On July 17, 2016 a former Marine named Gavin Eugene Long decided to open fire on a group of police officers in Baton Rouge/Louisiana. The twenty nine year old veteran killed three cops and injured three others, he was killed on the scene. Why would a young brilliant African-American man go on such a suicide mission? What happened? Was he mentally ill? Was he delusional? Was this some type of retaliatory backlash?

(Mr Gavin Eugene Long)

Mr Long, a native of Kansas city/Missouri, served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces from 2005 to 2010, he fought in Iraq and he received honorable discharge. Gavin Long believed that he had been “blacklisted” after his military service ended, he believed he was a victim of a secret surveillance program designed to destroy every aspect of his life (he was outspoken and politically incorrect). In a YouTube video Gavin defined himself as a victim of “Gang-Stalking”. It is important to understand the “Covert-Harassment Phenomenon” if we want to comprehend what happened to Mr Long. What exactly is “ORGANIZED STALKING?” Who becomes a “TARGETED INDIVIDUAL”? These are not simple questions.

One could say that Gang Stalking is bullying on steroids. Organized Stalking or Covert Harassment is a pretty much a form of political repression, extra judicial punishment. Gang Stalking is a secret program of the U.S. Government designed to destroy Targeted Individuals emotionally and psychologically through dark neuro-linguistic programming. We’re talking here about State sponsored psychological terrorism in the name of social engineering, non-therapeutic non-consensual human experimentation. Slow kill if you will.

The Gang-Stalking enterprise is a Mason type of fraternity, the unjust systematic form of harassment is done by a group of people in an organized fashion using unethical means to torment, preoccupy, agitate, intimidate, and terrorize the isolated victim 24/7 no matter where he goes (community oriented policing). The Targeted Individual is exposed to a stressor outside the range of usual human experience, he is constantly bombarded with negative environmental stimuli until he breaks down (Mr Long had been a T.I. for a few years). Targeted Individuals fall mainly into four categories: Judicial targets, extra-judicial targets, targets of opportunity, and lucrative targets.

Most victims of Cointelpro end up isolated, homeless, in psychiatric institutions, or in jail. Some commit suicide. Didn’t Gavin Long go on a suicide mission? Once a T.I. is labelled as “mentally unfit” his credibility is automatically gone. Keep in mind that a person that is diagnosed as a delusional-paranoid schizophrenic cannot purchase a gun in America (the U.S. Government is trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment).

Overall, Gang Stalking is an illegal long-term unconstitutional program designed to neutralize people that could be considered a threat to the New World Order one way or another. This is why the degenerate folks behind Gang Stalking Syndicate define themselves as a “Threat Assessment Team”. Their corrupt form of pro-active policing generates no forensic evidence (it is traceless). Basically, the U.S. government knew what kind of person Gavin Eugene Long was, they knew that he was ‘outspoken’ and ‘politically incorrect’, they knew that he would eventually retaliate and go on a suicide mission against Federal Law Enforcement. They knew that he was armed and dangerous (he had a rifle and a gun). They knew Sergeant Long would snap eventually so they played the game.

(on 09/16/2013 a government affiliated individual named Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people plus injured some others in a U.S. military base located in Washington D.C., the Feds took him out. Mr Alexis was a targeted individual, he was labelled as ‘delusional’ of course…the story of Gavin Long more or less!)

Did the government torture Mr Long with directed energy weapons? Usually, Targeted Individuals are subjected to this type of psychological torture that is based on DNA profiling (the frequency of the target’s DNA is used to fine tune the technology). In our modern days the Feds have access to a sophisticated wireless technology beyond electromagnetics and acoustic signals known as ‘trans-cranial stimulation’ (this is classified of course). This secret technology enables them for example to insert “thoughts, words, phrases, images, impulses, dream videos, etc” into the target’s psyche…especially if the highly traumatized victim is in an altered state. We’re talking about synthetic telepathy pretty much, a system of neural-cognitive warfare (a trauma-based mind control program). All the experiences of the TI are stored in a super-quantum computer that predicts the TI’s behavior based on past choices, the computer literally resonates with the bio-frequency of the target. What we have here is a perfected break down tactic on the human will! Perhaps the Feds used this incredible technology in order to push Mr Long over the edge? It is possible.

(Dr John Hall, author of “Guinea Pigs” [technologies of control], believes that in our modern days the government can control human behavior ‘remotely’ thanks to a secret-sophisticated technology beyond our wildest dreams. Dr Hall is a medical doctor in Texas, he is a board certified diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine)

So yeah, Gavin Eugene Long knew that he was a targeted individual, he knew that once in the program there are three choices pretty much:

1 – to end up heavily medicated in a psychiatric institution surrounded by freaks, his credibility destroyed (no future).
2 – to end up incarcerated, isolated, demonized, surrounded by animals (no future).
3 – to commit suicide, meaning to shoot himself in the head or to go on a suicide mission.

So, Mr Gavin Long decided to do what he shouldn’t have done, he went on a killing spree. Yeah, maybe Gavin Long was “A LITTLE OUT THERE” when it comes to his philosophy of ‘survival of the fittest’, he was certainly a very aggressive individual with radical views but that does not necessarily justify what was done to him (they forced him to commit suicide). The folks behind the Gang-Stalking Syndicate, aren’t they responsible for the lives of the officers that were killed on 07/17/2016, at least partially? There were three non-fatal injuries (all collateral damage, right?). Organized Stalking is a monstrous crime and it its being done by our government, the ones who are supposed to protect us: the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, private security contractors, the police…etc.

The American people? They suffer from a disease called ‘cognitive dissonance’. Most people don’t even know what “Gang-Stalking” is (mainstream media is in bed with the Feds). I sincerely hope that Gavin Eugene Long ultimately found the peace that he so desperately needed (he died on his birthday).

(here’s the attorney Myron May, a targeted individual that went on a suicide mission. On 11/20/2014 Mr May went to the library of the Florida State University and opened fire on civilians, he did this because he wanted to be shot and killed by the police, it was the only way to end the unjust systematic harassment. The Feds shot him 24 times)

Please keep in mind that Nizin R. Lopez does not support mass shootings or anything like that, Nizin Lopez does not advocate violence. Thank you all for your time.

Signed: Mr Nizin R. Lopez, soldier of the Truth.

(here’s Nizin R. Lopez, Cuban-American artist and occultist. Mr Lopez has been a targeted individual in Miami/Fla since early 2011 until the present. The Feds destroyed every aspect of his life)



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