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If we compare the American “FACE EATING CANNIBALS” ‘Rudy Eugene’ and ‘Austin Harrouff” we will see that they share similarities. It almost seems as if they were part of some type of secret military experiment. I know this theory sounds a little “out there” but let us see:


(Mr Rudy Eugene)

1 – 31 year old African-American male, born in Miami/Fla on February 04, 1981 (Haitian origin). Athlete: Football player (hunter type).

2 – Unprovoked random attack on a helpless 65 year old homeless man named Ronald Edward Poppo, Mr Eugene beat him unconsciouss. The assault took place on the ramp of McArthur causeway in Miami/Fla (on May 26, 2012, a few days before Memorial Day). Mr Eugene was completely nude when this happened.

3 – Mr Eugene was completely naked when he attacked his victim, it looks like the drug he was on caused extreme overstimulation spiking body temperatures. Maybe that’s why he felt the urge to take his clothes off.
Mr Eugene devoured 80 % of his victims face, Mr Poppo lost both of his eyes.

4 – Rudy Eugene appeared to be under the influence of a recreational synthetic stimulant party drug known as ‘bath salts’ (it makes people very aggressive). The toxicology report stated that the only drug in his bloodstream was marijuana, no signs of ‘bath-salt’.

5 – Mr Eugene went to some type of party in Miami Beach prior to cannibalizing his victim. Maybe somebody put something in his drink? Maybe he was covertly drugged by someone that had a connection to the U.S. government? This potent drug was either untraceable or it was erased from the autopsy records.

6 – Mr Eugene depicted unnatural non-heterosexual behavior when he attacked his victim, he was naked when he took off Poppo’s pants plus, the masticating of Poppo’s face could be perceived as a savage sexual act (a depraved act of course).

7 – In order to neutralize Rudy Eugene the Police had to shoot him and kill him, he had abnormal superhuman strength that had no comparison. When the Police officer first came in contact with Mr Eugene, he growled at him like a wild animal.

8 – Mr Eugene was shot and killed by a police officer, he had to be shot five times since he did not stop chewing on the victim’s face (he refused to comply).

9 – The “Vodoo child” Rudy Eugene was crucified by mainstream media, he was ridiculed and humiliated (sensationalized story).


(the complete and absolute “fool” Austin Harrouff taken into custody)

1 – 19 year old Caucasian-American male, born in Palm Beach Gardens/Fla on December 12, 1996 (Ashkenazic?). Athlete: body builder (hunter type).

2 – Unprovoked random attack on a helpless couple in Fla, Mr Harrouff stabbed his victims to death outside of their Tequesta home. The victims were Joseph John Stevens III (59 years old) and his wife Michelle Mishcon Stevens (53 years old). Mr Harrouff also stabbed a neighbor named Jeff Fisher who survived (the attack took place on August 15, 2016). Mr Harrouff was completely nude during the event.

3 – Mr Harrouff was completely naked when he attacked the couple, many believe he was on a potent drug called “Flakka”. Flakka has been associated with spiking body temperatures that can cause users to strip naked. Maybe that’s why he took all his clothes off.

4 – Mr Harrouff, son of a “dentist”, he tried to devour the face of his male victim: Mr Stevens.
It is said that Austin Harrouff was under the influence of a very potent synthetic drug known as ‘Flakka’. This zombie type of drug makes people behave very aggressively. Some believe he was under the influence of some other type of potent drug, not Flakka.

5 – Mr Harrouff went to Duffy’s sports grill (a restaurant) on Indiantown road right before the brutal killings. Maybe he was covertly drugged by a server that had a connection to the U.S. government? His father, Dr Wade Harrouff claims his personality changed two weeks before the murders.

6 – Mr Harrouff depicted unnatural non-heterosexual behavior at the time of the attack, he could have started with the female victim but he chose to initiate the face-eating process with the male victim, meaning with Joseph John Stevens III.

7 – It took several deputies,a taser, and a dog to neutralize Austin Harrouff, he had abnormal superhuman strength that had no comparison. When the police first came in contact with Mr Harrouff, he snarled at them like a wild animal.

8 – Mr Harrouff was taken to prison: two counts of murder and one charge of attempted murder.

9 – Mr Austin Harrouff was crucified by mainstream media, he was ridiculed and humiliated (sensationalized story).

The parallels cannot be denied. It looks like somebody chose them carefully, one black hunter type, one white hunter type (both average intelligence). It seems like some secret governmental institution may have been interested in the concept of the “SUPER HUMAN SOLDIER”. It is obvious, more than obvious that both Mr Eugene and Mr Harrouff took a drug that gave them abnormal super-human strength. If it would be “Flakka” there would be “THOUSANDS” of face-eating cases taking place in Florida but that is not the case. So, it is more than clear that Flakka didn’t trigger their actions; it was something else,…something way more sinister.

Also, this untraceable drug taken by Eugene and Harrouff seems to have affected or modified their sexual behavior (unnatural acts on steroids!). It is not a secret that not so long ago the U.S. Department of Defense spoke of a non-lethal chemical weapon that could turn enemy troops into non-heterosexuals, meaning that if this bomb would be dropped on the enemy; they would become sexually irresistible to each other (it is said that Israel threatened Islamic Iran with this bomb). Such weapon “could” turn an enemy combatant into a deranged cannibalistic zombie. Rudy Eugene and Austin Harrouff, were they not butt-naked feeding on the flesh of a man?

(here we see the pathological Austin Harrouff in action)

So, we cannot be sure of what exactly happened to these two men. Where they guinea pigs for the U.S. Dept of Defense? There is no tangible evidence. But,..could it be possible? Technically,…yes, it could be possible. What did the U.S. government expect to accomplish with this bizarre experiment? Again: we don’t know and we will never know.

One thing is certain: something “STRANGE” happened to Rudy Eugene and to Austin Roof, something that cannot be explained.



On July 26, 2013 a tragic event shook Hialeah, a city of Miami Dade County. A 43 year old Cuban-American man named Pedro Vargas lost his mind and shot six of his neighbors at “Todel Apartments” in Hialeah/Fla. After pouring combustible liquid on $10,000 cash in his apartment, he opened fire on the alarmed Landlords killing them on the spot (a 79 year old man and a 69 year old lady). Then he proceeded killing a neighbor named Carlos Gavilanes in front of a kid. After that he shot and killed the maintenance man of the apartment complex, a 64 year old man plus, he also shot and killed the man’s wife and their 17 year old daughter. The rampage is said to have begun around 6:30 pm on July 26, 2013. Finally, the swat team of the Hialeah Police managed to liquidate Mr Vargas on the early hours of July 27th, 2013. The cold blooded savage was ultimately neutralized.

(Pedro Alberto Vargas. 10/03/1970-07/27/2013. He had no criminal record prior to the day of the mass shooting)

(the Hialeah SWAT team in the process of taking out Pedro Vargas)

What triggered this most unfortunate event? What were the motivations of Pedro Vargas? Why did he attack his neighbors viciously? Was he stressed out because he had been forced to resign from his job in the media services department of Miami Dade College in 2008? Was he upset because he had also been fired from “Bullet line” as well? Perhaps he feared incarceration since he admitted to sending anonymous online threats both to MDC and to the promotional products company Bullet line? Maybe he was angry because he couldn’t find himself a woman? Mr Vargas was an avid gym goer and was in pretty decent shape, maybe the supplements he was taking affected him negatively (he didn’t do drugs & he didn’t drink alcohol). Perhaps the Landlords didn’t want him in that apartment because it was a “Section 8 apartment” exclusively for Vargas’ mother? The Hialeah Police stated that they ignore what caused the horrors in the Todel Apartment complex. Mainstream media? They basically said the same thing. This lead us to believe that the graphic designer known as Pedro Vargas was just a stressed-out/paranoid-murderous lunatic. Right? We must always trust the so-called establishment, right?

(the victims of Pedro Vargas, people aligned with the interests of the matrix control system)

(the daughter of the Landlords crying desperately for her mom and her dad)

Mr Vargas was definitely not an altruistic type, no doubt about that. And it is obvious that he was emotionally and psychologically unstable. His behavior was predatory since he shot and killed defenseless old people and a little girl. Four of his victims were more than 50 years old and one was 17. Vargas made no distinction, he didn’t care about age or gender; he was merciless. But again,…what triggered this massacre? How is it possible that a man just loses his mind and starts shooting innocent-unarmed civilians? Maybe there’s something that the Hialeah Police is not telling us…maybe there is something that they don’t want us to know. Mainstream media? They just said that Mr Vargas was delusional and paranoid, they back the police 100%.

What the Public doesn’t know is that Pedro Vargas was a victim of a secret program of Federal Law Enforcement that is designed to destroy a targeted individual emotionally and psychologically: Organized-Stalking. What exactly is Gang-Stalking and who is behind this? It is not easy to explain this. Basically, Gang-Stalking is “bullying on steroids” (community mobbing). The Police recruits civilians that will harass the targeted individual day and night everywhere he goes, these are known as “surveillance role players”. The targeted individual is constantly bombarded with negative environmental stimuli. The goal is to drive the targeted individual insane until he finally snaps. How do they recruit “PERPS”? Answer: through character assassination. They lie to the public saying that the TI is either a racist, a communist, a sex offender, a terrorist….anything.

After being unjustly and systematically agitated by the Gang-Stalking syndicate for some considerable amount of time, the targeted individual does one of the following:

1 – He snaps and commits a disastrous crime that he wouldn’t commit in regular circumstances.

2 – He ends up either in jail, in a psychiatric institution (his credibility automatically destroyed), or he is shot and killed by the Police (like in the case of Mr Vargas).

3 – Many targeted individuals end up committing suicide since they see no way out. In a way, one could say that Pedro Vargas committed suicide. He shot and killed his neighbors knowing that the swat team would take him out.

“When a person remains in a constant state of fear and stress, as a stalking victim does, the body doesn’t get a chance to recover from the adrenaline surge, and return its system to normal. Eventually, the body’s system begin to fray, and physical and psychological problems develop. A few of the physical and psychological problems stalking victims suffer include loss of appetite, inability to sleep, nightmares when they do sleep, inability to concentrate, loss of self-esteem, isolation, thoughts of death or suicide, and panic attacks. All of these, incidentally, are symptoms of clinical depression. Some experts have suggested that stalking victims can also suffer posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), described as an exposure to a stressor or event outside the range of usual human experience.”

(Stopping a stalker. A cop’s guide to making the system work for you. By Captain Robert L. Snow. Plenum Trade. New York and London. pg 142)

How come Pedro Alberto Vargas became a targeted individual? Who profiled him? Perhaps those in the upper echelons of Miami Dade College told the police that Mr Vargas was behaving erratic and that he needed to be taken out “SILENTLY” through the traceless Gang-Stalking program? Let us not forget that Vargas sent some online threats to MDC and let us not forget that Miami Dade College is a “GOVERNMENTAL” institution, an institution that is literally in bed with Federal Law Enforcement. This would explain why Mr Vargas said at one point that he was being “FOLLOWED”. On July 26, 2013 at 1:37 pm Vargas called 9-11 and told them that he was being persecuted and that he felt threatened. He was being Gang-Stalked!

Maybe, just maybe… the Hialeah Police told the landlords of Todel Apartments (the old couple shot and killed by Mr Vargas) that the resident of apartment 408 (Mr Vargas) had been officially placed in the “THREAT ASSESSMENT PROGRAM” (Gang-Stalking goes by many ‘names’). Perhaps the Police told them to recruit tenants that would harass Mr Vargas in order to drive him insane? We don’t know for sure but, this would explain why Vargas shot and killed the “maintenance-guy” plus his wife and daughter. This also explains why Vargas shot his 33 year old neighbor, Mr Gavilanes. Keep in mind that I’m not justifying Vargas’ cruelty and savagery, I’m just making sense out of what might have taken place.

(here’s the TI Myron May, a lawyer that was shot & killed by the Police in Florida State University. It is obvious that Mr May pissed somebody off, meaning a “BIG FISH”, and that big fish spoke to someone in Law Enforcement. May became a Targeted Individual, civilians recruited by Law Enforcement harassed him systematically left & right, day & night. They drove him insane and when he blew up they took him out, the same thing they did to Pedro Vargas! He died on November, 2014)

It is obvious that the Hialeah Police is not going to admit that they sponsor the secret Gang-Stalking program, they don’t even want people knowing that there is such thing as Gang-Stalking. There’s a reason why the internet is loaded with “DISINFORMATION” when it comes to Gang-Stalking. Mainstream media? The TV channels like “Univision 23” and “Telemundo 51”, they will never admit that Federal Law Enforcement is behind the criminal program known as Gang-Stalking (Organized-Stalking is un-constitutional). The authorities are to some extent “RESPONSIBLE” for the lives that were taken by Mr Vargas. Yes, Vargas pulled the trigger but they were the engine behind the unsavory scheme. They monitored him for a while way before they decided to put him in the Gang-Stalking program (officially);… they knew that he had he had a gun and that he had a concealed weapon’s permit (he purchased a Glock 9 mm semiautomatic pistol in 2010). They knew that he was gonna snap eventually, they fucking knew it. So, the so-called authorities, aren’t they responsible for the lives taken by Mr Vargas on July 26, 2013? The ugly answer is “YES”, they are indirectly responsible.

(“He possibly took his motives to the grave,” said Carl Zogby, a Hialeah police spokesman. He is fucking lying, he knows that Pedro Vargas was a targeted individual)

How does Nizin R. Lopez know all of this? Why should anybody listen to Nizin’s inflammatory statements? I, Nizin Rafael Lopez, Cuban-American artist and occultist, I have been a targeted individual in Miami/Fla since early 2011 until now. I have experienced all the facets of the immoral Gang-Stalking program sponsored by the devils of Federal Law Enforcement. I know the whole game “IN AND OUT”. The reader must be thinking: “Why did Federal Law Enforcement singled out Nizin Lopez?” Right? Perhaps he is a serial killer like Mr Vargas? America is the freest society in the Western hemisphere, yes. Then again, there are things that a person cannot say openly in America, the Land of the Free and the home of the brave (even if he is a U.S. citizen). Unfortunately, I found that the hard way.

(in “Democracy Now” the former FBI agent Mike German [specialist in domestic counter terrorism] stated that the domestic intelligence apparatus in America has abused their power by targeting civilians that pose no real threat [civilians like Nizin Lopez]. In other words, Mr German implied that the Government is behind the immoral Gang-Stalking program)

This is why the U.S. Government targeted me, Nizin Rafael Lopez, for destruction:

• On early 2009 I made a politically incorrect presentation in Miami Dade College (yes! Miami Dade College!). My lecture dealt with the September 11th fraud, I openly stated in front of all the students that 9-11 was an “INSIDE JOB” and that for some reason, no significant amount of Jews died in the disaster. My Jewish professor (an Ashkenazi Jew named Sherri Sinkoff) reported me to the academic dean. Eventually, I was kicked out of MDC under false accusations. MDC lied to the Hialeah Police, they told them that I was armed & dangerous; a psychopath (a lie of course).

• I explored the Jewish world for approximately 8 years since I am of Sephardic-Jewish origin on my mother side of the family. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t fit in. There was no place for me in the so called ‘Jewish world’ since I am broke & ‘racially impure’ (my father is not Jewish & my Last name is Lopez). I wrote a book that was going to be called “UNMASKING THE JEWISH ASHKENAZI ELITE”. The minute I did that, a group of influential Ashkenazi Jews in Miami/Fla determined that I should be destroyed. So, they spoke to their friends in high places and told them to place me in the Gang-Stalking program (the book was never published). The main person behind this is Rabbi Shmuel Gopin of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown/Fla, a very well connected man.

• The fellows in Law Enforcement, they decided to monitor me for years before they would actually start blasting me through the Organized-Stalking program. They realized that I am a free spirit & that I cannot be domesticated. So they determined that I should be severely castigated. In their eyes, a person who openly states that 9-11 was a controlled demolition and that ISIS was created by the CIA should be considered a threat to National Security. This is how they see it.

(here’s Kenneth O’ Keefe, a politically incorrect ex-Marine & a Gulf war veteran who dares to criticize the U.S. government & Ashkenazi Israel. Mr Keefe has openly stated that 9-11 was an inside job & that the pro-Israel U.S. government is behind ISIS. Without a doubt, he is a dissident & I’m sure he’s been labeled as a threat to America. This is the type of people that Federal Law Enforcement targets for destruction when it comes to the Gang-Stalking program)

So, Pedro Alberto Vargas,…didn’t he become a graphic designer in the honorable institution known as Miami Dade College? Yes, that’s right! Didn’t he work in the Media Services Dept in MDC until they forced him to resign in 2008? Yes, that’s right! Based on the politically correct version, they kicked him out of MDC because he was downloading “anarchy-type” of material that was considered in-appropriate by the orthodox virulence of Miami Dade College. The well connected folks in Miami Dade College then called their friends in high places, meaning the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Police; they said to them that Pedro Vargas had to be “ELIMINATED” in a manner that would leave no evidence (the same thing they did to me). In other words, in the eyes of the world, Pedro Vargas is just a freak, a creature that needed to disappear one way or another (in Havana Vargas obtained a Bachelor’s degree in technical education, he attended the University of Pedagogical Sciences of Havana).

Yes, it is true that Pedro Vargas was not necessarily a nice guy. He was a troubled loner and a cold-blooded murderer, no question about it. Yet the Police and Mainstream media lied to us, they claim that they don’t know what triggered the unfortunate events of July 26, 2013. Bullshit! Pedro Alberto Vargas was a targeted individual that was being constantly agitated and harassed by civilians recruited by the corrupt and immoral clowns of the Police. Miami Dade College ordered his execution. One thing is certain: in the name of ‘THE GREATER GOOD”, Federal Law Enforcement walks all over our so-called “Constitutional Rights” in America. There are thousands of targeted individuals in USA and nobody knows what is really going on because Mainstream Media is in bed with the Feds.

Pedro Alberto Vargas died fighting the Hialeah Police to the death with a “GG Allin attitude”, he refused to submit. I don’t support him killing those six un-armed civilians even though most of them were probably “PERPS”. Did Pedro Vargas had the right to retaliate against the immoral Gang-Stalking Syndicate? An institution that sponsors Gang-Stalking is “ILLEGITIMATE”, at least in my eyes. Now you the reader,…now you know what really happened in Hialeah on July 26, 2013. Now you fucking know! Don’t believe Nizin Lopez, go ahead and do your own research (if you dare).

(the U.S. Senator Rand Paul has openly stated that the so-called ‘Fusion Centers’ are way out of hand targeting people because of their ideas, he is basically saying that the surveillance system behind Organized Stalking has no respect for civil rights and civil liberties)

Pedro Alberto Vargas: born in Havana/Cuba on October 3rd 1970, died on July 27 2013. May he rest in peace.


Mr Nizin Rafael Lopez is proud to say that he hates the corrupt-filthy bastards who are behind Organized-Stalking. The FBI, Homeland Security, and the Police are behind Gang-Stalking and unfortunately, last time I checked, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Police are the United States Government (sad but true). An Institution that sponsors Gang-Stalking does not deserve any respect, they have no moral authority; they are illegitimate. Don’t trust the establishment ! Oh, and to the obedient herd: you are a bunch of fucking followers who are scared to walk in the path of “THUNDER”, you’re just a bunch of fucking slaves. You are nothing.

(Nizin Rafael Lopez, Truth-seeker and Heavy Metal trooper)

Do what thou wilt, shalt be the whole of the Law !!!


Something horrible happened in Washington D.C. on the morning of September 16, 2013. A thirty four year old gunman named Aaron Alexis shot and killed twelve people plus he injured three others. This took place at the headquarters of the Naval Sea System Command inside the Navy Yard (around 8:16 am). The police eliminated Aaron approximately at 9:20 AM.

(Mr Aaron Alexis)

What triggered this most unfortunate event in a U.S. military base? How come a former Navy reservist/military contractor decided to go on a killing spree? Why did Aaron Alexis, a native of Queens/New York and resident of Texas, choose to murder all those people? What made him snap? Was he just a delusional paranoid-schizophrenic undergoing a psychotic episode?

It is said that on August 2013 Aaron made contact with at least one Veteran Administration Hospital because of psychological issues:

1 – He was suffering from severe insomnia.
2 – He was hearing voices in his head.
3 – He felt like he was being cooked from the inside (microwaved).
4 – He also stated that he was being harassed in an organized fashion, apparently by a group of people.

What was happening? The truth is that Aaron Alexis was not crazy, he was a Targeted Individual; a victim of a secret program of the U.S. government known as “Organized Stalking”. What exactly is “GANG STALKING and what is “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL”? These are not simple questions.

One could say that Gang Stalking is bullying on steroids, a covert operation designed to destroy the isolated target emotionally and psychologically (they do this through dark neuro-linguistic programming). Organized Stalking or Covert Harassment is a pretty much a form of extra judicial punishment. We’re talking here about State sponsored psychological terrorism in the name of social engineering, non-therapeutic non-consensual human experimentation. Basically, the United States Government was harassing, agitating, intimidating, and terrorizing Aaron Alexis; they wanted him to snap (they knew that he was armed). Aaron Alexis was exposed to a stressor outside the range of usual human experience, as a result; he blew up and attacked a bunch of people. Twelve were killed.

Keep in mind that Aaron Alexis was also being subjected to directed energy weapons and other forms of psychological torture that are based on DNA profiling (the frequency of the target’s DNA is used to fine tune the technology). The Feds have access to a sophisticated wireless technology beyond electromagnetics and acoustic signals known as ‘trans-cranial stimulation’; (this is classified of course).

This secret technology enables them for example to insert “thoughts, words, phrases, images, impulses, dream videos; etc” into the target’s psyche…especially if the highly traumatized victim is in an altered state (Aaron was taking Trazodone, a psychiatric drugs with serious side effects like suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, and anger). This is why Aaron Alexis said that he was hearing voices, that he could not sleep and so on. They were microwaving the hell out of him, they were driving him crazy. Aaron Alexis was a victim of a trauma-based mind control program, no question about it.

Organized Stalking generates no forensic evidence, it is a traceless crime. This means that we will never be able to prove that Aaron Alexis was a Targeted Individual, meaning a victim of Organized Stalking. Plus, mainstream media is in bed with the Feds, they will never legitimize this secret program of the U.S. government.

(Aaron Alexis died on a day of great Masonic significance. The first official impression of “the Great Seal of the United States” took place on September 16, 1782)


‘The Cabal plants multiple seeds in our collective imagination, telling us that guns kill people and we need to take all the guns away. Then all the deaths will stop and everyone is safe again. The next step is to stage an atrocity such as a mass shooting, and immediately repeat the same programmed phrases that they seeded our minds with while things were peaceful. If enough people cry out, “Take all the guns away so this will never, ever happen again,” then the Cabal has effectively disarmed the public and removed any threat to their power. Black-market guns become a booming business and armed criminals roam the streets, fearing no one except other criminals or fairly nonexistent police in the inner cities. Furthermore, if the Cabal can take away most people’s guns, it becomes much easier for them to completely conquer a nation, as no one has the means to oppose them. Gun control is a key element of every fascist takeover in modern history.’

(The ascension mysteries [revealing the cosmic battle between good and evil], by David Wilcock. Dutton. Chapter 19, pg 355)

A mass shooting took place in a movie theater in Aurora/Colorado on July 20th, 2012. A 24 year old native of California named James Eagan Holmes shot and killed 12 innocent un-armed civilians completely disregarding gender or age, he also injured 70 others. The ‘armed to the teeth’ Batman shooter did not act alone, he had an accomplice that allowed him to enter through the back door of the Century movie theater. Only Holmes was captured though. James Holmes ended up being charged with 24 counts of murder and 140 counts of attempted murder, he was sentenced to life in prison (he was transferred to an undisclosed location out of state).

(the lone wolf James Eagan Holmes, cold blooded murderer)

Why did James Eagan Holmes, a brilliant student with a degree in neuroscience, decided to throw his career in the garbage all of the sudden? Mr Holmes was deeply involved in controversial projects of futuristic flavor associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency (computational neurobiology & so on). Why did James Holmes, a highly talented and educated man with no former criminal record, decide to go on a killing spree? The Aurora massacre is considered to be the worst in U.S. history.

(James Holmes, college genius. He is the son of a mathematician & a psychiatric nurse. It is said that James Holmes is the grandson of a Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. armed forces)

So, what really happened here? The ugly truth is that the “Dark Knight” James Eagan Holmes is a government created killer, a programmed robot assassin that was heavily drugged, hypnotized, and sensitized. Everything seems to indicate that he did what he did because he was following orders from the U.S. government. Aurora was a “military operation” so to speak. How come Mr Holmes, an un-employed graduate student, managed to purchased all the expensive weaponry he used in the siege? He got an urban assault vest, a Glock semiautomatic pistol (some say he had 2), a Remington shotgun, plus a Smith & Wesson assault riffle. He had thousands of rounds of ammunition plus hundreds of shells for the shotgun (everything acquired legally). His apartment was basically a bomb factory. Who funded him? The money came from the National Institute of Health, Holmes had been working for some type of government project so he got $21,600. This is how he managed to purchase all those weapons.

Then “They” tampered with his mind,…Holmes was drugged with a very potent drug that pretty much eliminated his free will, depicting classic signs of an MK-Ultra subject. After that he was hypnotized by a government affiliated psychiatrist and finally, he was told to go kill all those people at the Century movie theater. James Eagan Holmes was a Manchurian candidate. Though not innocent, he was a victim of an institution that wants a fierce national debate on gun control. In the name of the “greater good”, the U.S. government wants to pass a controversial gun confiscation treaty that will literally destroys the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd amendment.

(here’s Holmes psychiatrist, Dr Lynne Fenton, psychiatrist of the University of Colorado. She was part of the campus’s threat assessment team and she is a former employee of the U.S. Dept of Veteran affairs. Prior to the shooting Holmes told her that he was depressed and that he had homicidal thoughts. She didn’t really do anything about it. How come?)

As we already know James Holmes was helped (of course), he had an accomplice inside the movie theater that allowed him to enter through the back door (there are witnesses that can corroborate this). There must be an obvious reason why the police avoided questions concerning the cameras of the movie theater. It is clear, very clear that the Feds were involved. So, Mr Holmes pulled the trigger but Federal Law Enforcement was the engine behind the unsavory scheme in theater # 9. They needed chaos,…civilian blood had to be spilled so that they can asphyxiate the 2nd amendment.

The 12 victims and the ones injured? In the eyes of the government they count as “collateral damage”,…a statistic; numbers in a computer screen. How come most Americans don’t know this? Unfortunately, mainstream media is in bed with the feds; they will never reveal the truth. This is how the matrix control system operates. In the eyes of the world, James Eagan Holmes is just a vicious methodical killer, a merciless psychopath. Homeland Security, the FBI, the Police?… they are the saviors, the heroes. Right? Its all done in the name of the greater good! A gun-free America. They used James Holmes, Holmes was not a saint but they used him as a lab rat. This is what really fucking happened.

(James Eagan Holmes, a highly intelligent and educated man completely and absolutely destroyed; thrown in the trash to rot. They used him)


We all have heard about the famous mass shooting that took place in Fort Hood/Texas on November 5, 2009. The perpetrator was a 39 year old Army psychiatrist named Nidal Malik Hasan, a disturbed man of Palestinian heritage. Based on the information provided by mainstream media, he shot and killed thirteen people and injured at least thirty others, most of them un-armed soldiers. The deadly assault took place inside a Fort Hood Processing Center, at a U.S. military installation (Mr Hasan used an FN Five semi-automatic pistol). The rampage lasted approximately ten minutes until Hasan was neutralized by a female cop named Kimberly Munley. She shot him four times, as a result he is paralyzed from the waist down.

(major Nidal malik Hasan)

What happened to major Nidal Malik Hasan? A native of Virginia shooting fellow Americans…how could this be? Was he always an anti-American Muslim fanatic? Was he being persecuted somehow? Was he a targeted individual like Aaron Alexis? Was he a victim of organized-systematic harassment? What made him snap? One thing is certain: one doesn’t open fire on a crowd for no reason at all, something happened to major Hasan (it is un-natural to kill people, especially if you are connected to them). Perhaps there’s something we don’t know about, something that mainstream media will not tell us?

At some point in 2007, major Nidal Malik Hasan made a politically incorrect presentation in front of his supervisors and some mental health staff members. He stated for example that the war on terror was really “a war on Islam”, implying that the pro-Israeli U.S. government is hypocritical. He also compared suicide bombers to altruistic GI’s who jump on top of a grenade in order to save their fellow Americans. In other words, Mr ‘argumentative’ pissed somebody off and that “somebody” decided that he had to be taken out secretly (they know they are shielded from legal culpability, they have nothing to worry about).

Usually, this is how targeted individuals are selected. They say or do something that is considered unacceptable and offensive. They are monitored for a number of years and eventually, they start being unjustly and systematically harassed 24/7 (everywhere). The idea is to constantly bombard the TI with negative environmental stimuli, to destroy him emotionally and psychologically through dark neuro-linguistic programming until he finally snaps. The isolated targeted individual ends up either in a psychiatric institution, in jail, or shot and killed by the Feds. Some ‘test subjects’ commit suicide.

Without the shadow of a doubt, major Nidal Malik Hasan was “selected” as a target, they knew he had the potential to ‘act out’. Keep in mind that he gave the presentation in 2007 and that he went on a shooting spree in late 2009. As an asset he was identified, profiled and developed over a lengthy period of time. They studied him meticulously:

1- he was ethnically speaking a Palestinian Arab, his ancestors were a warlike people with a very violent past (his family came from a village near Jerusalem).
2 – he was a devout Muslim, he cared about the United States but his loyalty was to the cause of Allah.
3- he was a combat stress psychiatrist: he had to deal with military personnel that suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, he had to deal with folks experiencing combat fatigue, he had to deal with amputees, he had to deal with suicidals…etc (really ugly stuff).
4- he was unmarried, alone. This means that maybe he was sexually frustrated and alienated.

Hasan’s supervisors knew this and they selected him, they decided to target him. It is unclear if major Hasan experienced ‘Organized Stalking’ or not but, everything seems to indicate that he experienced some type of harassment. How severe? We don’t know. Hasan had never served in a war zone so, in order to make him mad they were going to deploy him either to Iraq or to Afghanistan. In other words: he would have no choice but to combat fellow Muslims. Major Hasan hired a lawyer so that he could help him get out of the Armed Forces but his attempt was unsuccessful (it was obvious that he didn’t want to go overseas).

Perhaps the gods of “behavior modification” tortured him with directed energy weapons as well? Maybe they used ‘trans-cranial stimulation’ in order to insert “thoughts, words, phrases, and images” into his psyche?

“Go kill for Allah on November 5, 2017, shoot them, kill’em all !”

This clandestine-classified technology enables the handlers to torment the targeted individual psychologically and physically as well, it can cause for example ‘insomnia, headaches, fatigue, pain, constipation…etc. Did they use this type of “black-magic technology” on him? We don’t know.

(Dr John Hall, author of “Guinea Pigs” [technologies of control], believes that in our modern days the government can control human behavior ‘remotely’ thanks to a secret-sophisticated technology beyond our wildest dreams. Dr Hall is a medical doctor in Texas, he is a board certified diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine)

The fact of the matter is that on November 5, 2017 major Nidal Malik Hasan lost his fucking mind and sprayed his fellow soldiers with fire. As we already know, he killed thirteen and wounded at least thirty others. As far as the general public goes…Mr Hasan is just a degenerate traitor unworthy of the uniform, rubbish. Keep in mind that most people in America don’t even know what a “Targeted Individual” is, they don’t know what “brain-wave technology” is…plus they suffer from cognitive dissonance (they refuse to believe the U.S. government is involved in this kind of stuff).

Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death, he is in a military death row. Conclusion: major Nidal Malik Hasan is what he is, nobody is denying that….however, he was secretly pushed over the edge.


On November 20th, 2014 a 31 year old lawyer named Myron May committed an atrocity in a Floridian University. Around 12:00 am the lone gunman entered the Strozier library of the Florida State University in Tallahassee and opened fire wounding 3 people (one critically). The police responded immediately as if they were waiting for that to happen. They shot him at close range, he was shot 24 times.

(Mr Myron May, targeted individual executed by the Gang-Stalking Syndicate)

Based on the information provided by mainstream media, Myron May was a troubled individual with psychiatric issues. He was a graduate of FSU (2005) and he was a graduate of Texas Tech Law School as well (2010). It is said that on October 6, 2015 he quit his job abruptly; he was working as an assistant district attorney in New Mexico. On October 7th he showed up at the police station in Dona Ana County begging them to take him in even though there were no formal charges against him. What happened to this highly intelligent individual with no former criminal record? Myron May declared in a You-Tube video that he was a victim of covert harassment, electronic harassment, and Gang-Stalking. Unfortunately for him, most people don’t even know what “Gang-Stalking” is.

He was telling the truth, for some reason Federal Law Enforcement placed him in the un-Constitutional government “no touch-torture program”, meaning Gang-Stalking. Apparently, Myron May pissed somebody off (some big fish) and the Gang-Stalking syndicate decided to go for his throat. They harassed him 24/7 everywhere he went, they bombarded him with negative environmental stimuli, they agitated the hell out of him constantly, they lied to his family and friends telling them that he was “this & that”, they isolated him, and finally; they threw him in a psychiatric institution (his credibility then automatically destroyed). They execrated him from society. The Feds were forcing him to commit suicide, they wanted him to lose his mind.

(1996: the real life story of a targeted individual in America)

Myron May felt desperate of course,…he saw no way out of it. He knew for a fact that he was being agitated by civilians who were recruited by the mighty all-powerful police. How could he defend himself against such onslaught? Who was going to help him? Answer: nobody. So,…he got a .380 semiautomatic pistol and decided to put an end to his misery (a suicide pretty much). He knew that if he would show up in his former University (FSU) pointing a gun at people, the police would take him out. That’s exactly what he did, on November 20th, 2014 Myron May embarked on a suicide mission. He literally wanted the police to shoot and kill him so that he could finally be free. He shot randomly at 5 people injuring 3. Then he waited for the ones who were behind the Gang-Stalking syndicate: the police. They shot him 24 times from close range. The politically correct media? The media portrayed him as a paranoid-delusional sociopath. The cops? Ha ha, heroes! All in the name of the greater good, of course. So,..Myron May, a prosecutor who wanted to help people, not “corporations”; died officially on November 20th, 2014. His life, completely and absolutely destroyed.

(here’s the FSU student Farhan Ahmed, one of the victims of Myron May. He was shot in the spine; therefore he is paralyzed from the waist down. Farhan Ahmed, is he innocent or was he a surveillance role player working for the Feds? Was he one of the folks gang-stalking Myron May? If he was a perp he certainly got what he deserved!)

At the end of the day, this turned out to be good for the Feds. Guns are always the problem! Right?


On April 03, 2009 a Naturalized U.S. citizen of Vietnamese origin shot and killed thirteen un-armed civilians at the American Civic Association Immigration Center in Binghamton, New York (there were four non-fatal injuries). It was a premeditated cold blooded crime. The perpetrator’s name was Jiverly Antares Wong, he committed suicide.

(Mr Jiverly Antares Wong, resident of Johnson city/New York)

What happened? Why did Jiverly Wong shoot all those innocent people? Was he mentally ill? Mr Wong was a Targeted Individual, he had experienced complete personality disintegration. He was a victim of a secret program of the U.S. government known as “Organized-Stalking”. The Binghamton massacre was the outcome of years of unjust-systematic psychological abuse by Federal Law Enforcement. Yes, Jiverly Wong pulled the trigger on the morning of April 03, 2009 but the Police was the engine behind the massacre (the New York Police Dept).

How do we know that Mr Wong was a victim of Covert Harassment? Well, on April 03, 2009, prior to the shooting, he sent an ‘enlightening’ letter to “New 10 Now” (local News), the letter was written on March 18, 2009. Basically, the letter stated that that the police had been harassing, agitating, intimidating, and terrorizing him for approximately eighteen consecutive years. Eighteen years of systematic methodical abuse and no forensic evidence…that’s a very long time! The letter stated that the police destroyed his public image through character assassination, meaning that in order to recruit ‘perps’ (surveillance role players that harass the Targeted Individual) the police spread false rumors about him (we’re talking here about pervasive and horrific slander).

The surveillance team members recruited by the police bombarded Mr Wong with negative environmental stimuli all the time 24/7, they used dark neuro-linguistic programming in order to destroy him emotionally and psychologically. The community at large was probably told that Mr Wong was a communist, a terrorist, or a sex offender; meaning a rapist or a pedophile. They invaded Wong’s privacy, they walked all over him, they raped his mind…the Feds knew he was isolated and that he was pretty much defenseless.

And last but not least, the government tortured Mr Wong with ‘remote neuro-influencing technology’, a classified technology that enables the Feds to influence the target’s behavior in many different ways (computer-interfacing of brain patterns). EEG Fingerprinting allows the puppet-masters to torture the target through sleep deprivation, intense headaches, fatigue, severe stomach can even cause a heart attack. This clandestine technology that uses the bio-frequency of the target is also capable of virtual-synthetic telepathy. They can for example insert ‘thoughts, words, phrases, and images’ into the psyche of the isolated human test subject.

So basically Jiverly Antares Wong, a citizen of the United States with Constitutional rights, had experienced brutal emotional and psychological abuse in ‘the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ for eighteen consecutive years. Eighteen years of non-stop methodical abuse…execrated from society. Who was behind this? Answer: the Police. They destroyed all the aspects of his life and then they used their ‘remote neuro-influencing’ forcing him to snap. The police wanted him to go ballistic, they wanted him to explode.

Didn’t they know that Mr Wong had a 9 mm gun and a 45 caliber gun? Yes they did. Since a targeted individual is under constant surveillance, that means that the Feds knew about the intentions of Mr Wong. They knew about the letter written on March 18, 2009, they knew he was getting ready to do a mass shooting…they were watching him on April 03, 2009 as he was heading to the Civic Association Immigration Center in Binghamton/New York. They knew he was gonna shoot a bunch of people but they didn’t give a shit (it was part of the program…collateral damage).

(the Feds knew that Mr Wong was armed and dangerous, they allowed him to carry out the operation)

Mainstream media? Well, we all know by now that they are in bed with Federal Law Enforcement, they will never legitimize the unconstitutional “Gang-Stalking program” of the U.S. Government. Let us not forget that the media is part of the establishment.

Mr Jiverly Antares Wong was right, the police was responsible for the deadly mass shooting!


On June 12, 2016 a 29 year old security guard named Omar Mateen decided to go on a rampage. He went to a nightclub called Pulse located in Orlando/Fla and opened fire killing 49 innocent unarmed civilians. He injured approximately 58 others, some were critically wounded. The survivors,…probably traumatized for life. It is said that there were more or less 320 people in the club when Mateen showed up. What made Omar Mateen snap? The Pulse massacre is considered to be the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. soil since September 11th. Around 5:00 am the SWAT team officers breached into the building and took out Mateen. The Media claims that Mateen was a “DAESH” sympathizer even though this was never confirmed (ISIS is the bastard child of America foreign policy).

(the terrorist Omar Mateen, a cold blooded murderer filled with hatred)

Mr Mateen was born in America, he was of Afghani origin and he had been raised as a Muslim (his father appears to be deeply connected in Washington). Mateen had married twice, he had a son with his second wife. He worked for a security firm with government ties called G4S, he worked there for at least 8 years. The FBI had some encounters with Mr Mateen, they investigated him twice considering him a person of interest. He was placed on the terrorist screening database, but subsequently removed. They knew that he was a volatile individual that ‘could be dangerous’.

On the night of the siege Mateen had a semi-automatic riffle and a 9 mm handgun. He terrorized the people in the club for 3 consecutive hours more or less. He began the shooting spree at 2:00 am until finally the police decided to breach into the building to liquidate him at 5:00 am (it is said that Mateen was a ‘regular’ in that club).

Somebody made sure that the doors of the club were locked so that no one could get out, it is obvious that that “somebody” wanted Mateen to hurt as many people as possible. And how come it took so long for the Police to respond? It almost seems as if they were stepping back allowing Mateen to annihilate as many people as possible. Could it be possible that the Pulse massacre was a staged event?

(former CIA contractor Steven D. Kelley stated that both Omar Mateen and his father were affiliated with the U.S. government and that the Pulse massacre was a false flag event. The victims? A sacrificial offering. In other words: the Feds allowed Omar Mateen to murder all those people, they wanted a heavy emotional response. It’s all about gun control laws)

Omar Mateen was government affiliated and everything indicates that Federal Law Enforcement wanted him to kill as many people as possible (a Godless injustice).

(Omar Mateen was trained by the CIA in Virginia along with James Wesley Howell, the man who wanted to conduct a mass shooting in California against a parade on June 12, 2016. When James learned that Omar was shot & killed [Mateen was supposed to get out alive], he aborted his operation & disappeared into FBI custody)

The 2nd amendment is inconsistent with the Police State so, in order to confiscate the guns of all Americans, many mass shootings must take place in USA. The blood of innocent unarmed civilians must flow so that Federal Law Enforcement can pass a gun confiscation treaty that will destroy the U.S. Constitution. Omar Mateen didn’t act alone, he was helped.


January 8th, 2011 was supossed to be exciting day for the residents of Tucson/Arizona. The friendly and engaging U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords arranged a “meet and greet” event at the ‘Safeway’ shopping center (a constituents meeting).

(the generous Gabrielle Giffords, Democratic member of the U.S. House of representatives)

Around 10:00 am a mysterious man showed up at the event and started shooting at the crowd indiscriminately. He made no distinction of age or gender. He shot the Congresswoman in the head from close range. He killed 6 people and injured 13 others. He killed a chief U.S. district court judge and a federal employee (Gifford’s aide). The killer ended up being a twisted individual named Jared Lee Loughner, a mentally-ill college dropout who had develop a strong hatred for the Congresswoman. He was arrested and was sentenced to life in prison. Jared had used a 9 mm Glock pistol, he had plenty of ammunition.

(the assailant Jared Lee Loughner, a psychopath)

Incredibly enough, Giffords did not die, she survived the gun shot to the head. She recovered after undergoing surgery and heavy rehabilitation treatment. One could say that by January 2012 she had recovered. Her recovery had to be either an “ABSOLUTE MIRACLE” or an absolute hoax. A hoax in the holy name of “gun control laws”?

(emergency personnel using a stretcher to carry Gabrielle Giffords. Where the hell is the blood? Didn’t she get shot in the motherfucking head?)

(the miraculous recovery of Gabrielle Giffords!…state sponsored terrorism with Hollywood special effects?)

(does this look like a woman that has suffered major brain injury? a fucking fraud obviously)

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Mr Loughner did not shoot Giffords. Some believe for example that Jared Loughner was Jewish like the U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and that her attempted assassination was a staged event. We know that Giffords was a member of a reform synagogue in Tucson/Arizona called “Chaverim”, she was a personal friend of Rabbi Stephanie Aaron (some have speculated that Giffords is related to the famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow who claims to be Jewish). It is said that Jared’s mother was Jewish and that she attended the same synagogue. Jared’s mother went by ‘Amy Loughner’ but her real name is supossed to be ‘Amanda Totman’. If this information is accurate, that would basically mean that Jared Loughner and Gabrielle Giffords went to the same synagogue. Yes, it does sound crazy.

(the parents of Jared Loughner)

Was Jared’s mother Jewish? Was she a member of the “Chaverim” reform synagogue at some point? Gabrielle and Jared, were they secret “chaverim”? Was Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head by her fellow Jew Jared? We don’t know and I guess we will never know. The media certainly portayed Mr Loughner as an anti-Semitic skin head who identified with Mein Kampf. One thing is certain: the so-called speedy recovery of Gabrielle Giffords arouses suspicion. To this day we still haven’t seen the video of Jared shooting Gabrielle Giffords in the head, what we have seen is a surveillance re-enactment in ‘virtual reality’. How come? Perhaps there’s something the Police don’t want us to see?

Well,..let us see: a Jewish congresswoman shot in the head…a chief U.S. district court judge is shot and killed,…Gifford’s personal aide, a federal employee is shot and killed. This surely makes a tremendous psychological and emotional impact when it comes to mainstream media. The puppet masters wanted “a lot of noise” and they got it. No guns: no protection from military officials once martial law is declared! The 2nd amendment must go to hell! Right? Without any doubt whatsoever, the whole “Gabrielle Giffords thing” is about gun control.

(on 01/08/2013 Gabrielle and her husband Kelly founded a non-profit ‘gun control organization’ called “ARS”: Americans for Responsible Solutions. The idea is to keep guns out of criminals, terrorists, and mentally ill people. Only Big Brother can have guns!)

I don’t know what exactly happened to Gabrielle Giffords, I don’t know how it happened but,… I know for a fact she is hiding something. There’s something “REALLY WRONG” with the whole picture.

(Richard Nixon, former U.S. President. Mr Nixon thought that Jews are very aggressive, abrasive, and obnoxious personalities)


On January 6, 2017, on the day of the “Reyes Magos”, a 26 year old Army veteran of Puerto Rican descent committed an atrocity in a ‘gun free zone’. That friday, a little bit before 1:00 pm, Esteban Santiago Ruiz opened fire on innocent unarmed civilians at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood airport. He killed 5 people and injured 8 more, this happened by the baggage claim area (by Terminal 2). He used a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Mr Santiago did not resist arrest, he was taken into custody immediately.

(Mr Esteban Santiago Ruiz, mass shooter)

What triggered this most unfortunate event? Esteban Santiago was a troubled man, he was emotionally and psychologically unbalanced. The native of New Jersey was a veteran of the Alaska National guard and a veteran of the Puerto Rican National guard as well, he served from 2007 to 2016 (a private 1st class combat engineer). He had also been deployed to Iraq, he was there from 2010 till 2011. Esteban loved America.

His problems began after his return from the Middle East, so they say. He has a record of domestic violence plus, it is said that Homeland Security was investigating him for child pornography (though they never found evidence). It is said for example that on November 2016 Mr Santiago showed up at the FBI field office in Anchorage/Alaska. It was obvious that he was depressed, he was agitated and incoherent. He told them that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He was hearing voices, apparently (they were probably torturing him with “non lethal-directed energy weapons”). He was then transfered to an undisclosed medical facility for psychiatric evaluation. He was released eventually.

(Mr Esteban Santiago holding his son. Notice he’s wearing a t-shirt that says “disturbed”, is that an accident? No, they made him wear that somehow in order to make him look bad. They want the public to think that he could be a child molester)

(here’s Joe Biden, former vice-president of the United States. Isn’t it obvious that he is a fucking pedophile? How come he hasn’t been arrested? How come they haven’t registered him as a sex offender? Why haven’t they exposed him on National TV? Yet the Feds don’t have a problem saying that Mr Santiago was into child pornography, even though they had no evidence)

Somehow on January 06, 2017 he appeared in the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood airport (by magic almost), armed and dangerous. He had came to Fort Lauderdale via “Air Canada”, presumedly. After the massacre, the Airline stated that they had no record of Esteban Santiago, he never boarded any of their flights. If this information is accurate, then how did he get to Fort Lauderdale from Alaska?

The fact of the matter is that Esteban Santiago Ruiz was a victim of mind control and possibly a demonized targeted individual as well. Some U.S. Intelligence Agency chose him for reasons that are unknown to us. They bombarded him with negatively environmental stimuli, probably for years; they blasted his psyche. It is very possible that Esteban never realized this was happening to him. Eventually, after the years he realized that something was going on; he went to the FBI telling them that the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos (the CIA created Islamic State, this is a known fact).

(Scott Bennett, U.S. army counter intelligence officer, publicly declared that the U.S. government funded Islamic State in order to make Israel’s neighbors unstable)

This means that the U.S. government wanted him to commit a hideous crime, they wanted him to snap and shoot a bunch of civilians in order to get media attention for “gun control”. They probably drugged him against his will, hypnotized him, and told him to go kill (like the case of James Holmes). This is why they never confiscated his gun, they wanted him to use that 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. All in the holy name of gun control! They planted him in the Fort Lauderdale airport, this is why Air Canada said that they have no record of Esteban Santiago. The whole thing was a set up. Five people paid with their lives and several others were wounded. And for what? Answer: for gun control, as we already know, the U.S. government is going for the 2nd Amendment.

One thing is certain: the so called authorities wanted Esteban demonized, they wanted the public to hate him (the child pornography allegations are probably false). His life,…destroyed…crushed to the ground like a maggot. So sad!


On December 2nd, 2015 a married couple showed up at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernandino/California. They were armed and dangerous, they opened fire on the appalled civilians who were celebrating a Holiday party. They killed 14 people and injured 18 as well. The perpetrators of the atrocity were two Muslims of Pakistani origin: Mr Sayed Farook, a 28 year old U.S. citizen who worked for the Health Department and, Tashfeen Malik, a 27 year old U.S. resident. It is said that they had two riffles and two handguns. They are said to have fled in a black SUV. The police took them “out” a few hours later.

(Mr Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the alleged perpetrators of the San Bernandino massacre)

How come this young couple decided to throw their lives away? The official narrative says that they were both homegrown terrorists, meaning volatile-domestic extremists that had been brainwashed by internet poison (they had a baby). Mainstream media claims that the woman was a sympathizer of ISIS and that she may have influenced her husband (Farook had met his wife in Saudi Arabia). It is said for example that their apartment was loaded with weapons, ammunition, and bomb-making material. Is this information accurate?

(they were fans of ISIS, oh really? But wait a minute, ISIS is a fabrication of the United States government!)

(according the Memri TV, the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is really a Jew named Shimon Elliot)

The truth is that Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik didn’t attack anyone on December 2nd, 2015. The attack on the Inland Regional Center was carried out not by brown-skinned Muslims but by three clean-shaven Caucasian men who were government affiliated. Some witnesses described them as “tall, athletic, and as paramilitary”. They were literally mercenaries for “Craft International”, a tactical training company for the U.S. military. It is said that the founder of this organization is none other than Chris Kyle, the famous Navy Seal (the sniper) known as “the devil of Ramadi”.

(the guys behind this false flag are not stupid, they want us to know that they did it; they want us to be angry at the government)

Basically, the real perpetrators of the massacre in San Bernandino worked for the U.S. government. Based on the official narrative, these merciless-cold blooded reptilians shot and killed 14 people plus they wounded 18 others, they made no distinction. The 3 mysterious men wearing black t-shirts, khaki pants, and combat boots fled in a black SUV and vanished by magic. Nobody knows anything about them (traceless!).

And who paid for the despicable crime? Answer: two non-violent Muslims. Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, were they undercover operatives working for the CIA like Omar Mateen? Maybe, maybe not….we don’t know (we will never know). The world must believe that the attack was carried out by Muslims extremists of Pakistani origin who apparently identified with the bastard child of American foreign policy known as “ISIS”. The Western world must hate Islam! And what about guns and the 2nd Amendment? Guns are bad for the American people! Give us your weapons now! Obey! Get down on your fucking knees you slaves!

(here we see the heroes of the Freemason controlled police,… the good guys win!)


An act of unspeakable evil took place in Charleston/South Carolina on the night of June 17th, 2015, something beyond words…. a 21 year old Caucasian man named Dylann Storm Roof walked into a very important black church in Charleston known as “Mother Emanuel”, he opened fire on the innocent people who had welcomed him. Mr Roof killed them “execution style” and he made no distinction between age or gender, he showed no emotions. He killed 9 people in total (mostly old ladies), including Reverend Clementa Pinckney who happened to be a Democratic member of the South Carolina Senate. The perpetrator used a 45-caliber pistol he had acquired at a retail gun store at West Columbia. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

(Mr Dylann Roof, cold blooded murderer)

Dylann Storm Roof is definitely a hate-filled racist psychopath and a coward. But, what triggered this indescribable horrors? How could something like that happen in our modern day and age? After his arrest at Shelby in North Carolina, Mr Roof stated that he was trying to ignite a “race war”. Apparently, he had been brainwashed by ‘internet poison’ or something. He flirted with online ‘white power material’ plus he made some type of anti-black ‘manifesto’. Then he decided to go on his killing spree…it was as if he had been possessed by some demonic entity.

(here’s Mr Roof with the controversial confederate flag. Who took this incendiary photographs?)

There is something wrong with the official narrative of the shooting, something is not right. Perhaps the so called authorities know something that we don’t know? On March 2015 for example, Dylann Roof told a police officer that he wanted to purchase an AR-15 semiautomatic riffle… the officer didn’t take him seriously. Mr Roof had a criminal record, he had been formerly arrested for drug use and trespassing.

(it is said that on February 2015 the police found strips of “Suboxone” on Mr Roof, a potent-hardcore drug linked to violent outbursts, he had no prescription for it. Who gave it to him? A friend? Maybe someone who wanted him to go nuts and shoot people?)

The FBI director James Comey stated that Roof was able to purchase the gun he used in the attack due to a “lapse” in the FBI’s background check system. Oh really? …the highly technological FBI who is on top of thousands of targeted individuals in America didn’t know anything about Roof. We all know that the folks in the FBI are “GODS” of domestic surveillance…

(here’s unemployed Dylann Roof wearing a $1000 bulletproof vest as he enters the church on 06/17/2015. Who gave him the money? And the folks inside the church didn’t notice the vest? The truth is that this camera footage is from the morning of 06/06/2017, not from 06/17; this explains why nobody noticed the expensive bullet-proof vest on him)

when Roof finally got to Mother Emanuel, it took him more or less an hour to decide if he was going to shoot those people or not. Perhaps Mr Roof was some type of Manchurian candidate and he was “resisting” his programming? Maybe the Feds drugged him, hypnotized him, and told him to go execute those people in the holy name of gun control?

(it is said that Dylann’s sister Amber Roof was supposed to marry her fiance Michael Tyo, a U.S. army recruiter on June 21st, 2015, 4 days after the shooting. The wedding had to be postponed. Is Michael Tyo the invisible link between Dylann Roof and the government?)

Also, something is wrong when it comes to Roof’s encounter with the police in June, 2015. If one watches the video of his arrest, he will see that the arrest was very smooth & that Roof offered no resistance whatsoever. In fact, it looks as if the police were really arresting somebody they knew very well, someone they “recognized”; an ally! In the video of his arrest, Roof looks as if he knows these cops personally, as if they were “his friends” (most of them Caucasian cops). They took him to “Burger King” right after the arrest. Does that make sense?

(it is a known fact that there was an active shooter drill going on in Charleston a few days before the shooting took place, it began on 06/15/2015 and it concluded after the murders had taken place. Check it out: (an official site of homeland security) FLETC = Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers)

Also, when Roof was transferred to Sheriff al Cannon detention center in North Charleston on June 18th, his cell block neighbor was incredibly enough Michael Slager, a cop who had been charged with 1st degree murder. Mr Slager had shot & killed a government affiliated black man on April 4th, 2015 in North Charleston. Is this not an eerie coincidence? Dylann Roof was born on April 3rd, 1994 and Michael Slager shot and killed an unarmed black person on April 4th, 2015. April 3rd = April 4th, as if there is a pattern, a continuation. Dylann Roof committed an atrocity in Charleston and Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in Charleston. Coincidence? Synchronicity?

(Mr Michael Slager, alleged shooter of Walter Scott)

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Dylann Storm Roof was a victim of mind control like Esteban Santiago, he had MK-Ultra written all over him (the zombie look in his eyes). The controlled Freemason police, why did they tell Roof to go to that church and to shoot all those people? It sounds crazy, yes, but everything indicates that this is what actually happened. Is it by accident that Roof , a fan of the confederate flag chose one of the largest black congregations in the “SOUTH”? Is it an accident that the Reverend was a member of the South Carolina Senate, a personal friend of president Obama? The Federal government compensated the family members of the victims with $29,000 000.

(Dylann Roof murdered a 41 year old politician named Clementa Pinckney and Jared Loughner went for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The same “big fish” pattern!)

The Feds wanted noise, lots of noise. They wanted lots of controversy, they wanted the public to be enraged. The purpose? Answer: to promote a clamp down on private gun ownership.

(the United States government is particularly interested in confiscating the guns of non-Jewish Caucasian Americans who don’t believe in the ‘melting pot’ agenda)


On December 14th, 2012 the News media reported that a troubled young man named Adam Lanza broke into an Elementary school in Newtown/Connecticut and opened fire causing 26 fatalities. Lanza was armed with a semiautomatic assault riffle. Somehow he walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 20 children under the age of 10 plus 6 adult staffers. The shooting started more or less around 9:30 am, the gunman is said to have committed suicide. The news reported that he had murdered his 52 year old mother in cold blood prior to the mass shooting.

(the book they don’t want you to read)

Some believe that the hideous deed was committed not by 20 year old Adam Lanza but by a “Ryan Lanza”. We are expected to believe that Ryan is the 24 year old brother of the childish looking Adam Lanza. Everything seems to indicate that Adam is really “Ryan Lanza”, meaning that Adam is a fictional character.

Well,…the fact of the matter is that “NOBODY” died that day in Sandy Hook Elementary, the whole thing was a hoax of cosmic magnitude. The so called ‘authorities’ lied to us manipulating our emotions, they made us believe that 20 children had been murdered by an armed psychopath named Adam Lanza. There is no Adam Lanza!

They claim that Adam’s mother, meaning Nancy Lanza, was shot in the head four times. Oh really? She was shot by a ghostly-fabricated character? Her real name seems to be ‘Anne Hadad’ and she is very much alive, she is a special needs teacher connected to Sandy Hooks Elementary. And what about Adam’s alleged brother Ryan Lanza, the “actor” who works for Ernst and Young? He just vanished. The 20 children that were shot and killed in cold blood? None of them were harmed, the grieving parents that we saw on National TV are nothing but ‘fakes’, they don’t even know how to act. And the 6 adult staffers? They’re alive as well. The Sandy Hook horror show was definitely orchestrated, it was a ‘DRILL’.

(here’s Mr Robbie Parker, father of Emilie Parker, one of the alleged victims of the shooting. Does this guy look like a grieving parent who had lost his precious daughter? He is a crisis actor paid by the government, a fucking liar. Just look at him smiling! Robbie Parker is a complete and absolute scumbag)

Yet the media sold us a narrative that is completely different. How could they do this to the American people? How could they lie just like that? These are not just ‘lies’, these are horrendous “PATHOLOGICAL LIES”. Lies and lies and lies and lies…it is obvious that they want to instill fear into the hearts of Americans. They have no respect whatsoever for the American people.

(the cameras at the entrance of the school would show if there was an active shooter or not but they will not release the video)

It is not a coincidence that on January 16, 2013 president Obama signed not 1 but 23 executive orders to limit the gun ownership of U.S. citizens. Why don’t we turn the White House into a gun free zone then?

(former Fla State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig stated that no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary school on 12/14/2012, he declared that the whole thing was nothing but an elaborate hoax. The Connecticut State Police tried to silence Mr Halbig using intimidation tactics)

(professor James H. Fetzer, former U.S. Marine and author of the censored book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook”. He has openly stated that the whole Sandy Hook thing is nothing but a hoax in the name of gun control. Mr Fetzer is despised by the establishment)

(here’s professor James Tracey, a man that was fired from Florida State University on January 2016 because of his political views. He had exposed the Sandy Hook lies with facts and evidence so they kicked him out. Is this not an assault on free speech?)


On August 5th, 2012 a U.S. Army veteran named Wade Michael Page committed an unspeakable crime against innocent-peaceful individuals, an atrocity beyond words. That morning Wade Page, former psychological operations specialist, he entered a Sikh Temple located in Oak Creek/Wisconsin and fatally shot 6 people of Asian origin (one of them a woman). He injured 4 others. The police showed up eventually, they took him out. Some sources claim that Mr Page took his own life.

(here we have the very ignorant Wade Michael Page)

Wade Michael Page was an army veteran with no serious criminal convictions. It is said that he was an ardent white supremacist that loved controversial rock n’ roll. It is a known fact that the FBI has a record of every single white supremacist in pro-Israel America, some of them are under constant surveillance (monitored 24/7 everywhere they go). The FBI had to have a record on Mr Page, a prejudiced guy with a military background with easy access to firearms. Did the FBI know that Wade Michael Page purchased a gun on late July 2012? Maybe not. But is it possible that they knew? Yes, it could be possible.

(as the reader already knows, I, Nizin R. Lopez, I’ve been a Targeted Individual in Miami/Fla since early 2011 until now, even though I am not a threat to anyone. The Feds have me under constant surveillance, they know every move I make. It would be impossible for me to buy a weapon since they know where I am and what I am doing “ALL THE MOTHERFUCKING TIME”)

It is no secret that what happened in the gurdwara of Wisconsin on August 5th, 2012 is music in the ears of the U.S. government. “Crazy neo-Nazi” shoots ‘brown skinned people’ who loved peace and harmony… that is exactly what the U.S. government needs in order to destroy the 2nd amendment! As we already know, the government is especially interested in disarming non-Jewish Caucasian Americans who oppose the melting pot agenda.

(the Caucasian American of Christian heritage is expected to intermingle and vanish while the international Ashkenazi Jew remains “a pure race”. If you dare to criticize Yids you are called an anti-Semite. Scene from the 2012 film “Fill the void” directed by Rama Burshtein)

Give us your God-damn guns now you motherfuckers!


America will never forget what happened in Chattanooga/Tennessee in the morning of July 16th, 2015. A lone gunman named Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Palestinian-Jordanian origin, shot and killed 4 marines and 1 sailor. First he drove to an armed forces recruiting center spraying the marines with bullets, then he went to a Navy reserve center and killed a Navy petty officer. Mr Abdulazeez fought the police to the death, he appeared to be ‘highly trained’ somehow. It is said that he had a semiautomatic riffle, a shotgun, and a handgun (the weapons were acquired illegally). For some strange reason he was not in a terrorist watchlist.

(the 24 year old coward named Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, he preyed on people that “were not” armed. Some folks believe that he was connected to ISIS)

This tragic event shook America, these are the names of the victims:

Lance Corporal Squire Wells, 21 years old.
Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan, 40 years old.
Sergeant Carson A. Holmquist, 27 years old.
David A. Wyatt, 38 years old.
Petty officer Randall Smith, 26 years old.

Perhaps Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was a secret CIA operative or something? It doesn’t seem that way. But, something really weird happened on July 15th, 2015; meaning one day before the massacre: Operation Jade Helm 15. And what is exactly is Jade Helm 15?

It is a joint exercise in realistic military training, its stated purpose was to improve the capability of “special operation forces” as part of the national security strategy (1,200 troops). Some think Operation Jade Helm 15 is associated with the declaration of martial law (the confiscation of firearms?). The U.S. government definitely wants the American people to get used to a military presence on a regular basis. The operation began as we already know on July 15, and it ended on September 15, 2015.

(the organized crime syndicate known as ISIS came about in the Middle East on June 29th, 2014; in the month of the blood-thirsty “Tammuz”. The day of the Chattanooga mass shooting [07/16/2015] is equivalent to “the 29th of Tammuz, 5775” in the Hebrew calendar)

The first official day of the Jade Helm operation and the timing of Chattanooga are ‘NO COINCIDENCE’.


Another mass shooting in the United States of America ladies and gentlemen! Wow! How unusual! Right? On the morning of October 1st, 2015 a 26 year old man named Christian Harper-Mercer went on a rampage killing 9 people and injuring a few others. The massacre took place at a community college located in Roseburg/Oregon (Umpqua Community College).

(here’s the troubled Christian Harper-Mercer a person supposedly obsessed with guns)

It is said that the killer had a body armor, 3 pistols, a riffle, and plenty of ammunition. Everything was obtained legally. The siege lasted more or less 10 minutes, the police took him out eventually. Some claim that the perpetrator took his own life.

(Mr Ian Mercer, Chris’ alleged father, says he doesn’t know how his son was able to obtain so many weapons)

Based on the information provided by mainstream media, Chris H. Mercer targeted Christians specifically as if he was “Jihadi John” from ISIS. How is it possible that Mr Mercer acquired all those weapons and nobody noticed anything? And where did he get the money from since he was officially unemployed? Also, he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2008 but was discharged after spending less than a month in basic training. The media claims that he had ‘white supremacy’ leanings even though technically he was of mixed race (he was a native of California).

(here’s one of Mercer’s “wounded ones”: Chris Mintz, a 30 year old ‘army veteran’ who tried to stop the perpetrator. Mr Mintz was a student in Umpqua community college, he was shot seven times but he survived. An “army” veteran tried to neutralize the shooter!)

(does Chris Mintz look like somebody who has been shot seven times? Seven shots and he only has what appears to be a rubber bullet scratch? Where is the blood? where are the God-damn gunshot wounds? He should be covered in blood, it is obvious that he is a paid crisis actor)

(here’s another victim of Chris H. Mercer. Where the hell is the blood? Government sponsored terrorism with Hollywood effects!)

Perhaps the Umpqua community college mass shooting was another government camouflaged drill designed to make a lot of noise on National TV? Nine people dead, one of them a professor. Did they really die? Were they all crisis actors compensated by the U.S. government? We’ll never know for sure. What we all know for sure is that we cannot trust the United States government. All the “presenters” of mainstream media are nothing but puppets of the establishment.

(here’s the government affiliated Alek Skarlatos, a native of Oregon & a former student of Umpqua Community college. The media used him as the poster child when it comes to the Oregon tragedy. Mr Skarlatos, former student of U. C. C, neutralized a gunman in Europe in August 2015. On October 1st, 2015 a gunman went to his former college and opened fire on everyone. Coincidences?)

It looks like the Umpqua community college mass shooting could be another false flag incident orchestrated by ‘Big Brother’. They want instill fear into the heart of the American people, they want the American people to surrender their freedoms.

(it is interesting, the Umpqua community college shooting took place on October 1st, 2015, the day recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon. Isn’t that a strange coincidence?)

And the list goes on and on…..the United States government wants complete and absolute obedience, they want it now. They are trying to re-create America, they are creating an American that does not question the establishment; a slave that doesn’t know that he is a slave in the first place.


On February 10th, 2015 the community of Chapel Hill in North Carolina was shaken by a very tragic incident involving guns. A 46 year old Caucasian man named Craig Stephen Hicks, a resident of Finley Forest Condominiums, shot and killed three Muslim students over a parking dispute. He shot them in their own home “execution style”. The victims were identified as Deah Shaddy Barakat (23 years old), his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha (21 years old), and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha (19 years old), the sister of Razan. The horrible incident took place sometime after 5:00 pm. Mr Hicks was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder.

(the mass murderer Craig Stephen Hicks)

The victims were decent people, model students with exemplary record of academic achievement and public service. They were particularly interested in creating a project that could raise money for the refugees of Syria. Thousands of people attended their funeral. Mr Craig Stephen Hicks? He was a troubled champion of the 2nd amendment that attended Durham technical community college, he was trying to become a paralegal. It is said that Mr Hicks was influenced by a movie called “Falling down”, a 1993 Michael Douglas film about a laid-off government employee who goes on a shooting spree.

(scene from the 1993 film “Falling down”, directed by Joel Schumacher)

Another unsavory gun incident in America! Wow,…how strange! Crazy white man shoots and kills three innocent unarmed Muslims over a parking dispute….obviously, this is good for the U.S. government. Don’t they want to confiscate the guns of the American people? They want a lot of noise in mainstream media. Lots of fucking noise.


On November 5, 2017 a twenty six year old loser named Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire upon a defenseless group of people in a Baptist church located in Texas. Twenty six congregants died and approximately twenty others were wounded, ten were in critical condition. The perpetrator was found dead in his car by the police (he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound).

(the piece of shit coward known as Devin Patrick Kelley, supposedly an anti-fascist)

Why did Devin Kelley , a former member of the Air Force, attack the congregants of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs/Texas? What made him think that it was ok to take the lives of those poor people? These are not simple questions. Some speculated that the troubled man went there in order to kill his grandmother-in-law, meaning the grandmother of his first wife. In 2012 he was court-martialed for assault and battery, he viciously attacked his wife and his stepson (he tried to produce grievous bodily harm). He served one year in confinement and received dishonorable discharge, his rank was reduced. It is said that in 2014 he was arrested for animal cruelty in Colorado as well. So yeah, Devin Patrick Kelley was a coward, an aggressive and impulsive coward.

Was Devin mentally ill? It is said that in June 2012 he escaped from Peak Behavioral Services in Santa Teresa/New Mexico, he was considered a threat to himself and to others. Still, somehow he managed to acquire four weapons, it is said that he purchased two firearms in Colorado and two in Texas. He used a Ruger Ar assault-type rifle the day of the massacre. Devin Patrick Kelley had a serious history of violence plus he had been institutionalized before, yet he managed to purchase several weapons. The FBI didn’t know anything? Nobody knew anything? Apparently, the folks in the Air Force didn’t say anything to the police.

What is certainly strange is that November 5, 2017 is the 8th anniversary of the Fort Hood shooting in Texas. On November 5, 2009 the U.S. Army Major and psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan fatally shot thirteen people and injured thirty two others (mostly military personnel). Both Sutherland Springs and Fort Hood are located in Texas. Eerie coincidence!

(keep in mind that on Nov 5, 2017 the moon temporarily hid the “orange” star Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation of “Taurus”. The hero Johnnie Langendorff who tried to neutralize Devin Kelley, wasn’t he wearing an orange t-shirt on Nov 5, 2017? Didn’t he have a visible tattoo of a bull on his neck? Orange t-shirt: star of Aldebaran. Bull tattoo: Constellation of Taurus. Coincidences?)

Actually…November 5th could take us all the way back to the famous “Gunpowder plot”. A man named Robert Catesby tried to blow up England’s King James I and the Parliament on November 5th, 1605. The plot was an effort to end the persecution of Catholics by the British government. So…on November 5, 1605 the British Catholics retaliated against the Protestants and on November 5, 2017 a man scorned by society attacked a Baptist Church in Texas. These are very strange coincidences!

It almost seems as if some type of “Shadow government” orchestrated the massacre that took place on November 5, 2017 (in absolute secrecy of course). Perhaps Devin Kelley was a drugged-hypnotized Manchurian candidate like James Holmes? The government knew that Devin was malevolent so why not experiment on him? Maybe the government used “trans-cranial stimulation in order to insert “thoughts, words, phrases, and images” into Devin’s psyche in order to influence his behavior? Again: the guys in the government knew that Devin Patrick Kelley was a scumbag and a psychopath so…why not use remote neuro-influencing in order to force him to snap? We all know that the U.S. government needs many mass shootings taking place in order to repeal the 2nd Amendment (the gun is a symbol of toxic masculinity).

One thing we do know for sure: Devin Patrick Kelley was a scumbag, a piece of shit coward. He was no good.


Something interesting took place on Trump’s 71st birthday. On June 14, 2017 Congressman Stephen Joseph Scalisse was shot during a baseball practice of the Republican team at the ‘Eugene Simpson Baseball Fields’ in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria/Virginia. The perpetrator was an anti-Trump guy from Belleville/Illinois named James T. Hodgkinson (they took him out).

(Mr Stephen Joseph Scalisse)

The official narrative says that Stephen Scalisse was taken to the Medstar Washington Hospital Center in critical condition with an imminent risk of death. He was shot in the hip, the bullet fractured bones and damaged internal organs causing severe bleeding. Mr Scalisse had to undergo more than one surgery but he recovered eventually. He was discharged from the hospital on July 26 and on September 28, 2017 he made a glorious return to the Congress as if he was a Roman general returning from battle.

How is it possible that a volatile man with a criminal record (Mr Hodgkinson) could have easy access to the current U.S. House of Representatives Majority Whip? Not only was he able to shoot Mr Scalisse, he shot three others (Mr Hodgkinson was arrested in 2006 for battery and reckless discharge of firearm). A Congressman without security? Nobody saw it coming?

(the assailant James T. Hodgkinson)

The truth is that this was a staged assassination attempt, the Gabrielle Giffords story all over again. What a coincidence that it happened on June 14, 2017, on Trump’s birthday! Stephen Joseph Scalisse is an actor, a deceiver, a filthy liar. Nothing happened to him. He was not shot, he was not wounded…the whole thing was a orchestrated, it was a hoax.

(here we see Stephen Scalisse acting, spitting in the face of the American people with his monstruous lie. Notice all the hypocrites praising him, nothing but a bunch of clowns!)

The staged event was good for gun control plus, it deviated attention from something that had taken place in Chantilly/Virginia on early June: the secret meetings of the Bilderberg group at the Westfield Marriot hotel (the globalist puppet-masters). The meetings took place from June 1st to June 4th. Let us decode this:

the Alexandria mass shooting took place on June 14, 2017.
the Bilderberg meetings took place from June 1 to June 4. 1 – 4 = 14, June 14, 2017.

In other words, the staged assassination of Congressman Stephen Joseph Scalisse was good for gun control laws plus, it served as a “distraction” so that the public would not be asking too many questions concerning the famous Bilderberg group. Perhaps there was a subliminal message there for president Trump somewhere in there? Mainstream media knows all this stuff but they will not tell the truth. So we see, the government lies to us all the time….lies and lies and lies and lies.


On the night of October 1, 2017 a lone gunman named Stephen Craig Paddock comitted an atrocity in Las Vegas/Nevada, he opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people who were attending a country concert. He shot and killed fifty eight innocent civilians plus he injured five hundred and twenty seven others. The “Route 91 Harvest Music Festival” on the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ turned into hell (the victims were mostly white-conservative Trump supporters). This is without a doubt the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

(Mr Stephen Paddock)

The perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, fired his weapon from his hotel room window on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel (he checked in in late September). He was found dead in his room, apparently he died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Why did he do it? The motive is unknown. Some claim that Mr Paddock was affiliated with ISIS, the CIA created Pentagon funded group of mercenaries that are currently turning the Middle East upside-down.

(Stephen Paddock had nothing to do with the folks of Islamic State)

It is said that Stephen Paddock was into the real estate business, he was a familiar figure to Casino hosts in Las Vegas (he loved to drink and to gamble). What is certainly known is that he previously worked for a company called LMT, Lockheed Martin, a global defense and security enterprise. This means that he was government affiliated and that he was connected to the intelligence community (some say he was an undercover FBI agent). Basically, Mr Paddock was an “arm dealer” that had been ‘framed’, he had nothing to do with the shooting. The shooting was made by a professional team, this is why some people say that there was more than one shooter. The massacre was engineered, it was a false flag operation designed to further a political agenda…an absolute hoax (a betrayal of public trust).

(Stephen’s brother Eric Paddock claims that the shooting was made by “Men in Black”. Is he implying that the FBI was behind the secret operation?)

Stephen Paddock didn’t commit suicide, either he was executed by the very people he worked for or, he is really “Bruce Douglas Paddock”, the so-called brother who was arrested for child porn. In other words: the guy that mainstream media is selling as ‘Bruce Paddock’ could very well be Stephen Paddock (Bruce looks exactly like Stephen). Are they hiding things in plain sight? It is a possibility.

(could this be Stephen Paddock? Maybe, maybe not)

Why would the United States Government hurt all those innocent un-armed civilians at the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ on October 1, 2017? Why kill them? Just for gun control? The false flag event was a collective human sacrifice offered to the interests of the New World Order (as crazy as it sounds). It is not an accident that “Las Vegas Strip” is surrounded by Egyptian-Masonic symbolism (a pyramid and an obelisk). Those who were hurt that night were “harvested” so to speak, wasn’t it a ‘Harvest Music Festival?’

(it is said that 45 minutes before the show there was a woman yelling “You’re all gonna die tonight!” How did she know? It is said that nearly all the exits were blocked in order to amplify the casualties, the same thing the Feds did at the Pulse club in Orlando/Fla)

(a horror film called “the ritual” was released on 09/08/2017, the movie deals with a group of students stalked by a malevolent presence in a forest. For some reason the official trailer says “They should have gone to Vegas”. Vegas? The Illuminati is telling us that the mass shooting that took place on 10/01/2017 was ‘a ritual’, a Masonic ritual)

Also, there is a reason why they chose the “Mandalay Bay” hotel. Mandalay is a direct reference to Asia, Mandalay is a city in Myammar/Burma. Keep in mind too that Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was from the Philippines…from Asia!

(Marilou Danley, Stephen’s woman)

President Donald Trump, didn’t he travel to Asia on November 5, 2017?

(Mr Donald Trump with the president Duterte of the Philippines. “Mandalay” was simply a code for Asia)

Mr Trump visited Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, the ancestral homeland of Marilou Danley. We all know that the U.S. government has to address the nuclear threat of North Korea one way or another.

(mainstream media claims that Bruce Paddock, Stephen’s alleged brother, was into child pornography. Could this be a subliminal reference to the injustices that take place in some regions of Asia? We all know for example that the Philippines is notorious for human trafficking and sexual exploitation)

So…in order to ensure that things would go smooth, the elite offered an elevation offering, a collective human sacrifice of pleasing aroma to the New World Order (fear is a delicacy for dark inter-dimensional entities). They used Stephen Paddock…the whole thing was a false flag operation.


Another mass shooting took place on November 14, 2017, this time in the Tehama County of Northern California. On November 13 a deranged psychopath named Kevin Janson Neal murdered his wife, then he decided to go on a killing spree. Based on the information provided by mainstream media, the mentally ill man began pulling the trigger at random in seven separate crime scenes (including an Elementary School). It is said that he killed four people and injured ten others, some of them children. The rampage lasted for approximately forty five minutes. Mr Neal was shot and killed by the deputies eventually (a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns were found with the shooter).

(the alleged shooter Kevin Janson Neal. For some reason this is the only picture of him available to the public. Only one photo? He sort of looks like Eric Paddock, the brother of Stephen Craig Paddock!)

So, we know by now that the U.S. government has been orchestrating mass shootings all over America in order to repeal the second Amendment, this is obvious. How should we perceive the rampage provoked by Mr Kevin Janson Neal? Answer: It was a false flag event, this is clear (he couldn’t have purchased any guns because he had been charged with two felonies).

We have been told for example that the perpetrator, Mr Neal, killed his wife prior to the shooting spree. Who was his wife? What was her name? Are there any photos of her? Did anyone bother to take a picture of the corpse? Did she even exist? Why should we trust the narrative of the so-called authorities? And why is it that there’s only one photo of the shooter available to the public? Are they hiding something?

Based on the official version of the story, Mr Neal started shooting randomly at different locations, including an Elementary School. How do we know that this is what really happened? Where is the evidence proving that Mr Neal did this? Four people were killed, supposedly…and ten others were injured; including kids (10 or 12?). One of the wounded children was a six year old student named Alejandro Fernandez, it is said that he was shot in the chest and in the foot. This kid was in such critical condition that he had to be airlifted to UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento/California.

Why should we believe this? The Feds, didn’t they try to fool us using Gabrielle Giffords? Didn’t they use Stephen Scalisse in order to manipulate us? We were told that both politicians were seriously injured with imminent risk of death but it turned out that both Gabrielle Giffords and Stephen Scalisse were crisis actors, filthy liars. Nobody shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head, nobody shot Stephen Scalisse in the hip….it was all a hoax. So, this first grader Alejandro Fernandez, was he really shot in the chest? Are we expected to believe that? Really! The truth is that nothing happened to him. The whole thing is a fraud, a huge fucking fraud.

Lies, lies, lies….pathological lies! The American people are tired, they no longer trust mainstream media, certainly not the government. We are living in the era of synthetic terrorism.


On February 14, 2018, on San Valentine’s day, a 19 year old gunman named Nikolas Jacob Cruz opened fire on innocent-unarmed students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland/Fla. Based on the information provided by mainstream media, seventeen people died and at least fourteen others were injured. Nikolas was a former student of this high school, he had been expelled because of behavior issues.

(Nikolas Jacob Cruz went on a shooting spree a few days before President’s day)

Nikolas Cruz was arrested of course and he is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. What triggered this most unfortunate event? Nikolas, why did he decide to grab a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle in order to shoot his former classmates? Why such cruelty?

This is not easy to explain but it seems like the Police is hiding something. Could it be possible that Nikolas was a Manchurian candidate, meaning a government created killer? Could it be possible that this whole thing was a secret operation of the Deep State Criminal Cabal? A gun control ritual?

(the Patriot Steve Motley, a Desert Storm Veteran, he believes the whole thing was a covert operation. He believes Nikolas cruz had “MK-Ultra” written all over him and he believes that nobody died in the shooting)

Nikolas Cruz was the perfect candidate, he was a traumatized-broken kid with brain developmental issues (autistic). He was a psychiatric patient that had been Baker-acted at some point, he had been diagnosed with depression.

Nikolas never knew his biological parents, he was adopted. It is said that his biological mother was a Jewish woman but nothing is known about his progenitor. The woman who raised him, Lynda Cruz (his real mother) she died in November 2017. His adoptive father Roger Cruz, he died of a heart attack when he was only six. Basically, Nikolas grew up confused and angry with no authority figure, full of resentment (he was not too popular with his classmates).

When Lynda Cruz died, Nikolas went to live with a woman named Roxanne Deschamps (Lynda’s alleged best friend). Some sources claim that before dying, Lynda asked her to look after Nikolas. Nikolas resided with Roxanne for a few weeks but she kicked him out eventually (it is said that she took $2900 from him).

Nikolas ended up moving with a friend of his. The man in charge of that household is an Army Veteran named James Snead, a former military intelligence analyst married that is married to a nurse. The last thing they heard from Nikolas was that he was going to watch a movie…then the carnage took place on February 14, 2018…San Valentine’s day.

(the former Fl State trooper Wolgang Halbig claims that the Secret Service showed up at the school approximately three weeks prior to the massacre. They did a workshop on an active shooter. Mr Halbig believes that Nikolas didn’t shoot anybody)

Based on the information provided by the media, Nikolas had military training, he seemed to channel his anger through the JROTC, a Federal program sponsored by the U.S. Armed Forces (he was studying markmanship). It is also said that he was associated with a militant white civil rights organization known as ROF (some claim that he participated in at least one military drill in Tallahassee). So, the troubled orphan known as Nikolas Cruz, he had military training, he knew how to shoot an AR-15 and he knew what a drill was.

To make a long story short, there are things that just don’t add up:

⦁ The official narrative says that 17 people were killed. Yet, no photos of the bodies have been shown, for the most part no public display of grief-striken family members (the so-called authorities claim that we must respect their privacy) with the exception of a mother named ‘Lori Alhadeff’ (mother of the victim Alyssa Alhadeff). For some reason nobody filed a lawsuit…

(this woman, she looks as if she knows something that we don’t know about)

⦁ So yeah, 17 people died and that at least 14 others were wounded. Yet for some reason mainstream media would only show the pictures of 14 victims, not 17. A psychological tactic in order to add to the confusion?

(It is obvious that the puppet masters behind this secret operation are playing games with us. Is Aaron Feis his real name or just a face?)

⦁ There was a drill taking place in the school at the time of the shooting. This was designed to cause confusion since there had been another drill earlier in the day. Didn’t Nikolas train for that kind of thing in JROTC?

(Nikolas trained with the JROTC, he knew what a ‘Drill’ was and he knew how to shoot an AR-15)

⦁ Witnesses have said that there were at least three shooters, not just one. The student Alexa Miednik (a crisis actress?) claims that Nikolas was not the only shooter involved, she says there were two shooters. Another pupil came out on National TV saying that there were three shooters, not just one. So, who were those other shooters?

(Does this look like a person who experienced a mass shooting? Does this look like a person who lost her friends in a tragic event?)

⦁ Most of the students that have spoken on national TV look like they are crisis actors, paid actors. One of them is a survivor-turned-activist named David Hogg, obviously a politically-correct puppet of the Cabal (he wants to be a journalist). And what a coincidence…his daddy, Kevin Ralph Hogg, is a former FBI agent, a Navy pilot, and an employee of the Defense Contractor “Cubic Simulations Systems” in Pompano Beach/Fla! How convenient is that!

(here’s the politically correct clown David Hogg, a paid actor. He’s working overtime in order to please his masters)

⦁ On September 24, 2017 a person using the name ‘Nikolas Cruz’ posted a disturbing comment on a YouTube video stating that he was going to be a “professional school-shooter”. A bail-bond guy named Ben Bennight (a folk in the jail business) contacted the FBI but for some reason the FBI chose not to pay attention to that. And what a coincidence, Nikolas was born on 09/24/1998 (the USA Patriot Act was handed to Congress of Sept 24, 2001).

(Ben the bondsman. Who made that particular post, Nikolas Cruz or some crooked f*ck in the FBI?)

⦁ On January 05, 2018 somebody contacted the FBI stating that Cruz was armed and dangerous and that he was planning to conduct a mass shooting in a school. The warning was ignored. I wonder why!

(the folks in the FBI, they turned a blind eye of the Nikolas Cruz case because they wanted him to do it)

⦁ The former FBI agent and counter terrorism analyst Phillip Mudd came out on CNN shedding fake tears trying to create an ’emotional attachment’ to the mass shooting. Mudd’s hypocrisy speaks volumes!

(Phillip Mudd is a f*cking liar, a despicable hypocrite)

⦁ Sometime in 2017 Nikolas managed to buy a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle in Fla. The weapon was legally purchased, he passed the background check even though he was a psychiatric patient that had been Baker-Acted before (some say that he took SSRI at some point).

(the guys behind this overt operation, they pulled the strings so that Nikolas could buy the weapon)

⦁ As we already know, when Nikola’s mother passed away on late 2017, Nikolas moved in with the Snead family. For some reason, that family didn’t seem to care that he had an Ar-15 type of rifle with him (they kept the weapon locked in a closet). And what a coincidence, James Snead is an Army veteran, a former military intelligence analyst!

⦁ The last thing James Snead heard from Nikolas Cruz is that he (Nikolas) was going to watch a movie. Somebody drugged Nikolas with something very potent, a very powerful drug…they hypnotized him and they gave him orders. Then he did what he did.

(Nikolas Cruz was a government created killer like James Holmes and Esteban Santiago. Check out the 2004 film ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, directed by Jonathan Demme)

⦁ It is said that Nikolas was dropped off at the school by an Uber driver. That driver, he didn’t see Nikolas carrying a huge bag, a long case that looked like it could contain some type of assault riffle? And who was this Uber driver?

(the pro-Khazar Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel; he said that the driver didn’t need to be investigated. I wonder why!)

⦁ No surveillance video was released actually showing Nikolas Cruz doing the killing, no footage…nothing. They got a video of him going to McDonalds but no actual footage of the mass shooting! The cameras didn’t work that day, right?

(there’s a cell phone video out there that shows Nikolas Cruz shooting target practice in a backyard but no actual footage of him actually committing the atrocity inside the school. How come? The folks who did the actual shooting were cops in full Swat tactical gear, the police doesn’t want us to know that of course. This is why they refuse to release the video)

⦁ There was an armed deputy in the school at the time of the shooting, a police officer named Scott Peterson. Where was he? The Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel says that he took cover outside instead of facing the killer. Maybe Peterson knew something we don’t know about?

(Scott Peterson trying to justify himself)

⦁ Live News Special Report shows victims being taken into ambulances but no gunshot wounds, no blood, nothing. Injured by the bullets of an AR-15 and no wounds, no blood? What are we, fools?

⦁ No African-American fatalities in the shooting. Isn’t that a little bit strange?

(here we have the vultures of mainstream media interviewing one of the so-called survivors, a little girl known as Samantha Grady. Samantha claims that she was shot. Does she look like a person that has been sprayed with an AR-15? It is obvious that she is a crisis actress…pathological lies!)

⦁ The Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland/Florida is less than 40 miles south of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago luxury resort that functions as Trump’s Camp David. The shooting spree took place a few days before president’s day. Eerie!

⦁ What a strange coincidence it was that the mass shooting took place on Valentine’s day, the international day of love (Ash Wednesday). It had to be on Valentine’s day in order to cause a profound psychological impact, right? The more panic, the better for the gun control agenda!

(when Nikolas Cruz was arrested he was taken into a police car with the # 9407 (above view). The mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on 10/01/2017 started at 9:47 PM. 9407 = 947 = 9:47 PM. The Shadow government is mocking us hiding the truth in plain sight!)

Everything seems to indicate that Nikolas Jacob Cruz was a Manchurian candidate that had been chosen by the U.S. government years ago (a life long groomed asset)…he was a programmed assassin like James Holmes and Esteban Santiago. They knew that he was vulnerable, they knew that he was a traumatized individual with a propensity for violence. They gave him military training and access to firearms, they pulled the strings so that he could acquire the AR-15 rifle. At the time of the shooting Nikolas was under some type of drug, a very powerful agent, then they hypnotized him and gave him commands:

“Go Nikolas, go! Trust us, it will be as if you’re in a video game”.

That’s why Nikolas told James Snead (the Army guy who is married to a nurse) that he was gonna go watch “A MOVIE”, that’s why Nikolas claims that he heard voices in his head that were telling him to go kill. On February 14, 2018, somebody dropped him off in front of his former high school armed with a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle. The Deep State Criminal Cabal, they chose him for this mission long time ago. Nikolas was a programmed assassin, they f*cking used him.

(Nikolas Cruz, only 19 years old…his life destroyed, no future. We still haven’t seen any actual footage showing him doing the shooting. Some people believe he didn’t do it, some believe the operation was carried by the Secret Service)

The whole thing had been carefully orchestrated, it was a black operation of the Shadow Government. The goal? To cause panic, to make people tremble in fear…a national epidemic of PTSD. All in the holy name of toxic masculinity and gun control laws! Give us your guns you suckers! And give us your freedom too!

(Ash Wednesday or the signature of the Illuminati? Cross: Cruz!)

(here we got the crisis actress Maddy Wilford, one of the so-called “survivors” of the massacre. She claims to have been shot three times. Does this look like a person that has been shot three times by an AR-15? She is a liar of course…pathological lies!!)

Nikolas? He will probably spend the rest of his life in prison forced into an unnatural lifestyle (it is unclear if he ever had a girlfriend or not). What a coincidence that the guy who saw the YouTube post on 09/24/2017 (Ben Bennight) was in the jail business! Right? The family members of the victims, they probably realized by now that Nikolas had some help. But what are they gonna do, come out on National TV saying that this atrocity was orchestrated by the U.S. government? If they do so, not only will they be demonized, their lives will be turned upside-down. Mainstream media will say that they are delusional and paranoid (the media’s job is to legitimize the government). This is the world we live in! Oh Nikolas, Nikolas, what a sad story!

(the official narrative says that Nikolas started shooting at 2:21 pm on Feb 14, 2018. Then on February 21, 2018 Trump held a special meeting at the White House, the idea was to raise the age of gun buyers in Fla to 21 years old instead of 18. Again: shooting started at 2:21 pm. A special meeting on 02/21 in order to raise the age to 21. Coincidence?)

(The North Miami Beach Police officer Ericson Harrell believes that nobody died at Parkland on February 14, 2018)

If you are reading this, you might want to check out David Bowie’s 24th studio album “the next day”, it has a controversial track entitled ‘Valentine’s day’, a song that pretty much describes a mass shooting like the one that took place in Parkland/Fla. The album was released on 03/08/2013. 03 + 08 + 13 = 24 (24th studio album). Nikolas Cruz was born on a 24th, 09/24/1998!

(Mr David Bowie)


Something terrible happened in Pittsburgh/PA on October 27, 2018. A forty six year old lone wolf named Robert Gregory Bowers went to a synagogue armed with a semiautomatic assault rifle and sprayed the congregants with bullets (sometime after 9:45 AM). Based on the official narrative supported by corporate mainstream media, eleven people died and six were injured. Mr Bowers faces 36 state charges and an additional 29 federal charges, he will either die in prison or he will be given the death penalty.

(Mr Robert Bowers)

On October 30, a day before Halloween, President Trump paid a solemn visit to Pittsburgh in order to meet with Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, spiritual leader “Tree of Life” (Or L’Simcha).

But some things just don’t add up…yes, the suppurating demon of mainstream media told us that this calamity did take place on Saturday October 27, 2018 but…how come we haven’t seen the bodies of the victims? Where are the images of the gunshots? Where is the blood? Where are the mourning relatives and friends shedding tears with credible body language? Where is the tangible-verifiable evidence proving that eleven Jews really died that day?

The pictures of the alleged victims that we’ve seen on national TV and on social media prove absolutely nothing.

The police radio logs referred to Robert Bowers as “an actor” and at least one law enforcement official appeared on NBC News calling Robert Bowers “an actor”. Yes, an actor like a crisis actor participating in a drill. The chief of the Pittsburgh police, Scott Schubert, referred to Robert Bowers as “an actor” on NBC News live.

(the chief of the Pittsburgh Police admitted that Robert Bowers was “an actor” on National TV)

There must be a reason why the Dept of Homeland Security conducted a “site visit” to the area back in March 2018 plus, it is said that an active shooter drill took place at the Jewish community center on January 24, 2018. These are strange coincidences! It is clear that this mass shooting was a staged event sponsored by the Deep State Criminal Cabal. Also, if you dare to post a comment on social media that could be considered anti-Semitic (even if it is not), they will label you as mentally ill and dangerous. Welcome to the surveillance state!

We must also keep in mind that this massacre in Pittsburgh/PA appears to be the culmination of a process that started in Fla on October 18, 2018. Energy goes where attention flows! That day a forty two year old lawyer named Jonathan Robrish had a problem with a Chabad Rabbi who lived in Weston (he was arrested). Mr Robrish happens to be Jewish…why would Jonathan Robrish mess with his own people? Strange!

On October 25, 2018 a man from South Dakota named David Goldamer was found with an arsenal of weapons in Miami Beach. The police found all kinds of firearms in his van: handguns, a semiautomatic rifle, a bullet resistant vest, ammunition, and a pocket knife emblazoned with a swastika (a swastika out of all things!). It is unclear if Mr Goldammer is Jewish or not but the fact of the matter is that Goldamer is a Jewish family name.

Then four days before Halloween, October 27, 2018…a lunatic named Robert Bowers lost his mind and launched an assault on a Jewish center…the terminology “ANTI-SEMITISM” all over the News forced into the subconscious of the American people (a people that have been saturated with Holocaust propaganda). It is a weird coincidence that the Rabbi of ‘Tree of Life’ is a folk named Jeffrey Myers, like Michael Myers of the iconic movie “Halloween”. Eerie coincidence!

(Michael Myers in action!)

This whole thing in Pittsburgh was a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION” like Parkland. Nobody died in Tree of Life on October 26, 2018, the whole thing is a freak show, a hate crime against the American people (or should I say sheeple?). Still the ADL claimed that this was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States. Risible! The prime minister of Khazaria Nova (Israel) Benjamin Netanyahu called it “horrendous anti-Semitic brutality”. The Illuminati puppet Pope Francis called it “an inhuman act of violence”…nothing but a bunch of pathological liars!

The surveillance apparatus wants to repeal the second amendment and they also want to censor free speech online, they want to eliminate verbal criticism of Jews.


Another mass shooting in America! January 23, 2019…around 12:36 pm a 21 year old man from Indiana named Zephen Allen Xaver went to a SunTrust bank in Sebring/Fla and opened fire. He had a bulletproof vest and a 9 mm handgun. The official report says that five people were killed though one of the victims was not identified. The killer was taken into custody at 2:28 pm. He’s been charged with five counts of 1st degree murder.

(Xephen Allen Xaver)

But something is not right when it comes to this story…there are many inconsistencies that lead us to believe that this could be another false flag orchestrated by the Deep State Criminal Cabal.

We’ve been told for example that five civilians were killed in this event, all of them women. Four of the victims have been identified but the fifth one remains a mystery, it is said that she was 54 years old (no photo has been released). How come mainstream media doesn’t show any pictures of the bodies? Where is the evidence when it comes to the gunshots? Where is the blood? And how come we haven’t seen any of the victim’s relatives crying desperately with credible body language on National TV? Three of the victims were employees of SunTrust bank and the 4th one was a customer (the victim Ana Pinon-Williams was related to a cop named Tim Williams).

(It is said that at the time of the shooting Mr Xaver was wearing a t-shirt that depicted the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 4 horsemen: 4 identified victims. Eerie coincidence)

So far everything indicates that official narrative supported by Law Enforcement and by corporate mainstream media is a fraud.

What about the alleged killer? Well…let us begin by saying that the name “Zephen Xaver” sounds a little bit funny, that’s probably not even his real name to begin with. But since it came out on the News we, the sheeple, are expected to play along. Right? So, how come Zephen Xaver, a man from Plymouth/Indiana went to a bank in Fla on Jan 2019 armed with a handgun?

If I would have to take a wild guess, I would say that he was a Manchurian candidate. Somebody who is affiliated with the government drugged him, hypnotized him, and told him to go to that particular bank on Jan 2019. Zephen was a pre-selected patsy, he’s been brainwashed into believing that he shot and killed five women but the fact of the matter is that he didn’t kill anyone. And why was he selected? Let us dissect this:

1- Well, back in Bremen/Indiana on Feb 20, 2014 (when he was 16 years old and in high school), he told somebody that “he had had dreams in which he saw himself killing his classmates”. The school administrators called the Police and he was taken to a mental facility.

2- He joined the Army on March 2016 but he didn’t complete the service. He was separated from the Army on June 2016.

3- On March 07, 2017 Xephen sent a text message to some girl that he knew and told her that he was thinking of “suicide by cop”. This implies that he was under heavy stress at that time. The incident was reported to the Michigan Police.

4- On September 2018 Xephen became an online student of Sat Lake City-based college ‘Stevens-Henager College’. He withdrew on December 2018. Xephen Xaver: Stevens Henager…sounds similar, right?

5- On November 02, 2018 he was hired as a correctional officer trainee at Avon Park Correctional Institution in Highlands County (Fla). He resigned on January 09, 2019. The Dept of corrections stated that He had no disciplinary actions there.

6- Then on January 23, 2019 Xephen Allen Xaver, a guy with a history of mental illness, showed up at a SunTrust bank in Sebring/Fla armed with a bulletproof vest and a 9 mm handgun. It is unclear if he acquired the firearm legally or not (a disturbed person with a history of mental illness should not be allowed to legally acquire a gun).

So, it is clear that Xephen Allen Xaver had been selected for this black ops operation long time ago.

This back ops operation is about three things:

1- Repealing the 2nd Amendment: Guns kill people! Give us your guns now you suckers! You must trust the Government!

2- Toxic masculinity: A Caucasian male into video games shoots and kills five females on Jan 23, 2019, on ‘National Pie Day’ (“Pie” means sex).

It is an eerie coincidence that on Jan 26, 2019, just two days after the alleged massacre, the film “Extremely wicked, shockingly evil, and vile” was released. This is a film that deals with the serial killer Ted Bundy, a guy who hated women. The misogynist Ted Bundy died on the electric chair in Fla on Jan 24, 1989.

(the pathetic woman killer Ted Bundy)

3- The mentally ill card: In our modern day and age, anybody who dares to challenge the government in one way or another will be labelled as ‘mentally unfit’. If you are a docile-obedient slave who works, consumes, and obeys, then you’re a good citizen. If you say for example that 9-11 was an inside job, then you’re mentally ill and you must be ostracized.

(the number 33 is highly significant in Freemasonry)

Oh and by the way, the SunTrust bank branch at 1901 U.S. Hwy 27 south in Sebring/Fla, they have stated that they will not re-open. Now we know why the SWAT Team stormed the building with their armored truck (damaging the building), because they knew before hand that that particular branch wanted to close permanently. Causing damage to the building was part of the plan.

Let us decode this:

SunTrust bank: located in 1901 U.S. Hwy 27 south, Sebring/Fla. 1901: 9011 = 911 = The signature of the Freemason-puppet masters.

From 02/14/2018 (Parkland mass shooting) to 01/23/2019 (the day Zephen Xaver killed five women, supposedly): 11 months and 9 days = 911.

Mr Xaver was hired by the Fla Dept of corrections on 09/02/2018 and quit on 01/09/2019. 02 (day he was hired) + 09 (day he resigned) = 2 + 9 = 119 = 911. A coincidence?

It is clear: This is another false flag event orchestrated by the Government.