Bio: Nizin Lopez is an Artist & a student of the Occult.

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  1. Celo said:

    Everything you’ve described… It’s happening to me as we speak… My neighbors have this technology and won’t stop reading my thoughts… I have them recorded from inside my home confessing to others about being able to watch what I see… Hear and think… They can see my privates… They know when I need to poop… They know everything… I need your help!

  2. Fred Smith said:

    I think the situation you are involved in comes from a very different root than you may think. It is unnacceptable to speak of, but I will say it anyway…this is done to individuals who have contact with the aliens. If you have contact with the aliens and the government gets ind of it, you’re finished.

    • I don’t know who you are or what you are (I don’t need to know) but,… it looks to me like you are, might be, or could be a “COMEDIAN”,…perhaps you should go to Khazariah?

  3. Fred Smith said:

    Quit bitching about it all, and get on board with us…we are building a real “New World Order”, without the fucking Americans. There is a lot of work to be done.

    You see what the U.S. government is all about. They destroy innocent people who don’t even realize they are involved…and maybe they aren’t. What fucks would do such things?

    Your so called “gang stalking” is nothing short of standard counter intelligence operations used against foreign agents.

    What country do you work for?

    You don’t even know do you?

    Think about it…it’ll come to you…

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