of Canaan.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The endless story of Canaan is without a doubt perpetual bloodshed. Its inhabitants were fighting for survival, for gold and silver, for captive females, for territory, for resources, for the glory of their particular god, for their own glory, for vanity, for grasp of the wind..etc. There were no inhibitions in those days, no ties, no suits, no fancy business cards.

I’m not saying I agree with an Ammon demanding the right eye of every Israelite, I’m just stating that the social values of their times were completely raw and uncovered for everyone to see. Here are some Biblical examples that demonstrate the carnivorous history of the civilized man who goes to Starbucks with a lap top:


It is recorded in Genesis that the first murderer was a fellow of “Romulus” flavor named Kain, Genesis 4:10 says that the blood of his brother Abel cried to God from the ground. Genesis 4:11 states something very interesting, it says that the earth had opened its mouth to receive the blood of Abel from Kain’s hand.

laberynth detail 22

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez [detail])

From Kain came the Kenites; the name Kenite sounds very similar to Kenanit which would be “Caananite”. The controversial territory of Canaan is therefore like a deity that drinks blood. There is also a character called Tubal-Kain who is said to be the first forger of metal weapons, meaning a fabricator of objects used for the spilling of blood. So, based on the Bible, that bestial instinct that is deep within the human subconscious begins with a folk named Kain.


The YHVH of the Hebrews, makes plenty of threatening warnings in the Tanach. Genesis 20 for example speaks about how Abimelech, the Phillishti king of Gerar was threatened with the extermination when he took Abraham’s wife. Abimelech somehow knew that the God he was dealing with was very dangerous and absolutely ready to strike, this is probably why in Genesis 20:4 he said:

“Lord, will you slay a righteous nation also?”

In Genesis 20:7 Abimelech is given a final warning:

“But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all that is yours”.

Genesis 20:18 says that the Lord had closed all the wombs of the nation of Abimelech in case he wouldn’t restore Sarah, this was basically the obliteration of a race by sterilization.

On Numbers 14:12 the God of Moses threatens to exterminate Israel and to make a better nation out of Moses:

“I will strike them with pestilence and disinherit them, and I will make of you a nation greater and mightier than they”.



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez [detail])

Exodus 33:3 says that God would not be in the midst of Israel during their migration to
Canaan. He had stated before that He would send an angel before Israel to drive out the Caananites yet, He himself would not ascend with them because He kind of figured that he could exterminate them:

“Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey; for I will not go up in your midst, lest I consume you on the way,…” (Exodus 33:3).

Deuterenomy 28:15 mentions serious warnings for those who would have the nerve to transgress the law of YHVH, here are some of the barbaric threats:

“The Lord will send on you cursing, confusion, and rebuke in all that you set your hand to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly”,…(Deuterenomy 28:20).

“The Lord will strike you with consumption, with fever, with inflammation, with severe burning fever, with the sword, with scorching, and with mildew, they shall pursue you until you perish” (Deuterenomy 28:22).

“Therefore you shall serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of everything; and he will put a yoke of iron on your neck until he has destroyed you” (Deuterenomy 28:48).

..”so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you and to bring you to nothing; and you shall be plucked from off the land which you go to possess” (Deuterenomy 28:63).

YHVH kind of sounds like a cosmic version of Hannibal Lecter!!!


Genesis 22:10 states that Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay Isaac in order to please the God that spoke to him. Abraham was in such a trance at the moment that an angel of the Lord had to call him by name twice in order to stop him. What exactly went to Abraham’s mind at that moment,…nobody knows.

Low vibrations of the astral plane.

Low vibrations of the astral plane.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Kings II 3:27 says that Mesha sacrificed the one who was meant to be his sucessor. It is said that he offered him as a “burnt offering” upon the wall (a holocaust) and then there was great indignation against Israel.

Psalms 106:37-38 says that the chosen ones of YHVH polluted the land by sacrificing their offspring to demons, to the idols of Canaan.


Genesis 21 deals with the extermination of the “Hagar gene”. Sarah was displeased with the Ishmael of Egyptian spark. Sarah therefore commanded Abraham to throw Hagar and Ishmael out to the desert to die of thirst and hunger. What we have here is the protection of Isaac and the absolute cursing of Hagar’s seed, one blessed bloodline and a doomed one. This case is not very different from the case of Joseph ha Tzadik. Judah and his brothers wanted to get rid of Mr competitive Joseph, they threw him in a pit where there was no water and then sold him to strangers.


Judges 21:10-12 speaks about a clear example of eugenics:

“Go and strike the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead with the edge of the sword,…and this is the thing that you shall do: you shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman who has known a man intimately. So they found among the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead 400 virgins who had not known a man intimately; and they brought them to the camp at Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan.”

Isaiah 13:16 says the offspring of the Babylonians would be dashed to pieces before their eyes & that their women would be ravished.


When the so called sin of the golden calf took place the sons of Levi killed around 3000 male Israelites (Exodus 32:28). Numbers 25 says that Moses commanded the judges of Israel to kill all who had joined the Baal of Peor in order to stop a plague sent by the Lord. Numbers 25:9 says that 24,000 died in the plague sent by the Lord.

Judges 3:29 says that the Israelites killed 10,000 men of valor of Moab right after the death of Eglon, king of Moab. Judges 3:31 says that Israel also killed 600 Phillishtim.

Chronicles II 25:11 says that King Amaziah killed 10,000 people of Seir in the Valley of Salt. Chronicles II 25:12 continues saying that the people of Judah took captive 10,000 alive, brought them to the top of the rock, and cast them down so that they were all dashed in pieces.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Judges 12:6 says that Jephthah the Gileadite killed 42,000 men of Ephraim at the Jordan.

Kings I 18:4 says that the Sidonian queen Jezebel massacred the prophets of the Lord. Based on Kings II 9:33, Jezebel was thrown from a height and her body was eaten by dogs. Elijah killed 450 prophets of Baal who ate from Jezebel’s table. The Biblical examples of violence are endless…


Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

“And when the Lord your God delivers them over to you, you shall conquer them and utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them nor show mercy to them”. (Deuterenomy 7:2)

Numbers 21:35 speaks of an extermination campaign against Og king of the Bashan right after they killed Sihon’s nation:

“So they defeated him, his sons, and all his people, until there was no survivor left, and they took possession of his land.”

Deuterenomy 13:15 incites Israel to exterminate anyone (Israelite or not) who promotes the belief of a god other than the God of Israel:

“You shall surely strike the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying it, all that is in it and its livestock-with the edge of the sword”.

Deuterenomy 25:18 says that Amalek committed a genocide against Israel after the departure from Egypt, Amalek attacked the rear ranks, all the stragglers at the rear, all those who were tired and weary. Amalek showed no mercy or any kind of emotions. Samuel I 15:3 states that Samuel commanded Saul to exterminate Amalek completely without making any exceptions.

Samuel I 22:18 says that the Edomite Doeg killed 85 priests under Saul’s command. Samuel I 22:19 clarifies that Doeg struck Nob, he killed everyone without making any exceptions. There was only one survivor.

Joshua 8:22-26 speaks about the extermination of the inhabitants of Ai , this passage says:

“they struck them down, so that they let none of them remain or escape….and it came to pass when Israel had made an end of slaying all the inhabitants of Ai in the field, in the wilderness where they pursued them, and when they all had fallen by the edge of the sword until they were consumed, that all the Israelites returned to Ai and struck it with the edge of the sword. So it was that all who fell that day, both men and women, were 12,000-all the people of Ai. For Joshua did not draw back his hand, with which he stretched out the spear, until he had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants of Ai”

Joshua 10:26 describes how Joshua killed 5 Amorite kings:

“and afterward Joshua struck them and killed them, and hanged them on 5 trees; and they were hanging on the trees until evening”.

Joshua’s maniacal butchering went on and on:

“On that day Joshua took Makkedah, and struck it and its king with the edge of the sword. He utterly destroyed them and all the people who were in it. He let none remain”
(Joshua 10:28).

This is what Joshua did in Debir:

“And he took it and its king and all its cities; they struck them with the edge of the sword and utterly destroyed all the people who were in it. He left none remaining; as he had done to Hebron, so he did to Debir and its king, as he had done also to Libnah and its king” (Joshua 10:39).

And it goes on and on:

“and they struck all the people who were in it (in Hazor) with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying them. There was none left breathing. Then he burned Hazor with fire”.
(Joshua 11:11)

Joshua almost resembles a blood thirsty-expansionist Caesar conquering the Britons, the Gauls, and the Germans!!!


Kings I 18 speaks of 450 prophets of the Baal who were at the service of queen Jezebel.
Kings I 18:28 states that on Mount Carmel these individuals cut themselves with knives and lances until the blood gushed out.

Caligula album cover.

Caligula album cover.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Judges 8 says Gideon was ridiculed by the elders of Succoth when he was pursuing two kings of Midian, since they refused him assistance due to their lack of faith, he promised to tear their flesh with thorns of the wilderness and briers.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Judges 8:16 says he did exactly that right after he captured those two kings. Based on Chronicles II 33:11 the captains of the king of Assyria did something similar, they put Manasseh in bronze fetters and placed “hooks” on him. Amos 4:2 says Israel and its posterity will be exiled with “fish hooks”.

Judges 1:4 says that Judah fought against the Caananites and the Perizzites and killed 10,000 at Bezek, Judges 1:6 says that caught king Adoni-Bezek and cut off his toes and big thumbs. Adoni-Bezek had done that to 70 kings that were under him at some point.

King David was born reddish like the soup of Esav, he is probably the most psychotic-well intentioned individual in the Bible. Psalms 139:22 states that David hated his enemies with a “perfect hatred”(tachlit sinah). Samuel I 18:25 says that he began his reddish career by marrying the daughter of Shaul with 100 Phillishti foreskins, he brought 200 instead (200 men perished so that David could marry Shaul’s daughter). Samuel I 27:9 states that David would not spare men or women while he was under the protection of Achish.

Amos 1:13 says that Ammon cowardly ripped open the vulnerable of Gilead in order to expand their territory. Kings II 15:16 says that Menahem, a king of Israel who reigned 10 years in Samaria, imitated the repulsive behavior of Ammon with the weakest elements of Tiphsah (pregnant women ripped open in the name of politics).

Samuel II 4:12 says that David commanded the execution of Rechab and Baanah who beheaded Ishbosheth. They cut off their hands and feet and hanged them in the pool of Hebron.

YHVH says the following to Israel in Hosea 13:8:

“I will tear open their rib cage, and there I will devour them like a lion”.

Is this not absolutely barbaric?


Micah 3 speaks about the endeavors of the rulers of Israel during tough times. Micah 3:2 says that these rulers strip the skin from Israelites and the flesh from the bones of Israelites. Micah 3:3 says that they eat this flesh and that they break the bones and chop them in pieces like meat for the pot, like flesh in the cauldron. Deuterenomy 28:53, Deuterenomy 28:57, Lamentations 2:20, Lamentations 4:3, & Lamentations 4:10 mentions women that committed cannibalism in order to survive.

As we have seen, the Tanach speaks about the barbarities of tribes that were in competition with each other. Their ancient history is pretty much a human bloodbath. The spoils always belonged to the victors and in most of the cases there was no mercy. The winners inherited territory, women, gold, and respect. I am not stating that I believe in atrocities or that I support the horrors described in the Old Testament. What I am trying to convey here is that a sacred book that is used in our judicial system (people swear on the Judeo-Christian Bible) speaks about how natural it was to destroy a competitor in order to perpetuate one’s own personal agenda.

The ones who prevailed were not the nice guys assisting patients in a hospital. The ones who prevailed were not the nice people helping the needy in a homeless shelter. The ones who prevailed were not the guys giving their seat to the pregnant woman in the bus. The ones who prevailed were not artists promoting creativity and planetary consciousness. The ones who prevailed were the devils and they did so by gaining land, gold, and females. They were simply the strongest ones, meaning the ones who could impose their will on others.

People read the Bible all the time, they read both the Tanach and the Christian scriptures yet most of the time they only see the “pretty parts” that speak of “LOVE” and fraternity. They are horrified when it comes to doing a human introspection.


A man without a woman is an incomplete man. No matter how intelligent he might be, no matter how accomplished he may be, no matter how valiant he might be, no matter how physically strong he might be, if he does not have a woman, he is not complete. He needs to be magnetized by her un-matched & unique magic, he is biologically set up for that.

This ink on paper drawing was done in Miami/Fla.

This ink on paper drawing was done in Miami/Fla.

A woman needs a man too but her needs are different than those of a man.


(women: always desired and always in style)

There are however, things that need to be addressed concerning the position of the man in relation to the woman. It seems that society as a whole has forgotten the principles of nature that were so latent in the glorious days of Assyria, principles that are simply undeniable. As a result of all this we have a thick package of hypocrisy embedded in the subconscious of our so called modern society. I’m not saying that our societies are necessarily dysfunctional, I am simply stating that there are acceptable social values (that are visible) and that there are other hidden values (which are not so visible). These un-preached values are usually the truest manifestation of our human subconscious.

papa boco0001

(this is my interpretation of the Haitian Coat of arms. As you can see here, the Coat of arms of nations don’t praise “peace loving doves, cute rabbits, or passive lambs”, they praise “AGGRESSIVE” symbols. This coat of arms praises the warrior-hunter who protects & who provides. Notice that this “BEING” is surrounded by weapons)

In order to understand what is a man and what is a woman we must of course be sincere with ourselves and openly admit that for the most part the whole point of the phenomena known as “love” is the perpetuation of the specie (as Darwin said it: the survival of the fittest). Don’t get me wrong, “Love” does exist but it is a rare & fragile vessel. Back in the days the principles of nature were not disguised by grey clouds of political correctness and by social dogmas. Things were recognized exactly by what they were, nothing more and nothing less. Reality was reality and that was it.

Deuterenomy 21 says for example that Israel was permitted to cohabit with the “desired beautiful woman” of a conquered gentile nation. This appears to be natural in Biblical terms, the spoils always belonged to the conqueror, to the winner.


Numbers 31:9 says that the Israelites took Midianite females as captives, they kept for themselves the women who were virgins only. They slayed all the females who were not virgins and of course all the men. In other words, the book of Deuterenomy says that a certain ethno-culture, in this case an organism called Israel, did what was apparently natural for their evolution and progress.

In our modern days of political correctness this would have probably been condemned as a horror. Still, if we look deep beneath all the “visible glitter” we see that today the principles are the same: successful business men seek attractive females who are looking for signals of strength. The men of power are not looking for older women who go to church and assist HIV positive individuals, they are looking for young attractive females that are willing to sell their souls. What do these young attractive females respect and appreciate? A good man? A righteous man who helps the old lady cross the street? No, they mostly seek a competitive carnivorous male who is “financially secure”. They seek the man with the Federal Reserve Notes.

Who did Cleopatra VII of Egypt slept with? Did she choose a sensual Egyptian laborer who loved the Nile? No, she chose two “non-Egyptian” politicians of the time: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony (she even conceived by them).

I know it is hard to admit this but the man who is desired by the female is the aggressive “Assyrian type”, a warrior in a dynamic environment who engages in combat in order to feed his family and his tribe.


(king Jehu the son of Omri knelt before Shalmanaser III [son of Ashurnasirpal II, 858-824 b.c] bowing his head to the ground)

If he wants to be found worthy of passing on the genes he has to prove that he can protect his female counterpart from a naturally hostile world that instinctively wants to conquer him, his female, and his tribe.

A man is a competitor-consumer in a gladiator arena called life. Enemies and competitors are always guaranteed, they all want the same thing that he desires: to pass on the genes that will perpetuate the insane but beautiful game of existence. His role is to fight, to protect, to provide, and to inject semen into the womb of his woman who will incubate his successor. That is pretty much the game of life. The problem with this is that this reality behind the visible glitter is “too rough” for most people.

One thing that needs to be examined carefully here: How come masculinity has been redefined in terms of economics? Masculinity has surely been redefined in a corporate world of hypocritical customer service smiles. In our modern days of Starbucks, technology and internet, the old raw foundations have been drowned in the disguise of dogmas. Now the man who passes on the genes to the next generation is no longer the Decebalus, the Spartacus, or the Genghis Khan. Now there is a new role model: the successful “economical man”, by this we understand a male who somehow managed to receive an education that in turn could get him a job as a doctor or as a lawyer.

This new role model might be an un-appealing fat individual who studied books approved by the powers that be. As long as he got that degree signed in the name of political correctness he is considered not only a constructive member of society, but a messiah of the brave new world. His parents probably paid for his education by extorting funds but that doesn’t matter anymore, he obtained that University degree and he is on his way to inject semen inside some sexy Semiramis. He didn’t study with guys like Plato or Pythagoras, he obtained his academic information from internet sites and from politically correct books published by institutions that report to the corporations.

He didn’t suffer to hunt his prey, as a matter of fact, he needs to read instructions in order to know how to open a can of hot dogs. He didn’t need to receive the military training of the renegade Jew Julius Tiberius Alexander; the bank account of his parents protected him since the very beginning. He knows that as long as he has that thing called “money” the world will respect him.

Finally, he gets to inject semen into wombs that back in the days would have been accessible only to individuals like Hannibal Barka.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Times have changed, the muscles, the swords, and the purple dresses have been supplanted by suits and ties. If one wants to see the new Shalmanasers, one has to go to the very top of the sky scrapers in New York, there are “the new Caesars”. They have no swords and they probably have no muscles but they surely wear the suit and the famous tie.

The women, well…., we already know they need gentlemen who are ‘FINANCIALLY SECURE’. The chosen male candidate of our beautiful modern days might not be a good looking tall-valiant Achilles, he might be a fat nerd with the soul of Donald Duck but hey, he graduated from Harvard and his father owns a corporation! There is a bright future, society is proud of him!

In on paper. Done in Cuba in the early 90's.

In on paper. Done in Cuba in the early 90’s.

Sometimes when woen get older all of the sudden they start looking for “love”. When they were young and beautiful they mated with those males who could provide the most. Then when they became a feeble pile of bones embalmed in wrinkled skin they all of the sudden started looking for affection.

The most interesting thing concerning this funny game is that these new breed of “triumphators” (the successful business men like Patrick Bateman) refuse to admit that they are an embodiment of the beast. Shalmanaser III knew very well that he was a carnivorous organism, yet he didn’t hide his traits, he showed himself as he was.


(Shalmanaser III, King of the militaristic Assyria [alpha male]. Archaeological Museum, Istanbul)

The corporate entities of today behave like Shalmanaser but they don’t want to be perceived or labeled as Shalmanasers. They are a weaker & more hypocritical version of the raw past but they are still what they are: a rapacious type. It is taboo to admit to all this because it would mean that human beings are animals (with the capability to be transcendental yet “animals”).

It takes courage to admit to this cold scientific reality. So, basically it comes down to this: We live in a constant hunt, in a wolf-lamb game. We pretend to be civilized (& we are to an extent) but deep inside nothing has changed, the sword became the suit and the tie. What can one do with the paint brush of Mondrian? Acquire land, gold, social status, and attractive females? Ha ha!

The female always declares that she is looking for a “nice guy” who is understanding, caring, & loving but as we have seen, this is not what she really looks for. She wants for the most part (there are always exceptions to the rules) a fellow who earns a good paycheck, who can take her on a vacation to Cancun, who can take her to an expensive restaurant in South beach, who can provide her with a cool condo in a nice neighborhood, who can buy her a nice car…etc. She wants a sense of security from a protector-provider. There must be a reason why Mr Jim Carrey once said in one of his films that “nice guys finish last”.


“A man’s enemies are the men of his own household”.
Micah 7:6

The foundation of a society is family. Family is or at least is supposed to be a compact unit that does not go to the right or to the left. Family is expected to be something sacred, an unshakeable nucleus. After all, family is about blood and blood is sacred. Right? When a man and a woman unite and have offspring they duplicate themselves through their offspring, their children eventually will do the same.

A friend is an ally, someone who has something in common with you and that offers help in times of need. If you can trust somebody with your woman, your house, and your money, then that person is supposed to be your friend. If you cannot trust someone with these three things then that person cannot be considered a friend.

So, basically, family and friends are expected to be reliable elements in our lives, especially in times of need when “trust” is so essential. If there is no trust then there is absolutely nothing.
This all sounds very good however, there is more to it. A family member and a friend are both humans, they are also organisms in constant battle with a naturally hostile environment. Survival of the fittest applies to everyone and everything, nature is not emotional. If an organism is pushed to the limits, it will do whatever it takes in order to defend itself & to preserve itself. Where am I going with this?

When the legions of Rome devastated Jerusalem around 70 A.D, the women of Judea had to commit atrocities in order to survive (check Lamentations 4:10). In other words, an emotional reproductive and nurturing organism like a woman is capable of sacrificing her most precious jewels for the sake of survival. This sounds of course horrible, it is terrifying indeed. Yet the fact is that this did happen, this is an undeniable historical fact that took place in the times of Josephus.

Let us now see an example that sounds more practical in our modern days of technology where everything and anything appears to be monitored. If a certain controversial individual is targeted by intelligence agencies and this person is way too clever for them (for the intelligence agencies that want to prosecute him), the so called agencies will request the assistance of the individual’s family members. They assume that the target will trust his blood relatives.

So what could happen in cases like this? The family members will feel threatened by the incredible influence and the endless capabilities of these governmental institutions. They will most likely be scared to lose their jobs so they will end up collaborating in whatever investigation. If the individual who is under surveillance is indeed guilty of some kind of crime, the family members will have collaborated in his demise with “technical” justification (it is still treason). If he is not guilty, they are still traitors because they sold their own blood for the sake of their wellbeing and safety.

In other words, in this case the family members used treason as the only defense mechanism available. In order to preserve themselves from the “intelligence agency-threat” they did the same thing the females of Jerusalem did in 70 A.D. Whether the guy is a criminal or not he is still their blood relative so, if they collaborated, they are guilty of treason. Whether they regret it or not, they are still traitors that were willing to throw him in jail based on somebody else’s testimony (a testimony that could be nothing but fabricated lies). This scenario probably sounds cartoonish but such things do happen in our modern days of technological surveillance where it is forbidden to talk about certain political issues.

If the guy’s family betrayed him, the guy’s friends will sell him out as well. It doesn’t matter what he has done for them in the past. It doesn’t matter if at one point he gave them shelter and food in their time of need, they will throw him off the cliff for the sake of their preservation.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

Didn’t the Biblical king David had to reside with the Phillishti king Achish of Gath when Shaul was trying to murder him? Didn’t his fellow Israelites sell him out? Didn’t his own son Absalom betray him? A reward like a scholarship will make the so called friends throw their fellow-brother into the lion’s den. An individual that needs his criminal record cleansed will do pretty much anything that is asked of him. An individual who is offered money will participate in the treason-circus for sure. Rewarded cooperation means wellbeing for an organism. Didn’t Rahab the Caananite collaborated with the Israelites who promised to preserve her and her family?


(sometimes the truth is not pretty)

So, though there are some families out there who have a 100% solid foundation and though there are some friends that do not betray, under extreme circumstances family members and friends will most likely betray. There are always exceptions to the rules but most people forget that both family members and friends are organisms of encoded animalistic behavior. The supreme law for an organism that is manifested in the physical plane is “SELF PRESERVATION”.


“The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception”.

(Sura III. 185)

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

What is the world? The world is an Anunnaki organized structure that operates in a pyramidal scale through the five senses of our physical bodies, through our five limited senses we perceive this complicated thing that we call “the world”.

Nizin 5 senses0001

The symbolic pyramid is composed of different levels representing social classes, on the very top there is a non-tridimensional element that oversees everything and anything. Beneath that we find a tri-dimensional dense physical pyramid composed mainly of four classes:

• the ones equivalent to priests (elevated political figures).
• the military cast.
• the merchant cast.
• the servants or slaves, the ones holding all the weight of the pyramid.

This is pretty much the phenomena described as “the world”. The world is something that is talked about very much in the Christian scriptures:

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world-the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does-comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” (I John 2:15-17).

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

Here is something interesting, the physical world is a reality to our five senses, we are here because of a certain evolutionary process of different levels that must be completed through incarnations.

In the end everything in the physical plane comes down to one thing: profit. The ones on the top of the social structure are always wealthy and the ones at the bottom are of course poor (and those are always abundant).

Let us first take a look at those who are referred to as the oppressors, here are some scriptural examples:

“Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you.” (James 5:4-6)

How much?

How much?

“But you have insulted the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court?” (James 2:6)

These are the wealthy, a group of usually educated instinctive carnivores, their wealth is most of the time transferred from generation to generation. Nature endorsed them with the necessary qualities to exercise their monitoring role in society in the same way that a lion was created to devour a zebra:

“Lion’s prey are the wild asses of the desert; so too the poor are feeding grounds for the rich.”

(Sirach 13:18)

Now let us now see some scriptural examples referring to the least advantaged:

 “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh” (I Peter 2:18).

 “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ” (Ephesians 6:5).

The poor are the uneducated natural prey of the wealthy, they are many. Matthew 9:36 says that when Jesus saw the crowds, “he had compassion on them, because they were “harassed and helpless”, like sheep without a shepherd.” Harassed and helpless! Prey for the salivating wolves, food for the gods of the age! Nourishment for the Elohim of the sky-scrappers!! Steaks for the Patrick Bateman types!!!

“For the love of gain would reconcile the weaker to the dominion of the stronger, and the possession of capital enabled the more powerful to reduce the smaller towns to subjection.”

(Thucydes [C.460-C.400 B.C.], The History of the Peloponesian war. Book I. Chapter I.8)

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

The poor are the support of the structural social pyramid, they are the four corners of it, they hold all the weight. They also hold a power that they are unaware of. Here are some Biblical examples of this usually un-organized chaotic power:

 “The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him, for they feared him, because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching”(Mark11:18).

 “Then they looked for a way to arrest him because they knew he had spoken the parable against them. But they were afraid of the crowd; so they left him and went away” (Mark 12:12).

 “Every day he was teaching at the temple. But the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the leaders among the people were trying to kill him. yet they could not find any way to do it, because all the people hung on his words” (Luke 19:47-48).

 “wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them” (Mark 15:15)

This is pretty much the world: a system of slaves and masters. It has always been that way!


(Assyrian relief)

The blood that runs through the veins of our societies has one name no matter under what “ism” (capitalism, totalitarianism, communism, fascism, socialism,…etc): “MONEY”. One thing is certain: there will always be poor and there will always be rich. Always!!!

The world depends on one element: TIME. Time is of course a product of the physical plane, this is why the essential key of the so called Ancient Order of the Ages is the very word “AGES”. There is nothing new about this pyramidal order, it has always existed and it always exist as long as there is a physical plane. The story is always the same: the ones on the top sink their teeth in the throats of the ones at the bottom. The ones at the bottom cry out, yet they fantasize of becoming the ruling class. So, this is actually more than a struggle, it is a sick game!

What we have here is a blind humanity going astray in their desperate search. Deep inside they want to understand themselves, they want to be one with “The One”, they want to feel complete. Very few can say: “I HAVE COME INTO BEING”. In order to be FREE one must understand himself first (know thyself!). To be, meaning to “TRULY” be, is to “TRANSCEND” from the animalistic physical plane.


The hunter-hunted dilemma takes place in “a thing” that we call the physical plane. What exactly is that thing called the physical plane?

Ink on paper. This drawing was done in Atlanta/Ga in 2001. It was done with a brush, not with a pen.

Ink on paper. This drawing was done in Atlanta/Ga in 2001. It was done with a brush, not with a pen.

The phenomena defined as “the world” revolves around one thing: density. The world is or at least is perceived to be something solid, dense, tangible, and non-ethereal; something made out of matter (verifiable). The funny thing is that matter is not after all as solid as it seems.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

An ephemeral human body for example is solid and made out of matter, at least it appears that way. The first thing our eyes run into if we look at a human body is the integumentary system, meaning the skin. Beneath the skin are the muscles and of course the bones. If we zoom in we see tissues and then we go onto the cellular level. If we zoom in a little more we are at the molecular level, meaning that what we see are little spheres like electrons and protons, spheres that cannot be grasped with a physical object.



This means that though our human bodies appear to be solid yet they are composed of things that are not necessarily dense in reality. So, the physical world that we perceive is not what it seems to be.

On top of that the phenomena known as “reality” exists only because it is perceived by five senses. It is perceived by sight, by hearing, by touching, by taste, and by smell. These five senses connect us automatically to the thing that we call the world, therefore, we can perceive reality as something separate from us or we can see ourselves as part of reality. Either way, these five senses (or portals) is what puts us in what we define as “here”. That’s is how the element of time sets in. Time, meaning past, present, and future exists only in our perceived realities.


So, through these five senses we get a sense of who we are and of what we are. For example, your inner self perceives itself as the image that it sees in the mirror. Since you were born you have learned that the image in the mirror is “ME” so, you have recognized yourself as “a physiognomy”. The truth is that your countenance and your body are only a temporary vessel meant to manifest your being in the physical world.

There are seven orifices in your head: two ocular holes for the sense of sight, two nasal holes for the sense of smell, two holes for the hearing sense, and one hole for the sense of taste. Everything is interconnected. We can then come to the conclusion that the physical plane is something like a super-computer program that appears to runs itself. Since it is part of the Eternal-unspeakable “It”, we should not state that it is being run by a Great Architect. The Architect is part of the all and it is the “Nothingness” as well. It is all that has ever been and ever shall be. It needs nothing.

These are very complex philosophical theories and I’m pretty sure that it sounds insane but Truth cannot be understood in terms of normality. Since we were born we have been programmed by many things in our environment, this means that it is almost impossible to comprehend certain issues outside of the program itself. For example, an individual touches a wall & feels the texture of the bricks. He senses this through his fingertips. It is almost impossible for this individual to imagine “what would it be like” to understand that touch is only an “activation code” in the mind. If we can understand something like this then we know that we are not for example “a body or a face”, we are an immortal spark that is temporarily connected to an ephemeral residence (the human body).

This means one thing: we are immortals living in a computer program known as reality.

So, if the main focus is no longer the physical plane but eternity, then what happens to our desire for the world? What happens to survival of the fittest in a business oriented world? What happens to our desire to perpetuate the specie? What happens to the wars between nations? Then we understand that what is done within the computer program matters but is not all that there is. Like I stated before, I know that these are very complex theories &, I also know these words may sound like surreal poetry to some. Yet, the Truth-seeker that has eyes to see “knows” that these are words of enlightenment, words of liberating fire. Therefore, if we truly understand this, we no longer fear death.

Many things have been said about what Truth is. What is Truth and what is it worth? There are many aspects concerning the phenomena known as “Truth”, there are lesser truths and higher truths. Truth is something that shines by itself and that cannot be denied. Truth is also a matter of interpretation, what is true to one is false for another and the interpretation of truth that is beneficial for one is harmful for another.

There is definitely One Absolute Truth and that Truth is the Infinite Consciousness that we in our limited human understanding define as “God”. God is after all just a word that triggers concepts and images in our minds. Human cultural experiences have given birth to different interpretations and perceptions of the “God phenomena”.


Vibrations. Acrylic on canvas, done in Atlanta/Ga in 2002.

Vibrations. Acrylic on canvas, done in Atlanta/Ga in 2002.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones”.

(Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter II.22)

Reincarnation is definitely not a simple theme, it is a very complex phenomena that has become popular among the “neon masses”; they desire to be refreshed with some “drive through” answer. “Soul transmigration” is a matter that should be taken very seriously yet in our modern days almost anyone can present himself or herself as a mystic figure of authority. There are plenty of wanna-be benevolent clowns out there that preach fictitiousness, these are usually un-realistic and un-practical individuals that do not understand the complex issue of metempsychosis.

The concept of reincarnation means that the soul migrates to different physical bodies in order to either “burn karma” or “acquire information”. No one knows for sure how it works in a totality, no one has a 100% hermetic approach to it. There are however serious & reliable researchers with profound knowledge, these are individuals with a very scientific approach.

It has been proven for example that souls in certain nations return in bodies of that same nation. This happens for example in places like India & Lebanon. Sometimes souls return in the bodies of those who use to be their natural adversaries at some point. Souls are as we already know, disembodied energy. Therefore it is unpredictable to know where a soul shall return and under what conditions (it depends on many, many factors). The future depends on the past and of course on the present that is sculpted in the gladiator arena known as reality. Then again, keep in mind that reincarnation is not necessarily “linear”.

It is said that before we incarnate we are given choices of bodies (by higher beings) and that we choose our parents as well. After each death we go through a tunnel of blinding light until we reach some kind of spiritual judiciary system. Getting there depends on our own personal evolution , we get there by ourselves if we are refined enough. In some cases one is assisted by relatives or by a guide.

It is almost impossible to describe all the things that go on after the death of the physical body because it depends on “each case” in particular. Individuals under hypnotic trance speak about many things, sometimes unspeakable things that simply cannot be verbalized.

What is known for sure is that in each incarnation we have a name though we are above every single one of those personal identities. That is the “Over-soul”, meaning the real “I” that is beyond names and identities, the hard disc that possesses all the information of all our migrations and experiences. It is said that a mastered or perfected soul moves on to a glorified state in which it becomes some type of assistant, guide, or judge. Yet, like I stated before: no one really knows how it works 100%.

The overall idea of reincarnation is to realize that the power of the physical plane is based on our five limited senses. We are born into a dense-tangible plane where there are two things and two things only: hunters & the hunted. The physical plane, meaning the “buy and sell” dimension, must be transcended. The phenomena known as the physical plane must be mastered. It must never be denied. However, an evolved spirit, meaning a Truth seeker, must not be absorbed by it. The focus of the transcendental truth seeker is the true home, meaning that other place that is not a place.

So, yes, humans definitely possess animalistic instincts. These impulses are necessary for survival, they must be acknowledged and never ignored.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

The transcendental human however must not see “survival” as the only reality. It is clear that at some point or another, a human has to behave like a warrior in the gladiator arena known as the physical plane yet, the truth seeker knows that there is more to life than just density. Life is more than quenching the desires of a temporary physical body. Life is more than pride and ego. So, one must never be stepped over but at the same time, he must try to get the trophee with the hands as clean as possible. The spirit is immortal, it is connected with the Infinite Consciousness, it is part of that which cannot be verbalized. When the “Absolute Truth” is experienced, it simply cannot be denied because it is “The Truth”.

“There is no lasting peace as long as the person is still in the body.”

(Death [the final stage of growth], by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. pg 67. published by Simon & Schuster, Inc. New York)



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Nizin Rafael Lopez.

Nizin Rafael Lopez.


Nizin Rafael Lopez would like to thank the following:

Deicide (thank you Mr Glen Benton for the opportunity you gave me), Morbid Angel (thank you guys for the opportunity you gave me; very special thanks to Trey [my brother], David, Pete mi hermano, Eric, Steve, & Dieter [Trey, thank you my brother & thanks to Angela for everything]). Genitorturers (thank you Gen & thank you Mr David Vincent for the opportunity you gave me), Mercyful Fate (they need no introduction), King Diamond (the One & only), ManOwaR (the lungs of leather), Death (it was an honor for me to give that painting to Chuck’s mom), Obituary, Ozzy, Cannibal Corpse, Metal Church, Entombed, Bulldozer, Abysmal, Seven Kingdoms, Dismember, Sanctuary, Sodom, Europe, Destruction, Dokken, Angeles del Infierno, Kreator, Scorpions, Dimmu Borgir, Savatage, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Tierra Santa, Unbecoming, Whitesnake, Protector, Gamma Ray, Exodus, Anacrusis, Pantera, Slayer, Suffocation, Henry Rollins, Dream Evil, Overkill, Cyst, Hallow’s Eve, Autopsy, Lost Horizon, Astarte, Guns N Roses, Immolation, Heavenly, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Alice Cooper, Insatanity, Astral Doors, Coroner, Mr Glenn Danzig, Carcass, Tim Owens, Naglfar, Celtic Frost, Nocturnus, Mayhem, Zyklon, Unleashed, Sadus, Napalm Death, Morgoth, Helloween, Annihilator, Megadeth, Hellwitch, Skid Row, Funeral Nation, Metallica, Sepultura, Demilich, Cryptopsy, Hibernus Mortis, Artillery, Bathory, Marduk, Billy Idol, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Motley Crue, Angelcorpse, Baron Rojo, Dio, Type O Negative, Sinister, Vader, Deranged, Candlemass, Heathen, Nasty Savage, Tormentor, Fight, Yngwie Malsmsteen, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Old Funeral, Thrash or Die, Wasp, Diabolic, Nevermore, Dissection, Crimson Glory, Trent Reznor, Layne Staley, Ramstein, Dead can Dance,..

Basically I would like to thank all those artists that throughout the years have given me what they have given me.

Nizin would also like to thank Drawing Blood Magazine, Mi World (my dear Occult shop in Hialeah), the two Cuban Art Institutes I attended, Fernando Alessandri of Noni Exhibition Center, Viernes Culturales in Calle Ocho, Mr Gustav Dore, Mr H.R Giger, Mr Dan Seagrave, Mr William Blake, Mr Salvador Dali, Mr Vincent Van Gogh, Mr Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mr Michael Whelan, Coast to Coast Am, the Hialeah John F. Kennedy Library, & the Miami Public Library System. Thanks to all those who were there for me at some point in one way or another.


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