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By Mr Nizin Lopez.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


I know that some individuals who read this will hate me. Please keep in mind that I am not trying to offend, to insult, or to challenge anyone with this little research of mine. I personally believe that Reincarnation is real, I felt like I needed to examine this theme from a Biblical perspective. I would like to reinstate: I am not trying to offend anyone here; I am simply trying (just trying) to convey some information.

In case you might wonder, I, Nizin Lopez, I believe in the God mentioned in Acts 17:23 = the “Unknown God” that was honored in Athens/Greece. I don’t think or believe that I am wiser than anyone, I’m just an artist (one of the many) who thirsts for Truth & for the Ultimate Peace that transcends all human understanding. Remember: I never claimed to have “THE ULTIMATE ANSWERS” & I never claimed to be anybody’s messiah, I’m just a soul (an eternal student) temporarily manifested in a material world.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, I’m not trying to convert anyone to any cause, and I’m not asking anyone for anything either.



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

“True happiness is not to be found in perishable things but only in union with the supreme. Men are caught in the whirling wheel of samsara -of births and deaths- because of self-identification with the body & its environment”.

(REINCARNATION. An East-West Anthology compiled & edited by Joseph Head & S.L. Cranston. The Julian Press Inc. New York 1961. pg 11)

There are cultures out there that believe in the complex & mis-interpreted phenomenon known as metempsychosis. Hindu culture for example believes in reincarnation in the same way that Arab Druzes & Kabbalistic Jews believe in it (Herodotus 2.123.2 speaks about how the Egyptians believe in reincarnation).

“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones”.

(Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter II.22)

Yet, most Christians do not feel the same way. In fact, most Christians feel like reincarnation is some sort of negative-satanic concept. This happens (with all respect) because of lack of knowledge. If one really looks into the New Testament he will see that reincarnation is “codified” in it.

The fact of the matter is that Christianity is whether we like it or not, an emanation of the Roman empire (which in turn has much to do with the Greeks). The Universalist Assembly, meaning the Catholic Church, is the foundation of modern Western Christianity (check out the book “CAESAR’S MESSIAH” by Joseph Atwill). Was reincarnation good for a Roman politician who needed to control & sometimes manipulate the masses? Could a Roman politician threaten with death a man who believes he will be reborn in a new body? A man (or a woman) who “REALLY” believes in reincarnation is not scared of execution by gladium, he knows not only that there is life after death; he knows that he will return in a new physical vessel (Revelation 20:4 mentions martyrs who did not bow to a political agenda, they chose death). So, what I am pretty much trying to say here is that it is not convenient for some to let the public know about reincarnation.

The elite of the Celtic peoples in Britain, Gaul, and in the Germanic lands, they believed in reincarnation. In fact, they encouraged the military cast to fight the Romans to the bitter end & without any fear of death. This was the belief of the Druids who sometimes conducted human sacrifices:

“A lesson which they take particular pains to inculcate is that the soul does not perish, but after death passes from one body to another; they think that this is THE BEST INCENTIVE TO BRAVERY, because it teaches men to disregard the terrors of death.”

(Caesar, the Gallic Wars. Book VI.14 [customs & institutions of the Gauls])

Tubal Cain

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

On the other hand, it is true that reincarnation is a dangerous concept. For example, what would be the outcome of a pastor that finds out that in his previous life he was a murderer, a rapist, or a thief? It would probably be better for him not to know. This is why I am not necessarily an advocate of making regressions, sometimes it is better not to know. Reincarnation could also be a threat to those who are not ready to deal with it. For example, some people could misunderstand it & commit suicide. The Zohar speaks about the Rephaim [those who heal themselves] who could be compared symbolically speaking to suicide bombers.

A person who undergoes a regression could for example abandon his current family in order to go back to those who were his family in his previous existence, this could literally destroy families (this has taken place in locations like India). Some intelligent individuals could use reincarnation in order to exploit the less informed masses & take advantage of them in many ways. So, it is probably better that some people don’t deal with the issue of soul transmigration, at least directly. Reincarnation could definitely be dangerous.

Another important thing when it comes to reincarnation & karma is that no one really knows for sure how reincarnation works 100%. There are some honorable individuals out there who possess a pretty accurate idea but there are also lots of buble-gum scammers who are just confusing people with mis-information. In order to have an idea of what reincarnation is first we must attempt to comprehend who we are, where we are, and what we are doing in this thing that we define as “here & now”.

• Who are we? Its not easy to answer this but, we are an immortal spark that is interconnected with the Infinite Consciousness. We are barbaric “human animals” with a capability for transcendentalism.

• Where are we? It is not simple to answer this but we are currently within space & time in an ephemeral physical body, a temporary vehicle, a sacred temple. We are in a thing we call “the physical plane”, this plane is an illusion activated by our five limited senses. There is no up, there is no down, there is right, there is no left, there’s only an Eternity that testifies to God’s inexpressible Greatness.

• Where are we going? It is not simple to answer this either but, we are striving for improvement, we are all whether we are aware of it or not, searching for some kind of Light; we want to be one with the Infinite Consciousness.

As I mentioned before, reincarnation does not work the way many people think. For example, most mystics assume that if one is born in 1975 & dies in 2041, he or she will probably re-incarnate around 2098. Well, since God is Ineffable & all-mighty, everything is possible for Him. This means that such individual could be reborn for example in 1846 instead (in that which we call “the past”). Reincarnation is not necessarily linear.

Also, according to some studies souls could be split. This means that the phenomenon that you perceive as “you” could return for example in two different bodies, one body could be in one dimension while the other is in another dimension (in a different time & space). As far as sex goes, most studies show that for example males usually return as males & females usually return as females but there are times when the scenarios are altered. Reincarnation is of course beyond social class, you might be a millionaire in this life but maybe in the next one you will be a starving artist. The examples and the possibilities are endless. There is also the aspect of what I define as “cosmic randomness” which is simply way beyond our limited human understanding.

So far we have seen that reincarnation is not a joke, that no one really knows how it works 100%, & that it has profound implications. Should all Christians for example have access to this controversial information? Are they ready for such thing? Would it even be beneficial to them? Is everyone ready to accept that the physical plane is symbolically speaking an illusion and that there is always another opportunity? Is everyone ready to understand that there is more than one dimension? John 14:2 says something amazing:

“In my Father’s house are MANY MANSIONS, if it were not so, I would have told you”.

Believe it or not lots of people are not ready for this, in fact; they fear this kind of revelation. They are terrified of an awakening that could shake their foundations, they will always make up some story in order to protect themselves from that which they fear: the Truth! This is why they are in the phenomenon that we define as “here”, because they need to evolve, they need to grow, they need to mature until they can ascend.

“Because it has been given TO YOU to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but TO THEM it has not been given”.

(Matthew 13:11)

This Biblical passage says pretty much that not everyone is supossed to have access to this delicate information. Not everyone is supossed to be immersed in mysteries (it depends on the evolutionary level of the soul). Like I already said: sometimes it is better for some not to know. In fact, sometimes it is dangerous for certain people to have access to forbidden knowledge because they are not mature enough for such sacred nectar. The following passage clearly illustrates this:

Do not give what is holy to the DOGS; nor cast your pearls before SWINE, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and TEAR YOU IN PIECES.”

(Matthew 7:6)

The Bible also has warnings for the wise or better said, for those who perceive themselves as wise or prudent (these are those who “think” they understand God’s mysteries 110%). Corinthians I, 1:19 says:

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent”.

No matter what happens or how it happens, we must never forget that all that we are is owed to the “Unknown God” mentioned in Acts 17:23. Even if we examine ancient texts like “The Upanishads”, we see that the same principles apply:

“The ignorant think the Self can be known by the intellect, but the illumined know he is beyond the duality of the knower & the known.”

(The Upanishads. The Kena Upanishad, II : 3)


So, where are the Biblical passages that deal with this revolutionary issue? Job 14:14 says the following: “If a man dies, shall he live again?” Many Christians use this passage in order to discredit reincarnation yet, if we continue reading a little bit more we see that what follows does not necessarily contradict reincarnation:

“All the days of my hard service I will wait, till MY CHANGE comes.” (Job 14:14)

What does it mean by “change”? Passing unto the other world? Going towards a new incarnation? Change is actually the only thing that is permanent in the physical plane! The book of Job certainly testifies about life after death, Job 4: 14-16 speaks about what appears to be a ghost. So, if the book of Job speaks about a disincarnate spirit that temporarily manifests itself in the physical plane, I believe that this is “grounds” for reincarnation. In fact, Job 10:20-22 gives a great description of death:

“Cease! Leave me alone, that I might take a little comfort, before I go to the place from which I shall not return, to the land of darkness and the shadow of death, a land as dark as darkness itself, as the shadow of death, without any order, where even the light is like darkness.”

Then again, Job 10:21 says “before I go to the place from which I SHALL NOT RETURN,…” I personally interpret this as not returning “under the same name or under the same identity”. There are Rabbis for example who perceive Job as the reincarnation of Terah (check out the book “Beyond the ashes”. cases of reincarnation from the Holocaust. by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom. A.R.E. Press. Virginia Beach. Virginia).


Luke 1:17 speaks about John the baptist, it says that he will go before God in the spirit & power of Elijah (Matthew 11:9 says that John was more than a prophet). What does it mean by “in the spirit & power of Elijah”? Matthew 17:12 states that in Jesus’ eyes John the baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah, it says the following:

“But I say to you that Elijah has come already, and they did not know him but did to him whatever they wished.”

Obviously, this refers about how Herod beheaded John the baptist in order to please his wife. Matthew 17:13 says that Jesus’ disciples understood that he was talking about John. So, if Matthew 17:12-13 is not talking about reincarnation, what is it talking about then? In John 1:21 John the baptist denies being Elijah or the prophet when confronted by Jewish elitists. In John 1:23 he defines himself as “a voice crying in the desert”, a rectifier of paths. So does this mean or prove that John was not the reincarnation of Elijah? Not necessarily, when John was questioned by the Jews of Jerusalem he was inhabiting not the physical body of Elijah but the body of John, therefore he responded “as John”. Elijah is the past so technically John did not have to refer to himself as Elijah. As I already mentioned, in Matthew 17:12 Jesus pretty much says John was Elijah. It is interesting that John called himself “a voice”, it almost sounded like “I am an electric spark connected to the Infinite, I am beyond a physiognomy & beyond a material body”.


In Mark 6:16 Herod professes openly his belief in reincarnation. He says the following about Jesus:

“This is John, whom I beheaded; he has been raised from the dead”.

It is more than clear that based on Mark 6:16 king Herod believes that Jesus is the reincarnation of John the baptist. This particular passage has another profound implication, it shows clearly that using words like “raised from the dead” means reincarnation. Keep in mind that Herod was the type of guy who would hunt down his enemies even before they would desend into the physical plane, he tried to trick the Magi in order to kill Jesus.

Herod was not the only one thinking that John had reincarnated already. Luke 9:7 states that some people believed that John had risen from the dead, meaning that they saw Jesus as John reincarnated. Luke 9:8 says that some people thought that Jesus was either the reincarnation of Elijah or one of the prophets of old (risen again).


The weight.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

John 9:2 is in my opinion another infallible Biblical proof of reincarnation. In this passage the disciples ask Jesus:

“Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

This has profound implications. This pretty much means that a birth defect (blind, deafness, a deformity,… etc) is the product of some wrongful conduct. Yet what conduct are we talking about here if the man was born that way? John 9:2 also implies that parents can be punished by through their offspring (there are generational curses too). In John 9:3 Jesus tells them that the blindness of this man is not due to his mischief or due to the mischief of his parents. He stated that this happened so that God’s work might be exhalted (Jesus healed him). Either way, the question asked by Jesus’ disciples definitely reflects a serious belief in reincarnation.

Mark 14:21 clearly speaks about cause & effect, meaning karma. It says that it would have been better for Judas the traitor not not have been born. He betrayed Jesus & he ended up taking his own life. Matthew 27:25 speaks about how the Jewish elitists of the time evoked dark karma upon themselves by demanding Jesus’ life:

“And all the people answered and said, His blood be on us and on our children”

(Luke 11:32 says they would be judged & condemned by Assyria, the German elite during W.W II did exactly that). Matthew 5:26 says something that surely has a karmic flavor:

“Assuredly, I say to you, you will by no means get out of there till you have paid the last penny.”

Isn’t this karma? isn’t this cause & effect? In other words: this physical world is the arena where all debts are paid for one way or another, sooner or later. In Matthew 26:52 Jesus says that all who take the sword perish by the sword, is this not karma? Revelation 13:10 says that he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity & he who kills with the sword shall perish by the sword, is this not karma? Galatians 6:7 implies that no man can mock the spiritual world, it says that whatever a man sows he will reap. Is this not karma?


Let us see some potential examples of reincarnation in the book of Corinthians I.

Corinthians I 15:35:

• But someone will say, “How are the dead raised up? And with what body do they come?”

This can be interpreted in many ways so this is really no evidence for reincarnation. Yet, this passage speaks about the rise of the dead & about a re-emergence in a new body. It pretty much suggests that the dead are risen through a new body. Notice that it doesn’t question the re-emergence in a body; it questions “the type” of body.

Corinthians I 15:36 says the following:

• “Foolish one, what you sow is not made alive unless it dies”.

This seems to imply that death, or better said, what we experience through death is more vivid that our experiences here in the tangible-material plane. This passage also mentions the word “sowing”. I think this refers to the weight of our deeds in this world. Since that is what we take to the other side, that “must be” what determines the conditions for the next incarnation (to a certain extent of course).

Corinthians I 15:37-38 says the following:

• And what you sow, you do not sow that body that shall be, but mere grain-perhaps wheat or some other grain. But God gives it a body as He pleases, and to each seed its own body.”

This passage implies (in my opinion) that the body that is obtained in the next life does not necessarily depend on our so called “merits” or “earned points” but on God’s ultimate decision (Corinthians I 15:39-40 speaks about different types of bodies for different entities). In other words: no matter how wise man wants to be, he is not capable of understanding the most profound secrets of the Universe.

Corinthians I 15:42 says the following:

• “So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption”.

Corinthians I 15:44 speaks about a natural body that is raised as a spiritual body. In other words, the dead resurrects, meaning that somehow (one way or another) it comes back to life or at least to “some type of life”. Our corrupt physical body that has blood, tissue, bones, puss, urine, excrement, etc…it is raised in “incorruption”. Life surely is more than what we perceive as physical.


Matthew 27:52 says that right after Jesus’ death, graves were opened. It says that many bodies of the saints who had “fallen asleep” were raised. Matthew 27:53 clearly states that they went into the Holy city & appeared to many. So, does this mean that these fellows came back to life looking like zombies? I don’t believe so. I believe this means that the spirits of these people manifested in the physical plane. Usually, when one says anything about spirits, disincarnate entities, or ghosts to a Christian ( at least the typical Christian) he or she will say that those are demons (yes Mark 8:24 speaks about disincarnate spirits that are apparently not human). Most of the Christians that read this passage in the book of Job believe that Job is referring to demonic entities. This passage clearly speaks about the same thing that Matthew 27:52-53 speaks about: disincarnate spirits.

“Fear came upon me, & trembling, which made all my bones shake. Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my body stood up. It stood still, but I could not discern its appearance.”

(Job 4: 14-16)

Yet Matthew 27:52-53 clearly states that the spirits or souls of the righteouss were raised and that they manifested in the physical plane. So, if an immaterial spirit can show itself to a person who is in a physical body, then I believe that they can come back to the world in another physical body. As if this is not enough, the book of Daniel says the following:

“And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame & everlasting contempt.”

(Daniel 12:2)

Isn’t this a little similar to what Matthew 27:53 says about the “tzadikim” who had fallen asleep yet they showed themselves to many mortals in Jerusalem? In my opinion, Daniel 12:2 is touching the reincarnation subject. There is more! The book of Ezekiel speaks about what appears to be a “collective reincarnation”, Ezekiel 37:12 says:

“Thus says the Lord God: Behold, oh my people, I will open your graves & cause you to come up from your graves, & bring you into the land of Israel.”

Once again, isn’t this similar to what Matthew 27:53 & Daniel 12:2 talk about? All these passages are obviously talking about reincarnation.


Samuel I 28 speaks about how the first king of Israel consulted a medium located in En Dor. Saul was greatly distressed because of the Phillishtim so he wanted to receive instruction from his deceased spiritual mentor (Samuel). Samuel I 28:8 says that he asked the medium to conduct a seance for him & in Samuel I 28:11 he asked her “to raise” the prophet Samuel for him.

Samuel I 28:12 says that when the woman saw Samuel she realized that the man that had requested her to do so was the king of Israel himself (he was disguised). Since she didn’t know originally that the man that was requesting her services was Saul, that meant that she discovered it through divination. Samuel I 28:13 says that “she saw a spirit ascending out of earth” & in Samuel I 28:14 she described his appeareance.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez [detail])

Samuel I 28:15 clearly states that the spirit of Samuel spoke, it said the following to Saul:

“Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?”

Since “on that other side” there is no time & space like here in the physical plane, Samuel was able to predict that thing that we perceive as “the future”. In Samuel I 28:19 Samuel predicted the devastation of Israel plus he predicted Saul’s death and the death of his sons. It is interesting that Samuel I 28:19 literally says:

“And tomorrow you and your sons will be with me”

So, is this not Biblical proof about life after death? Many Christians believe (as I already mentioned before) that ghosts are demons or sheddim but, what about the case of Saul with Samuel? Was Samuel a “Paranormal activity” demon? Obviously not. It is true that the seance did Saul no good but, the work of the medium was true. The one who ascended from the other side (based on the scripture) was the prophet Samuel.

Deuterenomy 18:11 mentions those who conjure up the spirits of the dead, this means that Israel had interacted with mediums & that there have been many mediums in Israel. These type of sorcerers are also mentioned in Isaiah 8:19. Genesis 44:5 states that Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, practiced divination. In our modern days the Rabbis from Chabad travel to Queens/New York in order to consult their deceased spiritual mentor (the Rebbe), this is very similar to what the “Santeros” do.


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez, a portrait of “the Rebbe” venerated by the folks from Chabad)


If we examine Chapter 21 of the book of John, we will find some very useful information concerning reincarnation. This chapter speaks about how Jesus re-appeared to the disciples in Tiberias yet, there seems to be something strange about this scenario. John 21:4 says that in the morning Jesus stood on the shore; yet the disciples did not know that it was him. How come they did not recognize him? Maybe because they were far away from him and could not distinguish his features? John 21:8 says that some of these disciples were not far from the land.

On John 21:5-6 he spoke to them twice but they did not seem to recognize his voice. How could it be that the folks who spent the most time with him could not recognize his voice? Maybe because they were far and they could not hear him too well?

Finally, John 21:7 says that one of them recognized him. When they reached the shore they saw that Jesus was making them breakfast. What is extremelly interesting is what John 21:12 says:

“Jesus said to them, come and eat breakfast. Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, Who are you?- knowing that it was the Lord.”

Based on this passage, I interpret that the guy who was making them breakfast was Jesus, yet he did not look like the one they had met before; he had a “DIFFERENT APPEAREANCE” (he was in a new body). This is why they were not able to recognize him whether from afar or from up-close. This was why though he spoke to them more than once yet they did not recognize his voice. Somehow he had returned in a different physical body (it was the 3rd time he showed himself to the disciples after resurrecting).


“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the spirit.”

(John 3:8)

The book of John records an interesting conversation between Jesus and a Jewish scholar named Nicodemus (a Pharisee ruler). Based on John 3:3-4 their dialogue went like this:

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to him: “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Jesus tells Nicodemus that in order to see the kingdom of God he must be “BORN AGAIN”, the words “born again” could be interpreted in many ways of course. Yet, “born again” could refer to coming back in a different body. Incredibly enough, on John 3:4 Nicodemus wonders about entering the womb of his mother a second time. This is tricky. Obviously, Nicodemus could not enter the womb of the woman who was his mother. I assume that the Nicodemus who spoke to Jesus was an old man so, that would mean that his mother was deceased already. This would mean that Nicodemus would not be able to reincarnate on the woman that he knew as his mother. For example, if his mother was named “Elisheba Levi”, at the time of reincarnation Elisheba would not be in the physical world under that identity (under the name an identity of Elisheba).

Incredibly enough, the “Bardo Thodol”, meaning the Tibetan Book of the dead, it speaks about entering the womb a second time. This is what it says in Part II of “the Sidpa Bardo”:

“As above said, the visions of males and females in union will appear. If, at that time, one entereth into the womb through the feelings of attachment and repulsion, one may be born either as a horse, a fowl, a dog (check Job 11:12), or a human being. If [about] to be born as a male, the feeling of itself being a male dawneth upon the Knower, and a feeling of intense hatred towards the father and of jealosy and attraction towards the mother is begotten. If [about] to be born as a female, the feeling of itself being a female dawneth upon the Knower, and a feeling of intense hatred towards the mother and of intense attraction and fondness towards the father is begotten.”…

(Bardo Thodol [the Tibetan book of the dead]. Book II: The Sidpa Bardo. Part II: The process of rebirth. The closing of the door of the womb [the third method of closing the womb door])

On the section called “The choosing of the womb-door” the Bardo Thodol even speaks the place where one will be born at:

“Oh nobly-born, now the signs and characteristics of the place of birth will come. Recognize them. In observing the place of birth, choose the continent too.”

(Bardo Thodol [the Tibetan book of the dead]. Book II: The Sidpa Bardo. Part II: The process of rebirth. The choosing of the womb door [the premonitory visions of the place of rebirth])

On John 3:12 Jesus says the following to Nicodemus: “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” This is self explanatory.


The biggest defense that Christians have against reincarnation is based on what Hebrews 9:27 says.

“And it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,…”

(The Gideons Bible)


(the Zondervan Parallel New Testament in Greek and English.Zondervan Bible 657)

This is a very, very interesting case. Technically, this does not necessarily negate reincarnation; the passage says that men “DIE ONCE” & after that they are judged. Every time a person incarnates he or she is born & eventually this person has to die. When this individual crosses over, his thoughts, his actions, & his behavior are evaluated. So yes, you “DIE ONCE” because every time you are born you have a different identity. For example, if you incarnate as Salma Hayek, you will die “once” as Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek is an incarnation of the “OVER-SOUL” of Salma Hayek (the real “YOU” is beyond names & beyond identities) so she can only die “once” under that identity. In the next incarnation she will assume a new identity and therefore she will also die “once” under such identity. This is one way of looking at it. One thing is certain when it comes to reincarnation: every time you die you undergo judgment. The Bardo Thodol speaks about symbolisms concerning after-death judgment on Book II:

If thou neither prayest nor knowest how to meditate upon the Great Symbol nor upon any tutelary deity, the Good Genius, who was born simultaneously with thee, will come now and count out thy good deeds [with] white peebles, and the Evil Genius, who was born simultaneously with thee, will come and count out thy evil deeds [with] black peebles. Thereupon, thou wilt be greatly frightened, awed, and terrified, and wilt tremble; and thou will attempt to tell lies, saying, ‘I have not committed any evil deed’.

Then the Lord of Death will say, ‘I will consult the Mirror of Karma.’

So saying, he will look in the Mirror, wherein every good and evil act is vividly reflected. Lying will be of no avail. Then [one of the Executive Furies of] the Lord of Death will place round thy neck a rope and drag thee along; he will cut off thy head, extract thy heart, pull out thy intestines, lick up thy brain, drink thy blood, eat thy flesh, and gnaw thy bones; but thou wilt be incapable of dying. Although thy body be hacked to pieces, it will revive again. The repeated hacking will cause intense pain and torture. Even at the time that the peebles are being counted out be not frightened, nor terrified; tell no lies; and fear not the Lord of Death.

(Bardo Thodol [the Tibetan book of the dead]. Book II: The Sidpa Bardo. Part I: The after-death world [the judgment])

So yes, Christianity is definitely not the only religion that believes in after-death judgment.


What does the Bible say about that thing called “the physical plane”? The physical plane is like a quantum computer game that is organized in layers, the game is supervised by an appointed figure.


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

“And the Lord said to Satan, From where do you come? So Satan answered the Lord and said, From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it”.

(Job 2:2)

The appointee’s source of power is the earth, the world, the physical plane. Could he offer Jesus the glory of the world if it wasn’t his? Matthew 4:8 states that he took Jesus to an exceedingly high mountain and he showed him the kingdoms of the world and their glory. The mountain is a world order, there have been many of these “orders” yet they’re all have something in common: Time.

“And the devil said to Him, all this authority I will give you, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish”.

(Luke 4:6)

Why does he offer it? He offers it because he is not really giving you anything, he knows that the physical plane is an illusion of our five limited senses.

Nizin 5 senses0001

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

We perceive this world through five senses:

• the sense of sight (the most important of all).
• the sense of hearing.
• the sense of touching.
• the sense of taste.
• the sense of smell.

“For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father but is of the world.”

(John I, 2:16)

The Upanishads definitely shed light on this subject:

1 – “The mind maybe said to be of two kinds, pure and impure. Driven by the senses it becomes impure; but with the senses under control, the mind becomes pure.

2 – “It is the mind that frees us or enslaves. Driven by the senses we become bound; master of the senses we become free.”

3 – “Those who seek freedom must master their senses”.

4 – “When the mind is detached from the senses when reaches the summit of consciousness”.

(The Upanishads. Amritabindu Upanishad [a minor Upanishdad] 1,2,3,4)

Even the Koran implies that the physical world is an illusion:

“The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception”.

(Sura III. 185)

These senses activate codes in our minds that allow us to perceive the illusion known as “the world”.


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Without these five senses we would just be an immortal-eternal spark consciouss of itself, an electric impulse that would long unity with the Unknown God mentioned in Acts 17:23. This is why we must not project ourselves into the phenomenon known as the world. The world is a battlefield, a gladiator arena, a praetorium. The world is the tool that the Almighty uses in order to refine us and to make us pure. It has always been the way it is & I guess that it will always be.


People who believe in reincarnation, or better said, most supporters of the reincarnation theory believe that the soul incarnates & incarnates until it is perfected. When a soul gets to such undescribable level it no longer needs to descend into the holographic-physical world. This is what some reincarnationists believe. Revelation 3:12 says something extremelly interesting, it says the following:

“He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God. And I will write on him My new Name.”

Let us dissect this impressive text:

• “He who overcomes” = This is the initiate, the “light-bearer” who overcomes all the obstacles of the material world, he is the man who transcends.

• “I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God” = It is said that those who are called ascended masters become guides & judges in the spiritual world.

• “and he shall go out no more” = He will no longer descend into the physical plane to taste the illusion activated by the five human senses.

Doesn’t this sound like graduation from the University of the physical plane? The Bhagavad-Gita also speaks of this graduation:

“From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one who attains to My abode, Oh son of Kunti, never takes birth again”.

(Bhagavad-Gita. Attaining the supreme. Chapter 8:16)



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Here are some powerful words of liberation:

• Matthew 6:25 says:

“Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food & the body more than clothing?”

Matthew 6:25 is saying: Don’t put your trust in the physical world mentioned in Matthew 7:13, see beyond because “believing is seeing”.

• John 6:27 says:

“Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal on Him.”

In other words: the material world that the adversary offered Jesus in Matthew 4:8 is ephemeral. The spiritual world must be the focus (even though the physical world is an “ASPECT” of the spiritual realm).

• Luke 17:33 says the following:

“Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it”. Matthew 7:14 says that the way to real life is difficult & only few find it.

Let’s think about that for a second: whoever “LOSES” his life “WILL PRESERVE IT”. This means that life not only continues after the death of the physical body, it means that life is preserved. “Preserved” means perpetuity.

• Matthew 10:28 says:

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul”.

The soul cannot be destroyed because it is a divine spark, the physical body is just a temporary vehicle that this divine spark uses.

• Romans 8:6 says:

“For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life & peace”.

Peace,…that is what is all about! I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

“The self is realized in a higher state of consciousness when you have broken through the wrong identification that you are the body, subject to birth & death. To be the Self is to go beyond death”.

(The Upanishads. The Kena Upanishad. II: 4)

Thank you for your time.


(Mr Nizin Lopez in Cuba, 2014)

THE WEIRD...0001


Before you read this: if you are not profoundly immersed into the Occult please “DO NOT” read this (seriously). I do not need anyone to believe me. If you want to call me “INSANE” or “SCHIZOPHRENIC”, please go ahead. I am in this ephemeral-physical plane to fulfill the task I was assigned prior to my descent into this gladiator arena. So, if you my dear reader want to go ahead and laugh at me, please,…go right ahead.


“For it is God who is both the initiator OF ALL HUMAN ACTIONS and the recipient of the fruits of those same deeds. It is he who has the power to cancel out the effects of all human actions and thereby to liberate the eternal and undying soul of man from bondage to rebirth and redeath.”

(Death [the final stage of growth], by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. pg 61. published by Simon & Schuster, Inc. New York)

It is not easy for me to write down these words, it takes courage to speak openly about this. Most people, even if they are very “EVOLVED” souls,…most of them would not have the balls to talk about this openly. In my personal case I am a real truth-seeker. A man who truly seeks the Ineffable One must talk the talk and walk the walk. There is no merit in neutrality, either a man walks in the Truth or he does not walk in the Truth. The “Ultimate Truth” is not gratuitous, there is no free ride. Transactions do exist in the spiritual world.

Most spiritualists out there claim to be the reincarnation of a prince, the reincarnation of a king, the reincarnation of a governor, the reincarnation of a celebrity…etc. For the most part you will never hear anyone saying that he or she used to be a street cleaner in India or something like that. Why? Answer: because these individuals are filled with false pride. They are agents of ignorance.

I personally believe that the best thing is to avoid regressions, regressions can have devastating consequences. I did not choose a regression, the regression chose me somehow and on July 7th 2014 I finally understood for once and for all who I was in my previous life. I must say that I discovered was not necessarily cool, I am certainly not proud of some of the things I did back in those days (even though the cultural values of those times were different from the ones of today).

As of July 2014 I must say that there is a sorrow inside of me because of this. As you keep on reading you will understand why. Yes, I am the soul of a brilliant and intrepid individual but I committed atrocities in my previous life. Back in those days I was perceived as a prestigious figure but we are longer living in the times of expansionist Rome, we are in 2014.

I believe that I am the reincarnation of a ceremonial blood-spiller, possibly a priest of Mithras (a “Moloch” kind of priest). I believe that I lived in the Greco-Roman world, I’m not exactly sure in what era or who was the supreme ruler at that time. I believe that I had a strong connection with Persia and I also believe that I inhabited Syria-Palaestina as well. I definitely had something to do with vampiric Jerusalem.

N in Jeru0001

(Nizin Lopez in Jerusalem,..right in front of a Roman column)

I believe that I had some type of connection with the Roman army. I believe that I cut the throats of several human beings and I also believe that I ripped hearts out of human chests “Apocalypto style”.

As I mentioned before, back in those days I was perceived as a noble figure but this would mean that I am the reincarnation of a killer (perhaps I had something to do with the medicine field as well,…anatomical studies?). It is impossible for me to express the ugliness (something like a “spiritual nausea”) that I feel inside of me because of this. I don’t have words,…I am not talented enough to verbalize the somberness I feel….I, Nizin Lopez, a Cuban-American artist of Sephardic-Jewish descent who has no criminal record at all,…I appear to be the reincarnation of a Rakshasa. Sometimes I wonder how could it be possible that a kind and altruistic human being like my-self could be the reincarnation of a militaristic vampire? Yet, it appears to be the truth.

On July 7th of 2002, after doing genealogical research, I realized that I am Halachically born Jewish and I entered the Jewish world. I was circumcised in late 2002 and I visited Israel for the first time (most of the folks that traveled with me through Birthright Israel were “Parsi” Jews). I made Aliyah in 2003 and lived in Jerusalem as an Orthodox Jew. I was not accepted in the IDF. I vibrated in the Jewish world for approximately eight years,… I always had a problem because I am not of pure Hebraic race. Finally, on September 24th 2008 (when I was attending Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown in Fla) my “regression-process” began. September 24th 2008 was my official downfall but at the same time it was my ascension; now I know who I am 110%.

To make the story short, I had friction with the Rabbi of the Chabad Shul I was attending in Miami/Fla (he was born on December 20th 1975 just like me believe it or not). I also made a politically incorrect presentation in a Floridian college around the same time (in the class of a Jewish professor from N.Y). Basically, a small group of Ashkenazi Jews with friends in high places targeted me for destruction. They threw the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Miami Police on me based on a distorted profile that they chose to create. They used my “DARK CREATIVITY” as a weapon against me (and my very traumatic past as well). They made the authorities believe that I am a threat to society, a psychopath. The guys of Law Enforcement chose to believe that I am a freak.

Basically, in their files the authorities have me as a potential serial killer, a potential rapist, a potential child molester, a potential terrorist, a communist…etc. Ever since early 2011 until now my life has been completely destroyed…my adversaries have done everything in their power to put me in jail under false accusations plus they have tried to push me into suicide by gang-stalking the hell out of me (systematic harassment designed to crush a targeted individual emotionally & psychologically).

“Contend not with an influential man, lest you fall into his power. Quarrel not with a rich man, lest he pay out the price of your downfall; for gold has dazzled many, and perverts the character of princes.”

(Sirach 8:1-2)

fla court shit0001

(I sent a letter to the Fla Supreme Court telling them that I am being unjustly harassed by elements of Law Enforcement. They of course refuse to acknowledge that Gang-Stalking takes places in America)

The fact of the matter is that I am faultless (I dislike using the word “innocent”), I have done nothing wrong to deserve that blasting I have gotten so far. I am obviously not a pathological monster, I have no criminal record at all (not in Cuba, not in USA). I have always been a decent guy and I have gone out of my own way to assist others many, many times.

So, why have I been punished like this if I am not guilty? How come this has happened to me in the Land of the free and the home of the brave? Answer: karma. What has happened to me is a spark from my previous incarnation in Rome. I am now paying for all the blood I spilled in those times, that blood is crying out against me. Unfortunately, the guys from the FBI and the Miami Police don’t understand this. I went to the FBI branch in North Miami Beach in person on June 16th 2014, I spoke to them openly and I told them that their profile on me is wrong. I have spoken with different branches of the Miami Police on different occasions (face to face), I have told them that I am not the monster they believe I am. They think I’m full of shit, I see it in their eyes….they just think I’m a freak.

So, as of 2014 I am being unjustly harassed by elements of Law Enforcement. Those Jews in Miami/Fla who hate my guts could not be happier. But I know, yes I know why all this stuff has happened to me: it is the outcome of my previous incarnation in blood-thirsty Rome. I must confess I sliced my own throat on December 26, 2012 and on December 10th, 2013. I used exacto-knives from office depot that are extremely sharp. I bled and bled like a pig, blood cascaded from my neck down to my chest, the floor looked like a garden of red roses. For some reason I did not die (it remains a mystery).

In 2012 I bled and bled for approximately 30 minutes or more, the white mattress I was laying on became red. Then again, I did not die (I ended up in Mental Health). The second time, in 2013, I gravitated towards another Hospital (in South Miami). Now that I look back at this I realize that since I cut people’s necks back in the times of Rome I had to undergo this bitterness so that I would know exactly how it feels like (karmic payback).

I believe this whole “Gang-Stalking thing” was prophesied in my Certificate of Naturalization. The summarization of the digits on the upper-right corner of the certificate equals 36, I was 36 years old when the unjustified harassment began [2011]. The INS Registration number in it also equals 36.

So, what is the solution for my case? I am being unjustly harassed by the Miami Authorities but at the same time, I deserve to be punished for the hideous acts I committed in Rome. What is the solution? Plus, if am guilty of something, why didn’t I die in 2012 or in 2013? Perhaps I have already paid the debt, perhaps I underwent a horrible death in my previous incarnation (tortured, dismembered, eaten by a tiger,…etc). Perhaps I was forced to commit suicide in my past life?….I have undergone many calamities in this current incarnation and I have suffered greatly, so…maybe I have already paid what I owed. All the gang-stalking I have experienced on behalf of the Miami Authorities appear to be the “final stage” of my punishment. I firmly believe that by the time I depart from this current life (meaning when I finally die) I will be completely purified. This means that I will be reborn with a “NICER” karma.

The fact of the matter is that I have evolved. Back in the days of militaristic Rome I spilled buckets of blood but I have hurt no one in this current life (except myself). I have helped many people in this current incarnation and I have endured unspeakable suffering. But here I am! I am alive and kicking! Basically, I have undergone a metamorphosis,…from “BLACK-MAGICIAN” to “MAN OF THE LIGHT” (even though light & darkness complement each other [an eternal game]). All the pain I have undergone in this life was necessary to refine me like silver. Fire does burn but it purifies!

candle weird vibe shit

So, this my dear reader is my reality… I am the reincarnation of a “brilliant” yet “sanguinary” individual. Now as you are reading this you understand what I said at the beginning of this article: it takes “BALLS” to speak openly about reincarnation. Keep in mind also that there must be a reason why I was “REWARDED” with a talent in this life (I am a surreal artist). There must be a logical reason for that. So my dear reader, as you have seen I have been 110% sincere and I have held nothing back. This is why I have the right to call myself “A MAN OF TRUTH”. I, Nizin Lopez, I am Truth incarnate. When you walk in the streets and you look into my eyes you see the Truth because “I AM IT” (I don’t care if I sound arrogant).

So, now I will go ahead and show different things that I personally consider evidence of my past life. Keep in mind that in life the “INITIATE” (a person who understands mysteries) is capable of decoding things that others cannot. The man of Truth can see with his third eye, things are revealed to him by the agents who control our holographic reality. It is impossible to understand the Infinite-Consciousness, yet it is possible to have access to certain levels of information spiritually speaking.

As of 2014 I can say that I came into this physical plane in order to atone for the misdeeds of my previous incarnation. I absolutely abhor any hideous acts committed in my past life. My sincere wish is to be clean. I know that no man can be 100% pure but I do desire to be clean. May God-Almighty, Creator of all things, may He have mercy on my soul and may He guide me to the path of Truth always.


Now, before I continue, it is important that I speak briefly about the ancient cult of Mithras (apparently that was the deity I served). Here are the facts concerning this deity of Indo-Iranian origin:

• Mithraism is a system of solar worship that expanded through Turkey (places like Pontus & Cilicia) and ended up in bloody-sexually perverted Rome. Mithras, the Lord of Light, was extremely popular in the Roman army.
• The name Mithras literally means “contract” (pact, oath, covenant). Mithras is considered “beneath” Ahura-Mazda.
• Mithras is a god of light, a god of fire, his symbol per excellence is the sun (like the Aten of Akhenaton).
• The bull slayer known as Mithras was born out of a rock on December 25th (Gregorian calendar).
• The number 21 is highly significant when it comes to the son of the virgin Anahita-Aban (Mithras’ mother, represented by the color green [Innana]). The Iranian year begins on March 21st of the Gregorian calendar. Let us not forget that Persia’s name was changed to “Iran” (Aryan) on March 21st, 1935 (when the Nazis were blasting Europe).

The men who get involved in Mithraism must undergo seven levels of initiation:

1. Raven-Corax (Mercury). This stage represents the death of the neophyte and his rebirth spiritually speaking. In ancient Persia the bodies of the dead were left on funeral towers so that they could be eaten by ravens.

“Tomb burial was anathema to later Zoroastrians, who held it to be sacrilege to pollute the earth with dead bodies. Instead they exposed the dead on so-called Towers of Silence, to be consumed by birds and animals.”

(A history of Iran [empire of the mind], by Michael Axworthy. pg 16. Basic Books)

2. Bride-Nymphus (Venus). This is the stage of the veil and the lamp, the veil symbolizes the illusion of the material world and the lamp stands for the ultimate Truth (Hail Nymphus, Hail new Light!). The initiate offers “his heart” to Mithras at this point.

“Mithras offered a model, directed exclusively at men, of personal submission. This model was enforced, in evidently dramatic ways, by the humiliation, pain, and fear to which initiates were exposed,…”

(Encyclopedia of religion, Second edition, pg 6091. Lindsay Jones, Editor in chief)

3. Soldier-Miles (Mars). The blindfolded initiate kneels naked (his hands are tied with chicken guts). He is offered a crown at point of sword. Once he is crowned his binding is cut off and his blindfold is removed. He removes the crown from his head and declares that Mithras is his only crown (this is symbolically speaking “the removing of the head”). He is then branded or tattooed in the forehead.

“Most ancient of these was the cult of Mithras, brought to Rome from Persia, some say pirates captured during Pompey’s Mediterranean campaign centuries before. It was the favoured religion of the Roman army. Expressed as a military metaphor, which the legions of light ranged on the side of righteousness and the legions of darkness supporting the adversary of the true god, it made a great appeal to the soldiers. Wherever there was a camp or barracks, there was a statue of Mithras and a place for his worship.”

(The Caesars [the Roman empire and its rulers], by Henry Marsh. pg 142. David & Charles: Newton Abbot)

4. Lion-Leo (Jupiter). In this stage the initiate enters the element of fire, he undergoes fertility rituals with honey and he undergoes ritual meals as well.

“The popular mysteries of Attis, Mithras, and Dionysus all involve killing a victim and eating the body in a sacred initiation.”

(The Highest altar [the story of human sacrifice], by Patrick Tierney. Viking. Pg 442)

5. Persian-Perses (moon). Even though Mithraism is said to have been an “all-male cult” in Rome, this stage is associated with the moon goddess (fertility rituals with honey). In this level of initiation we see the symbol of the sword (used to decapitate the Gorgon).

6. Sol-Heliodromus (Sun). The sun is the eye of Mithras. The initiate is dressed in red symbolizing the fire and blood of life.

7. Father-Pater (Saturn). The Light of Heaven embodied.
In the Rome of Commodus & Elagabalus Mithras was worshipped with human sacrifices and with orgies. They sacrificed men, women, and children. There were plenty of Roman leaders who interacted with Persia one way or another: Trajan, Verus, Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Macrinus, Gordian, Phillip the Arab, Valerian, Julian,..etc.

Keep in mind that Mithraism is a belief system that is somehow connected with other paths such as Freemasonry, Wicca, Druidism, Zoroastrism…the Yezidis, etc.



It is also important that the reader understands the cultural connotations associated with human sacrifices, meaning “ritualistic murder”. The reader must comprehend that there is an abysmal difference between a priest of Dionysus who ritually slaughtered humans and between a cheap criminal of our modern days. A consecrated man who sliced throats in the name of Baal-Hammon would have nothing to do for example with a modern serial killer like Richard Ramirez (the night stalker). Killing is still killing however one puts it but, as I already stated, there is a difference in terms of character.

I shall now go ahead and provide the reader with different examples of ritualistic slaughter from the past:

Samuel II 21:8 says that seven Benjamites had to be sacrificed in order to atone for Saul’s misdeed. The following were offered as a sacrifice: Armoni & Mephibosheth, two of the sons of Rizpah, daughter of Aiah. Five sons of Michal, daughter of Saul.

The black basalt stele of Mesha discovered in Dibon/Transjordan in 1868 sheds light on Mesha’s “reddish” campaigns (the Jordanian Mesha is described as the “son” of Chemosh). The stele has thirty four lines. Line # 10 speaks about an Israelite group called the Gadites who had been dwelling in the region of Atarot for a considerable amount of time. Line # 11 and line # 12 says that Mesha killed the people of the city as “satiation” for Chemosh and for Moab. Line # 16 and line # 17 says that Mesha killed the Israelites dwelling in Nebo, it literally says:

“I killed all of them, 7000 men and male aliens, women and female aliens and female slaves; for I had devoted them to destruction to ‘Ashtar-Chemosh’”.

Mesha was a king-priest, not just a mass murderer.

Homer’s Iliad speaks about the Troyan throats that Achilles slit in order to fulfill his promise to Patroklos. Book 23 of the Iliad (lines 21-28) says the following:

“Patroklos, peace be upon you in the dark where death commands, aye, even there. You see I shall soon have done all that I promised you: I dragged Hektor this far, to give wild dogs his flesh & let them rend it among themselves, & I have brought twelve radiant sons of Troy whose throats I’ll cut, to bloody your great pyre, such fury came upon me at your death”.


(in 335 B.C.E. the Dardanians of Illyria fought aginst Alexander III of Macedon. When Alexander was about to attack them, the barbarians sacrificed six human beings and three black goats. It is incredible but these Illyrians killed three boys and three girls,…they lost the battle anyway)

Here is a glimpse on the atrocities committed by the moon priests of Carthage:

“many scholars simply refused to believe that the horrors that the enemies of Carthage reported actually occurred here, but as the archaeological diggins go on, the emerging picture is one of a highly civilized culture that performed rites which still shock, and defy rational understanding. For now it appears that thousands upon thousands of infants were slaughtered to appease the gods Ba’al Hammon and Tanit. The charred ashes of the victims were swept up into ceramic urns and buried in pits capped with funerary markers (stelae)”

(Carthage [the mysteries and splendors of ancient Tunisia]. David Soren, Aicha Ben Abed ben Khader, Heidi Slim. Simon and Schuster. Part VI [the precint of death]. pg 123).

Human sacrifice was also practiced by the beyond-cruel Scythians:

“Of all their enemies they capture alive in war, they sacrifice one out of every hundred, but in a different manner than they sacrifice animals. They pour wine over the man’s head, cut his throat over a jar, carry the jar up to the pile of sticks, and pour the blood upon the sword. In addition to taking the blood up to the sword, down below, they cut off the right arms of all the men who have been slaughtered and they cast them up in the air. After the other victims have been sacrificed, they depart, leaving behind the arms to lie just where they have fallen, apart from the bodies.”

(Herodotus, Book 4.62.3-4 [Herodotus, Book 4.64.2-4 speaks about how they flayed humans])

Here’s what the Celts did when they interacted with Rome:

“Some tribes have colossal images made of wickerwork, the limbs of which they fill with living men; they are then set on fire, and the victims burnt to death. They think that the gods prefer the execution of men taken in the act of theft or brigandage, or guilty of some offence; but when they run short of criminals, they do not hesitate to make up with innocent men.”

(Caesar, the Gallic Wars. Book VI.16 [customs and institutions of the Gauls])

The book “Beloved and God” by Royston Lambert says that the Romans conducted sacrifices that resemble the horrors of the Druids. Some thought for example that Antinous’ death in Egypt was actually a sacrificial offering for the sake of Hadrian’s wellbeing:

“Dio uses the word hierourgetheis which technically means that Antinous was used as a sacrificial victim whose entrails would be searched and interpreted by magicians and priests for omens concerning the Emperor’s future. As this explanation has been seized upon by those anxious to depict a gory end and Hadrian’s innate cruelty and black superstition, we consider it as seriously as the others. Indeed some background evidence lends credibility to this suggestion. The searching of entrails of animals and birds to ascertain omens and auguries was a common practice in Rome. Various emperors, perturbed about their futures, went further and are said to have slaughtered human beings, especially handsome or noble youths, for this very purpose: Elagabalus (218-222), Didius Julianus (emperor of 193 AD) and Maxentius (306-12) among them.”

(Beloved and God [the story of Hadrian & Antinous], by Royston Lambert. Viking. pg 133)

The excellent book “CITY OF SACRIFICE” by Mr David Carrasco is absolutely enlightening when it comes to the blood freaks of ancient Mexico:

“The templo mayor was the scene of elaborate human sacrifices that increased to large numbers during the last eighty years of Aztec rule. Human sacrifice was based upon a unique and complex religious attitude that is explored in detail in subsequent chapters. In brief, it was believed that the human body was the vulnerable nexus of vital cosmic forces and was filled with divine essences that needed periodic regeneration. One means to this regeneration was called Teomiqui, to die divinely or ‘dying like a god dies’, which meant human sacrifice. Specific parts of the human body, especially the heart, the head, and the liver, contained animistic entities that were gifts and presences of the gods and could be returned to them as gifts through ritual sacrifice. Offerings of the divine fire embedded in the head and the heart were especially crucial for the sun’s continued motion through the heavens and the earth’s subsequent renewal of time, crops, human life, and the divine forces of the cosmos. In some of these sacrifices, human hearts were offered to the sun and the blood was spread on the templo mayor’s walls (as well as other shrines and god images) in order to coat the temple with divine energy. Other parts of the body were also ritually used, including hair, skin, limbs, and the skull. The Aztec rulers were, in general, in charge of this process and had the responsibility of obtaining human victims through war. As we have seen, one paradigm for this process of war, the acquisition of prisoners and escalating human sacrifice, was the myth of Huitzilopochtli’s birth. But this myth alone does not account for the quantity of human sacrifice and the expansion of the templo mayor’s role in this development.”

(City of sacrifice [the Aztec empire and the role of violence in civilization] by Mr David Carrasco. Beacon Press, Boston. pg 73-74)

So, as the reader can see, the folks involved in human sacrifice during ancient times were actually “HOLY” people. They had social status and they certainly were respected by society, they were not considered criminals or even murderers. Keep in mind that in many cases the victims were not necessarily war prisoners, they were people who offered themselves “VOLUNTARILY”. In the times of Carthage for example it was an honor for a family to offer their seed to their Baal-Hammon. They were not forced to do this, they did this out of their own free will. The nocturnal priests of Carthage probably felt like what they were doing was a service to their nation,… (in times of national stress Jewish women in Jerusalem roasted their own children, this is a historical fact).

The fact of the matter is that killing is killing, when a human being spills the blood of another human being (no matter under what circumstances) there are profound karmic consequences. A Druid who for example killed Roman prisoners and consulted his deities through entrails would probably be reincarnated as an unlucky person of moral character (dark karma = calamities). Since he spilled human blood at some point that blood will haunt him everywhere he goes “Abel style”.

A Roman soldier who killed hundreds of Jews during the conquest of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. did what he did because he was told to do it by his superiors, even if he didn’t want to slaughter Judeans he had no choice but to do it. Then again, if he spilled human blood that blood will definitely haunt him in his next incarnation. Killing is still killing. In “The Histories” Tacitus shares a somber incident that took place in Cremona during the Flavian-Vitellian conflict (it resembles a Biblical extermination of Amalek):

“40,000 armed men burst into Cremona, and with them a body of sutlers and camp-followers, yet more numerous and yet more abandoned to lust and cruelty. Neither age nor rank were any protection from indiscriminate slaughter and violation. Aged men and women past their time, worthless as booty, were dragged out in wanton insult. Did a grown up maiden or youth of marked beauty fall in their way, they were torn in pieces by the violent hands of ravishers; and in the end the destroyers themselves were provoked into mutual slaughter.”

(Tacitus, The Histories. Book III.33 [A.D. 69])

In my personal case, I can honestly state that I have had a very dark life. I’m not saying this so that the reader feels bad for me; I’m conveying this information simply because it is the truth. I have undergone lots of challenges in this current incarnation but, my obscure experiences are the karmic outcome of horrors committed in a past life. There is no free ride, a person who spills human blood must pay for that blood; atonement must be made. I want to state very clearly that I am not in any way trying to justify “ritualistic slaughter of human beings”. I am simply trying to make the reader understand the difference between a priestly figure who lived a consecrated life (according to the needs of his time) and between a murderer like James Holmes (a government experimentee).


“Fair Babylon, you destroyer, happy those who pay you back the evil you have done to us! Happy those who seize your children and smash them against the rock!”

(Psalm 137:8-9)

In 1988 the British Death-Metal legends “Bolt Thrower” released an album entitled “In battle there is no law!” Are they right? On July 2014 I found an interesting article in the Miami New Times that dealt with such issue. The article “Hell on the home front” by Michael E. Miller tells the tale of a valiant U.S soldier who served honorably in Iraq. The name of the hero is Nicholas Cutter, by military standards the patriotic Nick was an excellent soldier. He spent approximately fifteen months in the Uruk of Gilgamesh. Nick surely was and is a U.S hero but the fact of the matter is that he spilled buckets and buckets of human blood:

“He would kill Iraquis until their blood drenched their dreams, he would grow angry, then numb, then suicidal. His switch had been flipped. And then it had broken”.

(Miami New Times. July 24-30, 2014. Volume 29/Number 18. Article “Hell on the home front” by Michael E. Miller. Pg 17)

Don’t get me wrong, Muslim extremists, no matter in what country,…they are certainly not nice guys:

“The observatory said Islamic state fighters beheaded two tribesmen after they fled to the nearby village of Shaafa. It also said the militants crucified two men in the town of al-Mayadeen.”

(Miami Hearld. Tuesday, August 12th, 2014. 5A. article: Islamic militants crush tribal uprising, by Bassem Mroue)

Nick didn’t just shoot adult males,…unfortunately he did something (unintentionally of course) that will haunt him even in his next incarnation. This is what the article relates on page 18:

“the next time Nick called home, he was distraught. His platoon had been searching a house for weapons, he said, when a girl began shouting and reached under her abaya. Nick thought she was about to detonate a suicide vest, and in an instant he put a burst of M 16 bullets into her. When the soldiers searched underneath the abaya, however, all they found was a dress dyed scarlet with blood”.

From a mystical perspective it almost seems as if the ancient Anunnaki Lords of Iraq awoke from their dream demanding human sacrifices. How many “Nicks” have there been in the September 11th war? The Iraq war is pretty much a collective human sacrifice ( it came about on March 20th, 2003…one day right before Now Ruz).

Nick certainly is a hero of the United States but the fact of the matter is that he went into a strange land and spilled blood in the name of politics. September 11th is the reincarnation of the “Reichstag fire” of Berlin in 1933 and the Reichstag fire is the reincarnation of Nero’s incendiary passion in 64 A.D. September 11th was, as I already said; a human sacrifice…a sacrifice by fire in order to appease the gods of Persia and Iraq.

Nick died on June 1st 2013 in a VA hospital tormented by the demons he had brought all the way from Iraq. I am not a judge but I believe that in his next life, meaning in his next incarnation, Nick will have to atone for the “collateral damages”. Those killer instincts of him will certainly show up in his next life regardless of his hero-status.

(keep in mind that I am not trying in any way to demonize Mr Nicholas Cutter. God bless Nick and his family)

us journalist being beheaded0001

(Miami Herald. Wednesday, August 20th 2014. Article by Jonathan S. Landay: “Jihadist beheads U.S. man in grisly video”)


“You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth; you shall not bow before them or worship them. For I, the Lord, your God, am a jealous God, INFLICTING PUNISHMENTS FOR THEIR FATHER’S WICKEDNESS ON THE CHILDREN of those who hate me, DOWN TO THE THIRD AND FOURTH GENERATION…”

(Deuterenomy 5:8-9)

A human being is the product of three elements: Environment, biology, and past life experiences encoded in the spiritual DNA. My mother and my father for example could be compared to two conductors of electricity, my mother is the Ying and my father (R.I.P) was the Yang. Some people think that it is racist to even speak about ethnicity or biology but the truth is that DNA is highly significant. I found something interesting in the book “Embraced by the light” by Betty J. Eadie:

I learned that all thoughts and experiences in our lives are recorded in our subconscious minds. They are also recorded in our cells, so that not only is each cell imprinted with a genetic coding, it is also imprinted with every experience we ever had. Further, I understood that these memories are passed down through the genetic coding to our children. These memories then account for many of the passed-on traits in families, such as addictive tendencies, fears, strengths, and so on. I also learned that we do not have repeated lives on this earth; when we seem to “remember” a past life, we are actually recalling memories contained in the cells.

(Embraced by the light, by Betty J. Eadie. Bantam Books. Pg 119)

Betty certainly has an interesting approach when it comes to reincarnation but I believe there is more to it. Yes, it is true that our genes are magnetized by our thoughts and by the thoughts of our ancestors, but there is more to it. Much more!

I shall go ahead and speak about my lineage, I will begin with my mother’s side. My mother is a very honorable and holy woman (she was born in 1948, the year Israel came into existence). Her mother was also a very pure woman, she was a Sephardic Jewess of Turkish background completely assimilated into Cuban culture (she was Catholic). My mother’s father was a decent man, his ancestors were Canarian, Spaniards, Basque, and he had some African too. My mother’s side of the family is pretty much Mediterranean-European. My maternal grandmother was Caucasian and so was her husband.

Most of my good qualities are inherited from these genes and of course the way they raised me counts as well. My artistic talent is definitely inherited from the blood of my grandmother, there is no question about this. My intellectual and psychic qualities emanate mainly from my mother’s side as well.

My father’s bloodline is different and extremely complicated. My father’s mother was an honorable woman who worked very hard to support her family, I have nothing but high respect for her (her name was Angela: like an angel. [she had green eyes]). Her ancestors were Canarian, Spaniards, and African. My father’s father had a similar ethnic background.

There are however certain complications with my father’s genes. There have been at least two individuals in his family that either have committed suicide or have tried to commit suicide. My father fell from a great height in Miami/Fla on June 14th 2001, he died. One of his brothers has tried to kill himself on several occasions; he was born on June 14th (a weird coincidence).


(this is my first ink on paper done in USA [in 1993]. If you look into it you will see a line of men that are throwing themselves off a cliff. I believe that somehow, some way that I cannot even begin to understand this had something to do with my father. Somehow this drawing predicted what took place in 2001)

It is extremely eerie that my biggest artistic influence, meaning Mr Kim Bendix Petersen (King Diamond) was born on June 14th, 1956 (King Diamond is a black magician like Lavey).

Master of masters0001

(King Diamond, the greatest artist in the history of the human race. My biggest influence)

Also, I coincidentally graduated from high school in Miami/Fla on June 15th 1994 (one day after my father’s unfortunate end).


(this photo was taken in Cuba in 2011. I personally believe that that “sphere” you see here is the disincarnate spirit of my father)


My father has no connection at all with Arabs or with Iranians but it is interesting that he and his suicidal brother do have sort of a Syrian/Iranian spark in their eyes. My father’s brother doesn’t even look like a Cuban, he looks like a green eyed Greco/Syrian.

“After crossing into Northern Mesopotamia, Severus embarked his army on ships which took them down to the Euphrates, before marching them overland to Ctesiphon, the Parthian capital. Resistance was slight, and the city was captured and looted by the Roman forces. The men were killed, the women and children-some 100,000 of them-enslaved, and the Parthian treasury emptied of its jewels and valuables. Northern Mesopotamia became once again a Roman province, as it had been in the last years of Trajan.”

(Chronicle of the Roman Emperors [the reign-by-reign record of the rulers of Imperial Rome], by Chris Scarre. Pg 134-135. Thames and Hudson)

Also, it is important to address that though my father had many good qualities (his good qualities were outstanding) he committed several atrocities. When my father was in his teens he used to tie dogs and cats to trees and he would cut their heads off. He would do this just for amusement or to gain popularity with his friends (he had a “Cambyses” spark). I remember that one time he got a white dove and cut off its legs with a pair of scissors, he did this in front of me. The poor bird was flying around trying to land on legs that no longer existed….he did the same thing to a dragonfly.

I also remember that he once woke me up around 3:00 am so that I would accompany and his buddy to hunt dogs. Basically, he would drive around in a truck looking for dogs or cats that would be crossing the street (my father was an electrician) and then he would try to run them over. Thank God I didn’t get to see any of that….!

Now that I look back at all this I realize that my alcoholic father was mentally ill and that he was never treated by a psychiatrist. My father used to abuse my mother and I psychologically. My poor mother,…she suffered greatly under his tyranny. Here’s a little list I made of his atrocities:

1 – He burned my English Encyclopedia, many of my books, all my comic books (this was unavailable in communist Cuba), my coin collection was thrown in the trash, all my rare stamp collection…etc. All my collection of rarities went to hell.

2 – One time when he was very drunk he turned my portrait upside down and said that I was not his son (this definitely is a reincarnation issue).

3 – One time when I didn’t know how to make the math homework he made me walk back and forth on my knees (with corn seeds under my knees). I don’t believe that my hands were tied behind my back but he ordered me to put them behind me as if they were tied (this was like a dungeon-torture kind of thing).

4 – When he wouldn’t like something my mother and I would do, he would push us around. I remember that he broke oil lamps and radios in front of us. I remember shattered pieces of glass flying all over the living room… when my mother was pregnant he pushed against the bathroom door. I remember seeing all those things….

5 – My father cheated on my mother several times. Sometime around 1997 or 1998 (in Miami/Fla) he brought a woman into our apartment and slept with her even though I was present (my mother was in Cuba at the time). When he was done he asked me if I wanted to have sex with her because she apparently desired me (if you look into Caesar’s Gallic Wars you will see that the ancestors of Churchill did this kind of stuff too: Book V.14). I of course rejected the offer because it my eyes the whole thing was absolutely repulsive. Something like this would have probably been perceived as “normal” in the days of Mithridates Eupator but we are not living in those days.

6 – My father tried to sleep with the wife of one of his closest relatives. When I was told of this I felt a great shame even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it (I felt like vomiting when this happened in 1993). In other words, my progenitor had what I call a “serious disorder”. I don’t believe that this is necessarily a “family gene thing”…, I think it is information encoded in his spiritual DNA; it derives from his past life.

Incredibly enough, when my father passed away in 2001 he was working for an Israeli Jew, I thought that was a really strange thing. Since my father fell from a great height his death reminded me of the Jews who were forced into horrors back in the days of Vespasian:

“If Eleazar and his colleages fell into Roman hands they could expect to suffer death by crucifixion or some other method inflicted with exceptional cruelty. Instead, on the first day of Passover in April 74 nine hundred and sixty of them, including women and children, died at the hands of each other: ten were chosen to kill the rest, then one of the ten killed the nine others, and finally he committed suicide.”

(Rome and Jerusalem [the clash of ancient civilizations] by Martin Goodman. pg 436. Vintage Books)

Keep in mind that I am not sharing this sensitive information to dishonor my progenitor (God forbid!). He is my father no matter what. I am sharing this because I am a man of Truth and a man of Truth holds nothing back even if it is not convenient for him. Basically, since I committed atrocities in my past life, I had to return as the son of a mentally ill man. There were times in my life when I use to wonder:

“How come I ended up being the son of such disturbed man if I have been such a nice guy all my life?”

The truth is that I deserved it. It is part of my punishment plus it is a spark connected to my past life. Since I used to shed human blood in my past incarnation, I was reborn as the son of a disturbed man. It is no accident that I have been in more than two psychiatric institutions in Miami/Fla. I cut my own throat with an exacto-knife on December 26 2012 and on December 10th 2013 (suicide was very common in the times of Rome). The wounds on my neck were very, very severe and I bled for more than thirty minutes. But, somehow I survived. This happened because the FBI and the Police were gang-stalking me heavily at the time, they were pretty much forcing me to commit suicide (since they couldn’t incarcerate me under false accusations they stressed me out as much as possible so that I would hurt myself).

Then again, even the gang-stalking thing is a spark of my past incarnation, I have done nothing to deserve this unjust and freaky harassment in this current life. So, as you have seen, blood does matter! The genes you carry possess the information of all your ancestors plus also a spiritual spark from the most recent incarnation.

I find it fascinating that back in Cuba I use to live in apartment 25 and 25 is Mithras’ number. The Persian god Mithras is said to have been born of Anahita on December 25th of the Gregorian calendar (I was born on December 20th 1975). I lost my virginity in that apartment to a woman who was married to a cop, she was born on May 25th (May: month of Taurus).

Keep in mind also that my first suicide attempt took place on December 26, 2012,…(pretty much December 25th!) I didn’t know anything about Mithras at the time. The date of my official downfall (after I had gotten into the whole Jewish thing) was on September 24th 2008. 9 + 2 = 11. 11 + 4 = 15. 15 + 2 = 17. 17 + 8 = 25.

The regression process to my past incarnation took place on that date when I officially changed the name Nizin Lopez to a “Hebrew version” of it (in a desperate attempt to be accepted by the Jewish people [it was a horrible mistake of course]). Coincidentally, my father was born on September 22nd,..this somehow coincided with the name change thing and with my official downfall. I started being investigated by the FBI and the Miami Police around 2008 when I joined the synagogue of a Chabad Rabbi who is very, very well connected. That Israeli Rabbi (he was born on 12/20/1975 just like me) is the official author of my bitter gang-stalking experience. I will never forget his name: Shmuel Gopin.

It is unbelievable,…my father died when he was working for an Israeli Jew and the folks who pulled the strings in order to get me gang-stalked were Jews too! This is definitely an offshoot of my past life, no question about it. My father and I arrived in the U.S on January 7th 1993, some cultures consider this date the day of the “Magi” (that date is also attributed to the Afro-Cuban warrior deity Eleggua which appears to be of Egyptian origin).

Note: I am extremely grateful to my father for bringing me to the United States of America. We came in a fragile boat and underwent horrors in the sea (we almost died). We left Cuba on December 6th 1992 and made it to the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave in early 1993. If it wouldn’t have been for my father I would still be rotting in communist Cuba.

crossing the Atlantic

(this ink on paper represents my voyage from Cuba to USA)

My Certificate of Naturalization says: September 2, 2000. I believe this is a “spiritual imprint” connected to my father since he was born on September 22nd (9-2-2000 = 9-22).

So, once again: lineages do matter when it comes to studying reincarnation.



The number 21 has always been present in my life. 21 is, as I previously mentioned, the number of the Afro-Cuban deity Eleggua. Yet, after July 7th 2014 I realized that this particular number is a Persian spark from my past incarnation since March 21st marks the beginning of the Persian year (I received the Eleggua initiation in May 1st 2011, in the month of Taurus). Here’s a little list I made of significant things in my life connected to the number 21:

1 – I was born on December 20th 1975 (winter solstice). In the Hebrew calendar this date is equivalent to 5736. 5 + 7 + 3 + 6 = 21. My birthday almost falls on the Persian festival of Yalda which is celebrated on December 21st (the “eve” of Mithras birthday on December 25th).

eleggua for the stuff

(on top of my Cuban birth certificate you see the number 21 plus this document was released on December 21st 1994. Keep in mind that December [12] is 21 in reverse)

2 – My father’s mother passed away in Cuba on December 31st 1991 (around the time of my birthday). My father and I left Cuba in a boat on December 1992 and arrived in USA on January 7th 1993. This date (January 7th) is also associated with Eleggua who is symbolized by number 21 as we already know. January 7th 1993: 17 + 1993 = 2010. 2010 = 21.

3 – My father passed away on June 14th 2001. 2001 is pretty much 21 plus the birthday of Eleggua is the day right before June 14th (June 13th). My father was born on a September 22nd, he was almost born on a 21st (in the times of Themistocles, Xerxes’ army left Greece on September 22nd). Plus, the Persian festival of Mithras called “Mihregan” begins on September 21st. By some miracle I became a citizen of the United States of America on September 20th 2000, the day right before the beginning of the Mihregan festivity and two days before my father’s birthday (9-22nd). Keep in mind that the number 22 is encoded in this date (9-20-2000 = 9-22).

4 – The summarization of my social security number equals 12 and 12 is 21 in reverse.

5 – My mother’s mother (my dear grandma) passed away on March 21st, the exact date of Now Ruz! Keep in mind that her parents were born in Istanbul/Turkey. My grandma’s parents are buried in Acco/Ptolemais (Israel) which has always been a location of gentiles.

6 – My grandma’s husband (my dear grandpa) was born on a “November 21st” and passed away on April 21st (the prosecution at Nuremberg began on November 21st, 1945).

Nov 21st0001

(on Nov 21st, 2014 I somehow gravitated towards a book that deals with a Yugoslavian freelance torturer and killer. The minute I opened the book [in the Introduction] I ran into the date “Nov 21st, 1945,…the date of the Nuremberg prosecution. How is it possible that this happened on my grandpa’s birthday? A message from the universe?…)

7 – My mother’s sister (who has been in the Cuban armed forces) was born on December 21st, one day after my birthday. Once again, December 21st marks the beginning of the Persian festivity of Yalda.

8 – My aunt’s husband (a military officer who had studied in Russia) was born on an April 21st just like my grandpa (Russia = Scythia. Scythia has connections with the Medes & with the Persians). Both my aunt and her husband have an affinity for Bulgaria (Thracia, former territory of Macedonia), they don’t know why.

9 – On July 7th 2002 I discovered that I am Halachically born Jewish and got totally immersed into Judaism. In early 2011 I started being gang-stalked by Law Enforcement elements in Fla, this strings were pulled by a small group of Floridian Jews. On July 7th 2014 I became convinced that I am the reincarnation of Parsi-Roman flavor (July is equivalent to number 7). 7 + 7 + 2014. 2014 = 2 + 1 + 4 = 7. July 7th 2014 is therefore 777 which is in turn 21 (the Persian number that has followed me all my life).

Incredibly enough, on July 7th 2014 I found a cash 3 ticket that had the number 777 on it:

cash three 7770001

(I found 777 on 777)

I could go on and on mentioning things and events in my life associated or directly connected with the number 21. It is more than obvious that I have been “marked”. The energy of my previous incarnation haunts me in this life. This is, without any doubt in my mind whatsoever, a Persian spark associated with Rome. I am absolutely and totally convinced of this (this is why I was not able to fully enter the Jewish world spiritually speaking). The Israelis always suspected me of being a crypto-Arab working for the Cuban government but what they will never understand is that their radar was detecting signals “from a past life”.

I’m pretty sure that by now some of the people who have read these writings of mine think I am absolutely insane. That’s ok. On July 23rd 2014 (on the 25 of Tammuz in the Hebrew calendar) I discovered some fascinating information in a book entitled “Buried London” by William Thompson Hill. In page “25” (25 like the birth of Mithras) the book speaks about an archaeological discovery connected to Mithraism in 1954 (they found a statue of Mithras). This is what it says about the Mithras temple found in Walbrook/London:

“At this stage publicity overtook the excavators, much to their surprise. On September 18 the marble head was found which was to make the site famous. This came to light just within the north-west corner of the building, only a few feet below a modern cellar floor which had served as a protection to the entire structure. The head wore a Phrygian cap; and when on September 21 the throat and neck were found belonging to the same statue (for they fitted perfectly), little doubt remained that the god Mithra or Mithras was represented and that the sculpture had formed part of an important sanctuary group. Other finds followed quickly. At dusk on Sunday evening, September 26, Mrs Audrey Williams detected the top of a grey marble head. It was that of a youth and could be described at first sight as male or female.”

(Buried London [Mithras to the Middle Ages], by William Thompson Hill. Pg 25. Phoenix House LTD London)

So you see my dear reader, I’m not the only one who is running into strange synchronicities. Is it by chance that this head of Mithras was joined to its neck on September 21st? As I have previously mentioned, the Persian festival of Mihregan begins on September 21st. Then on September 26 they discovered another statue,…26 is not too distant from 25, the number of Mithras’ birthday! So obviously, I’m not the only one running into eerie coincidences.

For those of you who still think that there is no such thing as synchronicity, there must be a logical reason why the war on Iraq came about March 20th, 2003. March 20th, exactly one day before Now Ruz! Iraq used to be part of the Persian empire and Afghanistan also used to be part of it. Is it by chance that the leader of the Western world chose that particular date? The elite that runs the U.S government, they know what they are doing,…they know it very well.



Now that I am 38 years old I look at my artwork with different eyes, especially after my “beyond incredible” discovery on July 7th 2014. All those paintings and all those drawings I have made throughout the years,..they are ultimately an expression of my subconscious. Basically, I can say that my artwork is a “PORTAL” to my past incarnation (or maybe I should say past incarnations [plural])

Here’s a little analysis I have made. Keep in mind that when I did all these paintings and drawings I had no clue of Mithraism, Persia, or Rome. Yes, it is true that I have devoured many books throughout the years but the artwork that you see here was not designed to honor ancient Iraq, Persia, or Rome,…whatever vibes you see here just came about somehow…I was just channeling information.


nizin logo0001

(my old-school logo)

The logo you see here was created in Cuba sometime after 1987. As you can see it is composed of a letter “M” and a letter “T”, the letters are contained witin a circle. “M” stands for the Spanish word “mudre” (rotting) and “T” stands for the Spanish word “total”. This basically translates as “rotten to the core” (like the song from the Thrash-Metal band “OVERKILL”). Rotten to the core pretty much means something like “THE REAL DEAL”.

Some people have said to me that I copied this logo from the progressive Rock band “Dream Theater”. The first time I ever heard of this band was in 1993 when I arrived in the U.S. There is no way in hell I would plagiarize somebody else’s’ work, I’m not that kind of person. My integrity cannot be questioned.

Anyways, the interesting thing is that now that I look back at this I see something of a different scent. The letters “M” & “T” remind me of the name Mithras: “M”-I-“T”-HRAS. At the same time “M-T” rings a bell when it comes to “Mithras Tauroctonous”. M-T could also remind one of “Meter” (M-e-T-er).

Could it be that this symbol was something embedded in my subconscious all the way from my past life? Like I said, this symbol does not prove anything when it comes to reincarnation but,… I personally find the whole thing eerie.



This acrylic on canvas was done in Hialeah/Fla for a Cuban family (a work for hire). As you can see the girl is wearing a wedding dress. Back in the days when I used to live in Cuba my grandmother use to rent wedding dresses for a living.

I remember one special night when I was laying on my grandma’s bed reading (her room operated pretty much as the dressing room during daytime) and then all of a sudden an oil lamp that was next to me blew up by itself. I was not scared but I was shocked. My family was in the living room watching TV and they heard the sound of shattered glass, my aunt came to the bedroom and I told her what happened. The funny thing is that she believed me, they knew that some weird things have taken place in that house. I was more or less five years old at the time.

Many years later, on September 17th 2013, when I was living right next to a Persian Mosque in South Miami/Fla, something similar happened. On September 16th I had lit seven candles right next to my bed, five white ones, one red one, and one black one. On the morning of September 17th the red candle blew up by itself. This happened as I said, right next to my bed and I was fully awake. This automatically reminded me of my early childhood experience in Cuba.


(this is the red candle that blew up by itself next to my bed)

It is interesting that the 2013 event took place seven days before my father’s birthday (he was born on September 22nd). I believe the unexpected explosion of the red candle had something to do with the disincarnate spirit of my father. I have no evidence to prove it but I believe I am right.

Also, as of 2014 I believe that the explosion of the oil lamp (during my childhood) had something to do with an ancestral spirit, a spirit that has been transferred to me genetically. Obviously, it is a product of my reincarnation. The second stage of Mithraic initiation is called “Nymphus”, meaning “bride”. On this level the initiate also holds a lamp symbolizing Mithras’ light. Well, my grandmother of Jewish/Turkish background use to rent wedding dresses (veils pretty much) plus an oil lamp blew up by itself in her room (which operated as the dressing room),….isn’t this too much of a coincidence?

“A man or a woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”

(Leviticus 20:27)

This means that ever since I was a child I have been haunted by the ‘fire’ of my past life (during my teen years I once had a “possession” type of experience [heavy bodily contortions], it was something like the stuff described in Herodotus Book I.167.1-2).



This extremely complicated drawing was done in Atlanta/Ga in 2001 right after my father had passed away. I started working in a warehouse and there I met a mysterious people called “the Bosnians”. They were from Yugoslavia. At that time I had never heard the name “Bosnia” before, I knew nothing of their history or of the calamities they had undergone in the 90’s. They were very kind to me, especially after they found out that I had a connection with Turkey.

Now that I look back at this I realize that the Bosnians are descended from ancient Persians in the same way that Croatians and Serbians have Iranian blood as well. Ezra 5:3 mentions an ethnic group of Persian flavor called “Shetar-Boznai”…it is no accident that I met them and that there was chemistry between them and I. They liked me very much (this happened before I got into Judaism). I was kind of shocked in late 2014 when I discovered that during the Balkan wars (1992-1993) Iran sent weapons to the Bosnians through Croatia (the name “Zagrev” emanates from the “Zagros” mountains of Iran).

Alexander reddish0001

(in 324 B.C.E Alexander III arranged a massive intermarriage between his soldiers and women of the Persian empire. 10,000 Greeks & Macedonians mingled with Asian females. All that Persian blood ended up in what is Yugoslavia today)

As of 2014 I realized that the tetra-gematria drawing depicts a seven ray sun in the center. In the sixth level of Mithraic initiation (Heliodromus) a seven ray crown is used. Right in the center of this seven-ray sun I used an occult symbol representing something like the eye of the sun. I had seen that symbol (the circle with the dot in the center) in a book by C.W. Leadbeater entitled “the astral plane”.

katrina law mira0001

Now that I look back at this I realize that in Mithraism the sun is referred to as “Mithras’ eye”. It is a very eerie coincidence that I somehow did this drawing exactly when I was interacting with the Bosnians….


(I incinerated this mystical symbol in my forehead: the eye of the Truth)

I want to make sure the reader understand that at that time, meaning in 2001, I still did not know that I was technically born Jewish. This particular ink on paper ended up being sold to an Ashkenazic Jewish widow who had lost her only son.

This is an ink on paper I did in August 2015. This sixteen pointed sunburst is the national emblem of Macedonia, it sort of resembles the sun wheel of “Tetra-Gematria”.


Could it be possible that my mind’s eye is remembering something from a past life? The Greco-Macedonians conquered the Persian empire in the times of Alexander III.


the tree

(painting donated to “Or ve Shalom”)

As I have already mentioned before, on July 7th 2002 I realized that I am a Halachic born Jew. Sometime after that I concluded that the most accurate manifestation of Judaism was the orthodox branch plus I also realized that I needed to attend a “Sephardic” synagogue and not an Ashkenazi one. Since I was studying in Atlanta at the time I began frequenting a Shul called “Or ve Shalom”.

“Or” means light in Hebrew, this rings an automatic bell when it comes the Mithras, the Lord of Light. This synagogue was coincidentally located in a place called “North Druid Hills”. They obviously have nothing to do with Celts or Druids of course but now that I look back at this I think the coincidence is kind of spooky (especially when we understand that the Celts practiced human sacrifices).

It is fascinating that the minute I showed up in this synagogue there was an inauguration of a Sefer Torah from Iraq. Incredible, it was as if my presence evoked it! My Sephardic-Argentinean Rabbi actually put me in charge of decorating this Sefer-Torah (he ended up as the Rab of a great Parsi-synagogue in Great Neck/New York). In other words, this thing had an intrinsic connection with me! I remember that as a kid a Cuban doctor named Olga gave me a black and red long-sleeve that she bought for me in Iraq (she worked there for some time). Then in 2002 Iraq was coming my way once again….a spark from my past life?


I donated this acrylic on canvas to Or ve Shalom. The painting depicted of course Jewish themes but now that I look back I see things in it that I did not see at the time. As of 2014 I realize that I depicted a beautiful burning flame. This blaze sort of looks like a letter “Shin” (a Hebrew letter that automatically reminds us of “Esh” which means “Fire”). Not only that, the serene blue flame is burning in a tree. At that time, meaning when I did this painting, I intended to reflect the Biblical burning bush issue. Then again, as of 2014 I see Persian holy fire and a potential spark of Druidism in the tree…



This black and white drawing was done in Hialeah/Fla sometime before I migrated to Israel in 2003. My intention with this drawing was to honor Israel and the Jewish people with a Bar Kochba type of patriotism. As the years have passed I now realize that I subconsciously downloaded ‘past life’ information into it. The Menorah itself is a symbol of fire and light, it is absolutely connected to ancient Iranian fire worship. In fact, the word “Menorah” sounds like “Amon-Ra”. Ra was the sun god of the Egyptians and the sun is of course equivalent to fire and light (the Menorah has seven branches like the seven levels of initiation in Mithraism).


(Jewish war captives carrying the Temple lampstand in the triumphal procession. Arch of Titus, Rome. Alinari)

On the top center of this ink on paper we can see a closed fist of “Kahana flavor” burning in black fire (like the black sun venerated by the German mystics). I didn’t know anything about German occultism at the time but the black flame is like the black sun of the Germani. Right behind this fist there is a brilliant sun as well. Now that I look back at this I realize I did this subconsciously. The Jews only venerate the sun every 28 years so,…this “Helios-symbolism” that I used here is definitely an emanation from my past life memories (on April 8th 2009 I did the prayers for Birkat Chachamah [the blessing of the sun]).

If you notice I drew a lion in the middle representing the famous lion of Judah. Then again, the lion is, as we have seen, a very potent symbol in Mithraism. Keep in mind that this lion is made out of fire as if it was a sun in itself.

To the left of the drawing we see a sword entwined with DNA design. I’m not sure what made me draw a sword but I certainly know that some kind of blade was used in the pro-Mithras human sacrifices that took place in Rome.

The candelabra that I depicted in this particular artwork was a Menorah, not a “Hanukiah” (the Hanukiah was nine branches instead of seven). Chanukah is, as we all know the Jewish festival of lights that falls around November-December. It is supposed to take place on the 25th of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar (the number 25 automatically reminds us of Mithras’ birthday on December 25th). The book of Maccabees states that the Greco-Syrians of Antiochus Epiphanes erected pagan altars in Jerusalem. Maccabees I, 1:59 says that on the 25th of each month they sacrificed on the altar erected over the altar of holocausts. This certainly reminds us of Mithras’ birthday!


(this is a study I made of the “Mizbeah”, this acrylic on canvas was done in a classroom of Machon Meir)

If we look in the 2nd book of Maccabees we will see that Judaism is definitely influenced by the fire worshippers of Persia:

“We shall be celebrating the purification of the temple on the 25th day of the month of Chislev, so we thought it right to inform you that you too may celebrate the feast of booths and of the fire that appeared when Nehemiah, the rebuilder of the temple and the altar, offered sacrifices. When our fathers were being exiled in Persia, devout priests of the time took some of the fire from the altar and hid it secretly in the hollow of a dry cistern, making sure that the place would be unknown to anyone. Many years later, when it so pleased God, Nehemiah, commissioned by the king of Persia, sent descendants of the priests who had hidden the fire to look for it. After the material for the sacrifices had been prepared, Nehemiah ordered the priests to sprinkle with the water the wood and what lay on it. When this was done and in time the sun, which had been clouded over, began to shine, a great fire blazed up, so that everyone marveled.”

(Maccabees II. Chapter I:18-22)

These Jewish rituals definitely possess a Zoroastrian smell…! So yes, I believe that this black and white drawing that I did back in the days when Israel was my God,…I believe this drawing has a spark from my past incarnation (keep in mind that “Kislev” is symbolic of either Orion or Sirius).


(on March 21, 2015, on Now Ruz, a calamity fell upon an Orthodox Jewish family of New York. Seven of their children died in a fire, a huge blaze. Their mother was not able to save them and the father was on some kind of “spiritual retreat”. Could it be possible that the spiritual DNA of this family goes all the way back to fire worshipping Persia? They died on “Now Ruz” in a time when Iran is all over the news [this family is either Mizrachi or Sephardic]. Check the Wall Street Journal, Monday, March 23, 2015. Vol. CCLXV No.67)


(this “fiery” acrylic on canvas was given to a Jewish friend of Greek origin who lives in Israel)




What you see here is a black and white mural I did in a Judaica located in Miami/Fla. I can’t remember when I did it exactly. As you can see there is really nothing special or super-creative about this mural. Then again, now that I look back at this I realize that the main compositional element in this mural is the Hanukiah, meaning the lights. The element of fire comes up once again,…somehow I keep on using it! This is not something that the guys from the Judaica requested of me, I just kind of did it. Why is it that I always incorporate fire elements into my artwork? My past life memories?



What you see here is one of my best works of art ever, it was done in Jerusalem sometime around 2003 while I attended the yeshiva “Machon Meir”. As you can see, this ink on paper is intrinsically complex. When I did this drawing I of course intended to honor the Jewish cause through Biblical symbolism, I tried to illustrate the vision found in Ezekiel 1:10:

“Their faces were like this: each of the four had the face of a man, but on the right side was the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox, and finally each had the face of an eagle.”

As of 2014 I see new things in this drawing; things that of course never crossed my mind before. I think that it is unusual that I somehow used the lion symbol and the bull symbol, both are associated with Mithraism as we already know. The is a bright sun that shines from behind the human head,…and at the bottom there is an eagle that definitely reminds one of Rome. For some reason I put a rock in the middle, it coincides with the element that gave birth to Mithras. The most shocking thing to me is that on the upper-left hand corner of the drawing there is a hand holding a sword, the hand is also grasping a cord. This certainly reminds one of the 3rd degree of Mithraism in which the soldiers’ bindings are cut off with a single stroke. This surely is weird! The drawing in itself is very militant, I guess it feels that way because I was attending a militaristic-Zionist yeshiva. It is perplexing that the logo of Machon Meir somehow contains a sun. Isn’t that incredible?



(acrylic on canvas)

This is a work of art that I’m very proud of, I made it approximately on 2007 if I am not mistaken. This acrylic on canvas was a work for hire, it was done for a vocalist with the family name Espineira (the son of a brilliant doctor). I have known him since childhood. Mr Espineira gave me absolute freedom in this project but he reinstated that he wanted the ”goddess-woman” element, his band was called “Anabel’s Fate” (he has a statue of the Hindu goddess “Kali” in his apartment). It is interesting that though he did not request it, I painted a gorgeous flame emanating from her forehead. I’m not exactly sure why I did it but I did it. Once again: the “FIRE” element.

The reader must understand that this project didn’t just happen by chance. Even though Mr Espineira is a Hispanic there is something Middle Eastern about him,…some kind of spark. He is a fan of Greece and Rome plus he is very much into Celtic mythology. He has a sun tattooed on one of his arms, keep in mind that the sun is a Persian symbol. When Mr Espineira was a child he sang in a Cuban TV show called “QUE SIEMPRE BRILLE EL SOL” (let the sun always shine). On top of this his stepfather is named “Iran” even though he is a Cuban Catholic with no Middle Eastern roots at all. Actually, Mr Iran is sort of related to me in a way (the wife of my grandmother’s brother is related to him). This is definitely karmic! It is no accident that Mr Espineira was very pleased with a painting that looks like a portrait of Anahita…I’m even going to say that there is something Persian about Mr Espineira, definitely! (Mr Espineira is an astrology expert).



This black ink on paper was done in Hialeah/Fla, I can’t remember when I did it exactly. The drawing depicts a Baphomet made out of flames and from his forehead emanates a torch. In other words, this representation of Azazel is absolutely connected to the element of fire. Somehow I always keep on repeating that pattern,…the fire element.



(acrylic on canvas)

This is a very complex work of art, it is very hard to explain it but I’ll try. I did this painting sometime in 2011 in a tattoo shop located in Miami Gardens. I did not intend to make this a “Jewish painting” but I certainly incorporated some Hebraic flavor into it. This painting was about transactions in the gladiator arena known as life, it is a “human sacrifice-painting” from a symbolic perspective. On the very top we see the eye of the Ineffable One receiving the pure offering, at the bottom we see the sacrifice, the nuclear explosion represents the suffering of the human race. The altar at the bottom certainly has a connection with the Mizbeah of the Beit ha Mikdash.

As of 2014 I of course see new things in it, I see elements of my subconscious that I did not see before. The eye could be interpreted as Mithras Himself since the sun is considered the eye of Mithras (the eye is yellowish and orange like the sun itself). The two hands on the top are doing the “Birkat Kohanim” (priestly blessing),…perhaps I always repeat this “priest thing” because that it what I apparently was in my past life, a priestly figure….the nuclear explosion certainly represents what Mithras is all about: fire. There are even candles burning on the bottom right part of the painting.

At the bottom we see the skulls of the sacrificial victims, a holocaust of pleasing aroma to the Lord of Light…for some reason that I cannot understand I even depicted the Hebrew letter “Tav” on the altar, this letter stands for “T” (like Mi-T-hras). Plus, I painted a red thunderbolt on it as well, I’m not even sure why I did that….


(notice the hebrew letter “Tav” and the thunderbolt)

The pure sacrifice that the deity is receiving is the greenish flower. When I did this painting I thought of this flower as some type of fertility thing,…I’m not even sure. As of 2014 I see something else in it. I see this flower as the essence of a human sacrifice: the heart. The Aztecs for example used to refer to human hearts as “precious eagle cactus fruit” (a plant). In fact, the mother of red Mithras is Anahita and she is represented with the color green.


(the beautiful green flower)

The name for the “heart-chakra” in Yoga is “Anahata” (a green chakra like the upper stripe of the flag of Iran). I believe all the stuff I put in this painting is really an emanation of my subconscious. This artwork certainly is a vision from my past life.

eagle mandala

(here’s an ink on paper depicting the eye-sun symbol…)



This acrylic on canvas was done around 1999 if I am not mistaken, it was done in Hialeah/Fla. What you see here is a mystical representation of the content found in Luke 13:24 (the narrow door of the initiates). Please understand that at that time I still didn’t know that I am Halachically born Jewish, I was attending a Pentecostal church.

The lion represents Judah, obviously. As the years have passed and as I have decoded my strange existence, I have seen new things in this painting. I now notice that this lion is burning in fire like a bright sun that cannot be extinguished. In fact, right behind the flame-lion there is a dawn. Could it be that this is a flashback of the Persian lion identified with solar worship? The lion depicted on the ancient flag of Persia holds a saber, meaning a sword. For some reason that I cannot understand I painted two swords in front of this fiery-lion. Then on top of this, this lion is sitting on some kind of volcanic rock. When I did this painting I meant to represent the baetyl that Jacob anointed but now that I look at this with new-refreshed eyes; I see the rock that gave birth to Mithras.

It is also interesting that this painting depicts a duality, like the forces of light and darkness. This definitely reminds me of Ahura Mazda (Persian deity associated with Light) and of Ahriman (Persian deity associated with the dark side). Of course this is not what I intended to do when I did this painting back in 1999 but it certainly rings a bell.

It is funny that around 2005 or 2006 a friend of mine took me to a car dealer in Hialeah that was owned by Iranians. I found out that the owners were Iranians when I saw the old Persian flag hanging on the wall of their office. I went there not knowing what car I was going to get, somehow,…by some strange miracle I purchased a blue “Mazda”! (at that time I was working for a company owned by a Hispanic of the family name “LEON” [Leon = lion])

If this is not weird enough, the same guy who took me to that car dealer asked me for help carrying some heavy stuff approximately in 2010. To my surprise, we ended up in the house of Iranian-Zoroastrians that had migrated to the U.S from India…this certainly is unusual.
So, I believe that the “burning lion” painting is a spark from my past incarnation, no question about it.



(acrylic on canvas)

What you see here is one of my most positive and “luminous” paintings of all time (usually my artwork has a depressing feel). This acrylic on canvas was done sometime around 1999 if I’m not mistaken. This artwork pretty much depicts the throne of the Infinite Consciousness, at least that was my interpretation of it at the time. There is a seven-ray burning light, a light of purity, a light of undeniable Truth (Heliodromus?). The throne itself is some sort of diamond-like artifact and it has seven edges. Then right in front of it we see seven spheres organized in a pyramidal structure, this reminds me of course of the seven levels of initiation in Mithraism plus it reminds me of the Menorah lights as well (remember that when I did this painting I didn’t know I was technically born Jewish).

Basically what we have here is the following:

• An ultra-bright sun of purity of seven rays.
• A throne of seven edges.
• Seven holy spheres.

This is 777 and 7 + 7 + 7 = 21 (we already know that 21 is absolutely connected with ancient Persia). Remember also that the main color in this painting is blue. The Yezidis of Iraq avoid wearing dark blue because they say it is too holy (this is just an observation of mine, nothing else).



(acrylic on canvas)

This is one of my favorite paintings, I did it in Atlanta/Ga sometime in 2002 prior to my discovery of Judaism. The human figure you see here is standing in a “pentacular” position as if he is inside a Wiccan pentagram. Behind him there is a burning sun. I’m not sure why I chose to paint a volcanic looking sun behind him but I did,…somehow I keep on repeating this “sun-pattern” in my artwork throughout the years….


purifying agent

(acrylic on canvas)

This artwork was done in Hialeah/Fla sometime after I left Israel in 2004. I wouldn’t say that this painting is inspired by the phenomenon known as the “Shoah” or that I did it to honor the famous six million, I just did it. Obviously, this is a very dark and bitter painting, this is a representation of human suffering in general. What is perplexing, at least in my humble opinion, is that I once again used the “eye symbol” and that I used the “candle symbol” as well. There is a candle burning right in front of the eye and there are other candles burning as well. Remember that Mithras is considered “the eye of the sun”.



(ink on paper)

The Torah begins with a letter “Bet”(בּ) and it ends with a “Lamed” (ﬥ), B + L = Bel (Baal). Bel is Marduk. I can’t remember when exactly I did this ink on paper. I intended to do a creative version of the Sumerian god Marduk who comes from the Enki’s Anunnaki bloodline (Enki of Eridu). Now that I look back, I see that for some reason I keep on representing deities associated with ancient Iraq and with ancient Persia. Not only that, I represented Marduk as a lion. Why is it that subconsciously I am drawn towards the symbol of the lion?



This acrylic on canvas was done in Atlanta/Ga around 2002 when my creativity potential was running 110%. This painting is inspired by a majestic book written by Robert K.G Temple entitled “the Sirius mystery”. In this painting I depict Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C. The pupil in the eye is one of them (once again you see the eye symbolism that I’m obsessed with). Right in the center you can see the same sun symbolism I used in the drawing “tetra-gematria” (the circle around the dot). It is said that the Persian festival of Tirgan which falls around July 21st is associated with the star Sirius (remember that for the Jews “Kesil” [Kislev] is Sirius). When I did this painting I knew nothing of this Persian festival, I was just inspired by the practices of the ancient Dogon in Africa. Then again, somehow this ended up coinciding with an ancient Persian festival….



The acrylic on canvas you see here was done in 2011 when I was working as a tattoo artist in Miami gardens/Fla. Since the “St Michael” imagery is so popular in tattoo culture I decided to experiment with it. Keep in mind that I did not do this painting in order to honor Catholicism, I just did it because it pleased me. In my eyes the archangel Michael was the ruler backed by divine providence and the devilish creature symbolized the worldly filth that must be purified by fire.

As of 2014 I see different things in this painting, things that I did not see before. The scenery of militaristic Michael could remind one of Mithras slaying the bull. In fact, if one looks at the raised arm (which is three arms) he will realize this has a Hindu flavor (and India has a connection with ancient Persia). The three swords are wrapped by a blue fire and right behind the three arms one can see a yellow rose that resembles a sun (like the sun god Mithras).


(notice that the yellow flower looks like a sun, the three arms which are one have a Hindu spark)

Obviously, the authoritarian figure of Michael could also remind us of a Roman soldier. Please keep in mind that when I did this painting I had no intention at all of honoring Mithraism or of exalting the Roman legions, this painting just happened somehow.



Even though I am not a musician I have the soul of a musician. The fact of the matter is that I get along better with musicians than with painters. I have been an ardent fan of Heavy Metal rock since the early 1990’s and my “all-time inspiration” is Mr King Diamond (not Picasso). I consider Mr Petersen to be something like the Biblical Balaam who was highly respected by the Caananites.

Throughout my life I have worked with several musicians, most of them very talented an un-appreciated individuals. As I mentioned before, I worked with a very gifted Cuban artist in the “Anabel’s fate” project (Mr Espineira). The project was an absolute success and I was highly pleased with the whole outcome. It was an honor to work with Mr Espineira (I highly respect him & his opinion is very valuable to me). Now I shall go ahead and talk about some of my “musical endeavors” in detail. As I go on the reader will realize that there is “more than meets the eye” in these artistic projects. None of the stuff I shall discuss here happened by chance, it was meant to be.


When the Death-Metal legends “Morbid Angel” were touring for their debut DOMINATION I met them in Hallandale/Fla, I believe this took place on July 16th 1995 if I am not mistaken. I had made an acrylic on canvas of a fiery demoness and I wanted to give it to them as a gift, I wanted to honor them. So, after meeting Mr Dave Lombardo in Resurrection drums (he was playing with Grip Inc at the time and they were touring with the Morbid ones) I headed towards the Button South and waited to see if I could meet the Morbid folks.

As I was standing in the back of the club I saw David Vincent (lead singer and bass player of Morbid Angel) approaching accompanied by a woman. The lady turned out to be his wife, her name was Gen and she played in a band called “the Genitorturers”. We greeted each other and then I gave the painting to Mr Vincent, I told him in my broken English that I was from Cuba and that I venerated them. David was very pleased with the artwork and he took me inside the club in order to introduce me to the rest of the band members. There was great chemistry between the Morbid guys and I.

David Vincent

(Nizin Lopez with David Vincent at a Genitorturers’ show in Fort Lauderdale)

Morbid Angel

(Nizin Lopez with Morbid Angel in Tampa/Fla)

The show was beyond excellent and David got my contact information. He told me that they would like to use my artwork for a t-shirt design and that they would definitely get in touch with me to pay me for it. A few months later Dieter (Morbid Angel’s manager) called me up and asked me for the address so that they could send me a check. I had officially done what became Morbid Angel’s best-selling t-shirt: “the Angel of disease” T-shirt.

Sometime in 1997 after having seen the Genitorturers live in Miami Beach I reconnected with the Morbid guys. Dieter told me that they were working on a new album and that they needed an album cover,..he gave me Trey’s number (Trey Azagthoth is the guitar genius of Morbid Angel).
Trey was very kind, we exchanged ideas over the phone. He told me that he wanted to exalt a fiery Sumerian deity called Bil-Ur Sag and that the title of the album was going to be “Formulas fatal to the flesh”. The main concept behind the album was “POWER” and cleansing the impurities of this world:

“Desolation-no life bodies littering, beast of earth devour! Cleanse this world for those who deserve.”

(world of shit [the promised land], from Morbid’s 1993 release “COVENANT’)

Mr Azagthoth is basically a modern version of the ancient priests of Sumer, he is pretty much an Iraqui pagan born in USA. He considers his guitar playing an inter-dimensional portal and a sacrificial offering to his beloved gods.

I absorbed Trey’s ideas and started working on the project. For some reason, when I was doing that painting I felt like I was not really painting it, it was coming to me way too naturally. It almost felt as if I was just downloading information from a higher level of consciousness.

The Morbid Angel

(acrylic on canvas)

lion headed mithras0001

(lion-headed statue of Mithra-flavor found in Sidon/Lebanon [Louvre Museum])

The whole project worked out magically, Trey loved it and all the other band members loved it as well. So, a “covenant” was officially sealed between Morbid Angel and I; on February 1998 my “lion-head painting” became part of the metal world forever.

“Oh Lion-head, your awesome blaze of fire consumed the gathering of the treacherous and the ill-natured. Purifying them.”

(from the song “Bil Ur-Sag” of Formulas fatal to the flesh [1998])

It is important that I address certain issues, strange issues indeed that emanated from my interactivity with Morbid Angel (at least it seems that way):

1 – The fiery lion depicted in “Formulas” is spitting out blades of fire that are falling on a guy’s neck. The guy you see in this album cover is actually me, I used myself as a reference. Somehow on December 26, 2012 I ended up in a psychiatric hospital after cutting my neck up four times (very deep cuts). On December 10th, 2013 I repeated this for some reason. In other words: in “Formulas fatal to the flesh” I appear receiving blades of fire that fall on my neck and years later I end up with cuts on my neck. I think this is a strange coincidence.

2 – The “channeler” of Sumerian flavor known as Trey was born on March 26, not too far from March 21st which is “Now Ruz” in the Persian calendar ( as I mentioned before, the war on Iraq came about on March 20th, 2003).

3 – It is a known fact that Morbid Angel has a song called “the lion’s den” (Covenant) which praises ancient Rome. I believe David Vincent and his wife Gen are the reincarnation of Romans, seeing the Genitorturers live is like being in the presence of Nero.

Thunderbolt Eagle.

(ink on paper)

4 – It is somewhat interesting that the whole “Formulas-deal” took place around the time when Judas priest was releasing the album “Jugulator”. This is apparently insignificant but that is exactly what I believe I was in my past life: a folk who use to cut people’s throats.

the edges of reality

(this is an ink on paper depicting “BLADES”…I have used lots of “gladium-symbology” in my artwork throughout the years…)

5 – The “Formulas-cover” (and the artwork for “when Satan lives” [Deicide]) was done in a Hialeah building of very eerie vibrations, many weird things took place during my stay there. I kind of felt like the place was haunted by something to be brutally honest. There I had for example dreams about some grey-humanoid looking being that was trying to possess my body (it was grey like the ashes of a cigarette). My deceased grandmother, meaning my father’s mother,..she came to me in a dream warning me about some type of calamity that was coming. The dream was so f*cking real that I cannot even describe it properly (in the dream she did not utter any words, she just stared at me and transmitted the information somehow). Next thing I knew, my father (under an alcoholic-trance) threatened to murder me with a knife. Later on he died a grotesque death. I sincerely believe that that building was magnetized with some type of crazy vibe. After I left that apartment I joined the U.S armed forces.

6 – It is interesting that I did a T-shirt design for the Morbid guys that ended up being labeled as “the angel of disease”. I landed in mental Health in the following years: 1999, 2012, 2013, 2014 (twice). It almost seems as if some kind of “angel of disease” got into me or something….

Keep in mind that prior to all this “Death-Metal” endeavors of mine I had sex in a grave with a beautiful Cuban girl. This took place sometime after March of 1995 in Miami/Fla. The cemetery was right next to a catheter assembly company, meaning that there was a blood-death connection there. I believe that maybe, just maybe…my girlfriend and I opened a portal to our past incarnations without even knowing it (there was a full moon and everything!).
Either way, I am very proud of all the work I did for the Morbid guys and I am eternally grateful to them.


On May 10th 1996 I went to Fort Lauderdale with the “Hibernus Mortis’ guys” to see Deicide live. There I met the singer and bass player of the band: Mr Glen Benton. I had made an “anti-religion” painting of devilish flavor so, I showed it to Glen to see if maybe I could have an album cover deal. Glen was kind, he liked the artwork very much and promised we would talk after the show.

the deicide

(the album cover)

The concert was great, it was actually shocking to finally see Deicide on stage right in front of my eyes. After the show I met with Glen and the Hoffman brothers and they told me that most likely they would use the artwork for an album cover (exactly what I wanted!). They said they would get in touch with me.

A few months later Glen called me up and confirmed the whole thing. I, Nizin Lopez, a Hispanic immigrant to America,…I had just made an album cover for one of the greatest Death-Metal bands in the world! (keep in mind that this happened before the “Formulas” album cover deal)


(Nizin Lopez meets Glen Benton)

I was very happy! I had given this painting the title “Serpents of the light” and that is exactly what Deicide’s album ended up being called. The album was released on October 21st 1997. I thought that was extremely weird because that date coincided with my first concert ever in the U.S. On October 21st 1993 I saw Mercyful Fate in Fort Lauderdale/Fla. Please understand that for me to see King Diamond on stage was like seeing Zeus descending from the clouds. That particular concert was like a divine revelation to me. Then again, my first album cover ever came about exactly on that date: October 21st! It is fascinating that this somehow aligns with ancient Persia, the last day of the festival of Mihregan is October 21st.

I saw Deicide again on Halloween of 1998 at the Button South (they played with Acheron). I had made a very gory anti-Christian painting and took it to Glen. He loved it and eventually the artwork came out in “When Satan lives”. Incredibly enough, this live album was released on October 20th 1998, almost on October 21st. Is this not a strange coincidence?

As of 2014 I realize that Glen and I did not meet up by accident in the same way that I did not meet the Morbid folks by chance either, it was written in my destiny. I believe that Glen is a soul that emanates all the way back from Rome. Here’s a little analysis I made of Glen Benton and Deicide:

It is a known fact that Romans use to crucify their enemies, sometimes they use to split them open if they would swallow their jewelry. If we look at Deicide we will see that their lyrical content is loaded with “crucifixion-themes”.


(artwork for “Serpents of the light”)

In 1990 they released a majestic album entitled “Deicide” (deicide literally means killing a god) that has a song called “Crucifixation”. In 1992 they released a debut entitled “Legion” (like the legions of Rome!) which has a song entitled “Trifixion”. The silvery trifixion symbol depicted on the album cover sort of looks like a Roman Legionary standard,…at least to me. In 1995 they made an album called “once upon the cross”…once again we see the “crucifixion pattern”. Here’s what we can learn from the past:

“Josephus reports many incidents of crucifixion: Antiochus IV crucified Jews in Jerusalem who would not relinquish their faith (Ant., 12:256). Two thousand rebels were crucified by Quintilius Varus (Ant., 17:295). Tiberius Julius Alexander ordered two rebels, sons of Judah the Galilean, to be crucified (Ant., 20:102). Seven years later (about 52 C.E.) there was another wholesale crucifixion of zealots at the hand of Quadratus (Wars, 2:241); Felix crucified not only zealots and rebels, but also citizens suspected of collaborating with them (Wars, 2:253). Florus had Jewish judges tortured and crucified before his eyes (Wars, 2:306-8). When Jerusalem was besieged, Titus ordered all Jewish prisoners of war to be crucified on the walls of the city and there were as many as 500 crucifixions a day (wars, 5:449-51). Bassus erected a huge cross on the city wall for the execution of Eleazar, a young Jewish commander, whereupon the Jews surrendered to the Romans to spare Eleazar’s life (wars, 7:201-2). Josephus also reports crucifixions at the hand of the Jewish king Alexander Jannaeus, adding that this act of cruelty was an imitation of gentile usage.”

(Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd edition, Volume 5. Pg 309)

Alexander Sidon0001

(here we see Alexandros III the great, the battle of Granicus. When Alexander conquered Phoenicia in 332 B.C.E. he crucified 2000 Tyrians, they were bled dry. Alexander sarcophagus of Sidon, Istanbul/Turkey)

Glen has incinerated his own forehead with a metallic upside-down cross, this kind of reminds me of the Miles-soldier ritual of Mithraism (the initiate is either branded or tattooed on the forehead).

At some point Mr Benton declared that he was going to kill himself at the age of thirty three. It is known fact that suicide was very common in ancient Rome, there are plenty of examples to be found if we read historians like Tacitus. If one looks at Glen he can see that he looks exactly like the barbarians talked about in Caesar’s Gallic wars, it doesn’t take too much effort to realize that (Mr Benton even reminds me of Julian the apostate, the pro-Mithras emperor who despised Christianity).


(acrylic on canvas done in Atlanta/Ga in 2002. What drove me to paint this? I guess I’ll never know…)

I also think it is interesting that the world “LIGHT” somehow ended up in the title of this album since Mithras, competitor of early Christianity, was a god of light like Lucifer. Somehow I painted a mask on the Jesus depicted in this painting, it is known that masks were used in Mithraic initiation rituals. In my opinion Glen definitely is a reincarnation from Rome but then again, I have no concrete evidence to prove that.

Note: I did an album cover for “Malevolent Creation” that is entitled “in cold blood” (released on June 1997). For some reason, in that painting I depicted a crucified guy that was being tortured. The crucifixion was done “Roman style”. What drove me to do that back in 1995 if at that time I had no knowledge of ancient Rome?

It is interesting that the guy in charge of Malevolent Creation is of Italian origin (Phil Fasciana). Phil took advantage of my generosity, back then I barely spoke English and I knew nothing of registering artwork in the Library of Congress. Malevolent Creation didn’t pay me a dime, they didn’t even have the decency to give me “CREDIT” in the album (my name appears nowhere in the album).

Nizin w Alex malevolent Creation

(Nizin meets Mr Alex Marquez, ex-drummer of Malevolent Creation. It is interesting that Alex (a brother) played in a band called “SARGON” [Sargon, like the ancient Assyrian king])

I thank Mr Glen Benton and Deicide for giving me an opportunity and for his kindness.


(band logo designed by Nizin Lopez)

I am certainly proud of all the work I did for the Florida titans “Thrash or Die”. I rejoiced greatly as I did the album cover and designing their band logo in an airport was surely fun too. The painting was done (believe it or not in) a Hialeah warehouse that was not far from the place where my father passed away.

Mr Ralph Viera (Dr Fukk) told me that he envisioned a “Fist Fucking Metal” kind of thing for the cover, he wanted the arm of a headbanger bursting out from the ground as if causing an earthquake. He wanted the arm to have a spiked gauntlet and he wanted a scene of chaos. He trusted me completely so I had total freedom in terms of creativity. Since Ralph usually wears gauntlets on the shows I used a picture of him as a reference. The hand appears holding a thunder-bolt and there is destruction all around: a nuclear explosion and a tornado. Absolute devastation,..that’s what he wanted! The project was a success, he was very pleased with the painting and everyone else in the band loved it.


(acrylic on canvas)

As of 2014 I look at this acrylic on canvas with different eyes, I now see things that I did not see before. I’m sure that if I tell Ralph what I now see he will either laugh at me or he will think I have absolutely lost my fucking mind. I believe that maybe, just maybe,…this artwork reflects a spark that is embedded in my subconscious. The thunder-bolt, the arm of a warrior,,…devastation….this smells like Rome conquering Jerusalem. Titus certainly burned the Temple to the ground. Yes, I understand that this sounds like a very eccentric idea. I even admit that maybe I am just seeing ghosts here but then again, maybe there is a spark in this painting that hails from the dark past. The album ended up being called “Poser Holocaust”.

Nizin w thrash or die # 1

(Nizin with Thrash or Die)

Nizin w thrash or die # 2

It is fascinating how the wheel of karma works, I met Ralph in Miami (I can’t remember when exactly)…then it turned out that one of the folks who had studied with me in Cuba was actually his cousin. His cousin made it it to the United States. When Dio came out with the album “Magica” the three of us met in Boca Raton/Fla (at the Dio show).


In 2004 I officially left the blood-spilling chakra known as Eretz Israel, I returned to my beloved Hialeah. The minute I came back the unexpected happened, an old friend of mine named Christian Placeres asked me to do an album cover for his band. He was envisioning a “one man band” Quorthon style, he decided to name the band after a demented Roman emperor: Caligula. Chris has always been into what I call “unusual cinematography” and he had been particularly inspired by a 1979 film called “Caligula” (in that aspect Chris reminds me of “Killjoy” from Necrophagia).

Caligula Roman devil0001

(the famous Caligula film)

I had just left a war-zone of racial-holy wars so I had bitter things inside me that I needed to manifest artistically. The Caligula project definitely gravitated towards me at the right time!

“They sacrificed to the gods their own sons and daughters, shedding innocent blood, the blood of their own sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, desecrating the land with bloodshed.”

(Psalm 106:37-38)

I bestowed all those crazy vibes upon the canvas, the painting was an absolute success. To be brutally honest, after I was done with it I kind of felt like I had gotten a weight off my shoulders somehow… I guess when I came back to the U.S I was really, really tense. From the technical aspect this acrylic on canvas was one of my greatest accomplishments ever, I believe that the Caligula cover is better than the ones I have done for other bands. I put all my might into it plus the fact of the matter is that Chris and his brother (Mr Cesar Placeres of Hibernus Mortis/Thrash or Die) are like family to me.


(acrylic on canvas)


(Caligula band logo by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(Caligula symbol by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(logo for Hibernus Mortis by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(t-shirt design for the Floridian Death-Metal band “HIBERNUS MORTIS”. Band logo and black and white drawing [Ink on paper] by Nizin R.Lopez. The design was enhanced through Photoshop by Christian Placeres)

I still remember that day when “the Death-Metal brothas” came into my humble apartment to see the finished product. They both stared at the painting without saying a word for approximately six minutes, they were giggling a little at times;… they were mesmerized.

There is no doubt in my mind that I know Chris and Cesar from my past incarnation. I would even dare to say that they lived in Rome and that maybe they had something to do with the Middle East as well. They have a relative who has an Italian Last name.


(Nizin Lopez with Mr Christian Placeres, eternal brothers)

I also think that it is strange that this majestic project came my way right after I left Israel. It is a known fact that the monster known as Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus (Caligula) tried to erect a statue of himself in the Holy of Holies (in the heart of Jerusalem’s Temple).


(bust of the demented emperor known as Caligula)

Incredibly enough, though this particular project had nothing to do with Israel or with Jerusalem,… I did backing vocals for one of the tracks in the album: I did backing vocals for the song “Blasphemy in the temple of Caius” (the vocals were recorded inside a bathroom believe it or not). The Caligula album ended up having a very, very Roman title even though Chris got that from Japanese porn: “Bukkake baptism”. The album was released by “Abort the world records” in 2006 .


Around the middle of 2002 I did a painting to honor the legacy of Mr Chuck Schuldiner, founder of the band “Death” (Chuck is considered the “Hammurabi” of Death Metal). If I am not mistaken I finished this acrylic on canvas exactly on the same date that Chuck was born: May 13th.


This painting was done in Atlanta/Ga but I ended up sending my college vacation in Orlando/Fla, I spent some time with a friend named Michael. Mike knew Chuck’s mom so I had an opportunity to give her the painting in person as a gift. She was very grateful.

It was kind of weird that when Mike and I visited her, the 1987 Abigail live album (by King Diamond of course) was laying on the living room table. Michael and I had been Mercyful Fate/King Diamond fans for years just like Chuck,…what a strange coincidence (Mike and I drove all the way from Miami to Poughkeepsie/New York in order to see Mercyful Fate during the “Into the unknown” tour [October 30th 1996 at club “The Chance”]).

king abigail live0002

(perhaps Chuck’s spirit was trying to give Mike and I a sign?)

After meeting Chuck’s mother I discovered my buried Jewish roots in Orlando. A few years later I realized that my presence in Chuck’s house was not accidental, it was meant to be. I discovered that Chuck’s father was a Jew of Austrian descent and that his mother converted through the Reform branch. Not only that, Chuck was born on May 13th, one day before the creation of the State of Israel.

Navy may 130001

(I was separated from the U.S armed forces on a “May 13th”…)

Also, Chuck was born in 1967, the year of Israel’s “six day war”. Chuck died in the time of Hanukah on December of 2001. So, that painting was certainly created for a reason.

As if all this stuff is not enough, Michael, the guy who took me to Chuck’s house (a Leo); he discovered as an adult that his original family name was “Ahriman”. Ahriman is definitely a Persian Last name (Ahriman is the opponent of Ahura Mazda).


Let us now move on to a different aspect of my artwork: the “VISCERAL” department. It is an undeniable fact that some of my paintings, especially the older ones; are absolutely diabolical. I have never denied that and I will never deny that. It is obvious that this Lovecraftian obscurity emanates not only from my previous incarnation but from my present life-traumas as well. So, let us go ahead and analyze some of these paintings and drawings.



This drawing was done in Cuba in the early 90’s while I attended my second art school. There’s nothing esoteric about it, it is simply an image of my ephemeral break-dancing era. I have re-examined this colorful drawing and now I see things in it that I did not see before.

The man’s chest is unzipped as if his diaphragm was opened with a sharp blade. A red text spelling “madness” in Spanish comes out of his chest. Basically, the red letters could be equivalent to a palpitating heart. Keep in mind that at that time the only dark literature that was available to me was Poe and Lovecraft. I was already getting into obscure Heavy Metal bands but I was not a Metal-trooper yet.

This pretty much means that this “sacrifice simulation” is something that I had in the most profound caves of my subconscious…I was either fourteen or fifteen at the time. I believe that this is a flash from my past life but then again, maybe I was subconsciously influenced by a friend of mine who committed cannibalism in Cuba. He claims to have eaten the human heart of a construction worker (he had a friend who worked in the morgue). I certainly saw with my own eyes human skulls that he had stolen from the cemetery. I’m not sure if the “heart-story” is true or not but It appears to be 100% solid.


the Artistt

This acrylic on canvas was done in Hialeah/Fla around the time when I did the album cover for Morbid Angel, it was done in that “enchanted building” of East Hialeah (I was living with my father at the time).

The magical apartment

(notice the number 21 somehow appears in this mini-castle)

The artwork you see here deals with horrible nightmares I was having at that time. As I previously mentioned, during those days I was having visions of a disincarnate spirit that was trying to possess me (in my dreams of course). Each one of the grey boxes you see here is equivalent to a nightmare and the long-haired adult male figure you see here is me.

The focal point here is the visceral representation with the mysterious eye. What I unconsciously depicted here is the extraction of a heart out of a chest. In other words: murder (at least it appears that way).

This painting certainly rings the bell when it comes to human sacrifices but what perplexes me is that the depiction I used looks more like a surgical procedure. Basically, The sharp-pointy metallic objects around the heart resemble surgical tools. This means that though this painting has a “human sacrifice-aroma” it does not seem to be a subconscious representation of such thing, It looks more like an open heart surgery.

This is confusing because based on my deductions, I am (or seem to have been) the reincarnation of a priest that cut throats and extracted hearts out of chests. Then again, what is depicted on this particular acrylic on canvas doesn’t seem to be related to human sacrifice, it looks more like a medical procedure. Perhaps this explains why in this life I worked as a tattoo artist for approximately two years or so (a tattoo artist is automatically connected to the department of health, he deals with blood).

Danzig skull.

Danzig skull.

(tattoo on female by Mr Nizin Lopez)

This pretty much what I think about this painting. I certainly believe that it is a spark from my past incarnation. Though I will always be extremely proud of this painting I must confess that I destroyed it in 2001 right after my father passed away.



This is a very special acrylic on canvas. It was done June 6th, 2013 while I was living next to a Persian temple in South Miami called “Ershad” (I ended up there by some magic). When I began this project I was not particularly interested in conveying any complicated philosophical messages, I was just impregnating the canvas with whatever came to my mind.

I do not perceive this particular painting as “dark” but, there are some gloomy things in it obviously. There is for example a blade in it and there is a human heart served on a plate as if implying that it is an offering of some kind. If you notice, the heart is extracted from the chest by what appears to be a surgical procedure.

laberynth detail 7


On the right there is the silvery countenance of a female, a beautiful woman representing the moon. The woman that I used as a reference for this painting was Katrina Law, the Athenas of the Spartacus TV series.

I didn’t want the woman in my painting to look exactly like her because I did not want people to view this painting as a “Spartacus painting”, I wanted the public to see it as a “Nizin painting”.

laberynth detail 1


I am not necessarily a fan of the way Katrina looks in real life but I certainly lust after the “Mira” of the Spartacus series. When I saw the scene in which she appears completely nude in front of her Domina I was mesmerized. In my eyes she looked not only beautiful but gorgeous.

katrina law mira0002

The fact that she had a hairy vagina made me like her even more. I openly admit that I put the DVD on pause several times and that I masturbated to “Mira”. So, I decided to include black-haired “Mira” in my painting…Mira, goddess of the moon. So, this is a painting about love though the heart and the blade might make it look dark.



I guess you could say that I was subconsciously giving my heart to “Mira” (a fantasy that would never materialize of course, Katrina law would never look at someone like me). As I previously mentioned, I don’t perceive this painting as “dark”. Yet, for some reason I keep on repeating the “human heart” pattern. If you notice there are three red molten candles at the bottom right, they look like blood drops.

laberynth detail 22


Somehow, on December 10th 2013 I ended up cutting my own throat again. Blood cascaded from my neck, the floor was red like a sick garden of red roses. Somehow this happened right next to a Persian temple. Perhaps this painting was something like a premonition….a blade, blood, red candles that look like blood drops,…I guess I will never know for sure.

Note: When I did this painting I was living in apartment # 207. Incredibly enough, there was a beyond-weird synchronicity between my apartment number and between the mailbox number of the Persian temple next to my place: the mailbox # of this Iranian educational center is 6669. 6 + 6 + 6 + 9 = 27. 27 = 207.

Ershad Persian place

(the Persian Temple next to my old apartment)


But the Maenads were not merely “Dionysus groupies.” Rather, they were women frenzied with wine. As such, they performed wild celebrations and rituals while under its spell. Dancing and singing in a crazed manner was something else they did. Often their celebrations ended in sexual activity. Another frequent result was violence. They would tear living creatures apart-man or animal. Sometimes they would feast on the raw flesh.

(Dionysus, by Russell Roberts. Mitchell Lane Publishers. Pg 22)

Phiilip Dionysus0001

(on the right: Olympias, queen of Macedonia. In the middle: Phillip II of Macedon. On the left: Alexander III. Olympias was a devotee to Dionysus, god of ecstasy & possession. Ivory from Vergina. Thessalonika museum/Greece)


(could it be possible that this acrylic on canvas is “a throwback” to a past life?)

What you see here is not really a painting, it is a reflection of the dark spiritual world purely manifested. This acrylic on canvas was done in Miami/Fla prior to the “Formulas-cover” in the enchanted building of gloomy energies. This is definitely the darkest and ugliest thing that has ever come out of my being. I destroyed this acrylic on canvas in 2001 when my father died.
I understand that most people will laugh at what I am about to say but, the truth is that when I did this painting I kind of felt like I was possessed. I’m not even sure if “possession” is the right terminology but it was something like that. Here is the synthesis of this obscure inter-dimensional portal:

• There is a bloody-extracted human heart on a wall of bathroom tiles. There is no surgical imagery here (this is a brutal depiction of a human sacrifice).
• The throat of an infant is being cut. I used a picture of myself as a reference of course. Perhaps I was sensing that one day my own throat would be sliced?
• There is an orgy-imagery in this painting. This rings a bell when it comes to the ancient Greco-Roman world. Keep in mind that when I did this artwork I did not know that I am technically born Jewish plus, I didn’t know much about ancient Rome either.

So, we may conclude that this beyond-hateful artwork is a throwback, a flashback from my past incarnation. It certainly is! We must also keep in mind that the place where this painting was done at had very obscure characteristics (I have spoken about that already).

Also, my father and I were sharing a two-bedroom apartment at the time. At that time he was in his “alcoholism-peak”. It could be possible that on top of everything my progenitor’s gloomy vibes were “affecting” me as well. (I’m not saying this to make myself look better, God forbid! I’m simply saying that it is a possibility).

Another interesting factor is that when I was doing this painting I was working in a catheter-assembly place that is located right next to a funeral home. I have had sex in that cemetery back in 1995 (Catheter assembly equals “blood”). Basically, we have a blood-sex thing going here. I’m not saying that this is what influenced me to use such dark imagery in my artwork, I’m simply stating that it is an eerie coincidence. I believe that it was during this time that my grandma (my father’s mother) came to me in a dream warning me of some imminent danger. Either way, this is the darkest painting I have ever done in my life. I will never ever paint anything like this again.


(this ink on paper was done in the early 90’s, it depicts a beheading. You can see Jesus’ head served on a plate)


The Roman Empire is, as we all know, a bloody Jezebel on an acid trip. Everyone is aware of the fact that human sacrifices were performed in Rome by the same folks who criticized the Carthaginians. There were several Roman rulers who committed atrocities in the name of the sun god. It really doesn’t matter if it was called Mithras or not, what’s important here is that hideous crimes took place in the name of Helios.

One example of this is the filthy abomination known as Elagabalus. The circumcised emperor was born in Emesa/Syria and he ascended to the throne on May 16th 218 (the State of Israel came about in May 14th). It is said that Caracalla was his biological father. He was also known as “Varius Habitus Bassianus”.

He reigned in Rome from 218 to 222. In 219 he imported a sacred-conical rock from Syria that was known as Elagabal, the sun god. In Rome this emperor was known as “high priest of the unconquerable sun god Elagabal” (Sacerdos amplissimus Dei Invicti Solis Elagabali). The rock was black like the one found in the Kaaba of Mecca. The sacred meteor was placed in a temple that he built on the Pallatine Hill (Elagaballium).

It is said that the sick-minded emperor sacrificed humans in secrecy. Some obscure sources state that he threw human genitals to lions and to other animals as well. Some say that he collected infants from noble Roman families of the time and that he sacrificed them to his sun god. As far as I know, Elagabalus did not consider himself a priest of Mithras. Yet, his bizarre rituals definitely remind us of Mithraism.

Some students of the Mithras phenomenon have concluded that the testicles of the bull slain by Mithras were devoured by animals. It is said for example that the scorpion, the ant, and the serpent tried to devour the genitals of the bull. This ritual was associated with the goddess even though all initiates of Mithraism were supposed to be males (in Manichaeism copulation & reproduction are associated with the evil that imprisons light in matter). So, the disgusting practices of Elagabalus definitely ring a bell when it comes to the cult of the sun god Mithras.

The abomination known as Elagabalus was murdered in a latrine on March 11, 222 (the Attis of Tarsus was venerated in March). He was beheaded, his corpse was dragged around in the streets of Rome and finally, his body was thrown into the Tiber.

If we read books like “The mysteries of Mithras” by Payam Nabarz we will not be able to find any information related to human sacrifices in connection with the sun god. A person who runs into a book like the one I previously mentioned gets the impression that the sun-worship religion was an “INNOCENT” luminous religion. This is not necessarily true, humans were sacrificed to the sun god, especially in sexually perverted Rome. The Romans crossed all the boundaries, all of them.



As the reader has seen, I have been brutally honest sharing my experience. I could go on forever talking about the very strange things that I have experienced in this thing called life…I doubt that there are many people out there that are willing to make this kind of personal information public. It takes balls, balls of steel, to talk about this openly. As I previously warned the reader, there will be plenty of individuals out there that will label me as a “schizophrenic”. I am aware that there will be plenty of those. There will be some that will simply say that I have an overactive-imagination and that I am just seeing “ghosts”. I expect nothing less.

Keep in mind that it is not to my convenience to put this information out there. I have been gang-stalked by the FBI and by the Miami Police since early 2011 until now. They have recruited legions of clowns that have unjustly harassed me and destroyed me emotionally and psychologically. Yes, it is true that I have a very traumatic past and yes, it is true that I inherited potential mental illness from my father’s genes. But, the fact of the matter is that I am not a schizophrenic, I do not see things and I do not hear things. The State sponsored psychological terrorism that I have experienced in “moral-America” has been more real than the word “REAL”.

The elements within the FBI that have gang-stalked me and the elements within the Miami Police that have gang-stalked me; they know about my life traumas…they know this and they have exploited this in order to crush me to the ground like a maggot. I don’t see any difference between them and the Nazis. The same thing goes for the group of influential Ashkenazi Jews who orchestrated my downfall. I don’t see any difference between Hitler and them. But it is ok, the wheel of karma does not discriminate. My enemies can go ahead and talk shit about me all they want.


(I have no criminal record)

I am aware that these writings will be used against me in order to further make me look like a mega-freak. That’s more than ok with me. I did not come into this world to be happy; I came into this holographic-physical plane in order to atone for the sins committed in my past life (and to evolve of course). I believe that by now I have pretty much paid what I owed, I honestly feel as if my mission in this world has been pretty much fulfilled.

So, who was I in my past life? It is impossible for me to answer that. Honestly, I don’t even want to know. I know this for sure:

• In my past incarnation I had something to do with Jews and with Jerusalem. Keep in mind that Jews have a connection with factions of ancient Greece.
• In my past life I had something to do with Persia. It is possible that I was born in what is now Iran, maybe in what is today modern Turkey. Perhaps I lived there only for a period of time, maybe I was half-Persian/half Jewish….I sincerely don’t know (many ethnic groups fought for Persia as mercenaries).
• In my past incarnation I certainly had something to do with Rome, it is very likely that I fought in the Roman army. I don’t believe I was a Roman or that I was born in Italy.
• I believe that in my past life I somehow cut human throats and I also ripped hearts out of chests. Under what circumstances? I’m not sure, maybe I was some type of priestly figure associated with the military,….maybe I had something to do with the medical field….I honestly don’t know.
• I believe that in my past life I probably practiced ritualistic anthropophagy.
• What I know for sure is that I was a very spiritual & gifted individual and that I fought in an army (this is why I was not allowed to enter into the IDF).

Nizin de frente

(it is obvious that my eyes and my eyebrows have something to do with the Middle East)

I want to make sure the reader understands that I am not a “wanna-be Parsi” or a “wanna-be Italian”. I am very pleased with who I am in this life despite all the obstacles I had to encounter. I am Cuban-American, that is who I am.

Hijo del Trueno.

Hijo del Trueno.

As far as the whole “Jewish thing” goes,…that is something of the past. I will never go back to Israel and I will never set my foot in a synagogue again.
This I know 100%:

• In this current life I have spilled no blood.
• I have no impulse or interest whatsoever in spilling anyone’s blood.
• I want no association with any region connected with “holy wars”.
• I seek to fulfill my incarnation and to find the ultimate serenity.

So well my dear reader, so far I have proven to be sincere. I have talked the talk and walked the walk regardless of any “potential” consequences.

As far as all those individuals who have gang-stalked me in this life from early 2011 until now:
What you have done to me is absolutely evil. Even if I somehow deserved it because of misdeeds committed in a past life, you guys still had no right to destroy the already shattered pieces of my existence. Eventually the wheel of karma will get to you no matter how much power you have and no matter who you know (look at the case of Mr Alan Gross). You can go ahead and kill me if you want to, either way I will reincarnate.


First and foremost, you don’t know what is like unless you have been there yourself. Believe it or not it takes balls, more than balls; to insert a beyond-sharp exacto-knife into your neck. The pain is indescribable and the feeling of the blade sinking deep into your skin (and cutting beyond) is something that cannot be verbalized. Imagine cutting your neck not one time but four times,..imagine four very deep cuts….imagine the emotional and psychological strength that you have to have in order to do something like that! On top of that, try to imagine all that hot blood cascading from your throat,..the sight is gruesome, very bitter. Like I said, it takes balls of steel to do such thing.

heroic suicide of Decebal0001

(Decebal, the king of Dacia [modern Rumania], …he slit his own throat with a knife in order to avoid being captured by Trajan’s army. He chose martyrdom. Go ahead and check “Trajan’s column”)

Are you my dear reader more courageous that the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barka? Hannibal fought honorably against Rome, he pretty much brought the Romans to their knees. Scipio ended up prevailing over him and later on, Hannibal had no choice but to end his own life in Bithynia. Was Hannibal a coward? I don’t think so. The book “the battle of Zama” by Don Nardo talks about what Hannibal did in 183 in order to avoid being humiliated by his adversaries:

Seeing that there was no escape, Hannibal, now sixty-five and tired of running, drank poison. Livy reported his last words as, “Let us now put an end to the great anxiety of the Romans, who have thought it too lengthy, and too heavy a task, to wait for the death of a hated old man.”

(the battle of Zama, by Don Nardo. Pg 78-80. Lucent Books)

On top of this, my two suicide attempts were not just suicide attempts. In an abstract way that almost no one can understand, all that blood that came out of my neck was a “settlement”. Not only for some of the misdeeds of my past life, there’s more to it. I will not even bother to explain this because I certainly know that no one will believe me.

My first “cuts” in 2012 were done for my mother (believe it or not); I paid a spiritual debt that she could never pay. Since I had the spiritual strength and the testicular fortitude, I paid it for her. Today my mother is better off because of this. My second somber encounter with the blade in 2013 was also a settlement for another family member of mine. I paid for her, I paid in blood.


(this acrylic on canvas was done in 2011 in Miami/Fla. If you notice there are two wounded Assyrian lions vomiting blood…I believe that somehow those two lions represent my two suicide attempts, one took place in 2012 and the other one in 2013. That energy was already around me in 2011…)

Lion bleeding

(Assyrian lion, alabaster relief from the north palace of king Ashurbanipal at Nineveh)

This is believe it or not the ‘REAL” reason why I had to carve into my throat more than once, it was written in my destiny. Some people think that rituals are a joke,..they are wrong! If you mess with the astral plane you might get what you want but someone has to pay what is owed (and that someone was Mr Nizin Lopez).

So my dear reader, before you open your mouth to criticize me or to judge me, make sure you understand what has truly happened.

“Everything passes; nothing remains. Understand this, loosen your grip, and find serenity.”

(Letting go of the person you used to be [lessons on change, loss, and spiritual transformation] by Lama Surya Das. pg 31. Broadway Books New York)

Thank you all for your time. I hope, I sincerely hope that my experience may have opened your eyes at least a little bit. Remember this: I know I’ll probably be accused of being a “pessimist” but “the Truth” is usually not pretty. Once again, thank you all for your time.


Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez would like to thank the following:

Mr Glen Benton & Deicide, Morbid Angel: Mr David Vincent, Mr Trey Azagthoth & Angela, Pete mi hermano, Mr Eric Rutan, Mr Steve Tucker, & Dieter. Gen & the Genitorturers, Mercyful Fate (they need no introduction), King Diamond (the One & only), ManOwaR, Death, Obituary, Ozzy, Cannibal Corpse, Metal Church, Entombed, Bulldozer, Abysmal, Seven Kingdoms, Caligula, Dismember, Sanctuary, Sodom, Europe, Destruction, Dokken, Angeles del Infierno, Kreator, Scorpions, Dimmu Borgir, Savatage, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Tierra Santa, Whitesnake, Protector, Gamma Ray, Exodus, Anacrusis, Pantera, Slayer, Suffocation, Henry Rollins, Dream Evil, Overkill, Cyst, Hallow’s Eve, Autopsy, Lost Horizon, Astarte, Guns N Roses, Immolation, Heavenly, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Alice Cooper, Insatanity, Astral Doors, Coroner, Mr Glenn Danzig, Carcass, Tim Owens, Naglfar, Celtic Frost, Nocturnus, Mayhem, Zyklon, Unleashed, Sadus, Napalm Death, Morgoth, Helloween, Annihilator, Megadeth, Hellwitch, Skid Row, Funeral Nation, Metallica, Sepultura, Demilich, Cryptopsy, Hibernus Mortis, Artillery, Bathory, Marduk, Billy Idol, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Motley Crue, Angelcorpse, Baron Rojo, Dio, Type O Negative, Sinister, Vader, Deranged, Candlemass, Heathen, Nasty Savage, Tormentor, Fight, Yngwie Malsmsteen, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Old Funeral, Thrash or Die, Wasp, Diabolic, Nevermore, Dissection, Crimson Glory, Trent Reznor, Layne Staley, Ramstein, Dead can Dance,..basically I would like to thank all those artists that throughout the years have given me what they have given me.
Nizin would also like to thank Drawing Blood Magazine, Mi World (my dear Occult shop in Hialeah), the two Cuban Art Institutes I attended (Olga Alonso Glez in Sta Clara & Oscar Fdez Morera Art Inst in Trinidad/Sti Spiritus), Mr Fernando Alessandri of Noni Exhibition Center, Viernes Culturales in Calle Ocho, Mr Gustav Dore, Mr H.R Giger, Mr Dan Seagrave, Mr William Blake, Mr Salvador Dali, Mr Vincent Van Gogh, Mr Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mr Michael Whelan, Coast to Coast Am, the Hialeah John F. Kennedy Library, & the Miami Dade Public Library System. Thanks to all those who were there for me at some point in one way or another.


• The mysteries of Mithras (the pagan belief that shaped the Christian world), by Payam Nabarz, Ph.D.
• Buried London (Mithras to the Middle Ages). By William Thompson Hill.
• A history of Iran (empire of the mind), by Michael Axworthy.
• The Roman cult of Mithras (the god and his mysteries), by Manfred Clauss.
• Mystic Iran (the unseen world), a film produced by Aryana Farshad.
• The Histories/The Annals, by Cornelius Tacitus.
• Deliver us from evil (2014 film), by Mr Scott Derrickson.
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• Hebrew is Greek, by Joseph Yahuda.
• The adjustment bureau, a film from 2011 directed by George Nolfi.
• King of Pontus (the story of Mithridates Eupator who alone challenged the might of Rome), by Alfred Duggan.
• Homo Necans (the anthropology of ancient Greek sacrificial ritual and myth), by Walter Burkert.
• Mother Nature is trying to kill you (a lively tour through the dark side of the natural world), by Dan Riskin, Ph. D.
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• Human sacrifice (in history and today), by Nigel Davies.
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• Death & its mysteries (a penetrating psychological examination of the ultimate fate that all men face). By Ignace Lepp.
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• Next, a film from 2007 directed by Lee Tamahori.
• The eternal journey (how near-death experiences illuminate our earthly lives), by Craig R. Lundahl, Ph.D. and Harold A. Widdison, Ph.D.
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• Across time and death (a mother’s search for her past life children), by Jenny Cockell.
• Dead can dance, “toward the within” (live album from 1994).


My name is Nizin Lopez, I am a 41 year old Cuban-American artist. I am what you call a “surreal painter” yet, I believe it is important to experiment with different medias.

As you can see here I have been involved in many projects of many different flavors:


(acrylic on canvas done by Mr Nizin Lopez. 2007, Hialeah,Miami/Fla. To make it clear: this is a painting, this is not a photograph & this is definitely not photoshop)


(pencil drawing on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez. Done in Atlanta/Ga, 2001)

Abstract painting. Acrylic on canvas, done in Hialeah/Fla in 2007.

Abstract painting. Acrylic on canvas, done in Hialeah/Fla in 2007.

(abstract art, acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez. Done in Hialeah, Miami/Fla in 2007)

Hialeah in tha house

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez, done in S.W Miami/Fla. 2012)



(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez. Done in Hialeah, Miami/Fla in the late 90’s. This is a painting, this is not a photograph, this is definitely not Photoshop)

(Black & Grey Tattoo on a female. 2012)


(mixed media by Mr Nizin Lopez: tempera, ink, & watercolor. Done in Trinidad, Santi Spiritus/Cuba)

lord of the laberinto0001

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez. This work of art can be perceived as “mixed media” but the truth is that even though it is “experimental”, it is still predominantly “ink on paper”)

(t-shirt design for the Floridian Death-Metal band “HIBERNUS MORTIS”. Band logo and black and white drawing [Ink on paper] by Nizin R.Lopez. The design was enhanced through Photoshop by Christian Placeres)

I also decided to give photography a try. What you see here is a collection of images that I captured at some point.


(taken in Las Villas/Cuba. 2011)


(taken in South Beach/Fla, 2013. This photograph reminds me of an abstract painting I did in Atlanta/Ga back in 2002)

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignnone" width="500"]Vibrations. Acrylic on canvas, done in Atlanta/Ga in 2002. Vibrations. Acrylic on canvas, done in Atlanta/Ga in 2002.

(abstract painting)


(ink on paper, done in Atlanta/Ga. 2002)


(taken in S.W 27th ave, Miami/Fla. 2013)


(taken in S.W 27th ave, Miami/Fla. 2013. This is the street pavement transformed into an abstract composition)


(this acrylic on canvas was done around 2007 in Hialeah, Miami/Fla. The two previous photographs more or less have the feel of this abstract painting)


(taken in S.W 8 st [Little Havana], 2013)

dibujo abstracto

(this ink on paper was done in S.W Miami/Fla, 2012. If one really examines it, he or she can see that its structure resembles the composition of the previous image)


(taken in Las Villas/Cuba. 2011. I love the natural-rough feel captivated in this visceral image,…it is rough like life. It tastes as something “brutally honest”)

This ink on paper was done in S.W Miami/Fla (2012). I used some human anatomy, random images, and some texts in order to give it a modern feel with a slight touch of roughness (like an acidic street-flavor kind of thing).

skull drawing

Technically, this photograph has absolutely nothing to do with this drawing. Yet, after I examined this photo I realized that the “overall feel” of it was somewhat similar to the one of the previous image (the ink on paper drawing). There’s a graphic design feel to it plus there is some type of “creative dirtiness” going on as well.


(this photograph was taken in S.W 8 st [Little Havana], 2013. I selected this particular image because it had a very natural-urban flavor. I have no idea of who actually painted this image. Keep in mind that “Little Havana” in itself has a very interesting urban vibe as well)

The following ink on paper was also done in S.W Miami/Fla, 2012. This one also has that kind of acidic vibe.


(I actually sat in the bathroom to do this drawing)


(taken in S.W 8 st [Little Havana], 2013. I loved the feel of this forgotten sculpture)


(ink on paper, done in S.W Miami/Fla, 2012)


(taken in S.W Miami 8 st, 2013)


(taken in Las Villas/Cuba, 2011. Notice all the vultures on top of the hotel that turned into an apartment complex,…it is surreal)


(taken in S.W 27th ave, Miami/Fla. 2013. These trees remind me of muscle tissue & therefore about anatomical human expressionism)


(taken in S.W 27th ave, Miami/Fla. 2013)

The following acrylic on canvas has some connection with the surreal looking trees of humanoid flavor.

purifying agent

Notice that in this painting I used brownish acidic colors (like the colors of these trees) plus I used human figures as well)

What you see here is one of the first paintings I did in America during the early 90’s.

How much?

How much?

If you notice, both hands look like trees.


(taken in S.W 8 st [Little Havana], 2013. This rough image reminded me of a drawing I did some time ago)

that ugly sight

(ink on paper, done in S.W Miami/Fla. 2012)


(taken in Las Villas/Cuba in 2011. This image was taken inside the stomach of a train)


(delicious texture. taken in S.W 8 st Miami/Fla, 2013)


(the door of the past that never rusts. This picture was taken in Las Villas/Cuba. 2011)

The industrial-mechanical looking image you see here was taken in S.W 27th ave (Miami/Fla, 2013). I selected it because it sort of looked like an “automatic” abstract composition.


If you compare the inner core structure of this picture with the following painting, you will see that there is a visual & structural connection.

Abstract painting. Acrylic on canvas, done in Hialeah/Fla in 2007.

Abstract painting. Acrylic on canvas, done in Hialeah/Fla in 2007.


(taken in Las Villas/Cuba. 2011. This landscape has a bitter-sweet flavor)


(this photo was taken in S.W Miami/Fla, 2013. I thought it was an interesting image because the wall of bricks represents the person who has gotten hurt more than enough, it represents the individual who says: “From now on things are going to be different, I’m not going to be nice anymore”…)

The drawing you see here is an ink on paper done in S.W Miami/Fla (2012). Technically, it has nothing to do with the previous photograph. There’s an obvious gap of time between them. Yet, from a psychological perspective, this drawing sort of depicts the same structural concept: There are rocks covering the secret passages of the underground city.

under Askan

These tunnels that lead to what appear to be sacred places are the deepest emotions and feelings within the mind.

The acrylic on canvas that you see here is very special to me, it was done in Hialeah,Miami/Fla in the mid 90’s. This piece is entitled “The weight” (like “the weight of mistakes”). The humanoid figures are standing in line over a destiny type of wheel, they look back hoping to fix the past but the wheel goes on..

The weight.

This photograph which was taken in 2013 reminds me of that painting.


(taken in S.W Miami, 27th ave. 2013)

Thank you for your time.

Obscure Visions.

Obscure Visions.