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“For the life of the flesh is in the blood, & I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”

(Leviticus 17:11)

On November 25th 2016 the recalcitrant autocrat Fidel Castro died under mysterious circumstances. Fidel Castro Ruz, the Socialist par excellence who ruled Cuba with a rod of iron for 47 years, died on “Black Friday”, the day following ‘Thanksgiving Day’ in USA (a day of shopping: ‘Capitalism’). It almost seems as if some influential-invisible entity determined his fate 17 years after the Elian Gonzalez controversy (the boy was rescued by the U.S. Coastguards on Nov 25th, 1999).

(the American Illuminati-Banker David Rockefeller anointed Castro as Cuba’s official renegade-king, Castro is a U.S. installed outarch. The New World Order empowered him and the New World Order took him out)

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the revolutionary Fidel Castro, there are myriads who venerate him; especially in Latin America and in the Middle East. Folks like Nicolas Maduro and Evo Morales see him as an undefeated icon. It is not a secret that the ex-president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez saw Fidel as a semi-divine being, as an enlightening Quetzalcoalt, a Kukulkhan, a Viracocha…. It is strange that on November 29th, 2016, four days after Castro’s death, a charter plane from Bolivia crashed somewhere near Medellin in Colombia killing 71 people (LaMia 2933). It almost seems as if someone or ‘something’ was trying to honor the Robin Hood of the Caribbean with human blood, a satiation for the anti-America Latin-American god Fidel Castro (a ‘Santeria ritual’ of cosmic dimensions).


(Miami Herald, Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. 1 B)

(the fatal accident took place on 11/29/2016. 11 + 29 + 2016 = 13. Fidel’s funeral procession would go through 13 provinces until the ashes would reach Santiago de Cuba, the final destination)

If we take a look at ancient history we will see that in many ancient cultures it was customary to honor a dead king with a collective human sacrifice. For example, the Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus talks about how honorable kings of Scythia (Russia) were honored with the blood of native Scythians. At least fifty males would be sacrificed so that their souls would accompany the ruler in the afterlife. This phenomena was practiced also in pre-Columbian South America and in Pharaonic Egypt.

(it is said that King Djer, Aha’s son and sucessor (1st dynasty) had over 300 retainer sacrifices in his tomb and over 200 retainer sacrifices buried buried in enclosures surrounding his tomb. Some experts believe he was buried with over 569 retainers)

So, could it be possible that the dignitaries of Latin-America orchestrated a plane crash in order to honor Castro with the blood of Brazilian athletes? Most of the victims belonged to the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense (ACF). Let us not forget that the plane went from Evo Morales’ Bolivia to Colombia, a country that has borders with Venezuela. It looks like Charter flight 2933 was headed pretty much in the direction of Cuba as if implying that the sacrifice was meant to invigorate Maduro’s Communist regime and Raul Castro’s regime as well (Maduro was born on 11/23/1962, two days before Fidel’s death). Also, let us not forget that “LaMia”, meaning ‘Linea Aerea Merida Internacional de Aviacion’ (a Bolivian airline) originates in the failed Venezuelan airline of the same name founded as ‘LaMia, C.A. in 2009. This basically means that both Nicolas Maduro and Evo Morales played a huge role in the orchestrated accident.

(Maduro needs nourishment for his cadaveric-outdated regime, a regime that is threatened by the “Oposicion”)

“First of all, the most authoritative and important sacrifice was that of human blood, but it was not as common as the others because the sacrifice of human blood was only offered to the major Gods and Guacas for important purposes and on special occasions. When they conquered and subjugated some nation of Indians, they would select a LARGE NUMBER OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE INDIVIDUALS that there were among them, and these individuals were brought to Cuzco, where they were sacrificed to the Sun for the victory that they said the sun had achieved for them. However, this sacrifice was not very common because the occasion on which it was offered did not come up often.”

(Inca Religion and Customs, by Father Bernabe Cobo. University of Texas, Press Austin. Page 111)


(the ancient Maya used to honor Kukulkhan with the blood of young warriors. Scene from ‘Apocalypto’, a film from 2006 directed by Mel Gibson)


(these young warriors led to the slaughter, are they not equivalent to the Chapecoense folks? Scene from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto)

We must also keep in mind that there are strange synchronicities when it comes to Castro’s death and the LaMia plane crash. For example, Fidel Castro died as we already know on November 25th 2016 (11/25/2016), pretty much 17 years after the Elian Gonzalez controversy in Miami/Fla:

LaMia flight 2933 = 2 + 9 + 3 + 3 = 17. 17: 17 years after the U.S. Coastguards rescued Elian Gonzalez.

Coincidence? 71 people died in the plane crash. Is 71 not 17 in reverse? Also, we must remember that the Cuban outarch always wore his famous “OLIVE GREEN” military outfit in order to project an image of power.

(Castro wearing “verde olivo” [olive green])

The members of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense, were they not Soccer celebrities, “A LARGE NUMBER OF PROMINENT INDIVIDUALS”? Their uniform was ‘GREEN’ as well, coincidentally.

64 Brazilian soccer players were buried at Chepeco on 12/03/2016, the exact date when Fidel’s ashes reached the cemetery ‘Santa Ifigenia’ (in Santiago de Cuba). The conjurers behind this solemn ritual made sure that everything would be done carefully and perfectly, the souls of the chosen athletes would accompany the Caribbean god into the afterlife.

So yes, collective human sacrifices still take place right in front of our noses, yet nobody notices anything. Thank you all for your time.



Please understand that Nizin R. Lopez is not a Socialist, a Communist, an anti-Americam, an Arab, or a Muslim. Nizin R. Lopez is a Cuban-American of Sephardic-Jewish descent, a “TRUTH-SEEKER”; a politically incorrect Artist that questions his environment. Please understand also that I am not in any way trying to attack the Cuban exile, “I, Nizin R. Lopez, I am a member of the Cuban exile. I am a “Balsero” and proud.

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez, done on 09/22/2016 in Miami Gardens/Fla)


On late December 2015 a Cuban dissident known as “El Sexto” (The Sixth) was arrested and imprisoned by agents of the rigid-recalcitrant Castro regime. The ‘anti-establishment’ character tried to release two pigs with the names of Raul and Fidel in a plaza of Havana (his Magnum Opus). Apparently, El Sexto attempted to do an artistic performance inspired by the novella “Animal Farm” of the anti-Stalin writer George Orwell.


(here we have the professional ‘agitator’ known as “El Sexto”)


(El Sexto enlightens mankind with his thought-provoking ‘performances’ in Havana/Cuba)


This so-called “performance” of El Sexto catapulted him into stardom, he became an international celebrity overnight. The influential figures of the Cuban exile in Miami?…They fell in love with him and adopted him as their son. But, who is this human rights activist who is portrayed as a gifted graffiti artist of encyclopedic understanding?

El Sexto’s real name is Danilo Maldonado Machado, he was born in Camaguey in the 80’s. El Sexto has been incarcerated several times by the Cuban authorities, it is said that he is frequently detained by the police pretty much under any pretext. The affluential-dominant wizards of the Cuban exile in Miami have presented him as a heroic champion of free speech and as a talented artist. Some have gone as far as calling him a “GENIUS” as if El Sexto was the mere incarnation of Michelangelo or something. It is true that El Sexto has opposed the Castro regime fiercely but, is he the misunderstood Socrates we’ve been told he is? What is his education for example? Is El Sexto a graduate from ‘E.N.A.’, meaning from Escuela Nacional de Arte? His English-Bio on the internet says that he graduated in 2002 from “Tecnico Medio Havana in Arts and Crafts”. Does he know how to paint a portrait like Iman Maleki? Does he know how to draw like DaVinci? Is he a visionary like M.C. Escher? Does he possess the creativity of Dan Seagrave? Believe it or not these are questions that demand a valid answer.


(Can ‘El Sexto’ do something like this? Is he well versed when it comes to anatomy? Portrait by Mr Nizin Lopez, acrylic on canvas)


(Does ‘El Sexto’ possess this type of creativity? Acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

I know these are harsh words but, the fact of the matter is that Danilo Maldonado Machado is a legitimized “NOBODY”, an un-sophisticated individual in desperate need of attention; a “provocateur”. It is clear that as far as “ARTWORK” goes he doesn’t have much to offer,…his “GENIUS” is nothing but a feverish pantomime fabricated by influential/well-connected folks of the Cuban exile (sad but true). El Sexto deserves credit as an anti-Castro dissenter but he does not deserve to be portrayed as a creative genius. El Sexto is nothing but an agitator with some artistic inclinations; that is what he is. He is not a “REAL” artist so to speak and he is ‘CERTAINLY NOT A GENIUS’.

Yet, he’s been featured in mainstream media and in the press (in Miami/Fla). As much as I hate to say this, Univision 23 and Telemundo 51 seem to be hypnotized by his charismatic splendor, they seem to believe that he is some type of prolific lecturer.


(Here’s a drawing by ‘El Sexto’…Telemundo 51 has labelled El Sexto as an “Artista Plastico”, meaning a ‘Plastic Artist. They are portraying him as a highly talented individual, a ‘mega-figure’ even though his ‘so called’ artwork is nothing out of this world. I bet Maria Celeste can draw better than the erudite known as ‘El Sexto’)

In Mega TV the brilliant Dominican journalist Oscar Haza defines El Sexto as a ‘Visual Artist”. Oh really? The Miami Herald seems to think that El Sexto is a colossus, a primary exponent of creativity in the Island. As if all this is not enough, ‘El Sexto’ was supposed to attend the premiere of an HBO documentary called “Cuba, fatherland or Death” (directed by Olatz Lopez Garmendia). As we have seen, El Sexto, a “NOBODY”, has been favored by ‘the Powers that be’ simply because he attacks the Communist regime of the Castro’s. So, if one gets a marker and writes “OBAMA” on a pig he deserves to be recognized as the new Salvador Dali? If I, Nizin R. Lopez, fly to Iraq and say that Saddam Hussein was an oppressive- sadistic tyrant,…I deserve to be famous? There are hundreds of talented Cuban artists in Miami Fla that deserve recognition but the mainstream media ignores them since they don’t fit the politically correct agenda of the times (we’re talking about artists that had no choice but to flee from Communist Cuba).


Based on the information provided by the internet, sometime in 2014 El Sexto participated in some type of student exchange program sponsored by the Miami-based ‘Foundation of Human Rights in Cuba’ (FHRC); he studied in Miami Dade College. Basically, some influential figure of the Cuban exile “HOOKED HIM UP”, somebody uplifted him since his ‘artistic career’ is really “NOT SOLID’. A personage like Wilfredo Lam for example would not have needed this ‘BOOST” since he is a real talent with solid artistic roots, his artwork is beyond majestic (he is more than famous).
It is interesting to see that Miami Dade College sponsors and supports figures like “El Sexto” in the holy name of Democracy. Yet, Miami Dade College is not necessarily a ‘FREE SPEECH’ entity. I, Nizin R. Lopez, I tried to pursue a Nursing degree in Miami Dade College (since it is almost impossible to make a living as an artist). In early 2009 I was kicked out of MDC because I made a politically incorrect presentation in front of a multitude, I openly stated that September 11th was an ‘INSIDE JOB’ and that the U.S. Government was responsible for the deaths of 3000 innocent civilians. I also stated that for some reason, no significant amount of ‘Yids’ died in the tragedy.


(Miami Dade College, Inter-American campus. S.W. Miami, Fla)

I made this presentation in the Speech-class of a Jewish professor from Brooklyn named Sherry Sinkoff. It is clear to me that Sinkoff got together with the Academic Dean in order to execrate the hell out of me. That is exactly what happened, I was kicked out of MDC (Hialeah campus) under false accusations. The Academic Dean Advisor (a viper named ‘Sonja’) told the police that I was a psychopath and a threat to the people in the campus. Basically, MDC told the Hialeah Police that I was ‘armed and dangerous’ even though I have never been to a gun shop in my God damn life…incredible! But that is what took place and it took place in “THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE”. The influential folks of MDC/Hialeah campus are gods of character assassination, they did everything in their power in order to grind me into dust.


(what you see here is a monument located in S.W Miami/Fla. It is next to the parking lot of Miami Dade College/Inter-American campus. This monument honors “FREEDOM OF SPEECH & HUMAN RIGHTS”)

It was no surprise that in early 2011 Law Enforcement started ‘Gang-Stalking’ me. I was placed in a secret surveillance program of the U.S Government designed to destroy a Targeted Individual emotionally and psychologically (unjust systematic harassment sponsored by the State). I was isolated from my support system, they distorted my public image…they started spreading false rumors pretty much telling people that I was a serial killer and a sex-offender. Unbelievable!!


(the ones who despise me weaponized my own Artwork against me. They used my “DARK DEATH-METAL ARTWORK” against me and began spreading false rumors saying that I was a potential serial killer, a potential sex-offender, and a potential terrorist. Incredible! Album cover for the Floridian Death-Metal band “CALIGULA”, album ‘Bukkake Baptism’, 2006. Acrylic on canvas)

The ultimate goal of the Gang-Stalking program is to throw the Targeted Individual in jail (under false accusations of course) or to force him to commit suicide. How come the mainstream media doesn’t expose this despicable crime? The sad part is that most people in America ignore that such program exists. I, Nizin R. Lopez, a nice guy who always tried to do the right thing,…I ended up destroyed by corrupt-immoral people that work for the U.S. Government. It is what it is, no hard feelings.

So, MDC confabulates with characters like ‘El Sexto’ in order to project an image, an ideal,…they want people to think that Miami Dade College believes in transparency, freedom of speech, tolerance, democracy, integrity, etc. What about the Godless injustice that was done to me, a U.S citizen who came to the U.S. in a God-damn boat? Yes, sometimes MDC operates as an anti-freedom of speech terrorist organization, they believe they are doing it for the greater good. But so what, nobody knows about the secret ‘Gang-Stalking’ program. Nobody cares.


(here’s the TI Pedro Vargas, an ex-employee of MDC that was shot killed by the Miami Dade Police on July, 2013. There was some type of friction between Mr Vargas and Miami Dade College, someone in MDC told the Police to Gang-Stalk the hell out of him pretty much forcing him to commit a crime. His neighbors did exactly as they were told: they harassed Mr Vargas systematically,…eventually Vargas lost his mind and shot at least five people. The Police took him out)


Mr Nizin Lopez

(Nizin R. Lopez: Cuban-American Artist, Occultist, and Heavy-Metal Trooper. 12/20/1975-Eternity)


• Olga Alonso Glez Vocational Art School. Sta Clara/Las Villas, Cuba.
• Oscar Fdez Morera professional Art Institute (equivalent to ‘E.N.A.’). Trinidad, Sti-Spiritus, Cuba.


• King Diamond (Kim Bendix Petersen), godly Danish vocalist of the legendary Black-Metal band “Mercyful Fate”.


• Noni Exhibition Center, Miami/Fla, USA.
• Spectrum Fine Arts, New York, USA.
• Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Ga, USA.
• Cultural Fridays (Viernes Culturales), Miami/Fla, USA.


• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Deicide”, Serpents of the light (1997). The Heavy Metal magazine ‘Metal Maniacs’ labelled it 3rd best album cover of the year.
• Artwork for the Death Metal Band “Deicide”, when Satan Lives live album (1998).
• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Morbid Angel”, Formulas fatal to the flesh (1998).
• ‘Angel of disease’ t-shirt design for Morbid Angel (1995).
• Album cover, Band logo, and symbol for the Death-Metal band “Caligula”, Bukkake Baptism album (2006). Backing vocals for the track “Blasphemy in the temple of Caius”.
• Album cover and Band logo for the Thrash-Metal band “Thrash Or Die”, Poser Holocaust album (2011).
• Band logo and t-shirt design for the Death Metal band “Hibernus Mortis”.
• Band logo for the Metal band “Dark Solace.”
• Album cover for the Death-Metal band “Malevolent Creation”, In cold blood (1997).
• North American tour t-shirt design for Malevolent Creation.
• Album cover for the Metal band “King of Heresy”, “the embodied terror” album (2008).
• Artwork for the Death-Metal/Horror art publication “Drawing Blood” (90’s).
• Acrylic on canvas painting depicted in the Halloween Gallery of ‘Coast to Coast Am’ (2012), Paranormal Radio Show (title: purifying agent).


• Unaffiliated-anti dogma “Free Thinker”.


What you see here is 100 % pure and authentic, there are no ‘Photoshop-tricks’, no bullshit; no nothing…just 100 % Art, total and absolute transparency. As an artist I have worked pretty much with all types of media: acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, pencil drawings, tempera, oil painting, water color, mixed media, murals,…you name it. Enjoy!


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

portrait of religious man.

(portrait by Mr Nizin Lopez, acrylic on canvas)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Retrato de colorido.

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(band logo by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

Hialeah in tha house

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

laberynth detail 22

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

purifying agent

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

the edges of reality

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(abstract art, acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(creative photography by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

thunderbolt eagle

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

lord of the laberinto0001

(mixed media by Mr Nizin Lopez)

portrait josept

(tattoo by Mr Nizin Lopez, portrait)

ri 7

(tattoo by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

nizin with jesus painting

(acrylic on canvas by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)


(Thrash Or Die album cover [poser holocaust])


(mixed media by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(ink on paper by Mr Nizin Lopez)

(t-shirt design for the Floridian Death-Metal band “HIBERNUS MORTIS”. Band logo and black and white drawing [Ink on paper] by Nizin R.Lopez. The design was enhanced through Photoshop by Christian Placeres)

And the list goes on and on! Mr Nizin Lopez has been creating Art since forever. Thank you all for taking the time to read this humble article of mine. Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the Law!!!

(Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez, soldier of the Truth)


Deicide (thank you Mr Glen Benton for the opportunity you gave me), Morbid Angel (thank you guys for the opportunity you gave me; very special thanks to Mr Azagthoth [my brother] & Angela, David, Pete mi hermano, Eric, Steve, & Dieter [Trey, thank you my brother & thanks to Angela for everything]). Genitorturers (thank you Gen & thank you Mr David Vincent for the opportunity you gave me), Mercyful Fate (they need no introduction), King Diamond (the One & only), ManOwaR (the lungs of leather), Death (it was an honor for me to give that painting to Chuck’s mom), Obituary, Ozzy, Cannibal Corpse, Metal Church, Entombed, Bulldozer, Abysmal, Seven Kingdoms, Caligula, Dismember, Sanctuary, Sodom, Europe, Destruction, Dokken, Angeles del Infierno, Kreator, Scorpions, Dimmu Borgir, Savatage, Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Tierra Santa, Whitesnake, Protector, Gamma Ray, Exodus, Anacrusis, Pantera, Slayer, Suffocation, Henry Rollins, Dream Evil, Overkill, Cyst, Hallow’s Eve, Autopsy, Lost Horizon, Astarte, Guns N Roses, Immolation, Kerasphorus, Heavenly, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Alice Cooper, Insatanity, Astral Doors, Coroner, Mr Glenn Danzig, Carcass, Tim Owens, Abhomine, Naglfar, Unbecoming, Celtic Frost, Faethom, Nocturnus, Mayhem, Zyklon, Unleashed, Sadus, Napalm Death, Morgoth, Helloween, Annihilator, Megadeth, Hellwitch, Skid Row, Funeral Nation, Metallica, Sepultura, Demilich, Cryptopsy, Hibernus Mortis, Artillery, Bathory, Marduk, Billy Idol, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Motley Crue, Angelcorpse, Baron Rojo, Dio, Type O Negative, Sinister, Vader, Deranged, Candlemass, Heathen, Nasty Savage, Tormentor, Fight, Yngwie Malsmsteen, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Old Funeral, Thrash or Die, Wasp, Diabolic, Nevermore, Dissection, Koroidia, Nekromaniak, Crimson Glory, Trent Reznor, Terror Organ, Layne Staley, Ramstein, Dead can Dance,..

Basically I would like to thank all those artists that throughout the years have given me what they have given me. Nizin would also like to thank Drawing Blood Magazine, Mi World (my dear Occult shop in Hialeah), Escuela Vocacional de Arte ‘Olga Alonso Glez’, Escuela professional de Arte Oscar Fdez Morera (the two Cuban Art Institutes I attended), Mr Fernando Alessandri of Noni Exhibition Center, Viernes Culturales in Calle Ocho, Mr Gustav Dore, Hellraiser, Mr H.R Giger, Mr Dan Seagrave, Mr William Blake, Mr Salvador Dali, Mr Vincent Van Gogh, Mr Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Mr Michael Whelan, Mr Albrecht Durer, Coast to Coast Am, Univision 23, Telemundo 51, WSVN 7 News, Ground Zero (Clyde Lewis), the Hialeah John F. Kennedy Library, & the Miami Dade Public Library System. Thanks to all those who were there for me at some point in one way or another, thank you.