(acrylic on canvas done in Atlanta/Ga, 2002)

Sometime around June of 2002 I visited an old friend in Orlando/Fla named Mike (Iron Maiden-Mike). Back in Atlanta/Ga I had done an acrylic on canvas to honor the memory of the godly Death-Metal pioneer Chuck Schuldiner. So, around June of 2002 Mike introduced me to the Chuck’s mom.

I remember that Mike and I went to her house and that I personally gave her the painting. I told her that the album “Spiritual Healing” had been a great artistic influence on me since I was in Cuba. She was very pleased. I explained to her that Cuba is a communist country and that there are no record stores in the Island, everything is done through underground trading. Also, not everyone is lucky to have a stereo or a DVD player. Overall, I must say that visiting Chuck’s mom was a great experience. I am very grateful that I was able to do something in order to honor the majestic legacy of Chuck.

nizin death

(oldschool Nizin wearing a “Death” t-shirt in Hialeah, Miami/Fla)

Something strange happened during that visit: Mike and I have been Mercyful Fate/King Diamond fans for years. To say the least, I have the Mercyful Fate and the King Diamond logo tattooed on my left shoulder. I am proud to say that I am a “Kim Bendix Petersen fanatic”. The day Mike and I visited Chuck’s mom; the red King Diamond live album was lying on the living room table. Synchronicity? Weird!!!

I remember that I looked at that and said to myself: “Wow! This really looks like a sign from the other side! I’m definitely at the right place at the right time!” I know this is going to sound crazy but I felt as if “Chuck” was giving us a sign, as if he was saying that he was happy to see us visiting his mom. It was a great experience to meet Chuck’s mom in Orlando/Fla. Long live the mighty Chuck Schuldiner!!!

(Nizin Lopez at a concert with the Metal-Trooper “Iron-Mike”)

Thank you all for taking the time to read this humble article of mine. We are Metal!!!

NIZIN RAFAEL LOPEZ: Cuban-American Artist, Occultist, and Heavy-Metal Trooper. 12/20/1975-Eternity.


• Olga Alonso Glez Vocational Art School. Sta Clara/Las Villas, Cuba.
• Oscar Fdez Morera professional Art Institute (equivalent to ‘E.N.A.’). Trinidad, Sti-Spiritus, Cuba.


• King Diamond (Kim Bendix Petersen), godly Danish vocalist of the legendary Black-Metal band “Mercyful Fate”.


• Noni Exhibition Center, Miami/Fla, USA.
• Spectrum Fine Arts, New York, USA.
• Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga, USA.
• Cultural Fridays (Viernes Culturales), Miami/Fla, USA.



(album cover for “Caligula”, Bukkake baptism [2006]. Acrylic on canvas)

• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Deicide”, Serpents of the light (1997). The Heavy Metal magazine ‘Metal Maniacs’ labelled it 3rd best album cover of the year.
• Artwork for the Death Metal Band “Deicide”, when Satan Lives live album (1998).
• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Morbid Angel”, Formulas fatal to the flesh (1998).
• ‘Angel of disease’ t-shirt design for Morbid Angel (1995).
• Album cover, Band logo, and symbol for the Death-Metal band “Caligula”, Bukkake Baptism album (2006). Backing vocals for the track “Blasphemy in the temple of Caius”.
• Album cover and Band logo for the Thrash-Metal band “Thrash Or Die”, Poser Holocaust album (2011).
• Band logo and t-shirt design for the Death Metal band “Hibernus Mortis”.
• Band logo for the Metal band “Dark Solace.”
• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Malevolent Creation”, In cold blood (1997).
• North American tour t-shirt design for Malevolent Creation.
• Album cover for the Metal band “King of Heresy”, “the embodied terror” album (2008).
• Artwork for the Death-Metal/Horror art publication “Drawing Blood” (90’s).
• Acrylic on canvas painting depicted in the Halloween Gallery of ‘Coast to Coast Am’ (2012), Paranormal Radio Show (title: purifying agent).


• Unaffiliated-anti dogma “Free Thinker”.


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