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(Mr Kevin Michael Allin, vocalist of “the murder junkies”)

“Well,…my body is the Rock and Roll Temple and my flesh, blood, and body fluids are a communion to the people. Whether they like it or not, I mean,…I’m not out to please anybody. My Rock and Roll is more not to entertain but to annihilate…I hate everybody, you know anybody that’s in my way I just wanna take him out. It’s my revenge really…”

(the words of GG Allin)

Without a doubt, the most spectacular degenerate of all time in Rock n’ roll history is an American vocalist known as “GG ALLIN”. So far, Kevin Michael Allin remains the most extreme performer of Punk Rock ever, his anti-establishment savagery is unmatched to this day. Many people see “GG” as an eccentric/un-talented scumbag in desperate need of attention but the fact of the matter is that whether you love him or hate him, deep in his core GG was a “TRANSCENDENTALIST”. If instead of being born in New Hampshire GG would have been born for example in Gaza, he would have become a suicide bomber. GG considered himself to be the ultimate Rock and Roll terrorist and he was proud of it.

(GG completely and absolutely possessed by the demon of Punk Rock)

Why did GG view regular people as boring-docile robots with no real substance? Why did he assault his audience during his electrifying performances? Why did he practiced auto-coprophagia live on stage in front of his admirers? Why would he unleash his wrath on the police and on judges? Why did he feel the need to mutilate himself, bleed, and sing naked? Why did he perform perverse-lascivious acts in the clubs where he played at? Deep in his soul GG Allin knew there was something wrong with the world, with this holographic reality that we perceive through our five limited senses. In his own crazy way GG was a “Kenneth O’ Keefe” type and he didn’t even realize it.

(the great prophet of doom mesmerizes his audience with his bizarre performance)

(GG defecating right in front of his followers)

(GG eating his own fecal matter)

Apparently, the “Daimon” that drove GG revealed to him that he was born to confront and to combat the untouchables of the matrix control system. GG was the anti-authority Punk Rock messiah destined to clash with a hypocritical society who worshipped the “concensus reality”. GG did not believe that the rules and limitations of the many apply to all without exception. He was a revolutionary, a nomad who would not bow! His physical body was the holy Temple of Rock n’ roll, and his flesh, blood, and body fluids were the communion to the people, meaning to those who would identify with his sacred rage. Boundaries? Not for him. GG Allin was the personification of Allister Crowley’s famous slogan:

“Do what thou wilt, shalt be the whole of the Law”.

(GG, the eternal prophet of Punk Rock)

On September 11th 2001 the United States Government destroyed World Trade Center in order to invade the Middle East later on. They sponsored the contract killers known as “Islamic State” dissecting Iraq and Syria destroying the infrastructures of both countries. They turned Libya upside down sinking the country into chaos, they invaded Afghanistan causing much turmoil,…corrupt bankers financing wars selling weapons to whomever (as long as they pay), so much fraud, so much hypocrisy, so much ugliness, the politically correct mainstream mmedia constantly lying to us…lies and lies and lies….no wonder GG despised the government apparatus with a passion!

(on 09/11/2001 the U.S. government sacrificed approximately 3000 un-armed civilians. They needed an excuse in order to turn the Middle East upside down. What did the American public do? Most of them, robots,…they swallowed the politically correct version)

GG execrated the so called moral values of our society; he hated conformists and their so called norms (politically-correct slaves with a customer service smile). GG would not submit and he didn’t submit, he died as a Rock n’ roll martyr. At least Kevin Michael Allin had the decency to reveal himself as an animal trying to bring danger back into Rock and Roll. GG died as a free man beyond the illusion of linear time.

(GG going insane covered in his own feces)

So, was GG Allin a great man or was he just a drug addict-shit eater who entertained degenerates like himself? GG was a disaster, a complete an absolute disaster; no doubt about that. But, behind all his traumas, behind his defiant savagery, behind his wild rage; there was “a divine spark” that cannot be denied. He was buried in his native New Hampshire in 1993. Why do people remember GG to this day if he was just some violent loser? Why is he remembered as a Rock n’ roll prophet if he was just an offensive pervert? The underground Rock scene remembers GG because they know that Kevin Michael Allin possessed a divine spark. The high priest of anti-censorship was unique and they know it. GG Allin transcended all that!!! Yet he is the bad guy.

(GG is your enemy!)

Mr Kevin Michael Allin:

Born in New Hampshire on August 29, 1956.
Died in New York of a drug overdose on June 28th, 1993. Buried in his native New Hampshire.

May GG rest in peace, amen.


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(Mr Nizin Lopez, 100 % Metalhead, Truth-seeker)