Bio: Nizin Lopez is an Artist & a student of the Occult.

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  1. Celo said:

    Everything you’ve described… It’s happening to me as we speak… My neighbors have this technology and won’t stop reading my thoughts… I have them recorded from inside my home confessing to others about being able to watch what I see… Hear and think… They can see my privates… They know when I need to poop… They know everything… I need your help!

  2. Fred Smith said:

    I think the situation you are involved in comes from a very different root than you may think. It is unnacceptable to speak of, but I will say it anyway…this is done to individuals who have contact with the aliens. If you have contact with the aliens and the government gets ind of it, you’re finished.

    • I don’t know who you are or what you are (I don’t need to know) but,… it looks to me like you are, might be, or could be a “COMEDIAN”,…perhaps you should go to Khazariah?

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