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In the 80’s a majestic thrash-metal band from Germany called “Kreator” came out with an album entitled “PLEASURE TO KILL.” Pleasure, that is exactly what Vlad the impaler, an Orthodox Christian by birth, got from inflicting suffering upon people. Dracula was born in 1431 in a location that is venerated by the Black-Metal community: Transylvania (he was born in “Sighisoara” specifically). He was born either in November or in December, he was a Sagittarius.

prince dracula0001

(portrait of Prince Vlad Tepes done by an unknown artist)

During his life Vlad committed unspeakable atrocities that defy human rationality. He butchered thousands and thousands of people (possibly more than a million?). He had no regard for nationality, rank, religion, age, or sex. He even blasted his own people at some points, he was absolutely merciless and his methods of torture were like something from “Salo” (an Italian horror film from the 70’s).

Some people or better said, most people believe that Adolf Hitler was the worst thing that happened to the human race. They are wrong! The fifteenth century Prince of Wallachia was even worse than the vampiric priests of ancient Meso-America.


A man is a product of two things mainly: his genes and his environment. In order to understand the diabolical behavior of Dracula we must first take a look at his progenitor. Vlad the impaler was the son of Vlad II, Dracul. Vlad II belonged to a semimonastic and semimilitary institution dedicated to fighting the Muslim-Turkish threat: the Order of the Dragon (“Dracul” means devil or dragon). Let us not forget that the symbol that represented the ancient Dacians, meaning the courageous ancestors of the Romanians, was a wolf-headed serpent.
Vlad II became an official member of this organization in Nuremberg.


(the Order of the Dragon somehow has a connection with Nuremberg out of all places!)

It is worth mentioning that the Order of the Dragon came about in 1387, it was created by Sigismund of Luxembourg (king of Hungary) and by his wife Barbara Von Cilli (the order was reorganized in December 13th, 1408). This is why Vlad Tepes or Vlad the impaler is known as “Dracula” today, he was initiated on February 8th, 1431 (at dawn). Vlad II died in Balteni in 1447. The orchestrator of his demise was John Hunyadi, father of Mathias Corvinus.


Not much is known about his mother. The information we got is that she was Princess Cneajna of Moldavia and that she was the eldest member of the Musatin family. She was the sister of two succeeding Moldavian rulers: Princess Ilias and Bogdan II, father of Stephen the great. It is believed that Vlad Dracul married her in 1425.


Vlad was born in a military fortress of Sighisoara. It is obvious that since he was the son of a king he had to learn military arts, his country was surrounded by potentially hostile neighbors plus there was of course the terrible threat of the Turks. Vlad had to receive the training of a “Conan the barbarian”, this is clear. It is said that by the age of five he was already receiving military training.

He was certainly exposed to the “executions of criminals” in Tirgoviste. This must have been for him more or less the same thing that the son of a Roman senator must have experienced in the Colosseum. Some Roman children of high social status saw gladiators butchering each other. Imagine the kind of psychological impact this must make on a child who is trained to believe that he is superior to the lesser classes.

(when I, Nizin Lopez was a child, my uncle and my aunt took me to a military base in Communist Cuba, I saw war tanks and everything. I frequented these bases for months. This is probably why albums like “Panzer Division Marduk” [1999] appeal so much to me)


Vlad was the son of a king. All kings have to spill human blood one way or another. Kings I, 2:46 says that the kingdom of Solomon was not really established until human blood was spilled (the blood of Shimei).

Vlad Dracul, Vlad’s father, he had to eliminate political opponents like Alexandru I, Danesti king of Wallachia. Later on Vlad (Vlad the impaler) killed Vladislav II who was also of the Danesti clan. The ancestors of Vlad certainly had to engage in combat with adversaries like Turks so Vlad’s genes were magnetized with “WAR” and “BLOOD-SPILLING” (Mircea the old [1386-1418] had to pay tribute to the Turks)…

It is said for example that there is an actual connection between Dracula and between Erzsebet Bathory who was actually a native of Transylvania. Bathory’s degenerate and erratic behavior could be to some extent because of the interbreeding of her family, maybe she had some type of genetic defect that affected her behavior.

Keep in mind also that the ancestors of Vlad must certainly have something to do with the Dacians (brave warriors), the Getai, and the expansionist blood-thirsty Romans (this is why Vlad’s land is called “Romania” today). The Romans were a very perverse people. Animals like Caligula, Nero, Agrippina, and Commodus came from that blood-chakra. Genes do matter!


Obviously, Vlad the impaler is a very, very traumatized individual. His psyche was severely wounded and that turned him into a high priest of anhedonia. Here is a list of Vlad’s traumas:
Dracul (Vlad’s father), Vlad (Vlad the impaler), and his brother Radu III the handsome, became vassals of the Turkish Sultan Murad II (father of Mehmet II). This took place in 1442. Even though they were Romanian royalty they were bounded in chains and delivered to the presence of the Sultan.

In order to save his life and his throne, Dracul, father of Vlad, left young Vlad and Radu at the mercy of the Turks. This odd political strategy was pretty much his proof of loyalty to the Sultan. It is true that Dracul was responsible for the well- being of Romania, he could not just think about his life and about the life of his two sons. Since he was the supreme leader of Romania he was “in a sense” Romania incarnate. Yet, the fact of the matter is that he betrayed his two sons. Vlad the impaler, the guy who ended up known as a merciless terrorist, was betrayed by his own father. Vlad and his brother were transferred to a fortress in Turkey known as the fortress of Egrigoz (Egrigoz is in the Kutahya district of the province of Karaman). Later on they were transferred to “Tokat” and eventually to “Adrianople”.Vlad remained captive until 1448, he was 17 years old at that time (the Turks freed him because they didn’t like the Hungarian puppet of Wallachia known as Vladislav II).

Some say that both Vlad and his brother converted to Islam. This must be true. What could Vlad have done? What could Radu have done? They were exiled-defenseless children at the mercy of the arch-enemies of the Christian world: the Turks. Vlad must have been approximately 15 years old when he was betrayed by his progenitor. Vlad would never trust anyone again, no one, absolutely no one.

In 1462 Vlad the impaler unconsciously repeated his father’s behavior: he abandoned his son as he was fleeing from the Turks. From a political perspective there was no choice but however one puts it, he betrayed his son. The worst thing about this is that the one who was leading the Turks against Vlad when this happened was “Radu”, his own brother. This must have been a great psychological blow to Vlad.

(it is said that before his death, Dracul asked a former chancellor of his named Cazan, to give Vlad, son and heir to the throne of Wallachia, two precious relics: the Toledo blade granted to him by Emperor Sigismund at Nuremberg in 1431, and a golden collar with the Dragon insignia)


As we already know Vlad’s brother was known as Radu “the handsome”. It is a known fact that the Turks not only had harems of females, they had a harem of males as well. It is said that Radu ended up in the male harem of Mehmet Celebi (1451-1481). The book “Dracula, prince of many faces” sheds light on this issue:

“The Byzantine chronicler Laonicus Chalcondyles described Radu’s beauty and voluptuousness, which had won him the favor of the future Mehmed II. He gives us a vivid account of the manner in which Radu defended his honor against the advances of the drunken prince, who did not follow the prescription of the Koran, by using his sword to wound his would-be lover. fearing for his life, Radu spent the night hidden in a tree outside the Seraglio for fear of Mehmed’s vengeance. being weak-natured, though, he eventually succumbed to sensual pleasures and became Mehmed’s minion.”

(Dracula, prince of many faces [his life and his times], by Radu R. Florescu and Raymond T. McNally. Little, Brown & Company/Boston/Toronto/London. pg 59-60)

Try to imagine for a second the shame and disgust that this brought to Vlad,…what a disgust it must have been for him to know that his brother had submitted to un-natural sexual behavior. If what the historians say is true, then that means that Radu III the handsome was turned into a bitch. Imagine how that hurt Vlad’s ego! If the Turks did this to Radu it is possible they must have forced themselves upon Vlad as well (Vlad was “insubordination” incarnate). There is no evidence to prove this but at the same time there is nothing that can prove that it didn’t happen. What would for example the guys from Hamas do the Benjamin Netanyahu if they would capture him alive? What would the guys from the Taliban do if they would somehow capture the daughters of George Bush? Didn’t king Saul had to commit suicide in order to avoid being “desecrated” by the Phillishtim? Perhaps the Turks did not force Vlad into “Nero-behavior” but if they this,…that means they traumatized him forever. Forever!

1- First he was betrayed by his father (a symbolic form of castration).
2- Then his brother was forced into un-natural sexual behavior (it is said that he submitted to that kind of behavior). This is another form of castration of the Dracul bloodline.
3- If the Turks indeed molested Vlad (maybe it did not happen) then they turned him into a “cosmic-Hitler”. The fact of the matter is that Dracula did turn into the most nefarious-predatory monster of all time.


Vlad had an eldest brother named Mircea, he cared about him. Mircea was blinded Samson style with red-hot iron stakes. The folks who did this to him were the political enemies of Vlad’s father. Mircea was buried alive in 1447. Imagine what this did to Vlad,…there he was, exiled, enslaved, broken, betrayed by his own father….he must have had many nightmares in which he saw his brother Mircea agonizing. His brother’s eyes were gauged and he was buried alive,…this certainly traumatized the hell out of Vlad. Keep in mind that this is Vlad’s “eldest brother” we are talking about. Since Mircea was his “oldest brother” that automatically puts him in a “paternal figure” position. The extermination and torture of Mircea was another symbolic castration of the Dracul bloodline.


Vlad’s Turkish captivity ended in 1448. He struggled for a while in many different ways. In October 1451 he had to humiliate himself before the very man who had triggered the destruction of his father: John Hunyadi (when Vlad Dracul aligned himself with Mehmed II he broke the oath of the Order of the Dragon). Vlad II had betrayed his son in the name of politics but still, he was his father. It must have been a great psychological blow for Vlad to bow to the very man who brought his progenitor to ashes. Eventually Vlad became the supreme ruler of Wallachia, he had certainly earned it!


In 1462 Vlad’s first wife had to commit suicide in order to avoid being captured by the Turks. What would have been her fate in Muslim Turkey? She would have been turned into a prostitute, a prostitute at the service of foreigners. She chose an honorable death,… she jumped from the Poenari castle and drowned. She drowned in “Riul Doamnei”. Though Vlad was a cold blooded psychopath, this must have affected him in some way. Keep in mind also that the guy that was leading the Turkish onslaught against Vlad was Radu. His own brother! (Radu was a weak traitor that was eventually killed by Basarab III). This certainly affected Vlad.


We must take into consideration that Vlad spent more years in prison than on the throne. This must have been a great blow to his pride. Imagine what it was like to be incarcerated in Turkey and in Europe in those days….there were no accommodations! Vlad conquered the Wallachian throne three times in his life.


No matter what exactly Vlad experienced in the Ottoman Empire, he resisted and he prevailed. The Turks were not able to turn him into a bitch because he was a real man. No matter what his European political adversaries did they were not able to break him, people like Vlad cannot be broken. He was something like an extraterrestrial. Vlad possessed a rare spark, a special “something” that is very scarce. Vlad was unique and he will always be unique. The Romanians venerate him to this day (despite his atrocities). One thing is certain: Vlad the impaler was insane, absolutely and completely insane.



Blood flows over me, feeling of excitement,…a pleasant ache. Scenery of flesh, bodies bounded by rotting,..paradise of pain, screams, they numb me.

(Sinister, song: “sadistic intent”. From the 1993 album “Diabolical summoning”)

Impaling is nothing new, the ancient Assyrians who were absolutely and totally ferocious impaled and skinned people alive.

(the Assyrians impaling prisoners of war in Lachish/Palestine)

Believe it or not Vlad is not the first Romanian to impale people. The Greek historian Herodotus (a guy born in what is today modern Turkey) spoke of a people called “the Getai” who used “ritualistic impaling” to honor a deity named “Salmoxis”.

(The Histories, Herodotus 4.94)

The funny thing is that these tribes lived more or less in the territories of what is today Romania. This is a strange coincidence. Somehow ancient Dacia, a land once inhabited by impalers known as “Getai”, they ended up with a mega-impaler (Vlad).

people impaled0001

(from a pamphlet published by Ambrosius Huber in 1449 at Nuremberg)

As far as Dracula went, impaling massive amounts of people was beyond psychological warfare, it was a form of artistic expression. He impaled thousands and thousands of human beings, mostly Turks of course. Here’s what Miranda Twiss says about Vlad’s little hobby:

“In his hands impalement became an art-form, the special knowledge and particular skill it took to carry out a successful impalement appealing to Vlad’s meticulous nature. Vlad usually had a horse attached to each of the victims legs, and a sharpened stake between six and eight-foot in height and about six-inches wide, was gradually forced up vertically through the body. The end of the stake was usually oiled and care was taken that the stake was not too sharp, or else the victim might die too rapidly from shock. The stake normally started at the buttocks and was worked out through the mouth, but sometimes it was just stabbed through the victim’s chest or stomach.”

(The most evil men and women in history, by Miranda Twiss. Barnes and Noble Books, New York. Pg 66)

Here is more or less what his impalement techniques came down to:

• Here impaled mainly Turks but his sadism was trans-national, he impaled peoples of all kinds of nationalities (including his own).
• He impaled people of all kinds of social status, wealthy and non-wealthy.
• He impaled people of all kinds of ages and sex: old men, old women, adult males capable of engaging in combat, women (pregnant or not), teenagers, boys, girls, and babies.
• The spears could be either high or low, depending on the rank of the person (Hamza Pasha & Thomas Catavolinos, two Turkish commanders of Mehmet II, were impaled on high spears in Tirgoviste).
• The impalement was designed to cause as much agony as possible, the longer the suffering the more pleasure Vlad would get (agony would last for hours, sometimes days).
• Impalement would be through the navel, heart, mouth, and rectum.
• Impalement would be either feet up or feet down.
• Some say that the spears were carefully elaborated and that they were painted as if his nefarious ritual was like a form of art.

Here is a very detailed description of an impaling by Ivan IV the terrible (the Tsar of Russia who killed his own son). By analyzing the ugly deed of that bloody-fornicating drunk we will have a clearer picture of Vlad’s holy rituals.

When the tormented soul known as Ivan Grozny was in his 30’s he murdered a prince named Boris Telupa. He used a “steel-pointed staff” that entered the body of Boris through the bottom part,… it came out through the neck. It is said that the prince survived for “15 hours”. Ivan was such a sadist that he intentionally exposed Boris’ mother to this beyond-bitter event. She was allowed to exchange words with her son (as he was being bled dry and in absolute agony). Somehow Boris found the strength and the courage to speak to his poor mother who certainly was devastated. When the Prince finally expired, his mother was gang-raped by 100 gunners,… they ravished her to death. Now we probably have a better picture of the kind of stuff that Vlad did in his land.

(Stephen of Moldavia, cousin of Vlad, impaled 2,300 Wallachian prisoners in 1473. They were impaled through the navel)


“Instinct spares no one destroying the human heart, the taste of blood can rip your soul apart. Devils that drive us do not discriminate, a state of mind that becomes the ultimate end.”

(Slayer, from the 1994 album “Divine Intervention” [killing fields])

The Romans who venerated the Mithras of Parsi origin held sacred meals in caves. Vlad did something similar but in the open air where the stench of corpses could be smelled. Vlad liked to dine in the presence of hundreds of impaled human bodies. There was stench, probably a very foul and pungent odour,…there were screams of agony, desperate cries, blood and gore everywhere,…black birds nesting in skulls and in rib cages….complete and absolute insanity! But this is what turned Vlad on! Keep in mind once again that some of these bodies were the bodies of pregnant women and the bodies of infants. Totally cold blooded!

The stench of coagulated blood probably aroused him and it is said that he dipped his bread in fresh human blood. Many historians and researchers admit to this. If he did this (which apparently he did),…that means that he drank fresh human blood from a golden cup as well. That means that from a technical perspective Vlad was a vampire. A real one!

There was a “Bathorish” German woman named Ilse Koch who Vlad would have probably gotten along with. She was the wife of an SS officer named Karl and she loved torture and sadism (Ilse Koch was known as “the bitch of Buchenwald). It is a historical fact that this woman of Dresden amused herself by collecting the heads of some concentration camp victims. Not only that, she would chemically reduce them to the size of a grapefruit and then she would decorate the dining room with them. This means that every day that she ate there with her children, they were exposed to the heads of those poor souls. This certainly is something that remind us of Mr Dracula.

(the Norwegian Black-Metal band “Mayhem” uses the heads of smelling pigs in their live shows)


Now, let’s go ahead and speak about his murderous activities. His favorite method of murder was of course impaling (we already know this of course). Yet, there were times when he for example would crush people under the wheels of a very heavy cart. Keep in mind that as I have mentioned before Dracula made no distinction. To him age and sex did not matter; he was totally merciless. Try to imagine the splattered bodies in the streets of Wallachia,…blood and guts everywhere, broken bones, absolute monstrosities. This sort of reminds one of the sick torture techniques used by the Biblical David against Ammon (Samuel II 12:31).


Vlad had a sick sense of humor, sometimes he depicted surreal creativity. This is what he did to some Turkish nobles even though they bowed to him and referred to him as “Lord”:

In this throne hall occurred a famous scene described in almost all the Dracula narrations: envoys of the Sultan had come to officially greet the prince and refused to take off their turbans when they bowed to him. Dracula asked them: “Why do you do this toward a great ruler?” They answered, “This is the custom of our country, my Lord.” Dracula then answered, “I too wish to strengthen your law so that you might be firm,” and he ordered that their turbans BE NAILED TO THEIR HEADS with small iron nails. Then he allowed them to go,…

(In search of Dracula [the history of Dracula and vampires completely revised], by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston/New York. Pg 39)

pinhead is god0001

(it seems like Vlad was the real creator of Pinhead)

These folks were lucky that they were able to somehow remain alive. They were not the only ones to undergo such punishment, Vlad did the same thing to some Italians from Caffa who did not remove their skullcaps.

Vlad liked impaling improperly versed ambassadors, meaning fellows that would look ignorant in his eyes (he felt that speaking to him was a great honor that should not be taken lightly). At some point he impaled 500 nobles and landlords that he had invited to his land. He destroyed them because he was “dissatisfied” with their answers.

It is easy to read this but it is a complete different story to envision a forest packed with impaled bodies. The sight of 500 impaled humans in agony must not be very pretty, especially after the bodies begin to decompose.


Vlad the impaler was the kind of folk that would not believe in “Food Stamps”. There were times when he would invite the poor, the sick, vagabonds, the long-term unemployed,… etc to dine with him ( he would invite them all to a certain specific location). He would give them all the food they could eat. After they would be satisfied he would then ask them tricky questions that would pretty much sentence them to death (their own mouths would condemn them).

foods stamps dracula0001

(Vlad certainly didn’t have the generosity that America has, USA is a “compassionate nation”. Of course he didn’t have any compassion,…he was a tyrant!)

He would then lock the doors of the place and burn them all in fire. He would unleash his wrath upon them like a hurricane Katrina. The victims included of course old people, women (sometimes pregnant), and infants. This happened in Tirgoviste, the capital of Wallachia. This is what Dracula did to those he considered a “burden to others”.

As we all know, gypsies, a nomadic people that have a reputation for laziness and theft; have inhabited most of the lands of Eastern Europe. That includes of course the land of Dracula. Some researchers state that at one point he forced a large crowd of gypsies into cannibalism (he impaled them all). He “skinned” many of them alive as well.

the flaying of marsyas0001

(the flaying of Marsyas, by the artist Melchior Meier)

As we can see, even though Vlad would be willing to marry a commoner, he despised the squalid and the feeble. He felt that by exterminating he was releasing them from their miserable existence plus he felt that by doing that he was “purifying” his country. The Nazi scientists did this as well; they destroyed not only the Jews but any kind of person who would be useless to their State (in their eyes their “THIRD REICH” could have no imperfections).



(Mr Nizin Lopez, 2014)

In some occasions Vlad like boiling people alive. It is said that he used specially designed cooking pots. It is said for example that once he ordered a gypsy thief to be cooked and then he forced his fellow Gypsies to eat the flesh and the bones. What a gruesome sight! What a disgust those poor gypsies most have felt!…Dracula was certainly more insane than Cambyses. I’m sure Dr Hannibal Lecter would have liked Vlad very much.


Vlad liked doing something that the ancient Assyrians loved doing: mutilation. In some cases Dracula would cut off the noses, ears, and lips of people he would dislike and he would then send them in a box to certain personalities through an intermediary (through a Josephus type). This was a terror tactic of his in order to intimidate his potential political adversaries. it is said for example that in the 1460’s Vlad sent two bags full of ears, noses, etc to Buda through his envoy Radu Farma. His son “Mihnea the bad” (Vlad’s son with a noble woman of Transylvania) followed the footsteps of his father. He practiced this kind of psychological tactic as well.

Titus did the same thing when he was conquering Jerusalem, he sent “cut off hands” as gifts to the leaders of the Jews who were still offering resistance in the Temple (to John of Gishcala and to Simon bar Giora). Psychological terrorism is nothing new.

Try to imagine for a second what it would be like for you to get a package from UPS full of stinking noses, lips, ears, and eyes coated in coagulated blood. This is what Vlad did!


When Vlad was engaging in combat with the Turks he would reward and honor the soldiers of his who would be wounded through the front. If for some reason one of his soldiers would be wounded through the back, he would impale them. Not only that, he would use “demoralizing-punitive psychology”. He would impale them “from the bottom up”, meaning through the rectum. I guess that the spear would somehow come out of the soldier’s mouth.

Think about what a crazy and absurd situation that was. If you were a soldier in Vlad’s army that means that you were risking your life for the country and for your prince. Also, if you would have perished in battle your wife and your children would have probably been left in a vulnerable situation. If for some reason a Turk would have wounded you through the back your fate was the spear of dishonor. Incredible! Thus was the reward of a Romanian man who would fight valiantly for his nation.

(this is obviously a subconscious representation of his childhood traumas,… this is a product of his exile to Turkey when his brother “Radu the handsome” was desecrated by the Turks).


In the 80’s an American Metal band named “Hellwitch” released a great song that Vlad would have probably loved: “TORTURE CHAMBER”. It is said for example that in the island of Snagov Dracula used a monastery as a prison for political foes. He would invite his victims to pray in a certain spot of the cell and then he would suddenly release a secret trap door. This would send the devotee to a ditch below where erect poles awaited.

It is a known fact that Dracula fed people to wild beasts like bears. In this aspect he was not too different from the Caesars who loved the bloody gladiator-games. Thousands of people were devoured by lions, tigers, and bears in the Roman Colosseum. Vlad would have loved to be a spectator in the Flavian amphitheater for sure.
We must also keep in mind that some SS officers threw Jews into the cages of bears so that they would be ripped to pieces. The remains would then be thrown to a caged eagle that would pick on the bones.


We all know by now that blood-thirsty Vlad was interested pretty much in anything that would make his victims suffer and bleed. Yet, there were times when he chose different methods of torture. It is said that in some cases he killed people by exposing them to the elements, meaning to extremely cold weather. Some researchers state that he threw people in frozen lakes in order to see them drowning in absolute agony (remember that one of his wives drowned).

Countess Bathory used a similar technique with her female captives. She would throw super-cold water on her victims in dead cold winter. Her goal was to turn them into “ice sculptures” (and this she accomplished indeed). I’m sure the Norwegian Black Metal band “Immortal” would find all this stuff interesting.


“This night of splendor the beast arise in me, this is my destiny, sword shall take life!”

(Morbid Angel, song “Vengeance is mine”, from the 1993 album “Covenant”)

pocket knife

Sometimes Vlad would kill thousands of people not by impaling but by the sword (Biblical style). It is a known fact that he butchered thousands with swords, sabers, and knives. In 1460 for example, he slaughtered more or less 30,000 Wallachians (his own people). He did this in St Bartholomew’s day in a village called Amlas. The people of this town were supposedly supporting a rival of his so he acted “Saddam Hussein-style”.

In 1462 he blasted around 25,000 in Nicopolis. This included even highly attractive women. This sounds like Joshua’s conquest of Canaan when YHVH commanded Joshua to spare no one, not even females or infants. It is said that Vlad burned many people in Nicopolis as well. Try to imagine for a second the Dantesque sight of 30,000 butchered-bleeding corpses,… try to imagine a surreal-Gigerish landscape of guts and blood. Try to imagine the gruesome sight of 25,000 cadavers cut to pieces, some of them carbonized. Try to imagine how ugly it must have been to see the remains of butchered females (women that were even beautiful). There are no words….


It is impossible to describe the absolute evil of Vlad, there is no way to verbalize it. Women and children meant nothing to him, I guess maybe he saw them as “objects of animation”.
In “the Gallic Wars” Caesar speaks about how he cut off the hands of all men who defended Uxellodunum, this means “non-Romans” of course (The Gallic Wars, Book VIII, 44). Caesar committed an atrocity but at least he was using violence (the ultimate source of coercion) against adult males capable of fighting the Roman legions. When it came to Vlad, if he for some reason thought that a woman was “lazy” he would had her hands cut off. After that he would impale her. He had no feelings!

piece of shit bastard0002

(this folk murdered and ravished his sister in July 2005. He slit her throat from ear to ear. Is he not a vampire like Vlad? Check the Miami Herald, Tuesday, January 27, 2015)

Sometimes when he would impale women and children he would cut off the breasts of the women. Then he would push the children into the bodies of their mother (I guess into the holes of the cut off breasts) and impale them together. This is an act of dementia beyond categorization,…simply unimaginable. It is also said that in some cases he would force the husbands of the condemned women to eat the cut off breasts. Try to imagine for a second how sick that is,…your wife has been mutilated and impaled, your son or your little girl has been butchered and pushed into the corpse of your agonizing wife. Then as you see your wife and your children impaled in some beyond-unimaginable way, you have to masticate the bleeding breasts of your wife. In some cases women were forced to eat their roasted children and I guess he forced men to do the same. If this is not demonic then I don’t know what it is…

There was a time when a mistress of Vlad declared to him that she was pregnant. For some reason he chose to cut her open with a sword in order to see if her statement was true or not. Some historians state that he said the following:

“Let the world see where I have been and where my fruit lay.”

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a folk who murdered his own wife in cold blood for no reason at all. What could possibly justify such a despicable act? Nothing could justify that. Not only that, he killed his own child. Based on the information that is available to us, it is said that this poor woman did everything in her power to make Vlad happy. All she ever desired was to gladden him. How sad!

(This could remind us of the injustices of Menachem, king of Israel. He split pregnant women open just like the people of Ammon. This hideous act of Menachem is recorded in Kings II, 15:16)

Vlad had very severe punishments for people that he personally considered sexually depraved (based on his ultra-strict Stalinist type of judgment). An adulterous woman for example would have her sexual organs cut off. That would literally mean her breasts, her nipples, and believe it or not her vagina. Try to imagine for a second the kind of pain this would inflict on the poor female…it is impossible to imagine that kind of pain. Keep in mind also that maybe many of those women that Dracula labeled as “adulterous” were really victims of abusive husbands who used them as servants and as “incubators” (check out the majestic film “LEA” by Mr Ivan Fila [a 1996 Czech film]).

This kind of unspeakable abuse was not restricted for adulterous women. He would do the same for example to girls who failed to preserve their virginity or to unchaste widows. This means that if a 19 year old girl would have intercourse with a guy she would fall in love with, her fate was more or less something like what we saw in Eli Roth’s “Hostel”. If a Romanian widow that had lost her husband would desire to have sex with another man, her fate was sealed: torture and pain beyond human rationality. Please keep in mind that maybe these widows that Dracula was blasting were women who had lost their husbands in battle, meaning that their husbands had sacrificed their lives for Romania. What an injustice!

Oh but that was not it! Historians have confirmed that in some cases he would impale women through their vaginas with red-hot iron pokers. These fiery-iron bars would come out of their mouths of course. What could be more heinous than this? Is it possible to imagine the type of pain this would inflict? I personally find it funny that in our modern days people still think that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to mankind. Seriously!

Then we have the atrocities he committed against teenagers and children. Some Romanian sources have confirmed that Dracula would invite young boys from neighboring countries to Wallachia in order to teach them the tongue and the culture. It is uncertain if he actually “invited them” or if they were sent there by someone. He would put them all in a specific building, a location that he had in mind for something very ugly. It is confirmed that he burned approximately 400 boys alive.

He claimed that these children were not admirers of his kingdom but “spies” for the Saxons. How could he go to sleep after knowing that he had just burned to crisp 400 children? Maybe some could say that there is some logic to this after all, some could claim for example that the Saxon merchant class had sent them to Wallachia hoping that in a not so distant future they would become some type of ruling class (like the Jews of “Holocaust-aroma” who were welcomed in Christian America and now try to influence American foreign policy plus the media). It is a historical fact that at one point some Transylvanian Saxons refused to pay Vlad taxes even though they were warned several times.
Either way, the burning of 400 children is an act of absolute evil however one looks at it.


Vlad was interested in building a castle and as it is logical he needed lots of manual labor. He chose the ruins of castle “Arges” because of its strategic location. On Easter (the most important religious celebration of the year for his citizens) he invited the citizens of Wallachia to feast and make merry, all the people of Tirgoviste showed up. There was roasted lamb, sweetened cakes, wine, carousels, swings,…when they were enjoying themselves the Prince surrounded them and captured them as if they were cattle. He took them to Poenari and crushed them with heavy labor until their clothes were completely torn (they were left naked as if they were animals). Castle Arges was rebuilt with bricks and stones from Poenari. His intent was to make the fortress impregnable to the canons of the Turks. He killed the merchants, the old, and the useless, …he impaled them. He was so perverse that he exploited women and children in this enterprise as well.

It is said that this took place in 1456 when he became enthroned (he became the ruler of Wallachia three times in his lifetime). Some researchers have speculated that what triggered this demented rage was the death of his brother Mircea who was killed in 1447. His brother had been buried alive and he exhumed the body in order to confirm this. When he saw the body of his brother twisted as if he died in absolute agony gasping for air he “lost it”. This appears to be the reason why he sadistically tormented his own citizens in a “concentration camp-project”.

(once again we see that he betrayed his own people, this is a throwback to the times when his father left him at the mercy of the Turks)


(Auschwitz, of the saddest places on planet earth)



Vlad died in December 1476 near Bucharest. He died fighting bravely, very courageously against the Turks. Some researchers have stated that he was killed by one of his own men (the same thing happened to Julian the apostate). Some say that he was beheaded and that his head was displayed in Constantinople, it was supposedly displayed on a stick so that everyone could see that the vampire of Wallachia had indeed died (it is said that it was impaled on “a high stake”). His body is supposedly interred in a monastery of Snagov.

Here’s a list of what I personally consider his “positive traits”:

• Vlad not only protected Romania from Islam, he protected (whether intentionally or not it is irrelevant) other regions of Europe as well. Dracula, as demented as he was, saved what is today the Free Western world from the spread of Islam. A sadistic devil like Vlad was believe it or not necessary in those days in order to frighten the Muslims. There were times when Vlad was to Bulgaria, Serbia, and Greece the same thing that Mithradates Eupator was to the Greeks when Rome was a great threat (Mithradates liberated many Greeks from Roman tyranny). If a guy like Obama would have been the leader of Romania during Vlad’s era most of Europe would be Muslim today (in order to prevail over the guys of “Islamic State” you need a Bush-Hitler-Putin type of leader, a strong leader).

Vlad was a sadist but he was the man for the job! he fought against what you see right fucking here!

• Vlad did not sit on a golden throne as his soldiers were fighting against the Turks, Dracula fought them like a man (in the same way that Alexander the great fought the Persians). He butchered Turks with his own hands as he led the battle. Dracula was certainly not a coward; he was a military leader with integrity.
• Dracula believed in Law and Order. I certainly don’t agree with his beyond-violent techniques but the fact of the matter is that he eliminated theft from Romania. During his time no one would dare to steal gold even if it was left in the middle of the street. They feared getting their hands cut off (or much worse: impalement). Folks like Bernie Madoff (an American Ashkenazi Jew involved in a “billions of dollars-ponzi scheme”) would have certainly being impaled by Vlad!

• It is said that he gave Christian burials to those Christians he killed. I don’t believe for example that he buried every single Christian he murdered (it would be absurd to think that). This was after all a decision based on the judgment of a madman. He probably favored his Wallachian victims more than others. His decision to offer some people a Christian burial was probably based on the “level” of their trespass (he surrounded himself with many Christian priests, both Orthodox and Catholic).
• Dracula was a pioneer of biological warfare. In our modern days the American public is terrified of the Ebola virus but what most people don’t know is that Vlad used this form of warfare way before Aids was fabricated in a medical lab. When Dracula was fighting the Turks he would encourage those with deadly diseases to dress like Turks and to mingle with them. He would recruit for example guys with leprosy, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, and so on. It is said that sometimes he poisoned the well of his enemies as well (the Palestinians for example have accused Israel of using this tactic). Vlad’s diabolical personality was certainly useful when it came to defending Romania from Islam.


(Miami Herald, Tuesday, October 28th 2014: America meets Ebola!)

• Vlad was one of the first folks to use gunpowder and canons in Europe, he had learned this from his former Turkish captives.
• It is said that Vlad was attracted to beautiful females of humble origin. His first wife was a Transylvanian commoner, he married her in 1448. This means that he was not necessarily interested in marrying a woman of status simply because she was the daughter of king such and such (even though he married “Iona”, sister of king Matthias). In our modern days George Bush would never marry for example a woman who works in Publix. Yet Vlad, as insane as he was, depicted unusual nobility (true nobility in my humble opinion). In this sense we could compare Vlad with Felipe VI, king of Spain (enthroned in June 2014). Even though Felipe is the son of a king (son of king Juan Carlos) he chose to marry a Spaniard TV host named Leticia. I believe this is very honorable.
• Last but not least, Vlad was a spiritual ancestor of the “body-piercing community” and an inspiration to the Heavy Metal community as well. His impalement techniques were in a way an artistic expression of his subconscious.


(It is said that Dracula meticulously twisted the ends of his moustache like Salvador Dali, I guess he had an artistic side after all. Wasn’t his impaling a form of art?)

So we see, the beyond-traumatized man known as Vlad the vampire had a humane side. What could we expect after all that he experienced during his early years? What could we expect from a man that constantly had to defend his kingdom from a predatory superpower known as the Ottoman Empire? What could we expect from a man who like every king of the ancient world was surrounded by political foes? Vlad was evil incarnate, there is no question about it. Yet he was mostly a product of the environment that he was exposed to (besides his genes and his spiritual DNA [his “oversoul”]). I believe that Dracula must be a reincarnation from the “very ancient” world. Perhaps the reincarnation of a blood-thirsty Assyrian king or something? Personally, I think Dracula did pretty good considering all the crap he went through in his tormented and somber life.


As I already mentioned a few times, it is obvious that Vlad was a beyond-cruel tyrant. Yet, “society” (whether they admit it or not) honors aggressive-warrior types, they honor homo-necans; meaning blood-spillers (folks like Vlad!). Ajax for example was a heroic warrior of great strength who fought in the Trojan war, he was second only to Achilles (he was the son of Telamos). Ajax was a mega blood-spiller!


(today whether we know it or not we honor Ajax through this product)

As you can see here, this product bears his name. It even says “stronger than grease”, this is a code for “GREECE”. Society does not honor nice-harmless guys, they honor blood-spilling warriors.


(Here we see the mighty Gannicus of the Spatacus TV series [Steve S. DeKnight]. This is what women want: a hunter, a blood-spiller, a protector provider, a devil. In these TV series we clearly see women in the crowd screaming “FUCK ME GANNICUS!!”)

Of course, they will never admit to this politically incorrect truth. Like Jim Carrey once said: “Nice guys finish last”.


Vlad the impaler (Vlad Tepes/Kazikly Bey): 1431-76.


(Vlad’s kingdom)

Prince of Wallachia: 1448; 1456-62; 1476 (Vlad was 25 years old when he became the official ruler of wallachia in August, 1456). Wallachia is said to have been founded by a Transylvanian known as Radu Negru or Rudolf the Black (in 1290).

Sultan Murad II, father of Mehmet Celebi: 1421-1451. He died on February 3rd, 1451.

Mehmet II, conqueror of Constantinople: 1451-1481.

The Bathory connection: Everyone has heard of Countess Erzsebet Bathory (most people know her as “Elisabeth”), she was born in Transylvania in 1560. The spiritual ancestress of Ilse Koch died in prison in 1614. There was a “Bathory” who fought honorably against an adversary of Vlad named Bassarab Laiota (a pro-Turk), Stephen fought on Dracula’s side in 1476. He was Vlad’s commander in chief and he took Bucharest on November 16, 1476. On November 26 of that same year Wladislaus Dragwlya was officially established as ruler of Wallachia. So, there is a connection between Vlad and the Bathory clan.


What you see here is a map showing where the Turks exercised political influence. In some cases they were able to completely subjugate some of these Western nations (Bosnia and Albania for example are still Muslim to this very day). In some cases they temporarily exercised influence in some parts of certain countries (like in the case of Austria for example).

turkish conquest0001

(Turkish expansion in Europe)


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“Chopped in half, feel the blood spill from your mouth, with rotting ways comes destiny. Feel the soul taking over, bleed!”

(Obituary, from the 1990 album “Cause of death” [chopped in half])


(Mr Nizin Lopez meets the Death Metal legend of Obituary: Mr John Tardy. Vlad would have probably treated him as “a Noble” because of the lyrical content of his music)


(Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez [2014])

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