About the film “V for Vendetta”.

Comments by Mr Nizin Lopez.


V for Vendetta is a great movie, it definitely deserves a review. On the surface V for Vendetta is a romantic tale of revenge. A glamourized terrorist named “V” (Hugo Weaving) is abused and brutalized in experiments conducted by a fascist regime in Britain. He manages to rise out of the ashes & causes an upheaval dethroning the Reich of Chancellor Adam Sutler. Mr V also sculpts the life of a female named Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) turning her into a stronger version of herself. It is she who fulfills his overall agenda on November 5th by blowing up the British Parliament.

What exactly is the agenda behind V for Vendetta? Is there one? I believe the answer is yes. V for Vendetta is a film designed to keep the torch of the Holocaust alive. By “Holocaust” I mean of course the famous genocide of the Jews during W.W II.

Ink on paper.

Ink on paper.

The story takes place in London. Sometime around 2015 England is taken over by a fascist regime of an Orthodox religious aroma. The countenance of this political system of absolute surveillance is a psychotic man named “Adam Sutler” which automatically reminds us of Adolf Hitler (yes, I know you heard that name a million times). This totaliatarian regime promotes ethnic and cultural homogenity. All the English citizens that appear in the film are Japhetics as if implying that the nation has been “refined”. Immigrants, Muslims, non-heterosexuals, and terrorists are vanquished. The motto of Sutler’s regime is: “Strength through unity and unity through faith.”

The two main characters in the movie are of course V and the innocent looking Evey. V is a heavily traumatized individual whose flesh has been burned, he is deformed (a subliminal code for the crematoriums of Auschwitz?). He is a monster in the outside as well as he is in the inside. His humane side is very luminic but his nocturnal side is absolutely dantesque. The very cultured and well read V is a terrorist with a human heart but still a terrorist. He appears to be the reincarnation of a man named “Guy Fawkes”. This folk tried to burn the Houses of the Parliament in 1605 (he was sentenced to death). Many years later V causes some type of September 11th as Tchaikovsky’s music vibrates through London. Is the faceless V a messiah or a villain? That is for the viewer to decide. Evey ended up liking him a little bit too much obviously (she pulled the “lever”).

Evey is the daughter of political activists. Both her father and her mother became political after the death of Evey’s little brother in a controversial place called St Marys. Evey’s parents were detained when she was 12 and she never saw them again. She was taken to Juvenile Reclamation Project for five years. Evey ended up working for a Television Network. Eventually she became a full time disciple of Mr V.

Let us now focus on the aspects of the movie that have some kind of connection with the famous Holocaust:

The film shows a detention facility in Larkhill which reminds us of the famous Auschwitz. The so called facility is actually an experimentation camp of Mengelish flavor. The person who got paid the most in that camp was a monster known as “Father Liliman” who ended up becoming a Bishop (Mr Liliman is a sexual deviant of the most vile kind). There in the camp we also see a character known as “Commander Prothero” who is familiar with the Middle East & North Africa. This “Himmler” type turns into a major stockholder of Viadoxic Pharmaceutical. Ultimately, he becomes the head of TBN, meaning “the Voice of London”. Another interesting character that appears in this location is a Doctor named Diana Stanton who changes her name to Delia Surridge. She was in charge of the experimentation that she defines as “the dawn of a New Age” (she ends up as a coroner). By the time V makes his presence known the government denies that such facility ever existed. They simply said that they did what they had to in order to ensure England’s future.

V was a patient of Dr Stanton. His cell was cell number five, this is why he is known as “V” since V means 5 in Roman numbers. Dr Stanton was very interested in the anomalies of his genetics. Apparently V was the vessel that was being used in order to create some type of super human. He escapes from the camp and all the research of Dr Stanton vanishes in an unexplained explosion.

What we have here is pure symbolism. For example:

• Bishop Liliman is symbollic of the Catholic Church that supported the Third Reich. In fact, the main colors that represent the fascist regime of Mr Sutler are black and red; colors that are very symbollic of the Catholic Church. The symbol of Sutler’s totalitarian regime is a cross which reminds us of the swastika.

• Commander Prothero (the voice of London) reminds us of figures like Himmler or maybe even of Joseph Goebbels who was in charge of the “propaganda” sector.

• Dr Diana Stanton reminds us of Doctors like Mengele who conducted many unethical experiments with humans (as we all know by now).

• Obviously, the Larkhall facility is the embodiment of Auschwitz. Those that the system classified as “undesirables” were thrown there as bones for the voracious wolves of science. The victims undergo psychological and physical torture, they are dehumanized. To a certain extent this camp also resembles America’s experience with the Iraqui prisoners.

At the beginning of the movie we can see that there is a strictly enforced curfew at 11:00 pm in all London. This curfew is referred to as “the yellow coded curfew”. Doesn’t this remind us of the yellow star that the Jews were forced to wear in the times of Ann Frank?


(Book “The Yellow Star” by Gerhard Schoenberner)

One of the groups targeted in Sutler’s regime are those who go after “strange flesh”. For example, V is moved by an attractive woman named Valerie that was next to his cell in Larkhall. Valerie was born in 1985. Her first girlfriend was a girl named Sarah (a Jewish name), her second was a female named Christina, and her third and final was called Ruth (another Jewish name). Valerie’s kind is persecuted during the fascist takeover. Her head is shaven and she ends up rotting in a cell next to V. There is another interesting character in this movie called Deitrich Gordon. He holds a position in the Media like Prothero but in order to keep his social status he has to wear a virtual mask; meaning that he was to keep his “strange passions” secret. Gordon makes fun of Sutler on national TV and eventually he is brutalized in front of Evey’s eyes. Basically, V for Vendetta promotes the same agenda that is promoted in the Israeli film “Walk on water” (this should not be a surprise). Even though V is depicted as a heterosexual who falls in love with Evey, he subliminally supports “that other pattern of behavior”.

With the rage of a Lazar Kaganovich “V” exterminates all the political party members involved with in the Larkhall camp. He kills for example Bishop Liliman, Prothero, Delia, & some others. This symbolism is important because it reminds us of the Mossad operations designed to take down the surviving Anakim of Germania. In fact, if one really looks at V, he can see that he dresses like an Orthodox Jew. A Jewish “Zorro”? He wears a black coat and a black hat like the Orthodox Yids of Brooklyn. This might be a coincidence but some say that there are no coincidences.

Another interesting thing in this film is that V lives in some kind of underground dungeon surrounded by beautiful art. He calls this lair of his the “shadow gallery”. He tells Evey that he obtained all that art from the “Ministry of objectionable materials”. This is another symbolism meant to remind us of what took place during the Third Reich. In his narrow mindedness Hitler decided which kind of art was kosher and which was not.

It is more than obvious that in this film all the citizens of England are Teutonics. Immigrants, non Christians, and the “Valerie types” are vanquished from Sutler’s carefully engineered society. In the film there is a character known as “Chief Inspector Finch”. This modern witch-hunter had been a Party member for more than 27 years yet, his loyalty to the regime is questioned simply because his mother was Irish. This automatically rings the bell of the Nuremberg laws.

Then we have of course the symbolism of Evey herself. Evey is the daughter of political activists who campaigned against Sutler. Initially she is presented as a fragile girl and then “V” refines her through intense psychological methods. He turns her into a Boudicca that fears nothing. This could be symbollic of the Jewish people: During World War II the Jews were victims, then on May 14th of 1948 the State of Israel came about and Judah became a military power. No longer a lamb but a voracious Baal that will stop at nothing in order to acomplish its political goals. V came out of the experimentation camp as a numb demon thirsting for vengeance…now Evey had proselytized to his creed. Evey can be perceived as the Israel who is born out of the Holocaust’s ashes. Keep in mind that Natalie Portman (Evey) is an Israeli Ashkenazi Jew.

In conclusion, the movie is filled with Jewish symbolism. This is, like I said at the beginning, appears to be a film designed to remind everyone of the Holocaust. The truth is that most people are tired of hearing about the famous Holocaust.

natalie portman shit0001

(in 2015 we are still hearing about the famous Holocaust…)

The folks in charge of the American film industry, they know that very well. So, it seems that in our modern days “someone out there” is refining his visual-communication skills. I’m not saying that a chosen elite hired James McTeigue in order to brainwash the masses. Yet, I must be honest and state what I feel openly: I personally feel as if the agenda of a few is being “FORCED” into the subconsciouss of the many. Apparently the pain of a wandering people has become some type of religion or at least that’s the way it seems. Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Vengeance is mine !!! V for vengeance! V for Vendetta!


Note: as the reader can see here, I had a distant relative that died in the famous Holocaust. Yet, you don’t see Nizin Lopez demonizing Germany; to the contrary. The Germans have done absolutely nothing to me. In fact, every single German that I have met has been really nice to me. Germans possess a great heritage and they have the right to be proud of it.

Sometimes it seems like there is no escape from from the Holocaust. For example, if you watch the film “Sin City” you will see a blade in the shape of a swastika. I remember that when I watched this movie I said to myself: “Damn, they gotta remind me of the Shoah one way or another !!!” Either way, V for Vendetta is an adventure that will entertain the hell out of you even if you watch it five times.

N in Jeru0001

(Mr Nizin Lopez in Jerusalem back in 2002)



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