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On Saturday October 31st, 2015 a Russian airplane crashed into the Sinai desert killing 224 people aboard. It is believed that the Metrojet disintegrated before it fell to the ground. No one really knows what happened, not even the “so called experts”.

The aircraft had departed from the Red Sea resort of ‘Sharm El Sheikh’ (Sinai) and its destination was St Petersburg/Russia. The Metroject charter flight 9268 crashed 23 minutes after taking off, some have speculated that the airbus A310-200 came apart 31,000 feet above the Egyptian desert. Then again, no one has a concrete explanation for the tragedy.

Russia 40001

(The Wall Street Journal. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. A7. Vol. CCLXVI, No 106)

Most people would like to believe that it was an accident but maybe it was not an accident, perhaps someone or some type of “ENTITY” out there brought it down deliberately. Maybe a ‘powerful elite’ orchestrated the crash in order to offer the 224 victims as a collective human sacrifice?

Russia 20001

(Sun Sentinel. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. 3A)

This hypothesis is of course hard to swallow but it may be the actual truth, an ugly truth that most people don’t want to hear about. For the most part people don’t like to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions shattered.

al sissi0001

(Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi, in office since June 2014. Let us not forget that the ‘contract killers of the New World Order’ known as ISIS [enemies of Bashar Al-Assad] came about on “JUNE” 29th, 2014)


Isn’t it strange that this particular aircraft experienced a “tail strike”, meaning ‘sustained damage’ in Cairo/Egypt back in 2001? 5095 days later this same plane is shattered to pieces in a midair explosion in Egypt out of all places! Isn’t this an eerie coincidence? On November 16, 2001 the plane’s tail was damaged in Cairo as it attempted to land, then years later in Halloween 2015 it crashed into the Sinai peninsula (a location claimed by the Islamic State affiliate “Sinai province”).


It is a known fact that on Now Ruz 2015 (March 21st, 2015) the same New World Order that orchestrated the Holocaust crowned Iran as “KING OF THE MIDDLE EAST”. Now Ruz marks the beginning of the Persian calendar so, ‘the elite of elites’ honored a “RESURRECTED PERSIA” with fire (the Zoroastrians of ancient Iran worshipped fire).


(Sayyed Ali Khameini, supreme leader of Iran)

As we already know, 224 people died on the crash on 10/31/2015 (217 passengers & 7 crew members). From 03/21/2015 (Now Ruz) to 10/31/2015 we have 224 days!! Isn’t that weird? A sacrifice “BY FIRE”, a midair explosion, in Sinai/Egypt connected with Now Ruz? Let us not forget that Russia is an ally of Iran and that Iran is an ally of Bashar Al-Assad (the president of Syria). What about the airbus that came apart in the air? Wasn’t it airbus A 321-200? Let us scrutinize this:

• Airbus A 321.
• 321: 03/21.
• 03/21: March 21 = Now Ruz (the aircraft had made nearly “21,000” flights).

Russia 10001

(USA Today. Wednesday, November 4th, 2015. 3A)

These are very eerie synchronicities!


Flight 9268 crashed into the Sinai on the cartoonish day of Halloween, that is October 31st, 2015. As we already know, many reported that it is very possible that the airbus came apart 31,000 feet above the Sinai desert.

Isn’t it a little awkward that this calamity took place on the “31st” day of October (Samhaim) and that the airbus came apart 31,000 feet above the desert? 31 = 31,000. This is a weird synchronicity. To be brutally honest, it almost sounds as if someone or “SOMETHING” (a secret society) is mocking the public implying the following:

“We will sign our work giving you hints her and there but, we will never allow you to have concrete evidence against us. We can do as we please, no one will put us behind bars, we are the mega-elite,…we are the new gods. In the end, all these rituals of ours are for the greater good of mankind.”

Once again: 31st day of October = 31,000 feet above the ground.


Some mystics believe that the Sinai area is magnetized with the energy of the nefarious Egyptian god Set (also known as Typhon). The Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus mentions the Egyptian god of chaos:

“Lake Serbonis, where, as the story goes, Typhon lies hidden, is where one enters Egyptian territory”.

(Herodotus, the Histories. Book III.3)

What does this have to do with the disaster that took place on October 31st, 2015? In ancient times the Egyptians used to sacrifice humans to Osiris (humans who had red hair since the god Set). It is a little strange that Slavs with golden/reddish hair perish in Set’s territory. It is almost as if they were offered as a collective human sacrifice in the name of the Illuminati.


(Set-Typhon, the red-haired Egyptian god of chaos, he is the murderer of Osiris. Lake Serbonis is in the Sinai peninsula)

This observation might seem like an exaggeration to the reader but the New World Order is meticulous when it comes to their bizarre rituals,…they have an agenda and they will do whatever it takes to fulfill that agenda.


Something odd took place on Tuesday November 24th, 2015; …a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey (on its border with Syria). Isn’t it bizarre that a Russian aircraft crashes in Egypt killing 224 people and then 24 days later a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 M2 is shot down?

wp wed nov 250001

(The Turkish government claims the aircraft violated Turkish airspace, the plane was shot down not far from Latakia [Syria]. Washington Post, Wednesday, November 25th, 2015)

Turkish leader0002

(Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in office since 2014)

• On November “24”, 2015 a Russian war plane is shot down by the Turkish government.
• The plane was a “Su-24” (two pilots ejected after the plane was hit).

Basically, we have the number 24 repeated, that is “24 twice”, meaning 2-24. Nov 24, 2015 + Su-24 = 2-24 (224 victims in Flight 9268). Isn’t this crazy?

Putin waving0001

(Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, backer of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad)


One more time:

• On October 31st, 2015 a Russian airplane crashed into the Sinai Peninsula killing “224” people.
• Flight 9268: 92-68 = “24”.


(here we have Ptolemy I Soter. Ptolemy established himself as Pharaoh in Egypt in 305 B.C.E.. The natural foes of the Ptolemies were the Seulecids of Syria, Egypt and Syria have a long history of warfare and competition,…perhaps this is why Syria’s competitor [Egypt] had to be appeased with human blood on October 31st, 2015?)

• From ‘Now Ruz’ 2015 (March 21st, 2015) to October 31st, 2015 we have “224” days.
• On October “24”, 2015 a Russian warplane was shot down by the Turkish government near Syria (Sukhoi Su-“24”).

Could it be possible that the Russian government is making blood offerings in order to help the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad? Suriyah has been shred to pieces by a multi-sided armed conflict that has been going on since March 15th, 2011. Who are the enemies of Syria? The devils of Islamic State, are they not a fabrication of the CIA? Bashar Al-Assad was gasping for air and Putin came through, he literally saved Syria (Bashar Al-Assad was born on September 11th, 1965 and took office on July 17th, 2000).

Bashar al assad0001

(Mr Bashar Al-Assad, president of “torn-apart Syria”)

Let us decode this:

• July 17th, 2000 (the day Bashar Al-Assad became president of Syria).
• 7/17/ 2000.
• 7 + 17: “24” = 224 dead in Sinai (224 days from Now Ruz 2015 to October 31st, 2015, war plane Sukhoi Su-“24” taken down near Assad’s home on November “24”, 2015).
• 7 + 17 = 24. 24 + 2000 = 2024 = Basically “224”.


So, what happened exactly on October 31st, 2015 in Sinai/Egypt? We don’t have a concrete answer but everything seems to indicate that it was a collective human sacrifice offered by Russia, a blood offering to save Syria from America and from Israel. Can we prove that Russia took down the plane? Answer: no. Can we prove that Putin offered those poor 224 civilians as a collective human sacrifice in order to appease supernatural forces? Answer: no. So, what exactly happened on November 24, 2015? It was a blood offering, a satiation for the gods of Syria.

Russia 30001

(Miami Herald. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. 12 A)

The Ancient Order of the Ages will “NEVER” allow us to have any solid evidence when it comes to their activities. The Elite of elites see themselves as incarnated gods that can do as they please. In their eyes, these bizarre blood-rituals are ‘A NECESSARY EVIL’ for the greater good. Perhaps they know something we don’t know? Maybe it is better for us (the masses) not to know? Either way: it is what it is.

“The power-mad freaks are ruling the earth will show how little they think you’re worth
With animal lust they’ll devour your life slice your word to bits like a knife”.

(Judas Priest, “SOME HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL”, from the 1984 album ‘Defenders of the Faith’)

Thank you very much for your time.


(Mr Nizin Lopez: soldier of the Truth)




Jesus face

(acrylic on canvas done in Miami Gardens/Fla by Mr Nizin Lopez. 2011)

nizin with jesus painting

(Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez)


What is a targeted individual? A targeted individual is he or she who is aflicted by State sponsored psychological terrorism. Gang stalking, organized harassment, & neighborhood watch are designed to destroy the targeted individual emotionally & psychologically. Their goal is to isolate the person, to discredit the person, to throw him in jail under false acussations, to send him to a psychiatric institution, and in some cases they force the individual to take his own life. They do this because they see the individual as a threat to their interests.

So, they wage a “shadow war” against him until he is vanquished. This believe it or not is a very logical thing, the hidden powers don’t want their corruption exposed so they do whatever it is that they have to do in order to eliminate their opponents. The physical plane is pretty much a gladiator arena of competition so, from a “survival of the fittest” perspective, they are simply doing what is logical.

Many things have been said about the Biblical character known as Jesus. Many believe that he was the greatest man who ever walked this earth & some others say that he is not a historical figure but a science fiction character fabricated by the pro-Vespasian Josephus (check out the book “CAESAR’S MESSIAH” by Joseph Atwill). Either way, the Jesus that is mentioned in the Bible underwent an excrutiating persecution because of his political ideas. The Talmudist Rabbis of his time who were aligned with the Roman aristocracy did everything in their power in order to destroy him. They tried to fabricate evidence against him & they tried to kill him as well. In the end, Jesus pretty much allowed them to murder him (a sacrificial suicide symbolically speaking).

It is interesting that the Biblical character known as Jesus never stroke with a sword yet he was gang-stalked & terrorized by the corrupt authorities. Why? He was harassed by the State terror sponsored program because his ideas were considered dangerous in the same way that John F. Kennedy was considered dangerous. The Talmudist Rabbis & the Herodians that rejoiced in the beheading of John the Baptist were terrified of Jesus’ luminous words.

Based on the information provided by the Scriptures, Jesus’ persecution began before he was even born. The Iranian “wise folks” (the Magi) warned Herod of the birth of a revolutionary so the king comitted a genocide in order to prevent the manifesting of such soul. Jesus could not be safe in the Judea area so his parents fled to Egypt until later on they returned to the gentile area of Galilee. So yes, the authorities of Masonic flavor know that there are powerful souls capable of shaking foundations! They eliminate anyone who is capable of antagonistic leadership. Did the Roman authorities like the resistance offered by Boudicca or the resistance offered by Spartacus? The pro-Roman Talmudic Rabbis of the times (who were like the modern Chabad Lubavitch) didn’t like Jesus at all, they wanted him gone. They hated him so much that after he was dead they asked the Roman soldiers to break his legs.

What did the Biblical Jesus do to deserve such hatred? He exposed the Talmudic Rabbis of the time as hypocritical money-loving devils and they didn’t like it. Therefore, they destroyed him by persuading their Roman masters. Pilate for example did not want to kill him but the Jews forced him to do so. The teachings of Jesus, meaning his sharp book of instruction, was way more transcendental than the tribalist Pentateuch of the Jews.

The narrow-minded Jews feared his luminous instruction plus, they did not want the crowds to open their eyes either. Therefore they decided that it was a “mitzvah” to take him out. The elitistic Jews who were in turn aligned with the Roman authorities plotted against him in many different ways. They tried to fabricate false evidence against him, they tried to discredit him, and when they got desperate,…they tried to kill him!

Here are some examples about Gang Stalking, Organized Systematic Harassment, & Neighborhood Watch in the times of Jesus:

• Mark 14:53 says that Jesus was taken to the high priest and that with him were the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes. Mark 14:55 states that they sought testimony against him in order to murder him but found none. All these Talmudic Rabbis can be compared to the modern influential Jews who have friends in many high places (in the FBI, Homeland Security, the Police…). These are the modern “sharp” Jewish lawyers, the Jewish psyquiatrists & psychologists, the Jews connected with Law Enforcement,…etc.

• John 7:32 says that when the Rabbis heard the crowds murmuring they sent officers to take Jesus. This is equivalent to the modern Jews who manipulate the “Shabbos goyim” of influential status.

• Mark 14:56 says that many bore false testimony against Jesus but their testimony did not agree. Mark 14:57 says that many bore false witness yet they failed. This is what they do to a targeted individual, the gang stalkers try to create false evidence in order to throw him in jail.

• Luke 6:7 says that the Jewish elite watched Jesus closely hoping they could cath him in something. This is equivalent to modern electronic surveillance. Targeted individuals are watched everywhere they go, their phone conversations are recorded and all their internet activities are tracked 100%.

• Luke 11:54 says that the Jewish elite was lying in wait trying to catch Jesus in some way. The modern targeted individuals are constantly bombarded with tricks that could be very lethal.

• Luke 20:20 says that the Jews watched Jesus closely and that they sent him spies who pretended to be righteous. They wanted to deliver him to the governor. The corrupt elements within Law enforcement will send all kinds of spies to a targeted individual in order to frame him. They will send him for example people inquiring about drugs, prostitutes, minors asking him to buy them alcohol, people talking about politically incorrect themes in order to record him, etc.

• Matthew 22:16-17 says that the Jews and the Herodians of Masonic flavor tried to trick Jesus asking him if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar or not (this is the equivalent of getting in trouble with the IRS)

• Luke 23:2 says that the Jewish leaders were acussing Jesus of subverting the nation, forbidding the payment of taxes to Caesar & of professing himself a king. This is equivalent to accusing a modern TI of being an “anti-Federal Reserve” type of guy who wants to dethrone the President of the United States. The corrupt sponsors of State psychological terrorism will do whatever it takes to make a targeted individual look bad in the eyes of the public. They are masters of character assasination.

• Matthew 19:13 says that little kids were brought to Jesus so that he could put “HIS HANDS ON THEM” and pray. Matthew 19:13 says that the disciples rebuked them. Why were they preventing the children from approaching Jesus? Because the children were being sent by the Rabbis in order to make Jesus look like a scumbag in the eyes of society. It was absolute character assasination (it sounds like they were trying to make him look like a sex offender). Jesus was obviously not stupid, he gave them a wise answer according to Matthew 19:14-15.

• Matthew 12:24 says that the Rabbis acussed Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub. On John 8:48 they labeled him “a demon possessed Samaritan” & on John 10:20 they referred to him as “mad”. When an individual is officially targeted they will do everything and anything in their power in order to throw him in a psyquiatric institution. Once a targeted individual is labeled as a “paranoid-schizophrenic” his testimony will not be as powerful in the eyes of society (plus he will be medicated). If a person is targeted for example by a Jewish extremist organization like the ADL, it is not strange to find Jewish psyquiatrists, Jewish psychologists, or “Shabbos goyim-psyquiatrists” in our hospitals. Acts 26:24 says that when Paul went before Agrippa the “Shabbos goi” Porcius Festus tried to portray him as “mentally unstable”. Acts 25:9 says “CLEARLY” that Festus wanted to please the Jews just like the Roman Felix mentioned in Acts 24. Keep in mind that I haven’t even bothered to mention the secret “MIND CONTROL & BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION” technology that the U.S government possesses today (in secrecy of course).

• On Mark 16:18 Jesus speaks of the poisoning of the believers. This is one of the tactics used in order to punish free thinkers who dare to speak up. They will poison your drink and your food & sometimes they will go as far as drugging you in order to “desecrate” you (to turn you into an abomination).

• Acts 13:50 says that the Jews stirred up prominent women and chief men against Paul and Barnabas. They were expelled from the city. This is equivalent to a targeted individual who is forced to leave his country due to exhausting persecution (Socrates had to choose betwwen exile or suicide when he clashed with the authorities of Athens [he drank poison]).

As if all this stuff was not enough, Jesus was betrayed by his family and by his own friends as well. This should not be a surprise since one of the tactics of Gang Stalking is to isolate the targeted individual in order to inflict as much psychological damage as possible. This is why John 13:21 says that Jesus was “troubled” in spirit. On John 7 we see that Jesus’ biological brothers betrayed him; the Jews sent them hoping that they could persuade him to go to Judea so that they could kill him. This is why on John 7:6 he is recorded saying: “My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready”. He knew what they were trying to do.

His disciples sold him out as well, even Peter betrayed him. This is exactly why Luke 21:16 states the following: “You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death.” Only transcendental beings could be worthy of acquiring the ultimate illumination as it is clearly stated in Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and his mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

The examples are endless. It is more than obvious that Jesus was a targeted individual portrayed as a terrorist. How did he end up? Answer: Dead. They murdered him. The Rabbis aligned with the Roman authorities took his life yet by doing so they gave him what he wanted. He won!

So, Gang Stalking, Organized Harassment, Neighborhood Watch, Psychological Terrorism,…it has been around for a very long time and it is still happening right in our backyards. Who is in charge of these abuses? Answer: Corrupt elements within governmental organizations & religious entities of Masonic aroma. It is an exceedingly high mountain as it is described in Matthew 4:8. This means that all the kingdoms of the world and their glory are in the hands of the “Ancient Order of the Ages” that is currently known as the “New World Order” (there’s nothing new about it, it has been around forever).

What exactly is this so called “New” World Order? It is the rulership of a global elite through fascist technological surveillance. Many people believe that this will come in the future but it is already here. There is only one thing that this Fraternity of bankers cannot touch: the soul. They possess the technology to track your every movement, they can modify your behavior, & they can even decode your thoughts believe it or not (brain-wave technology). Still, there is a select group out there that will not kneel before this technological tyranny.

If by any chance in the world you are reading this and you are a targeted individual, don’t feel bad;…you are indeed very special. You have been targeted because they are terrified of your potential, they fear Truth. They don’t want people to know that this world is nothing but a projected hologram and they don’t want people to understand that we humans are indeed infinite-immortal beings. Remember: Knowledge is power & trust in the All-Mighty means “immortality”.

Thank you all for your time.

N in Jeru0001

(Mr Nizin Lopez in Jerusalem, 2002)