If we compare the American “FACE EATING CANNIBALS” ‘Rudy Eugene’ and ‘Austin Harrouff” we will see that they share similarities. It almost seems as if they were part of some type of secret military experiment. I know this theory sounds a little “out there” but let us see:


(Mr Rudy Eugene)

1 – 31 year old African-American male, born in Miami/Fla on February 04, 1981 (Haitian origin). Athlete: Football player (hunter type).

2 – Unprovoked random attack on a helpless 65 year old homeless man named Ronald Edward Poppo, Mr Eugene beat him unconsciouss. The assault took place on the ramp of McArthur causeway in Miami/Fla (on May 26, 2012, a few days before Memorial Day). Mr Eugene was completely nude when this happened.

3 – Mr Eugene was completely naked when he attacked his victim, it looks like the drug he was on caused extreme overstimulation spiking body temperatures. Maybe that’s why he felt the urge to take his clothes off.
Mr Eugene devoured 80 % of his victims face, Mr Poppo lost both of his eyes.

4 – Rudy Eugene appeared to be under the influence of a recreational synthetic stimulant party drug known as ‘bath salts’ (it makes people very aggressive). The toxicology report stated that the only drug in his bloodstream was marijuana, no signs of ‘bath-salt’.

5 – Mr Eugene went to some type of party in Miami Beach prior to cannibalizing his victim. Maybe somebody put something in his drink? Maybe he was covertly drugged by someone that had a connection to the U.S. government? This potent drug was either untraceable or it was erased from the autopsy records.

6 – Mr Eugene depicted unnatural non-heterosexual behavior when he attacked his victim, he was naked when he took off Poppo’s pants plus, the masticating of Poppo’s face could be perceived as a savage sexual act (a depraved act of course).

7 – In order to neutralize Rudy Eugene the Police had to shoot him and kill him, he had abnormal superhuman strength that had no comparison. When the Police officer first came in contact with Mr Eugene, he growled at him like a wild animal.

8 – Mr Eugene was shot and killed by a police officer, he had to be shot five times since he did not stop chewing on the victim’s face (he refused to comply).

9 – The “Vodoo child” Rudy Eugene was crucified by mainstream media, he was ridiculed and humiliated (sensationalized story).


(the complete and absolute “fool” Austin Harrouff taken into custody)

1 – 19 year old Caucasian-American male, born in Palm Beach Gardens/Fla on December 12, 1996 (Ashkenazic?). Athlete: body builder (hunter type).

2 – Unprovoked random attack on a helpless couple in Fla, Mr Harrouff stabbed his victims to death outside of their Tequesta home. The victims were Joseph John Stevens III (59 years old) and his wife Michelle Mishcon Stevens (53 years old). Mr Harrouff also stabbed a neighbor named Jeff Fisher who survived (the attack took place on August 15, 2016). Mr Harrouff was completely nude during the event.

3 – Mr Harrouff was completely naked when he attacked the couple, many believe he was on a potent drug called “Flakka”. Flakka has been associated with spiking body temperatures that can cause users to strip naked. Maybe that’s why he took all his clothes off.

4 – Mr Harrouff, son of a “dentist”, he tried to devour the face of his male victim: Mr Stevens.
It is said that Austin Harrouff was under the influence of a very potent synthetic drug known as ‘Flakka’. This zombie type of drug makes people behave very aggressively. Some believe he was under the influence of some other type of potent drug, not Flakka.

5 – Mr Harrouff went to Duffy’s sports grill (a restaurant) on Indiantown road right before the brutal killings. Maybe he was covertly drugged by a server that had a connection to the U.S. government? His father, Dr Wade Harrouff claims his personality changed two weeks before the murders.

6 – Mr Harrouff depicted unnatural non-heterosexual behavior at the time of the attack, he could have started with the female victim but he chose to initiate the face-eating process with the male victim, meaning with Joseph John Stevens III.

7 – It took several deputies,a taser, and a dog to neutralize Austin Harrouff, he had abnormal superhuman strength that had no comparison. When the police first came in contact with Mr Harrouff, he snarled at them like a wild animal.

8 – Mr Harrouff was taken to prison: two counts of murder and one charge of attempted murder.

9 – Mr Austin Harrouff was crucified by mainstream media, he was ridiculed and humiliated (sensationalized story).

The parallels cannot be denied. It looks like somebody chose them carefully, one black hunter type, one white hunter type (both average intelligence). It seems like some secret governmental institution may have been interested in the concept of the “SUPER HUMAN SOLDIER”. It is obvious, more than obvious that both Mr Eugene and Mr Harrouff took a drug that gave them abnormal super-human strength. If it would be “Flakka” there would be “THOUSANDS” of face-eating cases taking place in Florida but that is not the case. So, it is more than clear that Flakka didn’t trigger their actions; it was something else,…something way more sinister.

Also, this untraceable drug taken by Eugene and Harrouff seems to have affected or modified their sexual behavior (unnatural acts on steroids!). It is not a secret that not so long ago the U.S. Department of Defense spoke of a non-lethal chemical weapon that could turn enemy troops into non-heterosexuals, meaning that if this bomb would be dropped on the enemy; they would become sexually irresistible to each other (it is said that Israel threatened Islamic Iran with this bomb). Such weapon “could” turn an enemy combatant into a deranged cannibalistic zombie. Rudy Eugene and Austin Harrouff, were they not butt-naked feeding on the flesh of a man?

(here we see the pathological Austin Harrouff in action)

So, we cannot be sure of what exactly happened to these two men. Where they guinea pigs for the U.S. Dept of Defense? There is no tangible evidence. But,..could it be possible? Technically,…yes, it could be possible. What did the U.S. government expect to accomplish with this bizarre experiment? Again: we don’t know and we will never know.

One thing is certain: something “STRANGE” happened to Rudy Eugene and to Austin Roof, something that cannot be explained.


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