Was Jesus Christ a Targeted Individual? By Mr Nizin Lopez.


Jesus face

(acrylic on canvas done in Miami Gardens/Fla by Mr Nizin Lopez. 2011)

nizin with jesus painting

(Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez)


What is a targeted individual? A targeted individual is he or she who is aflicted by State sponsored psychological terrorism. Gang stalking, organized harassment, & neighborhood watch are designed to destroy the targeted individual emotionally & psychologically. Their goal is to isolate the person, to discredit the person, to throw him in jail under false acussations, to send him to a psychiatric institution, and in some cases they force the individual to take his own life. They do this because they see the individual as a threat to their interests.

So, they wage a “shadow war” against him until he is vanquished. This believe it or not is a very logical thing, the hidden powers don’t want their corruption exposed so they do whatever it is that they have to do in order to eliminate their opponents. The physical plane is pretty much a gladiator arena of competition so, from a “survival of the fittest” perspective, they are simply doing what is logical.

Many things have been said about the Biblical character known as Jesus. Many believe that he was the greatest man who ever walked this earth & some others say that he is not a historical figure but a science fiction character fabricated by the pro-Vespasian Josephus (check out the book “CAESAR’S MESSIAH” by Joseph Atwill). Either way, the Jesus that is mentioned in the Bible underwent an excrutiating persecution because of his political ideas. The Talmudist Rabbis of his time who were aligned with the Roman aristocracy did everything in their power in order to destroy him. They tried to fabricate evidence against him & they tried to kill him as well. In the end, Jesus pretty much allowed them to murder him (a sacrificial suicide symbolically speaking).

It is interesting that the Biblical character known as Jesus never stroke with a sword yet he was gang-stalked & terrorized by the corrupt authorities. Why? He was harassed by the State terror sponsored program because his ideas were considered dangerous in the same way that John F. Kennedy was considered dangerous. The Talmudist Rabbis & the Herodians that rejoiced in the beheading of John the Baptist were terrified of Jesus’ luminous words.

Based on the information provided by the Scriptures, Jesus’ persecution began before he was even born. The Iranian “wise folks” (the Magi) warned Herod of the birth of a revolutionary so the king comitted a genocide in order to prevent the manifesting of such soul. Jesus could not be safe in the Judea area so his parents fled to Egypt until later on they returned to the gentile area of Galilee. So yes, the authorities of Masonic flavor know that there are powerful souls capable of shaking foundations! They eliminate anyone who is capable of antagonistic leadership. Did the Roman authorities like the resistance offered by Boudicca or the resistance offered by Spartacus? The pro-Roman Talmudic Rabbis of the times (who were like the modern Chabad Lubavitch) didn’t like Jesus at all, they wanted him gone. They hated him so much that after he was dead they asked the Roman soldiers to break his legs.

What did the Biblical Jesus do to deserve such hatred? He exposed the Talmudic Rabbis of the time as hypocritical money-loving devils and they didn’t like it. Therefore, they destroyed him by persuading their Roman masters. Pilate for example did not want to kill him but the Jews forced him to do so. The teachings of Jesus, meaning his sharp book of instruction, was way more transcendental than the tribalist Pentateuch of the Jews.

The narrow-minded Jews feared his luminous instruction plus, they did not want the crowds to open their eyes either. Therefore they decided that it was a “mitzvah” to take him out. The elitistic Jews who were in turn aligned with the Roman authorities plotted against him in many different ways. They tried to fabricate false evidence against him, they tried to discredit him, and when they got desperate,…they tried to kill him!

Here are some examples about Gang Stalking, Organized Systematic Harassment, & Neighborhood Watch in the times of Jesus:

• Mark 14:53 says that Jesus was taken to the high priest and that with him were the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes. Mark 14:55 states that they sought testimony against him in order to murder him but found none. All these Talmudic Rabbis can be compared to the modern influential Jews who have friends in many high places (in the FBI, Homeland Security, the Police…). These are the modern “sharp” Jewish lawyers, the Jewish psyquiatrists & psychologists, the Jews connected with Law Enforcement,…etc.

• John 7:32 says that when the Rabbis heard the crowds murmuring they sent officers to take Jesus. This is equivalent to the modern Jews who manipulate the “Shabbos goyim” of influential status.

• Mark 14:56 says that many bore false testimony against Jesus but their testimony did not agree. Mark 14:57 says that many bore false witness yet they failed. This is what they do to a targeted individual, the gang stalkers try to create false evidence in order to throw him in jail.

• Luke 6:7 says that the Jewish elite watched Jesus closely hoping they could cath him in something. This is equivalent to modern electronic surveillance. Targeted individuals are watched everywhere they go, their phone conversations are recorded and all their internet activities are tracked 100%.

• Luke 11:54 says that the Jewish elite was lying in wait trying to catch Jesus in some way. The modern targeted individuals are constantly bombarded with tricks that could be very lethal.

• Luke 20:20 says that the Jews watched Jesus closely and that they sent him spies who pretended to be righteous. They wanted to deliver him to the governor. The corrupt elements within Law enforcement will send all kinds of spies to a targeted individual in order to frame him. They will send him for example people inquiring about drugs, prostitutes, minors asking him to buy them alcohol, people talking about politically incorrect themes in order to record him, etc.

• Matthew 22:16-17 says that the Jews and the Herodians of Masonic flavor tried to trick Jesus asking him if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar or not (this is the equivalent of getting in trouble with the IRS)

• Luke 23:2 says that the Jewish leaders were acussing Jesus of subverting the nation, forbidding the payment of taxes to Caesar & of professing himself a king. This is equivalent to accusing a modern TI of being an “anti-Federal Reserve” type of guy who wants to dethrone the President of the United States. The corrupt sponsors of State psychological terrorism will do whatever it takes to make a targeted individual look bad in the eyes of the public. They are masters of character assasination.

• Matthew 19:13 says that little kids were brought to Jesus so that he could put “HIS HANDS ON THEM” and pray. Matthew 19:13 says that the disciples rebuked them. Why were they preventing the children from approaching Jesus? Because the children were being sent by the Rabbis in order to make Jesus look like a scumbag in the eyes of society. It was absolute character assasination (it sounds like they were trying to make him look like a sex offender). Jesus was obviously not stupid, he gave them a wise answer according to Matthew 19:14-15.

• Matthew 12:24 says that the Rabbis acussed Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub. On John 8:48 they labeled him “a demon possessed Samaritan” & on John 10:20 they referred to him as “mad”. When an individual is officially targeted they will do everything and anything in their power in order to throw him in a psyquiatric institution. Once a targeted individual is labeled as a “paranoid-schizophrenic” his testimony will not be as powerful in the eyes of society (plus he will be medicated). If a person is targeted for example by a Jewish extremist organization like the ADL, it is not strange to find Jewish psyquiatrists, Jewish psychologists, or “Shabbos goyim-psyquiatrists” in our hospitals. Acts 26:24 says that when Paul went before Agrippa the “Shabbos goi” Porcius Festus tried to portray him as “mentally unstable”. Acts 25:9 says “CLEARLY” that Festus wanted to please the Jews just like the Roman Felix mentioned in Acts 24. Keep in mind that I haven’t even bothered to mention the secret “MIND CONTROL & BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION” technology that the U.S government possesses today (in secrecy of course).

• On Mark 16:18 Jesus speaks of the poisoning of the believers. This is one of the tactics used in order to punish free thinkers who dare to speak up. They will poison your drink and your food & sometimes they will go as far as drugging you in order to “desecrate” you (to turn you into an abomination).

• Acts 13:50 says that the Jews stirred up prominent women and chief men against Paul and Barnabas. They were expelled from the city. This is equivalent to a targeted individual who is forced to leave his country due to exhausting persecution (Socrates had to choose betwwen exile or suicide when he clashed with the authorities of Athens [he drank poison]).

As if all this stuff was not enough, Jesus was betrayed by his family and by his own friends as well. This should not be a surprise since one of the tactics of Gang Stalking is to isolate the targeted individual in order to inflict as much psychological damage as possible. This is why John 13:21 says that Jesus was “troubled” in spirit. On John 7 we see that Jesus’ biological brothers betrayed him; the Jews sent them hoping that they could persuade him to go to Judea so that they could kill him. This is why on John 7:6 he is recorded saying: “My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready”. He knew what they were trying to do.

His disciples sold him out as well, even Peter betrayed him. This is exactly why Luke 21:16 states the following: “You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death.” Only transcendental beings could be worthy of acquiring the ultimate illumination as it is clearly stated in Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and his mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

The examples are endless. It is more than obvious that Jesus was a targeted individual portrayed as a terrorist. How did he end up? Answer: Dead. They murdered him. The Rabbis aligned with the Roman authorities took his life yet by doing so they gave him what he wanted. He won!

So, Gang Stalking, Organized Harassment, Neighborhood Watch, Psychological Terrorism,…it has been around for a very long time and it is still happening right in our backyards. Who is in charge of these abuses? Answer: Corrupt elements within governmental organizations & religious entities of Masonic aroma. It is an exceedingly high mountain as it is described in Matthew 4:8. This means that all the kingdoms of the world and their glory are in the hands of the “Ancient Order of the Ages” that is currently known as the “New World Order” (there’s nothing new about it, it has been around forever).

What exactly is this so called “New” World Order? It is the rulership of a global elite through fascist technological surveillance. Many people believe that this will come in the future but it is already here. There is only one thing that this Fraternity of bankers cannot touch: the soul. They possess the technology to track your every movement, they can modify your behavior, & they can even decode your thoughts believe it or not (Remote Neuro Influencing-Thought Surveillance). Still, there is a select group out there that will not kneel before this technological tyranny.

If by any chance in the world you are reading this and you are a targeted individual, don’t feel bad;…you are indeed very special. You have been targeted because they are terrified of your potential, they fear Truth. They don’t want people to know that this world is nothing but a computer simulated reality (a hologram) and they don’t want people to understand that we humans are indeed infinite-immortal beings. Remember: Information is power!

Thank you all for your time.

  1. Carolina said:

    Great article. Above all, keep your faith high.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my articles. I thrive for Truth, I believe that is or “should be” the ultimate goal of a human on this earth: To be a Truth seeker. I am tired of all these hypocritical Christians who send millions of dollars yearly to the Ashkenazi Jewish elite (these group of Jews view gentiles as “human cattle” [genetic garbage]). The truth is that all these Christian leaders are simply scared of Jewish political influence plus they are terrified of Jewish economical power (the White House is packed with them [Yids]for a reason). In other words, they speak nicely of the Jewish Ashkenazi elite for the sake of self preservation,…nothing else. They know that if they say anything that bothers this elite on radio or on national TV their life and their career will be ruined forever. Therefore, they are simply the offspring of the material plane, there is no transcendentalism in them. Their “assemblies”(churches) are nothing but corporations symbolically speaking. Yes, I know there are some decent people out there, of course there are men of Truth out there (they don’t necessarily have to be Christians). There are for example Death Metal musicians out there who are more spiritual than any f*cking Pastor, Rabbi, or Imam. The “Ultimate Truth” is something so great and so “OUT THERE” that we in our limited human understanding cannot even begin to grasp it.

      I personally know a guy who was temporarily homeless in Miami/Fla not so long ago. He had $500.00 in the bank but that was not enough to rent a small place. He went to a church located in Miami/Fla and asked the Pastor for help renting a place (he didn’t ask for $ or for food). He told the Pastor that he was getting around $900.00 on early June so that maybe there could be some kind of arrangement made to rent a small room or something,…maybe someone in the church had a little spot available…. The guy gave the Pastor $50.00 (10% of $500.00) even though he was homeless. He attended the church for a few days even though he was bathing in the waters of Miami Beach (taking buses left & right) & even though his body was cooked in sweat from walking so much (plus some blisters on his oily feet). He didn’t want to go to a homeless shelter because those places are loaded with criminals & drug addicts. In the end nobody in the church gave a shit about him. Eventually he realized that he was wasting his time and that humans are “BEHEMOT” just like any other beasts (with some intellectual & emotional differences of course). The guy had no criminal record and he didn’t do any drugs but he was at the bottom of the food chain, so…that’s how it f*cking works in this world. The cosmic principles are always the same no matter under what “ism”. The big fish eats the small fish! As of today, May 21st 2014, this folk is getting back on his feet little by little (there is an Infinite Consciousness out there!!).

      So, as far as I go (Nizin Lopez), I put my trust not in mortals but in the “Ultimate Ineffable Truth”. I don’t place my trust in any f*cking religious leaders or in any politicians. This holographic reality that we perceive through our 5 senses is ruled by the “ancient order of the ages”, there is a hidden government.

      Anyways, I thank you for your comment. Have a nice day and best wishes.

      • Carolina said:

        Thank you, Nizin. I believe the war is spiritual in many levels, so one should be patient with the conflicts, maintain a connected consciousness and be healthy in both mind and body. The rest will develop itself for the best as a consequence. In this magic land, I am still learning how to realize faith — the one that goes beyond any “religion”.

      • What has happened to me is actually simple: a bunch of arrogant clowns got together and decided to destroy me with the help of governmental institutions (since early 2011 until now). Everything is documented in the article “State sponsored psychological terrorism in the new Rome”. They have done everything in their power to throw me in jail under false accusations, they are immoral-merciless animals. Either way, I have decided to make a stand but at the same time I want to put all this bitterness behind me and have some “serenity” in my life (whatever is left of “my life”). I look forward to the future, whatever it is that it brings….

      • Carolina said:

        Hi Nizin. Yes, bring peace into your life. The threat is really the knowledge that is behind your soul. Let it out of there and don’t bother with the past. Think: from now on. And on, and on, and on.
        Keep the mind and the spirit strong and let any pain and air out. You know the word “spirit” comes from “breathe”. Allow your history to bring your more knowledge and breath out into the now…
        It’s said we don’t have friends or enemies, we have “teachers”. Maybe “they” were teachers pushing you to bring the best of you.
        Meditate and let your soul flow. That is the secret, I believe.
        For the rest, it is hard to trust anyone at this point. So, believe in your self.

      • Thank you very much for your kind words. Thank you (I mean it).

  2. Carolina said:

    You are very welcome. I am typing this from my heart. It is hard, so I know the pain. I had some good advices throughout the process, but I dived in my self to find some the right answers, which I am sharing with you. That is the best you can do. Go within your self and let your ego go. If you want some reading, send me an email and I will share a few that helped me with you. Otherwise, good reading will come your your way…………….. as everything you need. Peace to you.

  3. Avi said:

    the greatest man ever to walk on earth was MOISES

    • You say the greatest man who walked this earth was Moses…can you reconcile the Biblical Moses with a historical figure? The closest thing to a historical Moses was Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV), son of the pacifist Amenhotep III (XVIII dynasty). Akhenaton was a monotheist and a reformer like Obama. The folk who wrote the majestic work ‘MEAM LOEZ’ implied that Moses is Akhenaton by saying that “Moses LIVED in the palace of Akhenaton”.

      The Bible is not necessarily a history book, it is symbolically speaking a “COMPUTER PROGRAM” that contains encoded truths. Those ‘TRUTHS’ are of course available for those who have “THE EYES TO SEE” (like MORBID ANGEL says in the album DOMINATION). So well, if you want to think that Moses was the greatest man who walked this earth that’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion. My biggest influence in this life is a Black-Metal artist from Denmark known as “KING DIAMOND”. I do not venerate politicians even though I admire folks like Alexander III and Trajan.

  4. Avi said:

    there is one GOD and one TORHA and this is forever
    no one can change it
    GOD bless you all

  5. Avi said:

    Jesus was born and die Jewish .. the problem was internal problem between Jewish
    and have nothing to see with Christianity
    as i say before there is only one GOD ,, who gave us one TORHA,, en if you know the torha its says
    “that its forever do not add or less nothing”
    GOD bless

  6. Sillybill said:

    What would it cost to buy one of your paintings?

    • Hello. I don’t do paintings anymore. The price varies, depending on what it is, the quality of the Artwork, etc. If you’re going to buy a painting, buy it from the Artist and not from the gallery. Best of luck.

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